Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Lady

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Stop making assumptions about a woman just because of how she dresses or behaves in public, ladies and gentlemen. Seriously. The name is Ayaan Ismail and I’m a young Black Canadian Muslim woman of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I was born in the City of Mogadishu, Somalia, and lived there until the twelfth summer of my life. That’s when my parents, Mariam and Ali Ismail moved to Canada with our little family.

We moved to the City of Ottawa, and have been in this town ever since. It’s been nine years and I consider myself as Canadian as anyone. I speak French and English fluently, on top of my Somali native tongue, and I want to go far in life. I attend Algonquin College, where I’m studying to become an accountant, and when I’m not in class, at home or at my favorite masjid, I’m at the university campus where I work as a cleaner.

The things I’ve seen as a cleaner on a major Canadian university campus simply boggles the mind, folks. Friday nights are the worst for us overnight cleaners because of all the drunk students, male and female, and the fact that those among them who can’t handle their liquor retch repeatedly on the washroom floors AFTER I’ve cleaned them up. The girls are the worst because they can’t handle their liquor, so the ladies washroom is always full of puke. I hate it when they do that shit, pardon my French!

Still, I can’t complain because it’s because of my job as a cleaner, tough and demanding though it may be, that I met the love of my life. I was cleaning the university library’s busiest floor, the first floor, pushing a cart and walking toward the washrooms when some foolish male student bumped into me. The dude’s elbows hit my side, hard enough to hurt, and I winced in pain. The fool continued on his merry way, as if nothing had happened.

Pain shot through me, and not just physically. You see, when you’re a cleaner, people treat you as though you were something other than a human being. Every building in the world needs cleaning, and cleaning crews work very hard to maintain everything from Parliament Hill to the frigging White House, and yet people like me get no respect.

Well, the bozo’s rudeness hadn’t gone unnoticed, and out of the blue, casino oyna a tall and well-dressed young Black man walked up to the chubby white dude who elbowed me and told him to watch where he was going. The chubby white dude stared, dumbfounded as the well-dressed brother lectured him about bumping into people without apologizing. The white dude looked like he wanted to say something but the sight of a towering, angry young Black man in front of him made him keep his mouth shut.

Lo and behold, the rude white dude apologized to me, then he took off. The tall, well-dressed and decidedly handsome brother approached me and asked me if I was alright. I looked at him, smiled and nodded. For some reason, even though I typically don’t shake hands with males because of fourteen centuries of Islamic tradition, I impulsively told him my name and held out my hand for him to shake.

Thus I met Adam Stephens, a tall brother of Jamaican and Euro-Canadian descent, originally from the City of London, Ontario. Born and raised in London, Adam was new to Ottawa and was studying business administration at the university campus where I work as a cleaner. Adam seemed very concerned for my well-being, and then he offered me his number. I hesitated then took it.

Adam told me that I should report the rude bozo who hurt me to campus security, and that he’d be a witness if I needed one. I thanked Adam for his chivalry and generosity, and he smiled and walked away. Cute butt, I thought with a lusty grin. When I went home that night, I had a big dreamy smile on my face and my mom asked me if I met someone. I smiled and nodded, but wouldn’t elaborate any further.

Now, I did call Adam, but not to stir up trouble for the rude white dude from the university campus library. Nope, I called Adam to thank him for his kindness. The brother answered on the first click, and after a few pleasantries, asked me if I wanted to grab coffee with him. Typically, I don’t do this sort of thing with males, as I said before, but I sensed Adam was a decent guy and decided to take a chance on him.

Adam and I met at the Rideau Center food court, and had some coffee, and we talked for a long time. I wanted to know more about this tall, beautiful canlı casino and intelligent young man. Adam’s life story fascinated me. His father Vincent Stephens is Black, and originally from the island of Jamaica. His mother Deirdre Lucas is White, originally from the City of London, Ontario. Apparently they met at York University in the 1980s, got married and had Adam and his brother Benjamin. Wow, I thought. If Adam here is any indication, then good looks must run in the family.

Adam asked me if I wanted to chill, and I volunteered to show him around the City of Ottawa, since I knew the Capital like the back of my hand. We began hanging out, casually at first. Just two friends enjoying each other’s company. Adam was always friendly and courteous, a cool, friendly and easygoing guy. The brother was always generous and respectful, and I thought the girls at his university campus must be crazy if they don’t get their hooks into him. Adam told me that he was somewhat of a loner, being from a small town, and Ottawa was an odd environment for him.

When Adam shared this with me, we were sitting inside the Tim Horton’s located near the main branch of the Ottawa library downtown. I smiled and gently touched Adam’s hand, and told him that I’d do my best to make his stay in Ottawa as pleasant as I can. Adam smiled at me, and my heart skipped a beat, for he looked at me in a way nobody has ever looked at me before. Then, he took my face into his hands and kissed me. And I kissed him back!

Thus, Adam and I shared our first kiss. Grinning, we walked out of the Tim Horton’s hand in hand, and I swear, I felt so happy I could jump! I’m a Hijab-wearing, long-skirted and traditionally attired, Koran-quoting Somali woman. People forget that I’m a young woman with the same needs and desires as all other women thanks to my Islamic faith and my style of dress. Adam saw right through all that, and reached out to who I truly am. And I can honestly I love him for it.

Three months after we began dating, Adam and I made love for the first time. We were coming back from the movies, and he had to grab something from his apartment to bring to some friends on campus. As Adam struggled to lift the oversized musical kaçak casino equipment, I impulsively slapped his cute butt, then he turned to look at me and then…well, then we got our freak on.

I kissed Adam hungrily, and the gorgeous mixed stud pulled me to him. Taking me into his arms, Adam carried me to the bed, and once there, I showed him what I’ve got. I’m around five-foot-nine, a chubby and dark-skinned, big-bottomed young woman in a country that worships skinny blondes. I’ve been known to feel self-conscious about my body for many reasons. Adam told me I was beautiful and I smiled, and happily undressed before him.

Adam kissed my lips, my breasts and caressed my big butt, then he laid me on the bed and proceeded to lick me from my head to my toes. Adam sucked on my tits and fingered my cunt, his fingers sliding in and out of me. Adam then buried his face between my thick thighs and licked my pussy hungrily. I cried out his name and shuddered all over, ecstatic as Adam pleasured me with his mouth and fingers. Seriously, the brother is good at what he does!

Adam finished pleasuring me, and then I feasted my eyes on his tall, strongly built and athletic body as he undressed before me. My eyes checked out his strong chest, washboard abs and his muscular body. Hungrily I drew him to me, and touched his long and thick dick, which was uncircumcised. I’m a Muslim woman and uncut dicks are supposed to be anathema to me but I shrugged and caressed Adam’s dick, stroking him gently.

When Adam finally put it to me, I squealed in delight and wrapped my arms around him. Adam thrust into me, stabbing my cunt with his thick dick. I cried out in pleasure mixed with deliciously hot pain as I experienced lovemaking for the first time. Passionately Adam and I went at it, and then, I came for the first time as his thick dick filled my cunt, triggering an orgasm which rocked me to my core. I cried out, passionately, orgasmic for the first time, and Adam held me into his strong, manly arms.

Adam and I remained in bed, passionately embraced, for hours. I didn’t want this moment to end, being safe in the arms of the young man I love. The fact that we’re from different backgrounds doesn’t matter to me. I’m a Sunni Muslim woman and Adam is from a Methodist Christian family. I don’t give a damn. I’m in love for the first time, and I want to be happy. Anyone who has a problem with that can kiss my thick Somali ass. Got it? Cool!

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