First Encounter Pt. 03

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“Turn around, little girl, face the bedhead, place your hands on your knees.” He says, his voice dark, eyes dancing with a devilish light again.

In mute obedience, I turn and start to place my hands on my knees, suddenly he pushes me onto all fours, my backside rising into the air as I fall forward onto my elbows. Before I can do anything more than begin to gasp in surprise, his hand slams into the flesh of my arse cheek, a loud smack echoing within the room, closely followed by my pained yelp of surprise. Four more hard slaps follow in rapid succession, leaving my cheeks burning as his hand alternates between them with each strike. I can feel my eyes stinging with the beginning of tears, fuck he can hit hard!

“What do you say in response to an instruction from me, little girl?” His voice is so harsh, so demanding.

After so many orgasms, my brain is foggy, it takes me a second to realise that I didn’t acknowledge his instruction, I just obeyed.

Another hard slap, another yelp of pain. “What do you say, little girl?” He demands, his hand is still resting on my arse, but as he finishes his question it withdraws, I know there’s another one coming if I don’t answer. “Yes, Sir! Sorry, Sir.” I gasp quickly, dreading another strike.

“That’s better, little girl.” He says as he places a hand between my shoulder blades, another between my breasts and sits me back upright, my butt burning as blood rushes into the skin, stinging as my cheeks come to rest on my heels. “Let’s try that again, face the bedhead, hands on your knees.”

“Yes, Sir.” Quickly, I do as I’m told. He ties a length of rope around my wrists in a cuff, looping it around each wrist several times to ensure I’m secure. Then he ties off the rope at the bedhead, pulling the rope forward firmly with one hand, the other on my chest at the base of my throat, lowering me down onto my elbows. He leans down next to my ear, from the corner of my eye I can see his hands resting on his knees as the smell of his cologne intensifies with his proximity. My heart is racing again and my breathing is getting faster. “I’ve kept something secret from you tonight little girl, there is something I haven’t shown you. Would you like to see what it is?”

I turn my head slightly so I can look at him, there is a banked fire in his eyes, that evil light from before, his head is cocked to one side like he is curious to see my reaction. “Please, Sir, show this girl how else you wish to use her.” How the fuck am I already panting like this…am I some kind of whore? How many times have I already cum for this man tonight? I’m still soaking wet, my pussy is aching yet somehow, I’m desperate for him to further use my body, god how I want him to use me.

“I have a penchant for the dramatic, little girl” He says, as he produces the blindfold from his back pocket and places it back over my eyes again. Then I hear a drawer open, a drawer close, a step, I feel something placed on the sheets between my arms, right under my face.

He takes off the blindfold, there’s a plug lying in front of me, shining silver and bright, elongated enough to be able to be used to fuck me a bit, wide enough to be stretch me around it as it goes in. Fuck. Again, everything inside me clenches, my body quivers involuntarily and he just gives that fucking evil, self-satisfied and sexy as all fuck chuckle in his throat as his hand appears in front of me and picks up the plug. I can take that, it’s not that big…but it’s been so long since anything has been put in my arse…I feel the muscles there tighten at the thought. In the moments I’ve been lost in my thoughts he has moved behind me, I know this because those clenching muscles are shocked by the sensation of lube dribbling onto my arsehole.

“Are you ready, little girl?” His voice is quiet, dark…hungry. The ball of his thumb is massaging the lube in small circles, pressing gently against my tensing muscles.

“Yes, Sir.” God my voice, is trembling, shit my whole body is trembling. “AHHH!” His thumb has pressed inside me, slipping in with the lube, he’s slowly sliding his thumb into and out of my arse, working the lube inside me as he does. The thumb of his other hand is pressing against my clit, moving in small, slow circles. His thumbs keep moving rhythmically and I start to moan softly, my moans becoming instantly louder as he slides two fingers into my pussy, sliding them over my g-spot as he fucks me with them, the thumb of the same hand continuing to massage my clit. In what seems like only moments, his calm rhythm has my breathing ragged, my body shuddering uncontrollably as his fingers slide in and out of my body. The sensation of his thumb in my arse, his fingers fucking my pussy, dragging themselves remorselessly over my g-spot while his other thumb circles my clit is incredible. My exhausted body is coiling itself tight again, my pussy is clenching and unclenching around his fingers, my arse is doing the same around Bahis Sitesi his thumb and I’m once again stuck there, dancing on the knifes edge of release and he knows it, the evil prick is crooning to me. “Are you enjoying that, little girl, me using both these delicious little holes of yours at once?”

“Mmmmmm Yes, Sir..Ohhh fuuck, fuck! Oh god!!” He’s taken his thumb out and easily slid two fingers into my arse, immediately they take up the same rhythm as his thumb, sliding deeper into me, preparing me for that plug, my hands are bunched tightly in the sheets and my breath is coming in ragged, desperate gasps. “What the matter, little girl? You seem a little distressed, do you want me to stop?” he asks me in that smug tone of his.

“No, Sir, please! This, mmm, this girl…wants you to…fuck…continue to…oh god…use her, Sir!” I manage to gasp my response between desperately sucking in breaths.

“Of course you do, little girl” He almost snarls and everything speeds up. “You’re going to cum again for me, little girl, and not just once. You can start now. Cum for me, little girl.”

“Thank you, Siiirrr!” I scream, my back arches, plunging his fingers deeper into my body, my hips buck back and forth so that I’m fucking myself, driving my body onto his fingers, fueling the explosion taking place inside my body. I can feel my muscles clenching his fingers spasmodically, clamping down around them as they slip further into me, his thumb never leaving my clit. As my first orgasm ends, he takes his fingers out of my arse, then uses his free hand to add more lube. The split second cold sensation makes everything tighten as I feel him pressing the tip of the plug against my arsehole before he starts to insert it into me, opening me wider than his fingers had.

His fingers continue to fuck my pussy, his thumb never ceasing its movement against my clit, this man is so relentless, I can’t catch my breath and all the time, that plug is sinking deeper into my arse until he has it all the way into me, I feel so…full. I can feel the weight of it bearing down on me as his fingers move inside my pussy intensifying the sensation of their movements. He begins to withdraw the plug, twisting it as he does, fucking my arse slowly with it, stretching me around its widest point repeatedly. He continues to fuck both of my holes with his fingers and the plug, one sliding in as the other slides out, he forces my body to orgasm again, sending me over the edge by slamming the plug all the way in then moving his fingers rapidly against my clit, growling at me to give him another orgasm. My body is drenched in sweat again, I’m panting desperately for breath, every inch of me is tingly with the adrenaline and endorphins coursing throughout my body, my frame is hanging slack, my muscles trembling and twitching.

His fingers slip completely out of my pussy and I feel so empty again without him inside me in some form, the insistent weight of the plug inside me ever present. A few seconds later and he has taken up a dildo and slipped it into my pussy, stretching me around it’s thickness and the tickler pushing up against my clit. “I have one last surprise for you tonight, little girl.” I can hear the amusement in his voice, what the fuck can he possibly still have in store?! As I’m trying to process this, I feel his hand come off the dildo, leaving it resting inside me. Then his hand appears in front of my face holding a small remote, it looks kind of like a car key, but I know it isn’t.

“What is tha…FUUUCK!” He presses a button and the plug comes to life inside my arse. My hands grab the sheets and hang on for dear life, the remote is still in front of my face and he chuckles as he presses the button a couple more times, making the vibrations in my arse even more intense before the hand disappears from my vision and I feel him take a grip of the dildo inside me. “Of course, this also vibrates little girl” He says happily as the vibrator comes to life inside me and against my clit, quickly intensifying as he flicks the power settings up on that too. The sensations are so intense, the weight of the plug is pressing my flesh onto the vibrator inside my pussy, it’s an absolute overload! He’s beside my ear again, I’m breathing in his cologne again as he whispers into my ear, “Cum for me, little girl, now.” A sobbing scream of release tears its way out of my throat as he slams the vibrator into my pussy, fucking me brutally hard and fast with it. My hands, bound as they are, clasp the bedsheets desperately as my body tears free of my control and I spiral again into an oblivion of his creation. My stomach muscles heave, my back arches, my hips buck and shudder, thrusting me backwards onto the dildo, as it buzzes madly inside me. I know I’m making incoherent noises of ecstasy as this man croons into my ear that I’m a good little girl, to keep cumming for him, don’t stop. I do, as he relentlessly slams the vibrator into Bahis Siteleri me, giving me no choice, my body singing with the overwhelming sensations of the plug buzzing inside my arse and the dildo fucking my pussy, the tickler hitting my clit with incredible bursts of intensity with each thrust.

He stands up and from the corner of my eye I can see him removing his jeans, giving me a few moments respite as the dildo sits full-length inside my soaking wet, exhausted cunt, vibrating madly. With quick movements, he unhitches the ropes from the bed head and unties my wrists. “Hold that dildo inside your pussy little girl, keep the plug in your arse and get on your knees before me.” He demands of me.

“Yes, Sir.” I pant, reaching between my legs to hold it inside me, the plug isn’t going anywhere, it wide enough to stay in place. Awkwardly, I slide off the bed and almost collapse at his feet, my legs not willing to take my weight. I kneel before him, the end of the dildo resting square on the floor, ensuring it will stay buried inside my pussy. I place my hands on my knees as he has told me I should whenever I kneel before him, I’m momentarily shocked at just how fucking wet the one that held the dildo is, I must be absolutely dripping wet.

His cock is in front of my face as I sit there, kneeling before him. My body quivering from the ceaseless vibrations of his toys inside my pussy and arse. He cups my chin in his hand as he crouches down before me so that his eyes are level with mine. I keep my downturned, looking at the floor, though I can see his cock, rock hard and upright between his legs as one of his hands reaches down to the vibrator, pressing the slickly wet buttons to turn the power down, then he lessens the power of the plug vibrations slightly. I gasp desperately as the intensity dies down, my clit is so sensitive it feels hot and almost sore, my pussy is aching as the muscles continue to clench in little spasms, my arse cheeks quivering, everything is shaking with exhaustion. “There, little girl, let’s give those beautiful holes of yours a little respite shall we.” He murmurs as he stands back upright before me, his cock is back in-front of my face again.

“Thank you, Sir.” I reply, sobbing with relief as the relentless intensity of the sensations recede to a much gentler hum, keeping my aching muscles tingling, but not enough to have me cumming for him.

“I’ve had plenty of fun with those holes, little girl. By no measure am I done with them yet, however I’ve not done anything with that gorgeous mouth of yours. Do you have any idea how much I want to feel those lips wrapped around my cock?” The hunger and desire in his voice is unbelievable.

“Please, Sir, let this girl suck your cock for you. Please use her mouth.” My stomach is doing somersaults at the thought of having his cock inside me. God! I want to feel him inside me, to be able to taste his flesh on my tongue, I can see his own arousal glistening on the tip of his cock, I want to taste that so desperately. I realise that I’ve unconsciously been grinding my hips onto the dildo, gyrating them like some wanton whore.

“Look at me.” He demands, and I stare up at him, his hand is still cupping my chin. “Your hands are free, little girl. Your task is very simple, suck my cock and do not stop looking at me as you do.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” I say, staring up at him in complete adoration at the journey he has taken me on this far as my hands reach up and my fingers wrap themselves around his hot flesh. His body shudders ever so slightly as my hands touch him.

I kiss his cock, right at the base, on the underside, before running my tongue up the full length of the underside of him until I reach the tip of his cock. I swirl my tongue around the tip of him, tasting his pre-cum. I stroke him, pulling his skin back a little and gently lick all of the glistening wetness from him, making him shudder again as my hand grips him firmly, moving up and down along his shaft. Then I open my mouth around him, slowly sliding the head of his cock into my mouth and swirling my tongue around it, rubbing my tongue against his frenulum, eliciting a moan from him.

He brushes a wisp of loose hair back from my face, tucking it behind my ear as I slide his cock deeper into my mouth. I start to move my head and my hand in unison up and down his length, soaking him with my saliva as he stares down at me, groaning quietly. I remove my hand and push myself all the way along his length, gagging a little as he hits the back of my mouth. I see his eyes roll back in his head and close as his hand cups the side of my face, before he looks back down at me. I swallow all of his cock, my nose brushing against the skin of his pelvis and hold his full length in my mouth and throat, fighting my gag reflex for as long as I can. I gag and hastily remove his cock completely from my mouth, breathing desperately before taking him back Canlı Bahis Sitesi into my mouth again. I place my hand around him firmly again, stocking him, I don’t care that I have drool on my chin, that its dropping onto my chest. His cock is soaking wet and I keep him encased in my hand and mouth, repeatedly swallowing him and holding him in my throat until I gag and splutter around him.

As I do this he turns the plug vibrations back up again and I can’t help but moan, grinding my hips against the vibrator that’s still thrust deep inside me, wedged against the floor between my legs. I’m sucking hungrily on his cock, moving myself quickly up and down his length, wriggling my tongue against the underside of his cock, swirling it around the head of his cock each time I draw him out of my throat. My eyes are watering from gagging as I swallow him and I can feel the saliva on my chin, dripping onto my chest, the skin there still pink and ridged with welts from the flogger what seems like a life time ago. All that matters to me is his cock, his groans of pleasure as he curls his fingers into my hair and starts to thrust his cock into my mouth. He fucks my mouth, fast and deep, his breathing becoming rapid and labored just as mine was. I’m staring up at him, my mouth encasing his flesh, my tongue moving around him, his hand is curled into the hair on the crown of my head as I move with him, swallowing him over and over again. Suddenly he slams himself into me, his fingers curl into a tight fist in my hair and I can feel his cock twitching in my throat, spasming as though he is coming but he doesn’t. He releases me as I gag and gasp for breath desperately, saliva all over my chin and chest as he takes his cock out of my mouth.

He takes another towel and wipes my face and chest before helping me up, sliding the dildo out of my pussy, I gasp as I’m left with only the plug in my arse, which he then turns down again. My legs are still trembling and he has his arm around my waist, holding me upright and close against his body, his hard cock a bar of hot, wet flesh against my stomach. He tilts my mouth up and kisses me with incredible hunger, our bodies melting together as my arms wrap around him and cling tightly to him. We stand there for minutes on end, just kissing. I create some space between our bodies so that I can hold his cock and stroke it, enjoying the heat radiating from him, the hardness of him in my hand, the soft sounds of pleasure he makes as I stroke him.

He breaks off our kissing, he’s breathing quickly and his eyes are dancing with a naked desire I haven’t seen yet. “Time for you to become mine, little girl.”

I make an unintelligible sound, a moan of desire of my own. I already am his, what he’s done to me, my body, the way I’ve responded unthinkingly to his every command, the safety I feel in his arms, the completeness. “Please, Sir, take this girl, claim her as your own.”

He takes my hands in his and guides me onto the bed, we lie down, with him behind me. We’re lying on our right-hand side, he lifts my left leg up, and moves himself down the bed a little. I shudder and moan as I feel the tip of his cock slide up and down between my lips. His right arm is under my neck, the arm outstretched so that my head is resting on his upper arm. He continues to guide his cock up and down between my lips, then slides himself slowly and effortlessly into me.

“Ohh, Sir, thank you.” I moan. My body shakes all over as my pussy opens up around him, my flesh encasing his as he buries himself in me to the hilt and holds himself there. My left hand has curled itself immediately into a fist in the sheets, his arm rotates under my neck and his right hand grasps my left. I feel so incredibly full, his cock inside my pussy, the plug still humming lazily inside my arse. His left arm comes over my waist and his fingers find my clit, as they do his cock moves within me, slowly sliding backwards out of me. He starts to massage my clit as his cock slides smoothly back into me. I’m holding onto his hand for dear life as he fucks me, so perfectly slowly, so deeply.

He shifts himself so that he is propped up on his right elbow, I rotate my upper body so that my shoulders are almost flat, his forearm under my neck, my left hand still clasping his fiercely, resting above my right breast, over my heart, I can feel it pounding in my chest. I look up into his eyes, my mouth opening slightly each time his cock slips back into me, his fingertips an exquisite pressure on my clit as they move in small circles.

I crane my head upwards, wanting him to kiss me desperately. Immediately his hand comes off my clit to cup the back of my head and he leans down to kiss me, his cock never stopping its continual rhythm. I’ve started to grind my hips back onto him, desperate to feel every last millimeter of him inside me. We kiss passionately, my mouth opening for his without though, our tongues grazing and dancing against eachother as he sucks on my lips, biting gently on them as he holds my head up. God! he feels so perfect inside me, stretching me open around him with each thrust, my exhausted muscles clenching him tightly inside me, making him moan deep in his chest as he takes me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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