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As detailed in a past story, I maintain an affair with a woman who works in my office. April is in her early 40s, about 10 years older than I am. She has extremely pale skin, enormous tits that are often the topic of discussion among males, and beautiful long brown/blond hair that almost reaches her ass. She’s thick, but by no means fat or overweight. She’s naturally pretty and doesn’t need (or wear) much make up. Her tits are real, and I can tell you from having my mouth on them more than my toothbrush, they don’t need any help.

From the day April first dropped to her knees and sucked my dick, she’s clearly been the boss in the bedroom (or laundry room, porch, kitchen table…. You get the idea). Together we’ve gone on a wild ride of sexual exploration I would have never dreamed possible. I’ve put my tongue, fingers, dick, teeth, and every other body part in every conceivable crevice on a woman. I’ve fucked in places and positions I didn’t think possible. I’ve came more times in a fuck session than is probably healthy.

When you are single and having an affair with a married woman, the period of time between encounters is torture. April was extra cautious, so neither of us knew when the next chance to get naked would arrive. It’s even more excruciating when you work with that person eight hours a day. Around the office, April never broke character. There was never a wink, a passing touch, an email or text with hidden meaning- nothing. Even if we were alone at work, she acted like just another co-worker; not a guy who perhaps days earlier sucked an orgasm out of her pussy while fingering her ass. She understood that office rumors started without any help. She wasn’t risking her marriage and kids over a wink. She was smarter than I was. I would have had us caught in an hour.

I found every second of my sexual time with April to be pure heaven, but nothing matched the moment she walked into my house for the first time for the weekend. Since she called the shots, sometimes she stick her tongue down my throat before I could say hello and make me fuck her standing against the door till I blew a (usually way overdue) load up her cunt. Other times she would kiss me hello, and head off to take her clothes off. Once she arrived nude (she pulled into my garage before getting out of her car) and cooked me a full dinner in the buff, not allowing me to touch her (or myself) till I ate every bite bursa escort bayan off her gorgeous body. Below is one of my favorites.

As I said, April is extra careful. We developed an extremely elaborate system when she learned she was going to be available for a night or two. She pretty much always came to my house since I live alone. She could pull right into the garage and once she arrived, nobody went in or out till our time was up.

It had been about five weeks since we’d last got together. This was one of our longer layoffs, and my balls were actually aching at the work the Friday she was supposed to be heading over. Around 1 pm, that day she got a call that her oldest daughter was sick and needed to be picked up at school. As she gathered her things to leave early, she announced to a few of in the office, “Well, I guess this is going to ruin my weekend plans.” I got the hint, she didn’t make it over. That night she called me after her kids were in bed to apologize and said ‘she’d make it up to me.’

If you’ve ever had your balls really aching from horniness, no solo jerking off really takes off that edge. I was miserable.

It was another two weeks (almost two months now!) before we got a new date set. When I heard her car pull into my garage I nearly came in my pants. She walked in with her usually giant smile as the garage closed behind her. “Hey stranger!” I started to almost lunge for her, but she stopped me. “Easy tiger. Follow me.” She led me to the bedroom where she blindfolded me. “Lay down on the bed.” I did as I was told, my cock ready to tear through my jeans. She pulled my hand to one of her tits, and I eagerly squeezed it. Then I heard the click. She’d cuffed my wrist to the headboard. We’d played with handcuffs in the past, so I didn’t fight much when she cuffed the other one. “I’ll be back….”

It seems like an eternity till I heard her re-enter from the bathroom. When she did she crawled up on the bed and removed my blindfold. As I mentioned in a past tale, April wasn’t much of a dresser around the office, and usually preferred to just be naked or in basic underwear when we were alone. So what I saw took my breath away.

April was wearing fishnet hoes with stiletto heels (the kind with the strap that goes around your ankle). She had on a garter thong/bra set that was basically just a few wisps of black spandex which went around bursa bayan escort her waist and over her shoulders respectively with hearts to cover pussy and nipples. April has giant silver dollar nipples which were peaking out around the hearts on her bra. Her normally straight hair had been gently curled and was cascading off her shoulders. I was still clothed and starting to round into real pain in my balls. She paused smiling at me. She was beautiful.

“Baby, I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I don’t think I’ve ever been hornier that I am right now. You look pretty ripe yourself.” I begged her to un-cuff me. “Not yet. We’re going to have a great time tonight, but I really want this first fuck to match the level of horniess I’m at. I want it to be the roughest most animal like fuck I’ve ever experienced. If I let you loose now, it’ll just be the shortest fuck of my life.”

“You need to jerk off once for me, then after you get hard again, you need to fuck me like the world is ending. Understand?” I would have agreed to anything at that point. She took my pants and boxers off for me, and placed a bottle of massage oil from our toys drawer on my chest. “Before I undo your hand, I want to share a little surprise with you that helps me get off when I can’t have you.” She walked over to the DVD player and popped in a disc. When the picture came up, it was April facing the camera and bouncing on some guy’s dick. That dick was mine… she’d taped us a while back. “I wanted to surprise you.” I couldn’t take my eyes off how sexy she looked in her outfit, but I also couldn’t look away from her nude body bouncing hard down over and over on my cock in reverse cowgirl style. She was playing to the camera by licking her lips and playing with her nipples as she held onto to her giant creamy white tits.

She finally undid my right hand and it wasn’t two minutes later I blew my stack. The first rope of jizz hit the wall behind my head with following shots hitting my face, neck, and t-shirt. April came over and licked off what she could get her tongue on and then gave me a deep swirling kiss. She was already playing with my cock with her hand which honestly never went soft. “It’s my turn. Don’t let me down baby.” She dropped her panties while she walked around the bed to undo my other arm. I sat up when I was free and she suggested we 69 for bursa merkez escort a couple minutes while I regained my erection. I agreed. I was hard instantly and April’s pussy couldn’t have been wetter if we were in a pool. Her juices were running down her thighs. She kept a little hair on her mound which I liked. “Fuck me baby. I can’t wait any longer.”

I flipped around and jammed my erection into her. Given how sopping she was I slid right in. I started banging her while I kissed her neck and groped her ass. “Harder!” she yelled. I picked up my pace with trying to find a way to grab her tits that wasn’t totally awkward, when she suddenly pushed me off her.

“Baby, I’m giving you one more shot at this. If that’s the best you’ve got, I need to find a new lover. I’m going to stay all weekend with you in this bed. You can kiss me and play with my tits till your fingers are raw later. Right now, I’m asking you to pour every ounce of aggression, passion, & energy into screwing my pussy. Do you fucking understand me?” I nodded. I’d never seen her like this.

She laid back down on the bed and spread her long white legs sticking them up in air, heels pointing up. I could see goose bumps on her tits. Her eyes were telling me she meant business. I again slid right in and started pounding with all my might. “Harder god dammit!” She screamed. I went to a new level I didn’t know I had. I had my hands under her and was pulling on her shoulders. “HARDER!” I quickly grabbed the metal posts of my headboard and began wailing even harder than I thought imaginable. My side was beginning to hurt and I was getting short of breath, but I kept pounding with all my might. April started to cum and wrapped her legs around me tightly, slightly knocking me off my positions which had been sort of hovered. I came almost instantly, blowing another huge load into her. I collapsed on her; both of us breathing like we’d just finished the Boston Marathon. We laid there a long time. She never loosed her legs from around me. I could feel our juices running down my balls. I finally craned my neck to look at her and she smiled at me. “You were amazing.”

As always by this point in our affair, I sucked my cum back out of her and shared it with her. We passed my seed back and forth like high schoolers passing a piece of chewing gum till she finally slurped it down. We went down to the kitchen to have a beer, but only got about halfway through it before we were at it again on the kitchen floor. All told, Friday night through Sunday morning I came eleven times. We’re so natural in our rolls during sex that it’s always great, but those first two orgasms are ones I’ll never forget… largely because she taped them for us….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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