A Picture = K Words In College Ch. 07

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Then Elsa’s hand drew my softening cock out of Vicky’s pussy. It flopped down, but her tongue caught it. “Mmm!” it was in her mouth, her tongue caressing around it, wanting to taste everything it could find to taste. Some of my semen too? Not enough; after a few licks around my cock, she let it slip out, and my sister hummed with a chuckle. Elsa’s tongue must be seeking more to taste in her pussy. Vicky thought so too: she chuckled again and murmured:

“That was so good, plenty to taste,… like I want to.”

“Um-hmm!” Elsa agreed emphatically, massaging my balls.”

Were they going to be able to give my sister as much to taste? Not for a while, or even then. I squeezed her breasts, and her hands clapped back over mine. She chuckled and said:

“And like Elsa wants you to give her.”

“Hmm?!” I snorted, and replied:

“If I can’t, if my cock can’t, your fault for your both being here.”

“Um-hmm,” Elsa agreed considerately, fondling my balls.

I liked her understanding response, but thought it was unfair for her to get short shrift after all she had done, even though – especially since – she hadn’t expected to be included in everything my sister wanted to do. I wanted her to be, also selfishly; Vicky’s suggestion of what she had wanted to do had been very enjoyable for me too. If she didn’t get as much to taste, it would still feel just as good for me – and probably take longer. But it wasn’t going to happen immediately.

“Time to finish our beers,” I remarked and almost pushed my sister off me. She rolled to the side with a nod and chuckle, agreeing:

“Good idea, and so there will be some for me to taste.”

“I hope so,” I replied, and we all chuckled as I sat up.

We reached around and found our beers, nearly empty, and drained them. Elsa stood up and took our empties and brought the last three from the six pack. We all settled down on the bed with our backs against the wall. Elsa held her beer up and said:

“Skaal, something else first, that I also didn’t think would tast good.”

Vicky and I nodded with chuckles, and we all drank. Then Elsa said:

“Oh, ‘skaal,’ everyone back home says that: Scandinavian languages for ‘cheers’.”

Vicky and I then said “skaal,” and we all drank again and then were silent. After we all had taken a couple of sips, Elsa remarked softly:

“This is really unfair to Tim, his knowing what all we do here.”

“He doesn’t know all three of us are here,” Vicky remarked.

“Even worse. Well, of course not, for us,” Elsa replied: “but still unfair for him.”

I agreed with her, but didn’t say anything, but my sister did, asking:

“So what do you mean, what do you want to do about that?”

“I don’t know. It just occurred to me, our enjoying ourselves so much, and he… Does he have a girlfriend?”

“Not like this, I’m pretty sure,” I replied, adding:

“He did once or twice, I think, with a girl on the track team, but that was before Christmas.”

“And it didn’t work out?” Vicky asked.

“I don’t think so, but certainly not like with us.”

“Pity,” both girls murmured, and we drank again.

Then Vicky asked Elsa:

“So? Yeah, it’s unfair, but what can we do about that?”

Elsa took another sip, not replying. When she didn’t, Vicky sniffed and said:

“Or do you want to do something about it.”

I glance over at Elsa and saw that she was blushing. Vicky, on my other side, looked past me and must have also seen that Elsa was. Elsa glanced at us with a little, embarrassed expression and murmured:

“Well, he’s nice.”

“And you want to with him?” Vicky asked.

“I didn’t say that; just, well, that it’s unfair.”

“You would,” Vicky surmised.”

“You talked me into sleeping with your brother; wouldn’t you with Tim?”

“I hardly know him.”

“I don’t either, but, come to think of it, we’ve probably talked to Tim more than I had with Milt.”

I nodded, but recalled that Vicky had talked with each of us a lot before we agreed to the date that got us in bed together. Was Elsa expecting me to introduce her to my roommate, as I was beginning to understand that she was suggesting? Was my sister? Did her “I hardly know him” suggest that she wasn’t entirely objecting to Elsa’s idea? They both could imagine sleeping with Tim?! When and where? Well, here, of course, but when and how? We all took another sip of beer. Then Vicky murmured:

“Yeah, well, it is unfair.”

“But if you want to,” I murmured.

They both immediately looked at me with surprised expressions. I added:

“But I’m not going to tell him, not like Vicky got us into saying: ‘you really want me to’.”

We all almost laughed, admitting that we all understood what Elsa had suggested, also that none of us had denied that it could be possible, that we had an objection to her suggestion. We had a better sip of beer with no more remarks. I rather liked the idea, their thinking that it would only be fair, but I couldn’t imagine how it could happen. At least, I had already said that I wasn’t going to “run interference” for their project – if it was both istanbul escort of theirs.

Vicky tilted her beer up and emptied it and set it aside. Then she chuckled and with cool fingers reached down and held my soft cock, reminding me that Elsa was going to get her turn. Elsa and I chuckled and finished our beers, then glancing at each other with a nod and smirk. She took my empty beer and set hers and mine aside. Vicky’s fingers were fondling, not yet with affect. I chuckled and remarked:

“You’re going to have to do more to make it remember what it has to do.”

“Mmmm! I hope so,” she agreed with a grin, licking her lips.

There was nothing erotic about the way we moved to get in position. Vicky slipped off the bed, and I moved forward with my hips on the edge of the bed and lay back with my head against the wall. The only thing that could have been eroctic was Vicky’s fondling my soft cock, but she had done that so many times before; it was just very familiar, and now she wasn’t touching it. Oh, we all knew that it was going to be erotic – good and erotic – but the way Elsa moved to sit on my hips with her legs spread outside of mine could have been the way she would have done it if we had clothes on. Well, not quite; I reached down and held the cheeks of her ass and moved her a little so that it was more comfortable for me. She didn’t lie back, just sat there, looking down at Vicky.

Then I felt Vicky push my knees further apart, and a moment later felt her hand come up under my loose balls. Elsa nodded with a soft chuckle. That didn’t yet feel erotic, but I anticipated that it soon would be, especially when Vicky’s hand raised my cock. I knew it was already heavier in her hand, and then I felt her shoulders between my thighs. I wished there was a mirror on the ceiling, so that I could watch, like Elsa was with another warm chuckle, and another one, as I felt Vicky’s mouth slip around my cock.

Oh, it was going to be good, even if I didn’t come in Elsa’s pussy as much as I had before in my sister’s! But first, enjoy her making my cock stiff! She did, and I did, and Elsa chuckled encouragingly. What was it like to watch two other people? Oh, it must be arousing; looking with my sister at just pictures in “The Joy of Sex” certainly had been. Then Elsa murmured insisted:

“Remember me!” and dropped back, offering her pussy to be licked.

Why didn’t I have that mirror to watch! My cock popped out of Vicky’s mouth, but her hand grasped it. Past Elsa’s head, I could see Vicky lower her face on Elsa’s pussy. Vicky’s hand jogged gently. Clever of her, thoughtful of her to make sure my cock didn’t relax. Elsa hummed with a chuckle, and I heard Vicky’s tongue lapping. Was Elsa’s pussy already wet? Vicky’s hum suggested that she was enjoying tasting it. After a few moments, her hand released my cock, and then Elsa’s thighs were raised up, Vicky’s hands pushing them back past the vertical, rolling Elsa’s hips up, and she murmured:

“You’re going to like this too.”

I understood what she was going to do and pulled the cheeks of Elsa’s ass apart, but Elsa seemed surprised, responding:

“Oh?! You really want to? Oooh! Like that! Mmmm! I guess I do like it.”

I grasped her thighs, and Vicky’s hand returned to jog on my cock, while her tongue did whatever it did on Elsa’s asshole that made her hum and chuckle some more. Then Vicky raised her head and grinned up at us and murmured:

“And now try to lick you both.”

I released Elsa’s thighs, and her hips rocked down, and Vicky pressed my cock between her pussy lips. She licked, and we took turns moaning our appreciation, until Elsa murmured again:

“Put it in!” and twitched her hips up and down insistently.

Vicky nodded with a chuckle and did, finding Elsa opening with the head of my cock. Her hips rocked down, engulfing it in her tight but slick pussy. My cock surged, and we both moaned. Maybe a tight pussy was better than a sucking mouth, at least this time, knowing that I was going to come in it.

Vicky licked, not just Elsa’s pussy, her tongue occasionally licking down and up on the back of my cock, even licking my balls a couple of times. Elsa and I rocked our hips, trying to fuck as much we could in that position. My hands had found her breasts and aroused nipples. When my fingers squeezed and pulled them, she nodded with a moan, and I moaned in response to the clutches of her pussy from what Vicky’s tongue was doing on it.

She seemed to want to prolong our aroused anticipation, just licking me, when Elsa’s hips twitched. I loved that and the extension of my arousal, but when her tongue left Elsa’s pussy again, she growled and demanded softly:

“Enough teasing; I want it, now!”

She got it, and I got it, better than I had anticipated, since Vicky then shoved her fingers under my ass and aroused my asshole. She licked, and our hips rocked. Elsa’s pussy clutched, and my cock surged, and we both moaned desperately, but then gasped. She began to whimper, and I groaned and then grunted. My cock was spurting – as much as it avcılar escort could, and I felt her pussy juice flood out past it, and heard Vicky’s tongue lapping it up. What a fucking orgasm! Two fucking orgasms!

Elsa’s body spasmed again, and then again. She shoved Vicky’s head back. Had she licked her pussy again, even though it was so apparent that we both had already come? Elsa’s pussy clutched a couple of times more, although she was lying inert on me. My cock enjoyed that it had, but couldn’t surge again. My stomach rose with deep breaths and fell with long sighs, moving her. Then I felt Vicky’s hand pull my cock out. Like before, when Elsa had done that, her tongue caught it and took it in her mouth. It didn’t mind her licking around it. Could she taste us both? What was that like? Not much from me for her to taste, I thought, despite my feeling that my cock had spurted as many times as it had in her pussy, at least, it had wanted to, had tried to.

My cock slipped out and flopped down, and I heard her tongue lapping up below Elsa’s pussy. She snorted and responded:

“Oooh! So much? And almost down there, too. Oooh!”

“Um-hmm,” Vicky agreed.

I assumed that Vicky’s tongue had almost touched Elsa’s asshole again in its search for more to lap up. Apparently, Elsa chuckled with another “oooh.” Maybe Vicky’s tongue had really touched it. Why not?

I squeezed Elsa’s breasts, and she nodded with an “um-hmm.” Vicky raised her head and grinned at us again, licking her lips, then smiling and saying:

“That was good, fun, except that I have to wash; running down my thighs. Hm-hmm! Almost as much as from you two.”

“We do too,” I agreed, and we all got up and went to the bathroom and washed.

Back in the room, we looked at each other and shrugged with slightly wry smiles. Obviously, we weren’t going to do anything more, not just because there wasn’t much time until the dining hall opened for dinner. Besides, what else could we do? I glanced at our clothes. The girls nodded, and we put them on, Elsa leaving off her bra. I remade my bed, and we went to have dinner. On the way, Elsa suddenly asked:

“What if Tim sees us all together?”

“He’ll be surprised,” Vicky replied.

“He sure will be,” Elsa agreed, adding:

“But will he think that – well, you know – all three of us – like that?”

“And if he does?” Vicky replied with a shrug, smirking.

I remarked:

“He’ll really think it is unfair. Hm-hmmm! But it had sounded like you two had a solution for that.”

“You want us to?” Elsa replied, then blushed, maybe not from just recalling that she – and I – had used that phrase when Vicky had been suggesting to each of us to sleep together. Vicky chuckled and asked with a smirk:

“You really want us to?”

“I don’t! I mean, I don’t, with him,” I replied.

We all snickered softly. Elsa was blushing. Vicky smirked with a pleased expression. Elsa murmured:

“Stop it. I don’t know about this.”

We were too close to others to continue our conversation and entered the building and joined the line at the counter. When we had been served, we found a table. I sat facing the counter, across the table from both of them. As we began to eat, I kept my eye out for Tim, wondering as much as Elsa had, how he would react to seeing the three of us.

I saw him in the line before he saw us, but when he had been served and looked for a place to sit, he did see us. His expression was about what I had expected. I nodded to him with what was probably a wry smile. He shook his head slightly with a frown, but I nodded again, tilting my head to the empty seat next to me. He scowled with a wry expression, but nodded. Before he joined us, I murmured to the girls:

“He’s here.”

“Oh, shit!” Elsa murmured. Vicky remarked softly:

“Oh, it’ll be all right; whatever he thinks, he not going to ask.”

He didn’t, managing to just smile as he greeted us, then remarking to the girls:

“Nice to see you both again.”

“And to see you,” Vicky replied, while Elsa just nodded with a smile.

I thought her smile was a little forced, hoping that Tim didn’t notice. Then Elsa asked him about his Christmas vacation, and we all relaxed and enjoyed our meal and conversation free of any innuendos about how the three of us had spent the afternoon. As we were leaving the building, I suggested that we all go for a beer: “my treat.” Vicky immediately agreed, suggesting a well-known student restaurant with booths that had panels between them. I thought I understood that she meant we could talk privately there, wondering if she was planning to mention to Tim what we had talked about.

Elsa didn’t know the place apparently, couldn’t anticipate what I was assuming. She agreed cheerfully that that was a nice idea. Tim nodded, but replied:

“That would be nice, but I don’t think they’d serve us, from what a couple of guys on the track team have said.”

“Then get a six pack,” Vicky replied, looking at me, and then at Tim, as she continued:

“and we can go back to your room.”

His şirinevler escort “your room;” she was thinking about our conversation! And she wanted us to have a beer there and talk about that?!

“If you all want to,” he agreed, adding: “and I’ll buy one too.”

Vicky smiled with a nod. Elsa looked slightly apprehensive, while I counted: a dozen beers, three for each of us; and Tim was assuming that we would have at least two each. If he thought so; this was going to be interesting, whatever he could be thinking about how we had spent the afternoon. He could have asked, suggested that the three of us had done something in town. We could have agreed, making up a story. But he hadn’t.

On the way to the bottle shop, Vicky walked with him and Elsa with me. She murmured:

“Shit! My bra!”

I remembered that I had last seen it on one of the chairs. Had Vicky remembered that too, knew that there wasn’t going to be any question about how we had spent the afternoon? Could I enter the room first and grab it before Tim saw it? Or did Vicky want him to see it, an unmistakable introduction to what she wanted to talk about?! Fuck! She wanted to fuck him?

We got our six packs and headed back to our room. Elsa stuck with me and muttered:

“At least, you remade the bed.”

“Could have put it under my pillow, and let me think about you all week.”

“Oh stop! What’s he going to think?”

“The truth, I’m afraid.”

“Hmm! And Vicky wants him to. I think she really wants to.”

We both snorted softly at her using that phrase again. I understood her discomfort, but was more curious about what could happen if we all had a couple of beers – if Vicky broached the subject – even if Elsa was very embarrassed.

She was. I unlocked the door, and she rushed past me and grabbed her bra, stuffing it in her hand. Tim had, of course, seen it. Elsa had a very red face and sheepish expression, as she stuffed it in her purse. Tim nodded slightly and murmured:

“That’s all right; I kind of thought so. Really, all three of you?”

Elsa nodded, her face redder, if possible. Even my sister blushed a little, and I felt my face flush. Tim then also blushed, muttering:

“I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Vicky was first to find her tongue:

“Just embarrassing that you did, but you’d already thought so, been right, without our all blushing. Let’s have a beer; why we came here.”

I quickly ripped open my six pack, relieved by her so direct reply and hoping Elsa and Tim also were. Before I could hand anyone a beer, Elsa began to laugh, and then we all did; the situation was just so absurd; we had to laugh, the only release from all the tension of having to admit that we all understood, even if Tim couldn’t imagine what all the three of us had done. I passed around my beers, and we all drank, deeply, to avoid having to say anything for a few moments. Who was going to speak next, I wondered, as I lowered my beer.

“We’d better sit down,” Vicky remarked.

My bed and two chairs; Vicky and I sat on my bed. Tim got our desk chairs for Elsa and himself, drawing them closer to my bed, and they sat down. We all glanced at the others with very wry expressions, but no longer blushing.

“Should have worn my bra,” Elsa remarked with an apologetic, wry smile.

“Maybe,” Tim agreed, glancing over at her.

“I should have,” she replied, blushing a little as she rubbed her forearm over her aroused nipples.

“Okay,” he agreed with a slight smirk.

We all had a better sip of beer, and then were silent. Elsa and I glanced at Vicky. Tim wasn’t going to say anything more, and I certainly wasn’t; I had told the girls that I wasn’t going to run interference for whatever they wanted to say to Tim. Vicky had gotten us all here, and Elsa’s bra had left no questions about what the three of us had been doing – except for Tim’s not being able to envision how. I glanced over at Vicky again. She took another sip of beer, and the rest of us did. Maybe we were going to need two beers – or three. Was I really thinking they would do something with him? Too absurd!

“Well, here we are,” Vicky remarked and took another sip of beer.

We all did, having to tilt them up past the horizontal. Elsa burped. We looked at her. Her nipples had popped out again, but she just shrugged with a slight smile and muttered:

“No bra.”

Tim nodded with a smile. Then she surprised me, looking at him and remarking softly:

“This is unfair, us in your room.”

He shrugged and replied:

“If I don’t need it.”

“Still unfair,” Vicky murmured and took another sip, having to tilt her beer up and emptying it.

I emptied mine. Tim and Elsa didn’t drink. He replied:

“Maybe a little, I guess, but if I don’t need it.”

“Still,” Elsa murmured, then looking at Vicky, before she drank, also emptying her beer.

Was she encouraging Vicky to tell Tim what we had talked about? Vicky put aside her empty and glanced at the two cans still in my six pack. I handed her one and offered Elsa the other one. She shook her head, and I opened it for myself. Vicky took a sip from her fresh beer, and I did. There was another moment of silence, a pregnant silence. I saw Elsa’s nipples pop out again. Was she anticipating that Vicky was going to tell Tim. Tell him what?! I glance over at her again. Her nipples had also popped out. She drew a long breath and let it escape, and then drew another one and said:

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