Asking for What I Need

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One of the joys of having been with my husband for many years is the sex.

The quantity, the quality, the intimacy, the knowing how to do things to each other’s bodies that only comes from years of exploration. The thought of it gives me shivers.

One of the other things that comes with years of intimacy of this quality is communication. Specifically, being willing to ask for exactly what tickles your fancy (or any other part) at a particular moment.

Tonight was one of those nights.

We were in bed, the lights were on low, and his kisses were driving me mad. The things that he knew how to do to me with just a brush of his lips across mine, or the soft trail his tongue leaves as it works its way up the sensitive spots on my neck to my earlobe. Wow.

He had my body tingling, and I knew from experience that he was planning to play my body. He would slowly build up, working his way from neck and lips to more erogenous areas in that excruciatingly slow manner that both of us knew would set off an explosion of an orgasm when he finished.

As great as that sounded, I had other plans.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have spoken up…after all, the sex he had planned was going to curl my toes at least a couple of times, why mess with a good thing? But I had something specific that had been on my mind today, a specific itch that needed to be scratched, and I wasn’t afraid to ask for it.

He was still kissing me and his hand was drifting across my stomach when I gently broke away from his kiss and laid out my needs.

“Honey,” I said, gently pushing him a few inches away so that I could look at his face. Gorgeous green eyes, chiseled chin, lips glistening with our combined passion, a look of intensity on his face that I recognized. He needed me, he needed to have me, but even more than that I could see that he needed to be a part of my pleasure, to see my body react. There was a small possibility that my demands were going to disappoint him, but I was pretty sure he would go along.

“Dear,” I started again. “I’ve really be craving something – specific, all day today.” He turned his head slightly in his quizzical “go on” look.

“I love how you’ve been working out more recently, and how fabulous your body looks. You’re sexy, lean muscle everywhere.” It sounded like flattery, but it wasn’t. This was my erotic need doing its best to express itself in words.

“I want… No, I NEED to watch your body tonight. To watch you touch yourself. To watch every muscle in your body flex and writhe in pleasure. To watch your face and your body when you cum.”

I’m assuming that I sold my request well, because the look in his eyes became even more intense.

“Love, that’s quite a coincidence, because I’ve been thinking something very similar today. I know exactly how we’re going to do this.” He paused for just a moment, rolling Starzbet over and getting out of the bed, “Get your vibrator.”

“Which one?”

“You know the one.” I loved the fact that a statement like that was completely obvious to both of us. There was no question which one he meant.

As he moved to stand next to the bed, I reached into my third drawer and pulled out the small matte black toy that he/we loved so much. He obviously had a plan for what was coming next, so I looked over at him as he now came to stand next to my side of the bed, completely naked, his erection pointed tantalizingly up at a 45 degree angle. On another day I would have leaned over and sought out the taste of his pre-cum, but not today. Today we had other plans, and I couldn’t wait.

Sitting on the bed next to him, I examined the parts I’d been thinking about all day – his pecs, his arms, that little bulge of his triceps, the small indents on either side of his abs that accentuated his rock hard core. Realizing now that I’d probably been half wet in anticipation for hours, that itch really needed scratching, and soon.

He stepped back from the bed slightly and motioned me to sit at the edge in front of him. Staring straight ahead at his chest, my gaze kept shifting down to his hard cock and then back up to his increasingly lusty eyes. I absently held my vibrator in my hand, thinking that at any moment now I would press it against my wet pussy. I had a small shiver in anticipation.

One discovery when we got the new extra-thick pillow top mattress for our King size bed a couple of years ago is that it is a few inches taller than our old mattress. The primary (and unplanned) advantage of this taller bed was that it was very easy for my husband to stand next to the bed, bend his knees slightly, and be at just the right height to fuck me senseless while I lay at the edge of the bed.

Some variation of this was obviously on his mind as he stepped toward me. I spread my legs so that they just grazed the outside of his thighs as he moved right to the edge of the bed, his rigid cock pointing at my stomach and only a few inches above my rapidly opening pussy.

He gently, playfully pushed my shoulders, motioning me to lie down in front of him. I grabbed two pillows and put them under my head to prop me up and let me watch.

As his right hand reached down and firmly grasped his cock, he let out a slight sigh and my itch began to get scratched. The muscles in his chest and arms strained as he began to work his hand slowly up and down, his cock mere inches above my pussy and stomach.

While his right hand continued it’s slow stroking, my eyes became mesmerized by the site of this man – my man! – jacking off in front of me. My lust building in me, I felt his other hand reach down and touch mine, still holding the almost Starzbet Giriş forgotten vibrator. Not needing any further encouragement, I moved my hand and the device to my neatly trimmed pussy, just below where he was stroking his cock. Pressing the small nub on the side, I slowly, gently touched the vibrating work of art to the open wetness of my lips, just below my clit.

His eyes were like lasers as they intensely watched the vibrator slide up and down my wetness before coming to rest on my clit. The small moan that elicited from me moved his eyes to mine as he watched me struggle to keep them open with my own pleasure. Seeing this struggle, he increased the pace of his own efforts.

The eroticism of staring into each others eyes while we pleasured ourselves was intense. We could both see the other struggling to hold our gaze through the growing fog of pleasure, but we continued to watch each other. This visual was exactly what I had been in the mood for, my fantasy of the day now coming true.

Other than the inside of my thighs gently resting against the outside of his quads, our bodies were intimately close to one another, but not touching.

Wanting to add another small element to the experience, I lifted one leg from where it hung over the edge of the bed, and placed the flat of my foot on his chest. While I don’t understand it entirely, I’ve learned to appreciate that my husband has always enjoyed the feeling of my feet on his body. I could see the reaction in his face and the pace of his hand as I rubbed my foot against his pec just below the shoulder.

Obviously liking where this was going, he lifted the other foot to a similar position on the other side of his chest, which tilted me backwards slightly, opening my pussy up deliciously. I felt incredibly exposed lying on the bed like this, feet up, knees bent, vibrator on my clit, and my husband now leaning in so that I could feel the front of his thighs against my ass. This position just lent to the excitement of the moment and I continued to watch his chest, forearm and bicep flex rhythmically as he continued to pound his cock with his fist.

Upping the speed on my toy to maximum, I tried my best to keep my eyes open. This was the site I’d been craving all day. Every muscle in my husband’s body seemed to be tensed and flexed and I drank in every piece of him with my gaze. Frankly, this was a unique fetish for me today. Normally, I would have been transfixed by his cock and what his hand was doing to it only inches above where my vibrator doing it’s own magic. But today, I was enraptured by the rest of his body. I knew that the cock and hand were what was causing this display of masculinity, but the rest of his body in action was what I wanted to see.

Again struggling to keep my eyes open, I could tell that my orgasm was close. Moving Starzbet Güncel Giriş my eyes from his chest to his face, I realized that I was just in time. In his face, I could see him pass the point of no return, closing his eyes, nearly baring his teeth. I looked back down to his arm to see his strokes becoming more and more aggressive, muscles bulging beyond all reason until that moment when every part of him stopped.

Every muscle in his body clenched, flexed and strained to its limit. Seeing this had me on the verge of orgasm, but I fought to keep my eyes open to watch my man lose control of his body for my personal pleasure.

I was so intent on his body, it actually surprised me when I felt the first splash of his cum. With his fist holding his cock only inches above my pussy, the first jet hit my hand and went across my stomach, ending in the hollow between my breasts.

Whether intentional or not, after the first wave, my husband pointed his cock downward slightly, resulting in a second, a third and then a fourth stream of cum directly onto my hand and my vibrator. Watching his cum hitting my hand got me to the brink of orgasm. A split second after, I felt the hot cum that now covered my hand sliding down my vibrator and mixing with my own pussy juices. Feeling the heat of my man’s seed seeping under the vibrator, adding its heat and wetness to my already overloaded clit was too much. I did my best to lock my eyes open and stare at his incredibly sexy abdominal muscles as my orgasm hit full force.

My entire body went into spasm, starting from that warm and slippery clit. Exposed as I was, I could feel both my ass and my pussy clench in almost painful pleasure. My feet, planted against my husband’s chest, pushed against him, every muscle in my legs strained, raising my ass off of the bed and grinding my clit even harder against my vibrator, intensifying the pleasure yet again. Through it all, the somewhat blurred vision of my man in front of me burned into my brain. This gorgeous creature was mine, and he was here for my pleasure.

Unable to keep my eyes open any longer, I threw my head back on the pillow and let out some kind of guttural, animal noise that I didn’t recognize as the shaking, clenching spasms in my body continued, and then slowly subsided.

Only at this point did I realize that my husband was actually holding my feet fast against his chest. Whether for his pleasure or mine, it didn’t matter. When I opened my eyes again, he was standing there, panting slightly, his cock still nearly erect and glistening with cum, with a light sheen of sweat on his muscled torso. He was smiling broadly and seemed very pleased with himself.

The fact that it was MY request, MY fetish that we had just followed, and HE was looking pleased with himself brought my post-orgasmic brain back to the moment.

Locking eyes, I hit the button to re-start my vibrator. “I’m going to do that again.” I told him. A statement, no element of question to it, “And you’re going to hold my legs just like that and watch.”

I could see his cock rising again as I touched by cum covered vibrator to my messy pussy and began to give my itch another scratch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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