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Reflecting back on my somewhat younger years, thinking of the women I’ve had contact with, and relationships of one sort or another, one memory consistently comes back to me. This story is absolutely true, and sticks in my mind as one of the hottest experiences of my life.

We met only a couple of times before that night. We chit-chatted a little; flirted some. A Hispanic girl, her skin was a soft, light brown. She had thick, curly black Latina hair, about shoulder length. She was cute, not drop dead gorgeous, but cute. A petite girl, the top of her head came a good two inches below my chin. She was small breasted, shaped nicely with just the right amount of curve to compliment her tiny frame.

I’m a little foggy on the details of how she ended up coming home with me, but there we were, lying together talking and joking around. We both wore loose shorts and t-shirt. Those clothes were particularly baggy on her, as they were mine since she hadn’t planned on spending the night somewhere other than her own place. I only had a single bed, so we had to be close; my arm under her neck with me lying on my side as she lay flat on her back.

She rolled slightly toward me, caressing my arm. I touched her face and she leaned even closer and kissed me. Though surprised by her move, I happily returned the kiss. She pulled back a little, looked into my face, and came back to me. This time there was urgency in her kiss, and her hand left my arm as her tongue licked at my lips. When she passed my hip, she rolled the rest of the way to her side, reaching to the small of my back, then cupping my ass with a squeeze. Her kiss became yet more enthusiastic; her tongue seeking mine and her breathing through her nose becoming deeper. When I reached to her ass, cupped the bottom of her cheek and squeezed, her mouth opened slightly, but not releasing me, to breathe a sigh. She pressed her lips to me firmly again, and moved her hand from my ass. She reached for the front of my shorts and pressed her flat palm to my rapidly hardening cock through the fabric. She grabbed at it as best as she could through the shorts and seemed to lose control of what she was doing. Her grip would tighten, then loosen with hard rubbing, then grip it again, all the while trying to devour my mouth. I moved my hand lower to the back of her upper thigh. The skin so warm and oh so soft. Without a thought, I moved it back to her ass, but my hand slipped below the loose leg of those baggy shorts. I found skimpy cotton panties, and once again, squeezed her ass, bringing from her a seemingly desperate moan.

Suddenly, as if waking from a dream, she seemed to realize what she was doing. She seemed embarrassed and pulled back. She grabbed my forearm at the bottom of her shorts and pulled my hand from underneath. She lay back, flat on the bed and smiled an embarrassed smile and put her hands to her face. In a moment, breathing started to return to normal. The embarrassed smile graduated to giggles, and we soon were back to playful conversation.

Moments passed, and her face changed yet again. It was almost trance like, as she pulled me down to her to kiss again. This time it escalated more quickly, and she was rubbing and pulling at my cock through my shorts even harder than before. My free hand found her braless breast through the t-shirt; nipple feeling like a pebble under my palm as I gently squeezed. Mouths hungrily moving together, breaking almanbahis adres slightly for sighs, just to be joined again with dueling tongues. I found her nipple with my thumb and rubbed across it, and her hand sought the waistband of my shorts. She reached down the front of the shorts, immediately below the waistband of my boxers, and grasped for my cock. When her dainty fingers clasped around my cock with a firm grip, I let out a low, long moan of pleasure. And just like that, her trance was once again broken; her now familiar embarrassed reaction returned. I was starting to feel frustrated, but always the gentleman, I kept my smile, and touched her face to reassure her that it was alright.

To go on in detail would be a bit like the movie Groundhog Day, where the same events occur time and time again. The same sort of loss of control occurred twice more that night, with hands getting slightly more adventurous with each episode. My hand was at the very top of her inner thigh, so close to her pussy that I could feel the heat and moisture when she stopped us for the final time before sleep overtook us both.

I woke first, taking a moment to appreciate the casual view laying next to me. Seeing her nipples poking through my old t-shirt gave me a stir; an added shot of hardness to my already aching morning erection. I was tempted to touch them, but the memory of being stopped multiple times just hours before made me think better of it. It would be a bad day in paradise if she woke up and felt like she was being taken advantage of. So I climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. I returned with a towel. She was starting to move and just opening her eyes, and I asked her if she wanted to take a shower. She gave me a shy smile, and nodded, reaching for the towel. I headed back down the hall to the bathroom, grabbing my own towel. I still needed my shower.

The door was open just a bit, and she pushed it the rest of the way, standing in the door frame with only her towel wrapped around her. It was a stunning sight. Her hair unbrushed, flowing wildly to her bare shoulders. The tightly wrapped towel had pushed her little breasts together, teasing me with a hint of cleavage. It hung to her upper thighs, just inches below her pussy. Sweet, smooth thighs. I had just removed my shirt when she opened the door. Now standing only in my shorts, my cock stirred once more. As she stepped in, I began to slide my shorts down my legs. She could now see the cock she had in her hand in the darkness. She looked at me with a surprised nervousness. I realized then that she thought she would be showering in privacy. I kicked my shorts to the corner to join my shirt and turned on the water, taking a moment to adjust the temperature. She stood still, looking hesitant, and I reached for her arm. I pulled her gently to me and touched her face. With a little grin, I loosened the towel, and she made no move to stop it falling from her body. I placed it on the rail, and took a fleeting moment to drink in the sight of this naked little body in front of me. Knowing she was already apprehensive, I made a conscious effort not to stare, acting unphased, as if this was the normal course of business. We were standing too close for me to have a very good look at her pussy, but I thought it looked as though she was shaven, with a little bit of stubble.

I ushered her into the shower, allowing her to step in first. almanbahis adresi Behind her, my cock was now semi-erect, and growing. Under the spray of warm water, I wrapped my arms around her from behind and stepped against her, pulling her to me in a hug. Our difference in height put my cock at the small of her back, pressing against her as it grew to a full state of arousal. I reached for the soap, taking a half step back. I lathered up my hands, keeping the soap in one hand as I began to apply it to her upper arms. Moving toward her shoulders, she took her hair, pulling it up and moving it aside so I my hands could glide over her shoulders and neck. I washed down her back, and one side at a time, cupped her ass, stopping shy of slipping my fingers further beneath to make contact with her pussy. With my hand that I held the soap in, I reached around to her belly, pulling her back into me, my cock now slipping and sliding against her lower back. The other hand glided from her waist to her breast, cupping it briefly, before allowing my fingers to close in, covering it, brushing over her nipple. Soap changed hands, and as I soaped her other breast and I gently pinched her nipple between slippery finger and thumb. Even under the running water, I could hear her sigh at the attention she was now receiving. My hand made the inevitable journey from her breast, down her tummy, to her mound where I found the evidence of what I thought I saw; a neglected shave. The rough texture in contrast to the slipperiness of the soap and water only increased my arousal, highlighting the fact that my fingers had finally reached what I had desired so urgently during the night. To reach her pussy I had to bend my knees, lowering my body, and now the length of my cock was sliding up and down between the cheeks of her firm ass. When my hips made involuntary movements, to further grind my cock against her ass, she made a loud gasp, then a moan as she turned to face me, standing tip toed, and pulling my face to hers for a passionate kiss. My bent forward position now robbed my cock of the contact with her body.

She broke the kiss, and once again stood flat on her feet. She took both of my arms in her hands and pulled me around to stand in front of her, facing away as she was just a minute before. She took the soap from me and started washing my back, but she showed little interest in making sure it was thoroughly washed. It was a token gesture, a means to press her body to mine and reach around with both hands. She had put down the soap, and now one hand cupped my balls and the other started at the base of my cock, gripping tightly and slowly slipping over its length, all the way over the head until it squeezed free. Immediately, her other hand was at the base of my cock, repeating the same slow motion, and now she had both hands at work. As one reached the tip of my cock, the other started at the base, making a constant tight, slippery, pulling sensation that made my cock head almost painfully sensitive. I braced myself, both arms up, hands against the shower wall. The water had rinsed away the soap from my back, where she now planted little kisses and licks as her hands slowly built up the beautiful agony that consumed me.

I had to see her again. I had to touch her soft, warm little body. I needed to kiss her. I turned, forcing one hand free from my cock. As I faced her, she repositioned her other hand to grip almanbahis adres it firmly once again. I bent at my knees, so our bodies would be in full contact as I kissed her. Our mouths together in almost frantic passion, she rubbed my hyper-sensitive cock head down her mound, scraping along the stubble of her shaven pubic hair, creating a shock that nearly pushed me over the edge. She pushed it to the slit of her pussy, and spread one leg just enough to slip the head between her folds. Having just experienced the harshness of her scruffy mound, the silky smooth wetness dripping from her lips was such a soothing pleasure that I broke our kiss with a long, deep groan escaping my lips. She whimpered, and before I knew what was happening, she jumped. I mean she actually jumped, wrapping her arms around my neck, and her legs around my waist. My cock head still between the slippery lips of her pussy, it pivoted up with her movement and as her ankles locked over my ass, her pussy engulfed my cock completely in an instant. Never before, and never since, had I penetrated a pussy in one swift stroke, and the experience took my breath for a moment as she feverishly rocked her hips, riding my cock and grinding her clit against me like a woman possessed. I supported her with my hands under her ass, and she completely lost it, moving in rapid thrusts; her breathing sharp and ragged with whimpers and moans. The pent up tension from the night before had caught up with us, and exploded the form of her rapid orgasm. Having never seen a woman cum so fast, her pussy quivering uncontrollably on my cock, and the relentless teasing I had endured the entire night all came together in a perfect storm of explosive passion. My cock twitched and filled with a surge of blood to become harder than I could ever remember. An involuntary thrust of my hips and the unbelievable sensitivity at the head of my cock warned me that an explosion inside this hot, slick little quivering pussy was imminent.

To this day, I don’t understand how I was able to pull a clear thought from my head at that moment. Every ounce of my body was engulfed in a heated passion, but something shook me to enough consciousness to realize that I did not really know this girl, did not know if she used birth control, and we were frantically fucking without a condom. I began to lower my arms, but her ankles remained locked as she experienced one last shudder of her orgasm, and then her legs dropped to the floor. Her pussy released its grip on my cock as she descended and it slipped out at the very instant of my eruption. We held tight to each other, as I shook, my cock pressed against her mound, thrusting against the stubble, coaxing the most intense orgasm of my life. My cum coated her mound, lessening the roughness, and my cock slowly began to soften. We kissed softly then, and looked into each others eyes. She smiled a shy little grin, and once again held me tight.

As the hot water started to run out, I picked up the soap, and we quickly helped each other clean up, washed our hair, and narrowly avoided a cold shower. She wrapped her towel around her again, and I dried off. I took the towel from her body again and admired her form for just a moment before gently drying her body for her.

I saw this little fire cracker again the next day. We embraced in a friendly hug, and I started to bend to give her a kiss, but she backed away with a nervous look on her face, but still smiling. I puzzled for a few seconds, but just smiled back and asked her how she was doing. She answered with standard casual pleasantries. Another guy stepped up to her side, and smiled at me, extending his arm for a handshake. She then introduced me to her fiancé.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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