Casual Kink – Jennifer Ch. 02

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“Mrs Larson, piss in your panties. Now.”

Text message from daddy. My body shivered in excitement as I read it.

“Ouch! Stop doing that.” I wince as I feel a pinch on my butt.

I know in an instant that it can only be Raymond. My darling husband JJ’s best mate. We all went to college together. They were roomies. I quickly manage to turn off my phone and put it in the purse.

“No can’t do sweet cheeks! I know you like it!” Does he really believe anyone would?

Raymond grabbed the Guinness from my hand and took a big dirty swig. I had stepped outside the bar for a smoke. JJ, my husband, was busy in practice with his 8-ball league team inside.

“C’mere lil cutie…give daddy a hug!” Ray pulls me close for a friendly hug and goes for a kiss on the lips only to find my cheek as I turn my head at the last moment. If ever I give in to a kiss, there’s a good chance he’ll take my ass right there next to the dumpster.

“You’re not my daddy Ray…and you’re late again…the boys are in a huddle inside!” I say in Ankara escort an attempt to get him to go inside but to no avail. His hand starts to wander down my back as he attempts another lip-lock but only managing to plant a wet kiss on my other cheek. I could feel his slimy tongue as his hand cops a feel of my butt.

“What’s this weird smell in your hair Jen?” Fuck! I need to get away before he knows what it is.

“Says the guy who reeks of cheap whiskey and cigar.” I fake push him away but he barely moves. It does get him away from my hair though and he tries to have a grab at my left boob. I move back slightly.

“It’s Glen bitch! Let’s go inside and get some in you!” He doesn’t wait for me to respond instead pushing me towards the entrance. He knows he only has to get a few drinks in me and then anything goes. Last time he managed to take me to the men’s room and proceeded to have his way whispering in my ear, “I’m gonna fuck your tight ass cause I know JJ never goes there”. He pinched my nipples hard which Escort ankara causes my juices to flow and then finger fucked me with one then two fingers furiously till I was a soppy mess. I tried to pull his hand back as his wet middle finger started to knock at my anus. I let out a yelp as he forced it in before pulling it out and offering it to me to suck and lubricate. Fortunately, for me, he couldn’t go further as JJ stumbled out of one of the stalls hammered. Since that day Ray feels I owe him a fuck cause he made me cum.

I cannot risk that today. I cannot let him get in my panties and find daddy’s cum there. I manage to wriggle free and head for the ladies room as he’s called by his team mates. I enter an empty stall and take my phone out. Pulling up my skirt I take down my panties a bit and turn on the camera app and hit record.

“Hey daddy! I’m still wearing your hot cum.” I say as I point the camera to my panties. Pulling them back up I sit down ensuring the camera captures my pussy. Soon a wet spot Ankara escort bayan starts to develop and gets bigger before piss starts trickling down. The damp panties feel good against my bare pussy lips. I’m always bare down there for daddy. Once it stops I bring the phone up to show my face. “I hope you like what you see daddy. I can’t wait to see you again. You know I’ll do anything you want.” I stop recording.

“Jenny!? You in there?” The sound is almost a whisper. “What the fuck you want Ray? This is the ladies in case you didn’t notice.” I retort.

“Lemme in quick, someone’s coming!” Ughhh! I put away my phone and open the latch. He comes inside and locks it in a flash. It doesn’t worry me. I know he’d never be able to force me here. He’s just being goofy.

“I’m not giving you a blowjob Ray! Forget about it and don’t even think of planning any funny…”

“Did you just pee through your panties?” He interrupts and my heart skips a beat. I realise I have not yet taken down my skirt and he has a clear view of my sheer wet panties stuck to my…well…now it looks like a camel toe.

I stare at him short for words. I’m barely able to move as he brings his hand to my panties and feel the dampness. He keeps it there and puts his lips to my ear to whisper.

“I saw the message Mrs Larson.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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