A Lost Daughter Ch. 19

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While everything had been happening with Kayla and Sienna, Amber had been falling headfirst into the deep end of opiate addiction. Heroin was now being shot into her veins daily, and her appearances around the house were getting fairly limited as she holed herself away in the master bedroom and nodded out. While I was feeling a little overwhelmed with how much was going on, I knew that I needed to pay her some attention and make sure that she wasn’t heading straight for an overdose or worse.

After fucking Kayla for a second time that day I went back to our bedroom to check up on my beloved wife. I pressed the slightly ajar door open cautiously to reveal a sleeping Amber, which wouldn’t be so strange at a quarter to eight in the evening if I wasn’t sure that she’d barely moved all day–or make that all week.

She looked more drawn out than usual, and she appeared to have lost some of the fulness in her cheeks as they appeared a bit gaunt. Her skin had lost a bit of that ivory quality in favor of a more waxen shade that appeared a bit sickly covered in small beads of sweat. Her hair, much like Kayla’s, certainly hadn’t gotten much attention over the course of the week and was matted to her scalp in a couple of places. Her lips, normally bee-stung and wine colored, looked like they’d been partially drained of color and didn’t have the same plumpness–instead showing a fair bit of texture and dehydration.

If I hadn’t just dumped successive loads into Kayla, I would not have been able to resist ravaging her. And it wasn’t just her physical appearance that turned me on, but the scene surrounding her. Cotton balls dotted with blood or the remnants of heroin, an ashtray that had overflowed onto the bedside table and spilled ash and cigarette butts on the small white doily beneath the small lamp, a medical tourniquet left on the bed beside her arm–it was all on display haphazardly. Even more egregious was the spoon, lighter, and needle sitting next to a bag of black tar heroin out in plain sight.

These were risks and oversights that a more sober, and more ‘in control’ Amber simply wouldn’t make–especially not with the plan for Kayla going so well. She wouldn’t leave this stuff for her to stumble over at this critical juncture, she was usually laser-focused on the endgame and while prone to being very impulsive–never lost sight of the goal.

I had to admit that I wasn’t monitoring her use as much as I probably should have been. The result of having a hedonistic fiend as a wife meant that she was prone to throwing all caution to the wind and indulging far beyond what could be called safe–if you could even classify the use of intravenous heroin safe in any capacity. I shuddered to think about the state of our savings account, which before Sienna had appeared in our lives was quite healthy. I knew that the money had to be coming from somewhere, and Sienna had been neglecting her duties as a paid whore for Kevin.

I tried putting all that out of my mind for a moment while I sat on the bed next to Amber and caressed her cheek. I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips, suddenly becoming overwhelmed with my love for her and appreciation of her being in my life–as perilous as it could be at times. She didn’t stir, and it was as if she were in a coma. I looked at her chest just to make sure she was still breathing and was thankful to see it rising and falling slowly. In fact, I noticed that it was quite shallow too.

I never went anywhere without Narcan, and in the event of an overdose I knew that I would be able to intervene if I caught it early enough. Sienna and Amber were also always in possession of or close to the stuff, which I confirmed by checking the small drawer in the bedside table. I looked again at Amber and tried to distinguish between the telltale signs of being a burgeoning heroin junkie and a life-threatening depression of her central nervous system. She wasn’t blue, so that was something. Even still, just having the thought of her overdosing alone in our room reminded me of how careless I had been in my neglect of her lately.

It was hard; I was working full-time and being accosted by two nymphomaniac cokehead teenagers at nearly every turn. As incredible as that had been, it had pulled too much of my attention away from my soul mate. I’m sure she wasn’t going to complain though, as she’d been able to hide within the hurricane of sex, drugs, and madness to indulge her love of being doped out of her mind. I knew that she would never have quit like she did if it weren’t for how painful it had been to lose Sienna. She had been absolutely devastated and couldn’t even think of that part of her life without feeling intense regret.

Now though, with her daughter back in her life and not falling far from the tree in any respect, she was unrestrained by the guilt and pain of her past to pursue her hedonistic appetite once more. I knew that it had grown to an insatiable monster that threatened to destroy her but being that kilis escort she didn’t seem to have the genetics for addiction it was never the same as the junkies that ended up on the streets–thankfully. It would likely be the same for Sienna, at least I hoped so, and that meant that by erecting some stout guardrails on this road to pleasure we could likely get to the very edge of oblivion without tumbling helplessly into it.

Kayla, however, was an unknown quantity. She had clearly come from an unstable home environment and was dating a coke dealer and smoking copious amounts of cannabis. She was clearly on the path to something potentially ominous even without our influence. Now, though, she was playing Russian roulette for sure, and we were staking it and facilitating it every step of the way. I didn’t truly know what I wanted from the situation other than a progression of the current trajectory. I hadn’t really, outside of heat of the moment fantasies, pondered my preferences for the long-term.

Did I want this girl to OD? Did I want to use her up until she was too drugged out and hollowed and then toss her on the streets? I sincerely believed that Amber and Sienna saw this as the endgame, but where were my motivations? I don’t know if I could live with myself if she lost her life as a result of our machinations, but at the same time, it really wasn’t up to me. No one held her down and forced her to start snorting cocaine, she was influenced by peer pressure but who wasn’t? She was her own person and if she fell all the way down the rabbit hole simply because we showed her where it was, how culpable could I be for that?

I didn’t know if I was trying to quiet my annoying conscience to follow my carnal desires as doggedly as my wife and daughter, or if I knew that no potential consequence was ultimately going to stop me, so I was preparing mentally for the possibility of trying to find peace in it. Either way, I wasn’t going to solve this concern in the moment, so I relented to climbing up the bed and curling up next to Amber.

It was 3:23 a.m. according to my phone when I heard rustling next to me. The bedside table was on, and it was quite bright in the room despite the hour as I turned towards Amber and the rustling to see what was going on. Sienna was filling a syringe full of heroin from a cotton ball resting in a spoon while Amber looked on hungrily. I watched as the syringe filled above what I thought was a safe dose and then even further. They hadn’t noticed me awake yet, so I resisted to the urge to ask what she was doing with such a big hit and instead continued watching.

Sienna continued the ritual and Amber began wrapping the tourniquet around her bicep just above the crook of her elbow in preparation. I watched in horror and amazement as Sienna slid the needle into my wife’s arm and registered with a splash of red. Without hesitation she slowly and smoothly pressed the contents of the syringe into Amber’s vein until the entire massive barrel of heroin was gone. I felt my heart pounding frantically as I warred with myself over what to do. Surely this was going to result in an overdose, but both women seemed to be oblivious or unconcerned.

“Was that too much?” I croaked finally, unable to resist any longer.

They both looked over to me, although Amber much slower and with a bit of shaking involved. They both smiled, wide toothy smiles that inferred they were quite pleased with themselves. Was I missing something here?

“Mom’s a junkie whore and she can’t get enough, I just gave her what she wanted,” Sienna explained in a sultry tone.

My brow crinkled in concern, unsure of what I was witnessing. Was she trying to avoid culpability for the potential overdose she had just administered with that response? Before I could ask, however, Amber’s spaced-out voice interrupted me.

“It feelsss so fuckinggg good baby,” she moaned as her eyes went totally cockeyed.

This was the most fucked up I had ever seen her, and even when she had been going hard, I’d never seen her relinquish this much control. I was bordering on panic. Almost as soon as she finished speaking though, she was out. Her head slumped to the side, and she passed into the warm embrace of the heroin that was now filling her blood stream.

“Don’t worry daddy, we have this,” Sienna said, holding up the box of Narcan.

I watched as she opened it and removed the nasal spray, setting it on the bedside table after removing the packaging. I was, admittedly, a bit speechless. Having Sienna almost knowingly shoot her mother up with a potentially lethal amount of heroin right in front of me, and then act brazen about it was almost beyond my ability to comprehend. While trying to work this out Sienna sat on the edge of the bed near Amber and stared at her mother longingly.

“She looks so happy, I wish I could be her right now,” she said softly.

I turned back to look at Amber and noticed that her lips kilis escort bayan had drooped similarly to her head and posture and drool was beginning to accumulate at the corner of her mouth. She was absolutely tanked.

“Fuck, it’s so hot, isn’t it?” Sienna continued, now looking at me with her hands down her white booty shorts.

I looked at Amber again before responding.

“Yeah,” I muttered, unable to argue.

“Would you be mad at me if she OD’d?” Sienna asked through a light moan, clearly getting herself off while she watched her mother.

I had to think about that one for a moment. If she needed to be pulled back from the brink of death by an emergency application of Narcan, would I be mad? Would Amber be mad? I honestly wasn’t sure. This is exactly what could and very well would happen when someone was abusing IV heroin. Was I supposed to be angry that it happened exactly as one could predict? Did it matter that Sienna had shot her up? I wrestled with this, while also wrestling with the fact that I was getting turned on.

Sienna was now moaning, and her eyes were fluttering, she was leaned back and digging her hand into the front of her shorts furiously and working herself closer and closer to a climax.

“I want mom to fucking waste away while she puts that poison into her veins, and I want her to do it to me too. But not before we destroy that little whore, Kayla. Fuck, I can’t wait until I’m shooting her up and watching her OD,” she described darkly.

I was now seeing where some of this was coming from, as it was clearly something that had been on Sienna’s mind for a while now. She legitimately had a kink for extreme risk, maybe even something more disturbing. While I would have to try to get to the bottom of it, I couldn’t deny that her fascination with it and the profane manner of her descriptions weren’t turning me on. I looked at Amber intently, noticing that her breathing was becoming quite shallow and uneven.

“Fuck me on top of mom while she OD’s,” Sienna begged, standing up and yanking her shorts off to reveal a panty-less bottom half.

I looked at Amber once more and noticed that her skin had begun to lose a bit more of its color and knew we probably wouldn’t have too much time before things became dire. With that as motivation, I pulled my pants and boxer shorts off and began scooting over to where Amber was laying. Sienna did the same from the other side of the bed and then swung her leg over her mother’s body so that she was straddling her. She was on her hands and knees with Amber below her and between her legs, spreading her thick labia with her fingers to entice me.

I noticed the thick grool that had accumulated on the edges of her slit as a result of her masturbation and dove in headfirst to lap it up. I tasted her salty, musky teenage flavor as I collected every trace of her creamy fluid on my tongue before swallowing it all down hungrily.

“Clean me daddy, I’ve been a dirty girl,” she moaned back to me.

I knew she must’ve meant that she’d been fucking someone recently, probably Kayla’s boyfriend if I were to guess, which prompted me to continue eating her thick cunt. I dove my tongue into her and lapped at her ravenously, feeling the meaty folds of her pussy around my tongue in what I could only describe as ‘Heavenly.’ She pressed herself back into me as I did this, allowing me to get even deeper with my tongue and mashing her sex against my face.

“I’m gonna cum,” she panted as I worked her clit with my hand and continued plumbing the depths of her canal.

I prepared by opening my mouth and engulfing it with as much of her fleshy prize as I could, hoping that she would share her fluids with me. I wasn’t disappointed, as she began convulsing and her pussy seemed to coat the inside of my mouth and lips with a steady excretion of vaginal fluid that drove me wild. I had always hoped to have a woman squirt in my mouth, but this was definitely the next best thing. Sierra was leaking continuously as she came, giving me several opportunities to swallow her flavor.

When she finally began to come down from her climax I stood up on my knees and positioned my prick at the entrance to her from behind. I pressed ever so slightly and let my length slip into her effortlessly, enjoying the slickness of her post-orgasm pussy.

“Mom is turning blue, she’s so fucked up,” Sienna panted as I began to plow her.

I looked down to see what she was seeing and confirmed that Amber had the faintest hues of blue beginning to show in her lips and eyelids. This propelled me forward, pushing me to begin fucking my wanton daughter as my wife teetered on the edge of oblivion beneath us. I watched as my sex-crazed daughter knelt down and began kissing her comatose mother’s drooping lips, seemingly unfazed by her state of unconsciousness or the drool.

It was such an obscene and perverse display that I felt my cock surge, pushing me forward escort kilis to an even more intense pace and ferocity. I slammed my cock into Sienna with more force than ever, wrapping my hands tightly around the curvature of her hips and driving her into me with each thrust. I longed to have her passed out on the couch with a needle still in her arm while I let random strangers fill her with their cum. I looked down at the slack expression on Amber’s face and increasingly noticeable shade of blue that colored her features and felt my orgasm begin to build in my balls.

“Cum inside me daddy, fill me up before mom is gone,” Sienna pleaded wantonly.

With that I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, eliciting a soft yelp as I demanded her compliance with one more firm pull.

“You’re going to become a lifeless little whore just like your mother,” I spat.

“Yes, daddy. I’m gonna OD for you,” she shrieked.

The last vision I had before I splattered her insides with my sperm was her soft, youthful face replaced with the gaunt, unkempt visage of a soulless junkie fading from existence in a dark shade of blue. It was dark, even for me, but I couldn’t stop to ponder it as I knew time was of the essence if I wanted to yank Amber back from the brink. Before I could administer the nasal spray, however, Sienna had a plan of her own.

She stood up unsteadily on the bed and squatted her cum-filled pussy over Amber’s unconscious face and let my seed leak out. I watched as she smeared several thick gobs of it around her face and into her mouth, making sure to scoop any remaining fluid from her hole and rubbing it hastily in her hair. Finally, she lowered herself a few more inches and ground her cunt on her cum-smeared face, making sure to wipe her used slit with some handfuls of Amber’s hair to clean off.

As she stepped away from her, I noticed how utterly wrecked and used my beloved wife looked, with secondhand jizz smeared all over her face and her hair streaked with semen. I only took a few brief moments to enjoy the scene before I shot the contents of the Narcan up her nostrils. For a couple of minutes Sienna and I watched Amber with anticipation as her breathing started returning to normal and the color returned to her skin. It took a little less than three minutes, but her eyes fluttered open, and she blinked her eyes, looking between us.

She immediately noticed the sticky residue on her face and some of it had needed to be wiped away from her eyes for her to see. I watched as a wry smile appeared on her face and she knew that we had been up to some hijinks. Her smile was short-lived, however, as her expression turned sour.

“I feel sick,” she groaned.

“That’s the withdrawal, we had to use Narcan,” I explained through a grimace.

Her face twisted into a look of frustration before responding.

“Shit, what a waste,” she replied, covering her eyes with her hands.

“What do you mean? You were turning blue, I think it was a good call,” I explained.

She nodded slowly, but I could tell she was still frustrated.

“I know, I was referring to the drugs, I wanted to be fucked up for the rest of the day with that much shit,” she replied.

She was definitely head-over-heels into her addiction if that was her primary concern.

“I need to get to the bathroom, I’m gonna be sick,” she said weakly.

I got out of bed and wrapped her up in the comforter before carrying her like a newborn into our large bathroom. I sat her on the floor in front of the toilet as she requested and then stood and waited a moment to see if she had additional needs.

“I know it’s kind of gross, but can you stay with me?” Amber asked, looking up at me with her large brown eyes glassy and unsteady.

“Of course, my love, I am here for you whatever you need,” I replied lovingly.

“Thank you, baby,” she replied, swaying a bit as she tried to continue focusing her eyes on me.

I looked around the bathroom, trying to decide on where to perch. I had started to sit on the counter when Amber patted the space behind her on the floor.

“Can you hold me, I’m so cold,” she whined.

This was a version of Amber that I had had rarely seen in our ten years of marriage, her vulnerable side. She was normally so confident and sure of herself, not to say that she didn’t make it known that she needed me in her life. She was just so strong, and always seemed to be thinking two-steps ahead of everyone else. Sitting in a cocoon of blankets on the floor with cum smeared all over her face and hair and suffering from severe opiate withdrawal, she clearly needed comfort and love.

I sat down behind her and opened my legs, allowing me to scoot up against her back and lay my head on her while wrapping my arms around her waist.

“I’m here my love,” I whispered into her ear.

“I’m sorry I’m so nasty right now, and it’s probably going to get much worse,” she whispered back.

“Shh, don’t be silly. You could never be ‘nasty,’ and I’ve held your hair back and sat with you like this before, it’s nothing I can’t handle. Remember that time you drank like an entire bottle of vodka and puked all night?” I asked, reminiscing about our teenage years.

“Yeah, at the hotel, I was such an idiot,” she murmured with a soft chuckle.

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