Marjorie and Igor the Magnificent

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The Pink Pussycat act was going really well and Doris Blossom and I were throwing out knickers into the audience twice a day; a matinee and an evening show. Neither of us had ever been so fit in our lives, stripping is an energetic profession. (Profession)? (Well it is. You try it). The only trouble is that if we weren’t careful, we started to slim down and if you’ve ever seen Doris and Marjorie’s asses, this could be a disaster for business. Every eye was on us as we wiggled through our routines and cast off our lacies as Charlie and the band were blowing up a storm on the drums with sax and trumpet.

Doris had bigger tits than me (and arse too) as I was only a 35, which wasn’t bad but my dear sister was a fighting 38 plus whatever. Again, Doris got more ogles per mile than I ever did but the punters loved my corsets as I had a knack of getting out of them artistically. Frankly, I got more “get ’em offs” than she did. God, I’ve done my trick and gone off message again. One day there was a knock on the dressing room door and in walks Giovanni with two policemen. My first thought, of course that they wanted to fuck us for protection of something. You know, it’s that sort of job; currency is not always in five pound notes. Well, it wasn’t like that at all and we weren’t even going to be arrested (pity in a way, I love handcuffs).

So my swift dream of being dragged down to the station with my hands cuffed behind my back and being gangbanged in the cells by a bunch of burly coppers, rapidly dissolved. No it seemed that the filth wanted MY help, Little Marjorie, no less. The fuzz had noticed that when we stripped, we started off in uniform and ended up showing our best bits. Superintendent Fisher wanted me to be a “decoy” as apparently there was a Russian guy at the embassy who was extracting vital information for our war effort by seducing them and fucking them.

I said, “What’s such a big deal, Super,” I said, “Why do they go so crazy that they’d break the Official Act?”

While I was talking I was pulling on a pair of fishnet stockings and fastening my suspender belt and Doris was carefully examining her arse to see it was up to professional standard, Fisher seemed to lose the ability of speech. The Divine Sisters often have this effect on men. He gathered his wits about him and wiped the dribble off his chin.

He said, “We need a decoy to attract this guy, his name’s Igor and we thought that Marjorie in her blue NZ navy uniform would be irresistible. We want you to reveal some information while he’s having sex fethiye escort with you and record it on a little transmitter we’ll give you.”

I said, “I don’t think I’m that interested, Super,”

He replied, “He’s got a twelve inch cock Marjorie. Could that influence your thinking?”

I thought for 0.1109 seconds and said, “OK, I’ll do it. Just for the country, you understand.”

Doris said,”How come you get all the good jobs, sister dear. You owe me one.”

So we went over all the details with John (that’s Superintendent Fisher to you) and I said I’d pick up the transmitter from his office the next day and get a final briefing until I went hunting the damned elusive twelve inch victim! So the show went on, Little Marjorie and Doris Blossom still made the crown roar as we cast our knickers into the audience. I often wondered what happened to all these knickers as they weren’t there at the end of the show and thought if little wives around town were astonished to find these frilly lace knickers in their husband’s pocket on washing day.

The next day I ventured over to The Yard and asked to see Superintendent Fisher for my briefing. His office was quite comfortable and he was nice enough to offer me a cup of tea and he passed over the little transmitter which fitted neatly in my handbag and apparently part of my test was for him to handcuff me and fuck me on his desk. Honestly, give a man a pip on his epaulette and he thinks he’s irresistible. (Well he was actually; I made him screw me again, just to be sure). As I left his office, he gave me a spare set of cuffs in case I needed them. As a matter of fact, they’re here today on my desk at the high school, (that’s another story). My goodness, if they could only tell you what we’d been through over the years….

After the show, I put on my naval uniform and walked down to our local pub, “The Cellar,” and ordered myself a gin and tonic. Even though there was a war on, the place was busy with men and women going home and hoping their house was still in one piece. I helped myself to the luxury of another gin (ginful and sinful, Marjorie). But nobody came and picked up Little Marjorie (which was a miracle as there’s usually some guy who wants to get in my pants. But I had bigger fish to fry (as it were!)

Would you believe it, it was on the fifth day that this guy ambled up to me at my table and offered to buy me a drink. Was it my imagination or did he have a heavy Slav accent? Could the pretty little morsel of bait catch the shark. (I was thinking of making escort fethiye this part one, but I know you’re all dying to know what a twelve inch cock looks like). I’ll let you into a secret, I also had a cotton tape measure in my bag and a little Minox camera. A girl should be ready for all eventualities don’t you think?

He introduced himself as Igor and brought our drinks over to the table. What Igor didn’t know is that I could drink a cowboy under the table and I had no secrets anyway (but I hoped he would try and extract them. Wouldn’t you?). I got a bit “fluttery” to encourage him and when he decided that I was getting pissed he offered to let me use his room for a little lay down.

“Ooooh Igor,” I said, “The whole room is spinning round” I’d seen the plain clothes policeman looking innocent on a corner table so I was covered (or soon would be). We stumbled up the stairs and entered his lair, where presumably he extracted his secrets. It didn’t take him long to get Little Marjorie stark naked on his bed and I watched him with a gimlet eye as he took his own clothes off. My God, I’d never seen anything like it. I admit I was only young and had only seen a couple of hundred cocks but his was the most magnificent I’d ever seen.

I said, Ohhh Igor, that’s so big, can I measure it?” He was obviously very pleased with himself and applying the tape measure and a couple of quick snaps on the Minox, (Doris was bound to ask me) and it was exactly twelve inches long and as thick as a beer bottle. This beautiful cock was erecting and was soon just about level with my tongue and engorged with blood and was obviously going to be a handful inside Little Marjorie (is that’s the right expression)? The head was bright red and I took as much as I could get into my mouth, while he uttered what sounded like a song of praise in Russian. I think the last bit was the most important to him.

“I’m cumming,” he said. Well, I assume that’s what he said as with a Slavic gasp he emptied himself down my throat. What a load! A world record I imagine. He could Cum for Russia and get a Gold medal. I swallowed as much as could and the rest sprayed out of my mouth an all over my face and tits. It was glorious. I excused myself and went into the bathroom and turned on the little transmitter in my bag and wiggling back to bed, I set the bag down next to the bed. Astonishingly, Igor was erect again and that cock was obviously making its way to home base as he looked over me and slipped on the handcuffs I’d left out of my pocket when he undressed me and fethiye escort bayan secured me to the bed head.

Now image, there’s little Marjorie quivering in anticipation, handcuffed to the bed and about to take his enormous organ into me in his attempt to prise loose the secrets in my mind (he thought). I don’t know if you know me, but I found my predicament thoroughly wonderful and the more I “struggled”(Help, help, I whispered,) the more his cock was obviously inflamed by his lust. He was with me now and I knew it was on.

“Oh my God, Igor, you can’t possibly get that into little me,”

He pushed hard and I wiggled furiously as the massive member gradually disappeared into little Marjorie’s eager cunt. I think to our mutual astonishment the whole thing went right in until his balls were firmly against my pussy lips. I think he was trying to say something to me, but I don’t speak Russian. But I got the gist.

I said,” Igor” to attract his attention, “I’ve got a problem.”

He replied, “Am I too big for you Marjorie,” he grinned at me.

“The problem is, Igor, you’re not moving inside me.”

He looked relieved and began to fuck me with long, huge strokes and every time he tried to ask me something, my agile pussy gripped him until he shook in passion. I think by this time, he decided he was better off as my lover rather than a spy and started to fuck me as a proper man should. This cock was glorious and after my two hundredth orgasm (estimated) he released what my son would call ten fifteen years later “a bucket load.” I think his balls must have been chock a block with cum and wrigglers as great gouts of thick white sperm seemed to come out of him until he pushed the last load out five minutes later. All into Little Marjorie.

But to Igor’s credit, until a knock came on the door in the morning he had pumped another four loads into me during the night and I’d had the best night I’d ever had. As I opened the door the police rushed in (taking a good look at me covered in cum) and arrested Igor. He didn’t have the strength to resist arrest as yours truly had so weakened him, a five year old could have held him with one hand and they led him away.

I had a very welcome bath and by the time I was presentable again in my pert Navy uniform, I’d leaked cum all over the whole room and was feeling a million dollars. With my little camera and tape measure tidily stored in my bag, I dropped the recording machine into The Yard and remembered on my way home, that I’d left the thing on and the police must be having a field day with the sound recording. Doris was reading a magazine in the front room and raised her eyebrows at me.

I said, “Dot, do you know anyone who can develop these?” and handed over the tiny Minox.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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