A Fantasy Becomes a Reality Ch. 03

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This one I liked. This one I would enjoy again…if I had another chance that was…and I did…

I enjoyed many days and nights with Adam. Yet, I could never wait until I saw Tom again.

I felt a connection to Tom that I had never felt with anyone else before.

“I have a surprise for you, Amy.” Tom exclaimed playfully.

With a chuckle, I replied; “Apart from the gift in your pants?”

“You naughty girl; I should spank you for that!” He said amused; as he pulled me into an embrace squeezing my ass, with a chaste kiss.

He opened the car door, “Get into the car, I am taking you away for the day.” He ordered.

Without hesitation, I climbed into the car.

As we were driving; I asked, confidently, “Where are we going?” I was curious and excited.

Tom looked at me, a glint of trouble in his eyes. “Take off your pants. I want to see you.”

I did as I was asked; wondering why he wanted to look at me, at this moment. Why not 5 minutes earlier, in the flat?

I was wearing a skirt; as to be his easy access. So this simple task wasn’t a big problem.

Without warning, Tom’s hand was arousing my clit. Moments later, I felt my body tense with the sensations he was giving me. The heavy pulse running through my cunt. My heart pounding; I wanted to jump on him right there. In fact, I would do anything right now to be able to.

“Do you like that? You naughty bitch,” He said; with a laugh and a smile; he carried on teasing.

“Yes! I do. I want more. I need you to give me more.” I answered.

Tom; to my disappointment, stopped his teasing. I was left, sitting there wanting him.

Pulling over into a lay-by, he got out of the car. Came around to my side, and pulled me out of the car.

With an arousing force, I was pinned up the car. Tom’s hands holding just above my hips; with a sexy, fulfilling kiss he murmured along my lips; “You asked for it.”

Before I could ask what he meant; I was bent over the bonnet. His dick went straight inside me. Filling me; I could now feel his excitement, pounding in and out of me. Hard and fast; lust fulfilling us both. I was unable to hold in my cry of pleasure; which unraveled us both.

We reached the destination, in which Tom were taking us. I was surprised to see we were not alone. A few of his friends were also there.

“I am not fucking anyone other than you!” I said with a passionate force.

Amused Tom replied, “Good, I already share you with my son.”

I felt an instant heat cross my face. Gave a coy smile and held his hand.

As we walked hand in hand, I couldn’t help but feel, that this was more normal than me and Adam. I was calm, I was happy, and Tom made me feel like a woman. Not a toy; even though I was happy to be his toy.

While I was waiting impatiently to be alone with Tom, I could not help but watch every movement he made. I was fascinated at how he composed himself. How he looked sexy, just standing there. He talked with his rough, tender hands as well as his gorgeous mouth. I stared at his lips; knowing how they felt against mine. How they feel laying a line of kisses from my ear down my neck.

I felt an instant arousal. My body was responding to the man that I adore. My heart racing, I wanted everybody out now!

Looking around the room, I admired the fact everyone wanted to listen to him.

Tom came over to my side once again, “Are you ok?” He whispered into my ear.

More excitement ran down my body; I answered, “I want you to myself.”

He gave a look to the room, and everyone left.

Before kadıköy escort the last person left the room, Tom put his hand up my skirt; turned me to face him, and bought me into a powerful kiss. His tongue dancing with mine; strong and meaningful. I now needed him. I was all his, and would do anything he asked of me.

With his fantastic strength, he scooped me up into his arms; threw me onto the bed, flipped me over, and smacked my bare arse. The sound echoed throughout the room.

“You are a very naughty girl. I should do that again.” Is all he said.

I decided to push my luck, “Go on then, do it again.”

To my surprise he smacked my arse again, twice! Flipped me over again, and stood there looking down at me.

My heart racing, not knowing what was to come.

In a dark, sexy and satisfying way, he said “I want to see all of you. No, I will see all of you.”

He was so demanding, it made me wet just hearing what he had to say. I could feel the power of every word flow through my body.

I was about to remove my vest; as he impatiently ripped it from me, pulled off my bra, and released my breasts. He greedily grabbed my breast, and started to suck. Hard.

I was unsure of the feeling; It hurt, but it was also nice. I allowed myself to relax into the sensations, knowing Tom wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.

I was warm and wet, excited, and waiting to see what surprise was around the corner.

I felt a strange feeling with inside my vagina. One that was intrusive; “What is that?” I asked unknowingly.

Tom pulled out an odd looking item. It was pure white, and egg shaped.

Tom pressed something, it vibrated. I blushed, “Oh.” I knew what it was.

Without asking, Tom was using the vibrator against my clit. I felt the vibrations go through my sex, which only heightened the want of Tom’s dick!

All of a sudden, I felt Tom drop to his knees. I looked up to see what was happening. He stood back up, “Stay down, it’s my turn to play.” He said firmly, but playful.

He pulled me to the edge of the bed, and pushed my body down. He was now intensely using his fingers in and out of my vulva. Bringing me higher into this forceful bliss. Just as I thought it wouldn’t get any better, while still using his fingers inside me, he used his tongue to caress my clit.

“Oh, my God!” I screamed, grabbing the sheets for something to ground me.

“Yes baby, you come for me.” Tom said hoarsely; as he buried his dick deep within me. I went dizzy, I was lost, I felt like I was in a land of Oz.

We were rudely disrupted with Tom’s phone ringing.

With his finger over his mouth, “Shhh.” He said towards me.

He answered his phone, “Hi love, are you ok?”

I knew, it was Carol.

We had to leave where we were; and go back to reality of Tom with Carol, me with Adam.

On the way home Tom looked at me and said, “I just remembered something.”

“What?” I asked.

“I never come myself, did I?” With an amused tone.

Why is he amused? I thought to myself.

As I finished that thought, he undid his jeans; released his penis, and said;

“You better finish what we started. It’s only fair.”

“While you are driving?” I asked, shocked.

He gave me a lustful look, “Where else is there?”

I went to grab ahold of his very happy looking penis; as Tom pushed my head down.

“Do it right!” He exclaimed.

I did what my masterful man wanted. I wrapped my mouth around his dick, playing and sucking it, as he liked. üsküdar escort I could feel his excitement getting ready to explode. I was both joyful and electrified to feel my goal being achieved. I wanted to make this man happy, I wanted to give him what he wanted of me.

I playfully went to pull away, as he pushed himself deep down my throat. Not minding the gag reflex, he kept himself deep. I felt his appreciation slide down my throat, I had no choice as to swallow or not. It was going down, whether I wanted it to or not.

After I made sure I had swallowed every drop of him, greedily wanting to have tasted him; I sat back up. A few people walking the side path looked shocked, but shamefully, I didn’t care. I was making my lover happy, that is all that mattered to me.

Adam came in from work, and kissed me. I couldn’t help must think, “If only you knew where that was moments before.”

That night Adam fell into a deep sleep, I was happy about that. I wanted to feel how I felt a little longer. Every thought of Tom, what he could do, and when my next encounter would be. The thought made me tingle all over. I could feel him, everywhere; even the sensations I felt when with him. I couldn’t help but want to mimic what Tom had done.

I decided, I would try. I let my hands wonder to my clit; thinking of Tom, I used my index finger to rub back and forth; I could feel the build of excitement within me. I started to shake and reach a point of orgasm. I carried on, wanting to reach that exact goal. A thought of Tom’s dick buried within me came to mind. It was like I could feel it there, like he was there. I threw my head back and allowed my build up of pleasure to escape. The feeling of achievement came across me. After all; that was the 1st time I had masturbated.

The following day, Adam came home from work early. He had an argument with his boss, and walked out.

He stormed through the door, and startled me.

I couldn’t help but think about the 1st day I met Tom. This was very similar; yet, not as sexy.

I wanted to calm him down. I tried to talk, but Adam wasn’t having any of it.

I grabbed him by the shoulder, and tried to get him to look at me.

He grabbed my waist, lifted me up onto the washing machine, and was pulling vigorously on my trousers. He ripped them in to two pieces! Not noticing that he already had his penis sprung from his work jeans, he thrust himself within me. I wasn’t ready for him, I was dry and not aroused in any matter. Adam carried on his angry lust; not noticing that it was hurting me. Not noticing I was upset at his actions. Not noticing that I was crying.

After he had came to his pleasure, he pulled away, and walked off!

I sat there, silent. Not knowing what to do. What had just happened?

I climbed down off the washing machine, went to the bathroom to clean up. I was bleeding.

I came out of the bathroom, into the kitchen. Adam was sitting there with the television on, and a drink in his hand.

We never spoke a word.

A week went by, no apology or explanations as to what had happened the week before.

Tom called me at work, “Don’t get on the bus, I will pick you up.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Extremely sure. I want to pick you up.”

” Okay, I finish at 8pm. I will wait for you.” I happily mentioned.

“Oh baby, you won’t need to wait!” He replied alluringly.

As I was about to finish work, Tom walked in. I was the only one there; as it was my job to lock up the shop.

“It’s not 8 o’clock tuzla escort yet.” I fun- lovingly said. As it was 7 o’clock.

As he was walking directly to me; not caring if there may be anyone else still there, he growled passionately, “It will be when I am finished with you!”

I instantly reacted to the way his body was talking, the way he told me what was going to happen. Everything about the way he was; were just sending a earth shattering shiver down my spine. Directly to my sex.

Instead of grabbing me, or touching me; he went to my neck with his lips. I allowed full access, excited and waiting. He blew a gentle blow upon my neck; the sensation was wonderful. This time, I felt tingling throughout by breasts, down the sides of my body, and a rush to my head. My mouth opened slightly, followed by, “Wow.”

Smiling a sexy grin, only adding to my titillated body; he bent me over the desk, slid my trousers down with a gentleness, his thumb following the line of me leg as he did so. That was enough to take me to the edge.

“Stop teasing; I want you now. Please, I need you.” I was begging him!

“I like you begging, do it again.” He answered.

“Please!” I almost shouted, exasperated.

He used his legs to open mine, and slipped his manhood, where I was now burning with desire. “As you wish.” His said while doing so.

My body was wet and waiting already, as his movements were tender and fulfilling, my body went weak. I needed the table to lean on. As I came again, hard and fast; Tom span me around, and bristly said, “On your knees, you will swallow what I give you.”

More than happy to do so, I did as I was told. With enthusiasm, and greed; I sucked fast and hard.

“Slow down, we have enough time!” Tom said, slightly breathless.

I replied, “I want you to come, give me what I want.” With a sarcastic, playful, “Please!” Followed by flattering eyes and a frisky smile.

He roughly deepened his dick, allowed me to suck harder. His offer of appreciation came surging into my mouth. As to not waste any, I carried on my teasing, with my tongue; Lapping up all of his appreciation.

Again, the same taste as I remembered; sweet and salty. “Yummy,” I thought to myself.

I rose from my knees, smiled and looked at Tom.

“Wow.” Was all he said.

I was pulled into a squeezing cuddle, and an assertive kiss.

A thought of; this man is going to kill me, I can never get enough of him.

When Adam got home from work, he wanted me to join him in the shower.

I did I fact join him; after all, how can I refuse my boyfriend?

Both of us naked and in the shower, Adam started to wash my breasts, slowly moving down my stomach, and above my lady ship. He dropped the sponge, using his hand; started to rub, back and forth along the whole of me.

I looked him in the eyes, opened my legs, as to give him more access; and allowed myself to enjoy being teased my my lovers son. Without warning, I was bent over, hands holding the wall of the shower.

“I want to fuck you, hard.” Adam said.

Out of pure curiosity; “Okay.” Is all I could say.

I felt him ram himself inside me; pain ran through me. He was ramming in and out of me, Very hard, and very fast! His breathing out of control, and his finger nails digging into the sides of my arse; he let go of his pleasure, with a few after thrusts following.

He left the shower; allowing me to clean myself.

Sex was good with Adam, but I needed more. I wanted to feel like I did with Tom.

I needed to feel an orgasm that lasted all day.

All I I had to do was think about Tom; and a gigantic wave of pleasure would go throughout my body.

With Adam; it was good sex.

I decided to look online for pleasurable toys.

To be continued…

Next chapter is A fantasy becomes a reality part 4.

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