Barged Into Mom

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Barged Into Mom

Like all young men, or most of them I would think, maybe even older men too, the first thing I do upon awakening is reach for my crotch for that reassurance that it’s still there, still working, or just to say good morning to a dear friend. There are times when you don’t need to reach there for any kind of reassurance, because you could feel the pressure down there; but you reach there anyway, even if just to show appreciation and acknowledgement of its presence.

So there I was lying on my back, still groggy with sleep gently rubbing and squeezing my firm blood filled dick. I heard the turnover of a car engine, followed by its departure from the yard. That was my dad leaving for work. I continued to lie there, going over what could be remembered from the night’s steamy dream as I fondled my dick, enjoying the warmth of the sheets and the soft glow of half sleep, not really masturbating, just a gentle aimless caressing. About fifteen minutes later I heard another revving car engine and then the sound of it disappearing out of the yard. That would be my mom and sister. Now I was alone at home, not having school on that day due to exams. I suddenly realized that the day was Wednesday, and looking at the clock on the wall and seeing it was seven thirty, I sprung out of bed and headed for the window.

Looking over into the yard next door, I saw, as was customary every Wednesday and Sunday mornings, my neighbor, a pretty, buxom, dark brown, thirty-something woman sweeping at leaves in her yard. My neighbor Phyllis was, for over two years now a regular image to which I wanked my ever horny sixteen year old dick. She had on a sheer, knee length, close fitting pink nightdress through which I could see everything there was to be seen, especially her brief red panties, one leg of which had slipped into her sumptuous ass. The dark nipples of her pert small breasts poked through the thin material. There is something very erotic about small firm breasts on an otherwise full body. I wasted no time getting out of my boxers, and standing at the window, partly behind a blind, began wanking at the voluptuous sight. After about three minutes, she disappeared from view and I knew that I would be able to see her from the bathroom window, so I fled there.

I pushed open the door and barged into the bathroom with long strides, and found myself standing totally naked and with a massive hardon just about two feet away from my equally naked mom who was sitting on the turned down seat cover of the toilet, applying cream to her leg which was up on the seat. Her other leg was on the floor away to the side. I could see her sparsely bushed pussy in all its plump glory. Needless to say, we were both shocked speechless. Me staring down at my mom’s smooth and creamy cocoa, forty year old body, my eyes flitting back and forth between her hefty breasts and the alluring thick lipped pussy, she, gaping wide eyed, straight at my rampant cock. It was as if we were both looking at each other’s body in a state of hypnosis. Mom was the first to find words.

“Well, good morning, and is this the way you barge into a shared bathroom without knocking or anything?”
“Mom, I thought I was alone at home, I heard both cars leave”
“I lent your sister the car; I am not going to work today” she said casually, still staring at my hard cock.

I suddenly remembered the state I was in, and grabbing my cock which was still somewhat erect tried to hide it as I retreated for the door. Mom quickly got up from the toilet bowl and moved aside.

“Hold on”, she said, pointing to the toilet, “go ahead and do what you came in here to do, I hope it was to pee, and for heaven’s sake take away your hand, you look comical; you’re not doing a good job of hiding that monster of yours, and I’ve already got a good look at it, haven’t I?”

She stepped away a little, about three feet from the bowl, but to the side, watching me intently as I moved forward. I was trying to will my cock into deflating to a decent size, but it was refusing; it’s not every day a boy my age gets to look at the naked body of a beautiful woman. Mom or no mom, pussy and boobs and fat ass is a stimulating sight. I stood over the bowl trying to coax some pee out of my cock, but nothing came, I was too embarrassed. As I stood there for long uncomfortable seconds my mom resumed creaming her skin. After what seemed like minutes I finally managed to get a flow, and from the side of my eye I saw my mom smile, still staring at my cock as she rubbed cream into her body. It took a longer than normal time, but I finally finished, give the slightest of shake, and turned around to head out of the bathroom.

“Wash your hands, young man” mom said as she sat on the toilet cover.

I stepped over to the sink and turned on the tap, and just couldn’t resist looking into the mirror for another topkapı escort glimpse of mom’s juicy body. My eyes locked onto the smooth full thighs that she was now attending to, and I felt my cock surge and stretch out, heading for the roof.

“Are you washing your hands or peeking at your old mom’s boobs”. I nearly jumped out of my skin at her words. “Doesn’t that thing ever go down, I can see you’ve taken after your father in that respect” and she giggled, like a little girl. I couldn’t believe my ears.

I started to dry my hand in the towel, taking another quick peek. There was no holding back my cock now, it bounced toward my belly.

“You’re peeking again, you naughty boy, what do you find interesting in this beat up old body?” I was startled by her words.
“I wasn’t peeking mom, and…and your body is not old and beat up, it’s beautiful”
“Really, you think so; I’ll accept that compliment. Glad to know that somebody thinks I still have something worth looking at.” There was a hint of sarcasm and sadness in her voice.

I was aware that mom and dad had some issues relating to his straying habits. He was renowned among family and friends as a ladies man, and he and mom were constantly fighting about it. Mom even suspected that he was fucking Phyllis next door, as well as a co-worker of hers who lived not far from us.

“You are beautiful mom, anybody would find you worth looking at” I heard myself say, and was shocked at my brazen frankness.
“Well, thanks again baby, I’m flattered” mom said blushing deeply “Come over and give mommy a kiss; don’t be shy about your condition, its normal for someone your age, she said.

I walked over to mom, my legs shaky, and my cock stiff and jerking. I bent over and she raised her face and kissed me softly on my lips. I could have died with pleasure from the sight of her full boobs with their nipples now standing stiff and tall, coupled with the touch of her lips on mine. It was all I could do not to grab her, and felt ashamed at my feelings.

“My, my, that is one frisky fellow you have there, you really should teach him some manners, how to behave in the company of ladies” she said laughing, as I was straightening up. “How big he is anyway, you know, in inches?” she casually asked.
Once again I couldn’t believe my ears, but I quickly I replied, “seven inches”
“I thought as much, that’s a real nice size” she said, causing me to blush at her statement.

I turned and started to walk away, but stopped as I heard her voice
“Well, seeing that you are here and we’ve both seen as much as we can see, you can give me a hand with something, without any embarrassment.” She whispered.
“What, mom?” I asked
“Could you be a darling and please rub cream on my back, the old girl is not as flexible as she used to be. That is, If you can manage to do it without our boy there stabbing me.” Her eyes twinkled as she looked smilingly at me. “Is this the first time youre seeing a naked woman, honey, I mean apart from movies?”
“Yes” I replied.
“Well, in that case take a good look, satisfy your youthful curiosity, I don’t mind, I’m your mom; I’m always here to please you in any way I can, and this way you may be able to avoid getting into trouble or embarrassing situations like some young men do, by being peeping toms”

My mom got up and stood in front of me in all her fine nakedness, allowing me to look at her beautiful shapely, juicy body. I never would have thought that I would feel this way that I would want to fuck my mom, but that is exactly what I wanted to do as I stood there. She turned around, showing me her ass and the back of her thighs. My cock was raging, my hands itching to touch. She lifted her full breasts in both hands, as if in offering, to give me a better look; smiling all the while. She spread her legs a bit and pushed forward her mound. Reaching down she parted the fleshy lips slightly, showing me pink heaven. She turned her back and placing her hands behind and down lifted her magnificent ass.

“Ok, my boy that’s enough education for the day” she said abruptly as my eyes were taking in the beauty of full mature ass. “You know now what a woman looks like. Now get to work, do my back” she said and handed me the bottle.

I poured cream into my hands and rubbed them together, and then I began rubbing her shoulders and the upper part of her back, my hands slightly shaking from the confusion of strange emotions building up in me. This was all so surreal.

“This feels good, like a massage, do the lower part too” she said,” bending right over and placing her palms on the mat.

As I was rubbing, my eyes hungrily took in the damp dark crack of her ass and the spread out sides of its plump cheeks. I couldn’t believe the sight before me, the intimacy of it all, happening so suddenly and aksaray escort so easily, the way things happen in dreams, as my hands slid over her back.

“Wait a sec,” she said suddenly, “let me get into a position where you can get to do it properly.

I stepped back watching in amazement and with burning passion in my loins as she got off the seat, bent her knees and leaned forward placing her elbows on the bowl cover. I looked at the sight of my naked mother’s, smooth back, flat and succulent looking like an artistically crafted table top tapering into those swollen twin mounds of flesh. I gaped at the lump of finely haired pussy peeking out from between the huge mounds. It was then a thought occurred to me. My mother was tempting me, offering herself to me; she was telling me by her actions that it was okay if I wanted to fuck her.

“There, you can’t miss a spot”
I poured more cream into my hands and began rubbing that tempting back, wondering if I was reading the signals right, if this beautiful, sexy woman, my mother was offering me pussy. As I rubbed, my cock accidently brushed against her. It felt so good that I deliberately let it touch her again. I couldn’t help it, I intently pushed forward pressing the head of my cock against my mother’s soft rump. I felt her shiver a little at the touch. Then I saw her turn her head sideways as if to spot the intruder. I left it there, pressing into softness.

“You really should try and get that thing to go down, somehow” she said softly
“I know mom, but I can’t, not with you like this”
“Are you saying that the sight of me is what is keeping him up?”
“Yes mom”
“Well I’m more than flattered; I’m pleased that at my age I can have that effect on a young man. And seeing that it’s my fault that it’s in that state I guess it’s up to me to get it to go down, let’s see what can be done “ she said, and stood up.

She sat back down on the bowl, and stretching out her hand, grabbed my cock and pulled me closer. She looked up into my eyes, hers pleading with me for understanding and reassurance.

“Baby I know we shouldn’t be doing this, but I don’t think either of us can help it. We will do it this once and then try to forget that it ever happened. And it has got to stay between us two, not a word ever to another person. This is our sweet little secret. You understand honey?” her words and eyes pleaded.
“I understand mom, you don’t have to worry.”
Her hand gripped my pulsing cock firmly, as she started moving it up and down along the shaft. She was breathing very hard and I saw saliva escape her lips. Soon I could feel her wet tongue flicking and lapping at the swollen red head of my cock, and then half of its length was inside her mouth, her tongue swirling around, her cheeks pulling in causing a suction movement. She slid to the soft mat, pulling me with her mouth and clenched teeth down with her. I went willingly. I straddled her as her eager mouth did magic to my cock. I kneaded her breasts, delighted at the stiff feel of her long nipples. I reached a hand behind and felt a soft slick wetness. I massaged it gently and let two of my fingers part the flesh and enter her hot tunnel. She grunted, and I gasped as her teeth clamped around the head of my cock in the circular groove. She bucked her hips under my probing fingers.

I pulled away from the sucking mouth and slid down her body. She spread he legs and lifted her bottom up allowing me to put my hands under the soft round cheeks. I put my face into her crotch and as I got my first ever whiff of wet pussy smell I pushed my nose into the softness, inhaling the strange but intoxicating fragrance. I felt juice get into my nostril and sniffed. I rubbed my head from side to side in my mom’s hot upward grinding crotch. I snaked my tongue into the crease and tasted my first pussy. She took her hands and spread the flesh surrounding her stiffened clit, and I knew what she wanted. I latched onto her clit with my lips, drawing it into my mouth and teasing it with my tongue. She gasped loudly and gripped my head, holding it down where she wanted it to be. I pleased her with my tongue for a long time, until I felt her begin to shudder. Her thumbs were poking into my hips trying to send a message that I was too inexperienced to read.

“Put your cock in me quick baby, quick I’m coming”

I rose up quickly and with the help of her shaking hand the head of my cock found the entrance of her soppy pussy.

“Push” she urged anxiously “push baby, push into mommy; let mommy make you a man. Her man”

I pushed up and into the welcoming chute, and instinctively began a steady quick ramming of my cock into the hungry cunt. She brought her hands behind my back and hugged me tight; I could feel the soft breasts with their stiff nipples pressing into the flesh near my nişantaşı escort armpits. I felt her legs come around and on top of mine, clamping them firmly in place as I made short quick jabbing movements into her pussy while she did her own dance beneath me. She was gasping and grunting and I was breathing hard as I pounded her. She let out a sudden screech and her body began convulsing rapidly under me. I opened my eyes and looked at her flushed face. Her eyes were rolled back, showing whites as her head shook from side to side, her teeth clenched tight as her mouth snarled, her nose puckered, nostrils flaring. I stayed still as she rode and then came down from her high.

“Your turn now baby,” she said stroking my back “fuck me hard and fast till you come”

I obeyed, slamming into her furiously, encouraged by the slapping sound of my lower belly against hers. She pushed up against my onslaught, meeting my thrusts with hungry grinding jerks of her own that had my head swirling with delight. My body exploded in appreciation against hers, and she hugged me tight cooing into my ears sweetly as I shook passionately, stuff flowing hotly and sweetly from me into her, a sensation starting at my groin and travelling all the way up, settling between my eyes, filling my head with the sweetest feeling I’d ever experienced, making me smile inside.

I remained in her until every drop of my fluid had was emptied, every spasm released. She held my face in her hands, kissing it all over, lightly, lovingly. There were tears softly running out the sides of her eyes. She smiled broadly and pulled me down unto her tightly. I felt the muscles in her pussy working softly against my still puffed up cock. I liked the feeling and began to move softly inside of her.

“I can see that it’s gonna take some doing to get that sweet thing to go down, honey, but I’m willing to keep trying, if you’ll let me” she whispered in my ear. I nodded in the affirmative.
“Let’s go to your room” she said.

We got up and headed like eager dogs in heat for my bedroom. On the bed she immediately took my cock into her mouth and began sucking it vigorously, making slurping, gagging sounds as saliva flowed all over my dick. She was in a kneeling position. She turned sideways and taking my hand placed it between her thighs from the back, onto her wet cunt. I massaged it gently and then worked my fingers into the hot hole poking and probing and stirring. She wiggled her fat brown ass as my fingers explored her cunt. She sucked my balls into her mouth, holding them there as she jerked my cock. She licked the spot between my balls and around my asshole. Then she stiffened her tongue and probed the entrance of my anus. The new sensation was mind blowing.

She stopped her ministrations of my cock and ass and turned all the way round, backing me in a similar position to that when I was rubbing her back in the bathroom. I could see her pussy dripping fluid and contracting like a raw beating heart.

“Mount me baby, mount your mare mommy and ride me hard.”

I gripped an ass cheek with one hand as the other hand guided my cock to her waiting fleshy wetness. I slammed all the way into her with one sudden long thrust that made her shiver and hiss loudly. She pushed back against me and I pulled out to the entrance and rammed her again. She gasped as she pushed backward hard.

“Stand on the floor” she whispered

Without separating we took up the desired position; me standing on the floor, her on elbows and knees, ass high in the air. I continued ramming into her with long hard thrusts, delighting in the sloshing sounds and the quivering big brown bottom with its sexy dimples. I watched down at my mom working her ass against my pounding like a fired up porn star, rolling and grinding and bucking lustily. I rested my knees on the edge of the bed, and grabbing her rumps tightly, sinking my fingers roughly into the soft but firm flesh, I quickened my pace and fucked her till she shuddered and screamed as a mighty orgasm took control of her body away from her, making her move where it took her. I felt mine coming, and just as it was set to spurt I pulled out and quickly pressed against her asshole, pushing forward as I shot sperm, going about an inch or so into her. Her anus clamped the small portion of my dick that was inside her, holding me there.

Afterwards we lay on the bed in a sweet embrace kissing deeply. As our hands explored each other’s sweating body.

“Mom, I know we had agreed that it would only be this way, but I don’t think I can keep that agreement, I want to fuck you as often as we get the opportunity, I want to be your man.”
“I was thinking the same thing darling”

She closed her eyes and drifted into some private world, a satisfied smile on her face; I did the same; my world next door. I was thinking that I should revenge my mom’s humiliation of having her husband fucking the neighbor. I owed it to my mom to fuck Phyllis and let my dad know. It would be the next best thing to letting him know that I was fucking mom, which I would never do. That was our secret.

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