Belle The Rebel

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I’m the little girl formally known as my daddy’s Silver Belle. I was named after a Christmas song and was raised to do everything except the things I wanted to do. My parents had complete control over me for so long, but finally I began to rebel against their charming ways. My name is Belle, I am eighteen years old and I’ve made many changes. I used to believe I was on the fast track to being a virgin Sister, trapped in Church, only my cheap fantasies of fucking the head Priest to keeps my aching sex drive at bay. That was before the cool shit happened.

You see, on a cool day in May, a smoked for the first time, I did it in the girl’s bathroom and got caught by the principal, Mr. Smith. Instead of suspending me for seven days, he suspended me for one day, and my record was not tarnished in the least. He called my dad though and received a long lecture about the harms of smoking, then he got me a job, babysitting the Abbott baby. Things got different from there, Mr. Abbott came home early and well he made an offer I couldn’t refuse. I sucked Mr. Abbott’s stiff cock, then he fucked my mouth with a great passion. I was out of control when his ate my pussy, what a surprise. Then he fucked my virgin pussy and was in awe as he did so.

When he came he did it on my face and covered every feature. His cum smelled so good, it was hot covering my face. I did all for the sake of rebelling against my dad. I’m Belle the Rebel. The silver belle he knows and brain- washed is dead forever. It was May 22nd, a long hot Monday morning. It had only been a few days since Mr. Abbott fucked and stole my virginity. I hadn’t done anything like it since. But I planned too. In my bathroom I brushed my teeth and washed my pretty face. My large nipples were staring at me from the mirror. I was staring back while I brushed my long blonde hair. When I was done with my hair I picked up a titty and gave nipples a few quick sucks. I was feeling really hot, really fucking desperate. My pussy was raging out of control and I knew I liked it.

Nobody knew I lost my virginity to the neighbor. Nobody knew I was becoming a nympho, and enjoyed every second of it. People have been keeping all their dirty secrets from me over the years, I was returning the favor. I through a thick sweater over my breasts and put on a pair of hot pink sunglasses with intense look black frames. I had a surprise for Mr. Smith, the principal. I was an hour late for school according to the huge grandfather clock in the living room. I was planning on arriving a little late to school. As an honor roll student you learn to plan your day ahead. And as a nympho with one sexual experience you plan on giving a little head. Maybe I hadn’t changed Escort Kız so much after all.

I walked to school and thought about my future. I wanted to be a teacher once upon a time. Now I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. I was undressing every guy I seen with my eyes, sucking their cocks, letting the cum all over me. These were strangers walking down the street and I was thinking about stuff like that. “Nice day,” an old man said to me. I looked up and saw him. He was walking his dog. “Sure is,” I said. “Flowers are starting to bloom.” I was going horny crazy again. As I looked at the old man I realized how out of control I was. I even wanted him. “I’m blooming too,” I said. With that I lifted up my thick sweater and showed him my big titties. He gasped for the short time I stood there and watched his reaction, I picked up the pace and got my bony ass to school. I can’t believe I flashed an old man. When I arrived at the school my second period teacher sent me to see my councelor, from there I was sent to see Mr. Smith. The black principal who was going to lift away my fustration. Whether he liked it or not. Quoth the Rebel, “Nevermore.”

“Smoking,” he scowled. “Smoking in the girl’s bathroom and now coming to school an hour late. I would really like to know what is going on with you.”

“I over slept is all,” I told him. “I was up late studying and lost track of time. My alarm clock didn’t wake me up.”

“I see.” He nodded his big black head back and forth. He were a nice white shirt with a red tie. He had a thick black mustache on his face. His eyes were dark brown and unforgiving to any prank causing troublemaker. I wanted him to take me over his knee, then I just wanted him to take me. “I guess your excuse is understandable. You have a big Biology test in Mr. Ford’s room don’t you.” I completely forgot about that. “Been thinking about for weeks,” I told him. “If I don’t pass it, well, he won’t pass me. Even if I do have an A in his class. He’s a strict teacher.” I was staring at Mr. Smith through my sunglasses and I believe he noticed I was wearing for the first time. “Why the sunglasses?” he asked partly amused. “I brought them because we’re playing softball in gym. Sun gets in my eyes everytime I come to bat.” Fuck me and come all over you bastard, I wanted to say. I needed him to do. “I hear that. Well, you can go to class now. I have no good reason to punish you.” I took my chance after he spoke them words. “Sure you do, Mr. Smith.” I lifted the sweater off and showed him nice set. “You like,” I asked in a low voice. I took the sweater off completely. “What are you doing young lady?” he asked me. “What I want to do for exchange.” I walked over behind his desk. I knew the door was locked and the only way for anyone to interrupt us was by knocking. He turned his chair to face me and I got on my knees. “When was the last time someone took your big black cock down their throat.”

“It’s been a long-” he cut himself off. “You can- You can’t do this.” But as unzipped his pants and scooped out his black penis he fought back very little. “My titties need attention,” I whispered to Mr. Smith. “Don’t you like my nipples.” He tried to take control of the situation, but he had lost it all when I lost my sweater. I stroke his cock up and down until nice and hard. I could not believe how it was. Seven inches and a couple inches thick. Mr. Smith was pinching my nipples. “We can’t do this,” he said. “This is wrong. OH, my darlin.” I took his cock deep into my mouth. My lips were stretched to the limit and my mouth filled up like never before, but I was rewarded. My cheaks felt like they were going to explode. I grabbed down on Mr. Smith’s knees and gave him the best deep throat blow job my inexperience could conjure. I loved to take his cock out of my mouth and show him his pre-cum as I licked it off his his penis head. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it like a mad woman while I sucked his cock in the same style. “You blonde white girls were surely put on this planet for something good,” Mr. Smith informed me.

He was taking off his shirt and tie. His body was not muscular at all. His chest and stomach were hairy and he was growing a cute little beer belly. I took his cock from my mouth, as he took it, he also took a long line of pre-cum from my tongue. He gently squeezed my breasts and placed his cock between them. “I haven’t fucked titties in a long time,” he said. “I fucked a black cheerleader in high between the titties. Her’s were bigger than yours, although she wasn’t as trim.” He pumped his big, thick, black cock between breasts. I gripped my own tits with my hands and licked his penis each time passed through. Mr. Smith was kissing my neck and enjoying himself. He titty fucked me for five minutes, then he took off his pants and told me take a ride on him. I gave him a lust driven strip tease. My pussy was nice and shaved and ready for some attention. I showed him with my fingers what I wanted, the whole time I watched him from the darkness of the sunglasses. Belle the Rebel. I came to him and kissed his big black lips. My pussy was already wet. I climbed on top of him and let his slowly slide into my teen pussy. “You sweet little bitch,” he told me. “I’m gonna fuck you good.”

“Go for it,” I said. He didn’t need much effort to fuck me. He grabbed me by the sides and pushed me into his cock over and over again. I thought he was going to tear me apart he was so thick. My legs were wrapped around the bottom of the chair for better leverage. Mr. Smith was really going to work on titties. I could feel him biting away at my nipples. Seems I found something he could do just as well as bitching. When I started to moan he covered my mouth with his huge hands. When I had my first orgasm I bit down on his finger. Through it all he fucked the shit out of me. I came off the chair but continued to fuck me. It looked in the mirror in front of me like I was giving him a hug. My hands were wrapped around his neck. I can see him thrust in me, I could feel it too. “You like this schoolgirl, little Belle,” he asked. “Oh yeah,” I whispered. I let go of him and let myself feel free as he fucked me. My hands were touching the floor. My body was hanging in the air and biting my fingers preventing the screams of loud screaming orgasm, while he slapped his cock deeper and deeper inside of me. He put me on the chair. He lifted my legs in the air and spread them. I felt his big fingers in my vagina. I needed this. My head was leaned back against the chair and had a perfect view of his glimmering black cock as he fucked my pussy. I was watching it move in and out in a trance. Mr. Smith held on to my legs. His thrusts became faster and faster. I sucked on my own breasts. “Mr. Smith,” I heard from the door. “A parent is here to see you.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” he said a little loud. “Tell who ever it is I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Damn,” I said. He pulled out and helped me out of my seat. “I need you to swollow the evidence baby.” I got down on my knees and looked up at him as he jerked off. The head of his penis was hitting my sunglasses. “I hope you’re thirsty, young lady.” With that a stream of cum shot of his cock covered a frame on my sunglasses. I opened my mouth and began to talk, but was rudely interrupted by another stream of cum. All of it ended up in my mouth. He came and came and covered my tongue and the walls of my cheeks. I opened my mouth to show him what he did to me. Then I swollowed all his cum. I sucked him clean for a minute, then sucked him until he was nice and hard again. “Bye,” I told him. I got dressed and left him with an erection. “It was nice talking to you. I believe fully understand what your lecture was all about.” I opened the door and showed myself out. My pussy felt so much better. “Bye Mr. Smith, thanks for the drink.” I went home early that day. I was horny again by noon. I am Belle the Rebel the murdereress of Silver Belle-Daddy’s little angel.

* If you need more information about Mr. Abbott and I read the story Silver Belle for details. So long for now. I’m giving some head to get ahead. Hide your sons and husbands, God lost an angel and she is fucking horny…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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