Becky’s Cuck Ch. 03

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Ashley Adams

Since I became Becky’s convenient bedside toilet she started to treat me with less and less respect in everyday life too. Commanding me around to serve her food, drinks, to help her dress, bring her stuff. I was constantly caring for her and she practically stopped talking to me but rather only at me. Never thanking me but just telling me how grateful I should be because this is working so good. After giving me orders all day she started to use me as her toilet sometimes even when we were not having sex. Usually it was after dinner when she drank too much soda and had me bring her sweets and salty snacks all evening while she binge watched some netflix series on her phone. When she had to go to the bathroom and she just didn’t want to get up she rolled her enormous ass to the side of the bed and pulled away the blanked. She would call me to her and just announce that she wants a night pot.

“Yes love!”, I would reply and kneel down beside the bed like a churchgoer. I would put my lower lip on her thigh sealing anything trickling down from her pussy then sucking my mouth over her mound and waited. My wife had no problem peeing in bed anymore. Seconds after I took my position a gushing stream would fill my mouth and I would gurgle and struggle to keep up. After she finished I would lick her clean and she would put back the blanket. She never thanked me just sighed relieved and relaxed. One time she saw that I went hard when I got up from beside the bed. She rolled her eyes annoyed and said “Pathetic!”. I felt ashamed but since she already saw me hard I asked with a small voice. “May I get off quick?” Another annoyed eyeroll but then she lifted her blanket again and let me fuck her sideways. That happened several times with her always commenting that I was a pathetic pervert getting hard from drinking her piss. Sometimes she really wouldn’t let me fuck her but I at least could cum on her soles like a horny dog riding her leg.

After gaining another few pounds I could barely istanbul travesti make Becky cum with licking and fingering her anymore. Even if I sank my face deep into her folds I barely managed to hit the right spot without blackening out for lack of air. She compensated by using the toys we had from former days. At first it was a butt plug. She didn’t bother to use any lube. She just shoved it into my mouth while I was licking her to wetten it up. Not even asking she made me suck on the plug and then put it into her tight asshole. Starting out with the small one it disappeared completely into her fat crack. After that she quickly went up the sizes until she could fit the broadest one we got with ease. It made her climax faster and harder again. She loved having things in her ass. After a while she bought new toys. A big black latex dildo that she showed off one time after I drank her evening piss.

“Look honey. A new toy. You like it?”

“Yes it is really big!” I said obediently. Burping up her sour taste with a swollen belly.

“Suck it wet for me, will you?” She said in a patronizing dominant voice. Waving the dick in front of her like it was her own.

“Of course honey!” I said slightly annoyed but also aroused. I crawled up a bit so I could position my head over the massive dildo and licked the tip. Then started to suck on it.

She laughed out loud “You like big black dicks, pervert?” She challenged me. “I like anything you offer me!” I replied in a small voice slightly embarrassed for her watching me suck that fake cock.

“I always knew you were a damn fag” she laughed again, “wasn’t I right?”

“Yes honey, I mumbled with my mouth full, you are always right”

“Yes I am! And don’t you forget that!” she said, grabbing the back of my head and pushing me down on the dildo making me almost gag.

“Make it nice and wet for me honey, suck my fat black cock little fag!”, she moaned fucking my mouth with the dildo, watching me closely. travesti istanbul When she was aroused enough she pulled it out of my mouth with a plop and shoved it into her anus with a deep grunting moan simultanously pushing my face into her pussy. She worked her ass hard and I could feel the dildo through the slimy inside of her vagina as she fucked herself while grinding on my face. It didn’t take her long to climax hard and she fell asleep almost immediately, the dildo still stuck in her asshole. I better not wake her so I just quickly rubbed my dick on her feet and came too. Afterwards I got up, removed the dildo from her asshole, wiped her clean, washed the dildo and put a blanket over her snoring fat body.

Weeks went by again and I could feel that my licking wouldn’t do much for her anymore. She was solely getting off with her massive dildo in the ass and with humiliating me with it. She never was a verbal fucker before but she more and more liked to humiliate me as her little fag and pathetic loser toilet while she rammed her ass or sometimes let me do the work pushing the dildo into her. Still I didn’t speak up wondering how low she would sink in her pervertedness. Then the dildo became boring too. She didn’t gain any more weight but started to moan that she misses a real dick. Offering her to fuck her she just waved off with a laugh.

“Come on honey. Your dick is tiny and you know it. I mean I dream of something like this in real life.” and with that she slapped the wet fat black dildo over my face. “Oh…OK…” I said, unsure where this conversation was going. She sighed again. “Come on honey. Don’t be so shocked. You knew that sooner or later I would need to fuck someone with a real dick. The question is just with you or without you?”

“Erm…” I blanked not knowing what to say.

“Well don’t worry, you can still be my little honey bunny husband if you play along. It would just be like this but in real for me. Nothing more.” she added again istanbul travestileri waving the dildo.

“A…and where would you find someone to….fuck you?” I asked. She looked suspicious because of the tone in my voice.

“You don’t think I am attractive enough for a black guy?” A cold harsh look met my eyes and I gulped in fear.

“N…no honey. You are so sexy…only I don’t know any massive black guys…do you?”.

“No I don’t, but my uncle does!” She added, grabbing her phone flicking through his online profile showing me pictures of various sweaty muscular black dudes partying with her uncle. “Yeah….but you know he is gay…so I assume those friends of him are too!?”

She pouted: “Some of them are bisexual surely. He told me!”

“O….ok. And how would you get them here?”

“I won’t. You will!” She traced a finger around my lips smiling. “You can maybe persuade them better than I can, plus I don’t like to dress up and go out.” I gulped unsure how I should bring such massive young muscular mostly gay guys to fuck my heavily overweight wife. She saw my thoughtful uncertain face and said: “If you make me find a dick myself I would be very disappointed and I would reconsider if this marriage is really working so good as I thought. I count on you. Use any charm or bribe necessary. As long as I get the dick I don’t need to know any more details.” With that she gave me a wicked smile and shoed me off.

I tried to ignore the conversation for some time but it came up more and more frequently. Becky begged me to get her big black dick for her ass even offering that I should pay for it. I said they probably would be offended if I offered money and she more than once suggested that I should offer my “services” or “favors” or more bluntly put “my body” but that I should really get on the case.

Since I couldn’t bear her frustration any more I finally had the guts to call her uncle and he gave me some bars and names where I could be successful. He didn’t know what my mission was, probably thinking that I was getting bi-curious and said he would handle my request discretely when talking to my wife. I thanked him even though it was unnecessary and finally one friday night I was off to visit one of these gay bars.

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