Hijabi Girl Does Bi Guys

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My name is Abdul Ibrahim, and I’m a big and tall ( exactly six-foot-one by 250 pounds ) Black man of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I am twenty seven years old, a practicing Muslim, and I also happen to be bisexual. Actually, make that Openly Bisexual. A lot of people are surprised when I tell them who and what I am. Apparently, being openly bisexual, Black and a Muslim aren’t supposed to mix. Whatever. The world is changing, and people from the Muslim community are definitely no exception. I was born in the City of Modagishu, Somalia, but raised in the Capital region of Canada. I love it here and I am a proud Canadian Citizen.

My wife Zainab Youssef Ibrahim is originally from the Nation of Djibouti, and she’s actually a recent immigrant to the Confederation of Canada. She’s quite beautiful, too. Standing five feet ten inches tall, slim, with light brown skin and long, curly Black hair. Even though she’s slim and fit, she’s got a nice round ass. I love her ass. It didn’t take me long to mold her into a prim and proper Somali Muslim wife…who’s open to swinging and orgies. We’re loving our lives together. I’m in graduate school at Carleton University, studying civil engineering. Zainab is at Algonquin College, studying Accounting. We’re educated, happily married and sexually adventurous. And we want to play with you.

Presently, Zainab and I are having fun with our good friend Craig Dawson. Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort Craig is around five-foot-eight, slim, with red hair, alabaster skin and green eyes. Craig is originally from the City of Denver, State of Colorado, and has been living in the region of Ontario for the past six years. He works as an Account Manager at the downtown branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. In fact, we met him while opening a new account with CIBC in August 2011. He was a really charming guy who gave us his business card…and more. Like me, Craig Dawson is openly bisexual. He recently divorced his wife Maria Annabelle Chang, partly because she wasn’t okay with his bisexuality. Man, I was kind of sad when he told me that. Women, eh? I don’t know his ex but she’s a dumb cunt for feeling that way if you ask me, pardon my French. Breaking up a marriage simply because your man is honest enough with himself and cares enough about his woman to tell her the truth.

That’s a shame Craig’s wife felt that way. A lot of women say they would never date or marry a bisexual man. The truth is that millions of women are dating or married to bisexual men and they don’t know it. Hell, sometimes some guys who are married to women don’t even realize they are bisexual. My wife Zainab knows who and what I am, and she’s okay with it. We get along wonderfully because my wife Zainab has learned to really enjoy watching me play with other men. It doesn’t bother her at all. In fact, she tells me that it turns her on. We’re going to cheer Craig up, her and me. The three of us are completely naked, save for Zainab’s hijab, on the bed, and getting busy. Zainab is sucking my eight-inch dick while I go down on Craig. He’s got a nice, thick cock. Slightly bigger than mine but I don’t mind. More fun for me, you know?

Craig moans as I suck him off. I deep-throat that big White cock of his. I love sucking dick almost as much as I love eating pussy. My darling Zainab fingers my asshole while sucking my cock. I love my wife. She knows exactly what I like. I am so going to lick Zainab’s sweaty, sweet pussy later. Somali pussy is awesome if you can get it, ladies and gentlemen. I love fucking Zainab’s sweet cunt. After Craig and I have some fun together, of course. Craig and I are ready to fuck. We put on condoms, then I climb on top of him. Craig smiles as I slowly impale myself on his thick White cock. It’s definitely not my first White cock but I’d have to say it’s the thickest. Luckily, Zainab lubricated my ass really well before we got started. I’m really thankful for that right now because Craig’s cock is tearing my ass apart. Craig grips my hips in his small but powerful hands as he thrusts his dick deep inside of me. Man, it has been a while since I hopped on a great dick for a ride. And you can bet that I wanted to make up for lost time.

Folks, I tried not to scream as Craig began really pounding my ass. Okay, I lasted about five minutes before I began screaming really loudly. Craig held me tight and fucked me hard, drilling his cock into my ass. Whoever said White men can’t fuck never met Craig Dawson, the White dude from the State of Colorado. He totally owned my ass, man. I’m not even going to lie. He pumped his cock into the forbidden depths of my asshole and I swear I didn’t just scream, I actually howled. It felt so good but also hurt, in a good way. I like my pleasure sprinkled with quite a bit of pain so we’re cool.

Zainab watches Craig and I while we do our thing. My sexy wife looks really good naked. After fucking for what seemed like forever, I roll off Craig. My ass is pleasurably sore but I’m still horny. Zainab looks at me and smiles. She knows what I need, and she’s going to give it to me. I kiss her passionately as she climbs on top of me. I make sure my condom is on tightly before sliding my cock into her pussy. Zainab wraps her arms around me and we begin to make love. Sitting up, Craig strokes himself while watching us. Zainab begins riding me really hard, grinding her wet pussy against my cock. I am deep inside of her and loving every minute of it. This is my idea of heaven, ladies and gentlemen. Zainab and I continue to make love until we reach a mutual orgasm, the rarest of all sexual feats. Our screams of pleasure filled the house. Craig smiles, and claps. I wink at him. Yeah, we all had a good time that night. Afterward, we showered together then Craig left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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