Alice’s Predicament Ch. 01

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“Sure Sue! It’s no problem at all! We’d love for Alice to spend some time here! We haven’t seen her in so long; it’d be great to have her around!” It was arranged! Bill had agreed to take in his sister’s daughter for the summer, while her mom and dad picked up and moved to the west coast.

Alice’s father had taken a job with a large corporate company, relocating him to a rural area on the west coast. Life on the farm had no longer become profitable, and the sale of his family property had become imminent and necessary for survival. Bill’s sister Susan was a teacher, and she’d have no problem finding a job wherever he went. The opportunity came up rather quickly, and as a result John and Sue needed to move right away, and settle into temporary housing until they could finalize the sale of the farm, and find a more permanent residence. After some lengthy discussion at the family dinner table, it was agreed that Alice’s parents would go out in advance, and while John was working, Sue would find a job and a home suitable for everyone, and then arrange for Alice to move out. Alice’s major concern was that she was in her senior year of schooling, and at eighteen years of age, didn’t like the idea of uprooting so suddenly, disrupting all her plans of finishing out her final year, after which point she’d planned on going to college anyway!

There had apparently been some arguments over the matter, and a final compromise had been achieved when Sue called her brother and asked if he’d mind keeping Alice until they found a house, at which point, they’d invite Alice out for a couple weeks, and she could then make a choice whether she wanted to move, or finish out the year back at home, staying with her uncle. If she stayed with her uncle, she’d be able to finish the school year at her current school, and then head to her choice of college destinations.

Bill informed his son Paul, that his cousin Alice would be spending the summer with them. Paul, who was Alice’s senior by only one year, seemed apprehensive, but welcomed the idea. Paul and his father agreed that it’d be nice to have a woman around the house; something they hadn’t enjoyed since Paul’s mother passed away several years ago. So the two men readied their humble abode for the addition of Alice’s presence.

Alice arrived at her uncle’s place, and the two families spent nearly an entire day helping Alice move in. Bill spent most of the time sharing time with his sister and her husband, wishing them the best of luck as they moved into their new environment. Both, Sue and John, repeatedly thanked Bill for his generosity and his understanding. They hugged and kissed their daughter obsessively before leaving for the west coast, the moving truck loaded with all their worldly possessions!

Alice settled into her room, thankful for the opportunity to at least remain in familiar surroundings, and to remain close to her friends before finishing her schooling. Standing in front of her mirrored dresser, she began putting her clothes away. During the ordeal of acclimating herself to her new surroundings, she questioned her decisions, and pondered her future. Life on the farm had been simple, and though she didn’t consider herself sheltered, she clearly knew she wasn’t worldly either. Stopping to look in the mirror, she smoothed out the floral cotton-knit dress and wondered if she’d fit into the neighborhood of this city dwelling where her uncle lived. Even though they were in the same school district, they lived on the outskirts, nearer to the big city. She sighed heavily and continued unpacking. Alice silently cursed her dad’s decision to take the job out west, wishing he’d taken a job closer to home. She thought it was cruel that neither of her parents even considered her life, her feelings, or her pains, before making up their minds on what to do. How could they expect an eighteen year old girl to just up and leave like that? She had friends here; not there, wherever there was! Again, Alice sighed heavily, as she accepted the only opportunity fate seemed to have dealt her.

Paul, on the other hand seemed to thoroughly enjoy and accept Alice’s presence. Ever since clearing out the spare room, he began anticipating having the equivalent of a younger sister in the house. If nothing else, it was someone else to help with the mundane chores of keeping the house clean, not to mention the possibility of enjoying a decently cooked meal for once! Paul always loved visiting his aunt’s house, always enjoying a wonderfully cooked meal! There was at least some hope that Alice had inherited some of her mother’s skills! Now that she was here, he felt an awkward inner sense of glee.

Despite the fact, they lived relatively close to each other, they hadn’t really stayed close; and since Paul was a year older, he didn’t hang in the same circles with his cousin either. Having spent the past year at the local community technical college, Paul had missed out on Alice’s transformation şişli escort from a quirky teen into a nice looking young woman. His eyes were immediately drawn to her breasts which had blossomed into nice ripe fruits. They weren’t large, but they were definitely an improvement to her figure. Paul also noticed how her stick-figure of years ago, now hinted at supple curves hidden beneath the frumpy farm dress she chose to wear. Even if it was only eye-candy, Alice’s presence brightened up the otherwise glum household.

Nearly a week had passed, and Alice had grown accustomed to most of the routines around the house, gladly helping where she could, and generally finding her place within the new family structure. She had convinced herself that it may not be too bad after all, since it didn’t seem as it was too different than life on the farm. She still had the household chores, but was now no longer burdened by the daily ritual of farm chores that busied her daily routine. The downside that Alice quickly noticed was that she had a lot of free time, which she spent thinking about her friends, her situation, and her loneliness. She admittedly enjoyed Paul’s welcoming presence, and his genuine effort to make her temporary stay as comfortable as possible. It was when he was gone, out with his friends, leaving her alone in the house that she mused in misery. Bouts of obvious depression were affecting Alice, and she tried, unsuccessfully, to hide it from her uncle and cousin, amidst the daily calls from her parents, assuring them everything was just fine.

Over the next two weeks, the frequency of calls from her parents had dwindled, everyone comforted that things were progressing as planned. House hunting and job hunting had been unsuccessful, but her parents didn’t seem concerned. Life seemed to have dealt them a winning hand, and Alice didn’t want to rain on their celebration.

Alice took more and more consolation in enjoying the time she spent with Paul when he was in the house. She admired the way he seemed to dote over her, making sure she was doing okay. She felt his protective nature over her, and it would bring a smile to her lips along with a dash of color to her lightly tanned cheeks. She’d spend time staring at her mirror, when Paul wasn’t around, brushing her long mane of dark hair, thinking of Paul. If he wasn’t such a nerdy geek, he’d probably be a nice catch for one of her girlfriends! She wondered continuously, how he’d look with nicer clothes, a new hair style, and some designer frames. As a picture developed in her head, she smiled, noting how it looked a lot like the boys she daydreamed of! She’d push the thought aside, but kept returning to that image every time she was alone with her thoughts.

Paul had come home one particular Friday, after working in the lab at college. Alice thought his demeanor was quite animated, only to find out he had been invited to attend a party being hosted just off campus, for the following evening. Paul had insisted, rather emphatically that Alice join him to this function! He reminded her that she hadn’t been out of the house since she moved in, and that she needed to get out and let loose!

Alice was quite hesitant at first, reminding Paul that she wasn’t in college yet, and that she would feel uncomfortable since she didn’t know any of his friends. She quickly noted how his animated features had dissipated, and her heart sank, knowing she had crushed his feelings. In that moment of weakness, Alice relented, and said she’d go. But there was one condition …

“Okay, I’ll go,” she chirped, bringing light to Paul’s face once more. “But, we’re gonna have to go shopping tomorrow. We need some new clothes if we’re going to a party!”

Paul agreed enthusiastically, and the two made plans to head to the mall the following morning.

The pair rushed through breakfast, and Paul helped Alice clean the dishes in an effort to get her out of the house quicker. He had never been invited to a college party, and was overly anxious to immerse himself into the rumored atmosphere. It was during the drive to the mall that Alice posed the question, catching him a bit off-guard.

“So tell me Paul. Is there any reason why you don’t have a girlfriend? You always talk about school, and the guys at school, but you never make any mention of girls!”

Paul hadn’t expected this time together with his cousin to be a moment of personal divulgence, but was comfortable enough to provide his inquisitive cousin with answers. He confessed that the classes he took at college were primarily male oriented and offered little interaction with females. Most of his friends were in the same boat, and they shared a certain camaraderie between themselves. Besides, he added, most women didn’t find him attractive!

“Nonsense,” Alice chimed, patting Paul on his thigh. “I think with a couple little changes in just your appearance, you’d be tops on several women’s mecidiyeköy escort lists.”

“Gee! You really think so?” Paul assumed that a woman’s perspective was much better than his companion’s opinions, which he had been following for years!

“Oh! I know some of my girlfriends would be swooning over you! Just leave it to me!” The picture in Alice’s head appeared vividly as the two drove in destination of the mall. Once there, Alice was quick to suggest a different cut in denims that hugged his form better than the baggy, loose cut he had been accustomed to. She encouraged him to try them on and model them. When Paul came out of the dressing room, Alice had to catch her breath. Not only did the jeans fit much nicer, but her eyes were immediately drawn, inexplicably to the bulge in his crotch, and a wet warmth flooded her body instantaneously. When Paul turned, Alice couldn’t keep her eyes off the nice ass that had been hidden before. She nodded embarrassingly unable to speak, afraid her voice might crack and expose her arousal, indicating to Paul she approved of the pants.

When Paul went back to the changing room, Alice busied herself, looking through some polo shirts, trying her best to push aside the vivid images burned into her brain. She scolded herself, reminding herself that Paul was her cousin, but it did nothing to erase the permanent memory.

The two continued shopping, though Alice found it increasingly difficult to even look at Paul, afraid of how her body would react if her mind recalled the explicit photograph. They had acquired a complete ensemble, including, even a new pair of shoes. Alice further convinced Paul that he needed a new pair of wire-rimmed glasses, as opposed to the generic black plastic look he had been known for. The final stop was at a salon, where Alice picked out a new, shorter hair style that truly complemented Paul’s overall appearance. Alice was positive, that when Paul emerged with his new look at tonight’s party, he would be viewed very differently by his peers, as well as some of her own girlfriends from school.

However, turnabout was fair play, and before the pair left the mall, it was Paul’s turn to convince Alice that she needed to wear something other than her frumpy farm-girl outfits! Her assortment of dresses wouldn’t cut it, nor would the tattered, tom-boyish look of her current denim and flannel collection! Alice knew he was right, admittedly having never been to a party where she needed to dress up. With a half-hearted sigh of reluctance, they headed towards the women’s clothing area and outfitted her with a pair of hip hugger denims that clung to her like a second skin, and a tight fitting, low-cut, lavender, short-sleeved top that seemed to accentuate her tanned features. Paul forced Alice to model for him, and had a very similar reaction, noting how her hidden curves were now more pronounced, and her budding breasts seemed firm and ripe, like fresh apples ready for picking. Paul’s eyes were drawn to the hint of stiff nipples poking through the thin top, immediately causing him to wonder what Alice looked like underneath her clothing! He felt a stirring in his loins and was thankful for the baggy pants he had grown fond of.

The pair hurried home, anxious for the evening to arrive. Their joyful spirits, however, were rained upon when they walked through the door, arms loaded with all their recent purchases. “Where the hell you’ve guys been?” Bill’s deep voice boomed from the recliner in the living room where he sat watching previews of an upcoming stock car race. When he saw the laden arms of the two youths, his demeanor worsened. “What the hell you’ve got there?” The designer, plastic bags clearly indicated where the two had spent their day. Bill’s growing anger was now directed more towards Paul, than his niece. “I done told you already! You can’t be spending money like that boy! Ever since your mom died, we ain’t got the kind of money to spend like everybody else! There’s nothing wrong with the clothes you got on! You ain’t spending money on expensive shit like that crap! I got bills to pay! You got college to worry about! If you want to spend money like that, you need to get a goddamn job!” Bill’s ire softened a bit as he directed his disappointment towards Alice. “And as far as you’re concerned girl … Just because mommy and daddy send you money to keep you happy, doesn’t mean Paul has it to spend! I ain’t gonna tell you how to spend your money! That’s for your mommy and daddy! But don’t go making Paul spend his the same way!”

Bill huffed and shifted his attention back to the television, voicing his differing opinion from the commentator on screen. Alice and Paul drifted silently up the steps, avoiding further conflict. At the top of the stairs, Alice apologized for getting Paul in trouble. “Ahhh, screw him! He’s just a miserable ole geezer! He’s been that way ever since mom died!” Nevertheless, Alice felt guilty istanbul escort and retreated to her room, passing by Paul, and the bathroom, entering her little place of solitude.

The rest of the day seemed to drag on by, without any further incident or outrage from Bill. Alice had cooked a nice dinner, and Paul helped clean up, while Bill retreated once again to his favorite recliner to watch television. While Paul was finishing up the dishes, Alice headed upstairs and showered first, readying herself for her first experience at a college party. She had heard about them from her girlfriends, and secretly wondered if all the stories were true. Stepping from the shower, careful not to use all the hot water, she wrapped her long black hair in a towel, and then took another to wrap around her body. On the way to her room, she encountered Paul in the hallway, not an entirely rare occasion now that she was a regular fixture in the household.

However, in the light of what each one felt during their shopping spree, that particular moment seemed overly electrified, tiny bolts of lightning flashing through their bodies. Paul’s eyes lingered on the exposed flesh, drawn to the upper hem of the towel, wondering again, what Alice looked like underneath. Alice, likewise, felt herself frozen by the moment, unable to move, seeing the way Paul’s eyes devoured her body, and it sent a shiver through her bones, causing her to erupt in tiny bumps all over her body. Alice broke the tense moment, barely sputtering, “… shower’s all yours,” before hiding away in her room.

Standing in front of the mirror, Alice dropped the towel around her torso and immediately spied her painfully taut nipples. She palmed her breasts and gently massaged them, trying to make the shiver go away, as well as soften the turgid tips. She couldn’t deny that her body was betraying her mind, finding it even more difficult to not think of Paul in a sexual way. She poured herself into her new denim jeans, and then sat at the dresser, fixing her hair and makeup, only a cotton bra covering her modesty for the time being. She listened to Paul finish his shower, the thin wall separating the two rooms, and fought the urge to paint a picture in her mind, of Paul at that very instant. It wasn’t until Paul was out of the shower, and out of earshot, that Alice was truly able to put him out of her mind. It was then that she put on her tight fitting top and examined herself in the mirror.

Everything was perfect, except for the bra! The lines just looked too obvious and unflattering as she tried unsuccessfully to adjust them into a more fashionable position. Finally, she said, “screw it”, and removed the bra without taking the top off! The shirt was tight enough that it still supported her small breasts, and as long as her nipples didn’t harden into tight cherries, she’d do just fine!

Alice sat on her bed, waiting for Paul to retrieve her, assuming it was better than going downstairs and facing her uncle and enduring his criticism of what she was wearing. Alice then wondered if her mom and dad would approve of what she was wearing, having never worn anything so sexy before. It mattered none right now, because Alice’s curiosity was getting the better of her. Continuing to wait, she thought about all the stories her friends had told; about the booze, the dancing, and the sex? Could it all be true?

While Alice was still a virgin, she was in no ways pure! There had been plenty a time where she stole off with a boy and ‘experimented.’ She had let them feel her up, even letting another go as far as to finger her pussy to climax, but had never allowed anyone to ruin her virginity. She had repeatedly found ways to relieve the sexual tension herself, becoming quite proficient at masturbation. There had been a few boys she secretly jerked off, while hiding in the hayloft, delighting in the hot liquid that cloaked her hand when they sprung a leak. And on one occasion, just before her parents turned her world upside down, she had let one boy convince her to give him a blowjob. It was awkward, and Alice recalled pulling away just before he had erupted, watching as he twitched uncontrollably, and his seed squirting everywhere.

It was then that Alice realized, in the whirlwind of turmoil that her parents had brewed up, that her body had been deprived of the attention it had been getting before things were turned upside down. There were the fights, the long conversations, the debates, and then the decision. After that, it moved right into packing and moving, followed by unpacking and establishing a whole new routine. During that time, Alice had practically forgotten about how excited she found her body reacting to the attention it craved. She had cut off ties with the boys she hung with, and as a result, only had her girlfriends, which she was relegated to phone conversations with, at this point.

Paul’s knock on the door, interrupted Alice’s moment of returning depression at an opportune time. Alice jumped from the bed and joined Paul as they slipped down the steps and out the back door, but not before taking the time to really appreciate the total transformation she had done to Paul! He’d surely have the women all over him tonight!

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