Birds of a Feather Ch. 08

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Chapter 8 (our great friends with benefits)

NOTICE: a warning to readers. This chapter has our couple moving forward with their new life. Enjoying old friends and meeting new ones. Let me caution you. This section contains some controversial sexual activates. Incest, group sex, female/older male, younger male/ older female, male/male, female/female, cum swallow/sharing/water sports and ass to mouth. While this every erotic and exciting to many, I understand it may be 0ffensive to others. Now the choice is yours.

Thank each of you for the advice and constructive criticism. It is truly appreciated.


The afternoon passed quickly. Cindy, Beth and I walked to the parking lot together and waited for Kathy.

When Kathy comes out of the building, Allison was walking with her. They were talking and laughing as they approached us.

Allison walked over and kissed me on the cheek, “Kathy tells me we may be able to share that beautiful mushroom of yours shortly.

I smiled, “Who am I to argue with two good looking women.”

“Does this mean the meeting and dinner we had talked about is out now?” Allison asked with a big smile on her face.

“The dinner out and talking would be okay with me, we always enjoy eating out with friends, but I don’t think the topic of conversation would be the same now.”

“So we are friends now.”

“I would think so because Kathy doesn’t usually agree to fuck people who are not our friends.”

We all laughed at the comment and headed our separate ways.

We never locked our car doors when we are in the parking lot. As I opened the door, I noticed a folded piece of paper on the seat. I picked it up and opened it.

It was a note from Amie. She asks if we could stop by the store for a few minutes, she needed to talk with both of us.

There were several people in the store when we arrived. Amie motioned for us to go to the far corner at the front of the store. We pretended to look through some of the sexy outfits while we waited for Amie to finish with one of the customers.

When Amie came over, she pretended to be helping Kathy with some of the outfits while we talked.

In a very quiet voice, Amie told us she had some questions she needs to ask us.

We both nodded our agreement.

“I think I already know most of the answers, but Dad wanted me to ask you to be sure. “Would you both be willing to join the family for some sexual play this weekend?”

We both nodded.

“Would you still come if we had other friends there, some older and some younger?”

Again, we nodded, yes.

Amie had to return to the counter to wait on a customer.

When she returned she ask, “What if some of the other people there were several years older, even older than Mom and Dad. If it was someone that one or both of you might be involved with business wise sometimes, do you think you could still indulge in the kind of sex the three of us had here at the store, Then, be very discreet and maintain a professional relationship afterward?”

“WOW, that’s a lot to consider. I’ll try to cover all your questions, and if Kathy disagrees, she can let us know. Older is not a problem. We understand the effects of age and gravity, but the desire is still there. We are aware you can’t mention names, but you and your family wouldn’t be inviting us if these people were not okay. As for being discreet, we understand just what a slippery slope we’re on in this lifestyle. What we do in private stays private, just as it does with your family.”

Amie smiled and asked, “Could you come Saturday morning and if all goes well stay the night?”

We both replied, “YES” Amie lifted both our hands to her lips and kissed them, “That would mean a nice cocktail for us to share.

We all laughed in agreement as we headed for the door.

Amie gave us an envelope, telling us it contained directions to their house, phone numbers and a couple of suggestions on things we might want to bring with us

On the way home, Kathy asks if I had any idea who the other people might be.

I told her I had some names in mind, but it was hard for me to believe they would be asking us to spend a weekend off, Wild, ANYTHING GOES SEX, with them.

I was a little surprised when Kathy mention Mr. Horton pushing for us not to meet with Brad and his wife on Saturday. Then, we find the note from Amie in the car.

I ask if she noticed what Brad said when we started to leave the office.

She laughed, “You mean the way he said HOPE TO SEE MORE OF YOU LATER? I felt like he was talking about seeing me naked.”

We were still discussing all the possibilities when I pulled in our driveway. I could hear the phone ringing when we got to the door. I unlocked the door, rushed over, picked up the phone, “Hello.”

When I heard Peggy screaming obscenities, I pushed the speakerphone so Kathy could listen to what Peggy was saying.


Kathy was smiling the whole time Peggy was shouting at me.

Kathy was also undressing, slowly and seductively removing one piece at the time. My cock was rock hard long before she got to her panties.

With all her clothes in a pile at her feet, she moved over, dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants and fished my hard cock out and took the head in her mouth. Then she pulled back and spat on the head, and used her hand to spread it down my shaft. She didn’t put it back in her mouth. Instead, she moved the head back and forth across her lips as she pumped up and down on the shaft.

We could still hear Peggy raving on the phone, and it was hard not to laugh at the situation.

Kathy is kneeling before me toying with my cock while Peggy was on the phone, shouting at me.


I had to stop Kathy before I shoot my load down her throat.

She stood up and whispered in my ear, “Will you marry me.”

I responded with a passionate kiss… I could taste my pre-cum on her lips.


I very calmly said, “Peggy, listen to me. This is something you brought on yourself. Now here’s the deal, I’m not going to ever bother you. If you do the same for me, the pictures will remain our little secret. All you have to do is erase everything you have ever known about me from your memory, and everything will be okay. If you don’t, if you ever both me in any way, out comes the pictures, and I will make your life a pure HELL.”

I could hear Peggy breathing heavy but not a word.

“I’ll see that Jerry’s wife gets the message. Give me a number for her to call.”

Everything was quite for a second, and then Peggy said, “Here, she can call here.” She gave me the number, then without another word, she hung up the phone.

I told Kathy she should wait for a while before she called Jerry.

Kathy had waited about thirty minutes before she called. She put the phone on speaker, and we heard Jerry’s very friendly, “Hello.”

“This is Kathy; you wanted me to call you?”

“Yes honey, I’m sorry for all the problems, but I think we can work all this out. I’m going to sign all the papers for you. Then you’ll be free to do as you please. I’m not going to bother you about paying me for my part of the house. I’m willing to give up my part of that to help you out. If you just send me the title to the car I have here, we’ll just call it even.”

Kathy’s face was a bright red, and her fists were clenched tight. She was as angry as I had ever seen her and I expected her to start shouting at Jerry.

I was wrong.

In a very calm voice, Kathy said, “Jerry, listen and listen well because I will only say this once. If you have not signed those paper yet, you will sign them tomorrow. Someone will be calling you in the next couple of days to tell you where to take my car. They will be driving the car I have now. You will exchange cars with them, and they will be prepared to take care of changing the titles. This will be the last time I talk to you so you will do as I have told you without question. If you do not do everything I have told you or if you EVER bother me again the whole world will see all of those great pictures of you and your WHORE SLUT.” Kathy pushed the button off on the speaker and hung up the phone.

Kathy just stood there looking at the phone for a few seconds.

Kathy asked me on the best way to exchange the cars with having to see Jerry.

I had to laugh, “From the way you were talking; I thought you had a plan worked out. I can call Dan and Katie and see if they have any ideas.

I called their house, and it rang several times before Katie answered; she sounds as though she was out of breath.

I asked, “Did I call at a bad time?”

“Hold on just a minute and I’ll let you know.”

Then I heard her ask “Gail, will it bother you if I talk to Frank while you continue to eat my pussy?”

I could hear a muffled voice in the background, then Katie laughing, “I think she said it would, OOOHHH, that feel good. Okay to talk to you.

I laughed again, then told her what we wanted to do with the cars.

“Not a problem Mushroom, Gail parched on of the apartment units when she visited you guys, and we have a crew doing some renovating and part of them are commuting. Just take the car to Amie’s store, leave the keys with her and we’ll have them take care of it.

I asked her about Kathy signing the title. “Not almanbahis giriş to worry, we’ll have the same person sign the title that signed the other papers for her. Mushroom, I have to go now, this woman has two fingers in my asshole and her mouth locked onto my very sensitive clit, and I do think she is about to make me cum. Later Sweetie, love you both.” Then the phone went dead.

I quickly explained it all the Kathy. She laughed, “Those two women are something else.”.

Then she smiled, took me by the hand, and we headed to the bathroom.

We gave each other an enema.

Then Kathy took a douche, and we followed with a nice warm shower.

Kathy took the harness out and fitted it with the hole in one dildo. She strapped it on me with the toy on top and my cock through the hole on the bottom.

She pushed me back on the bed the climbed over me in a 69 position. Her pussy was dripping wet as she lowered it to my waiting mouth.

I started at of the bottom of her pussy and licked slowly up, savoring every drop of her wetness as I went.

At the same time, Kathy pushes the dildo a little to one side, and I felt the coolness as she spits on the head of my cock. She wrapped her hand around the head then moved it about half way down my shaft. She sucked my cock into her very wet mouth until her lips were pushing against her hand.

While I was licking the full length of her pussy, taking the time to suck gently on her inner and outer labia, Kathy was moving her hand and mouth up and down my throbbing hard shaft.

When she had my cock soaking wet with her saliva, she rose up and announced, “Okay, that’s enough of that. I want you in my ass and pussy now.

She turned around and placed the side of her face and shoulders on the bed, leaving her ass high in the air. She reached back with both hand and pulled the cheeks of her ass so far apart I sure it had to cause some pain.

“Wet me, lick me, spit on my asshole and pussy or anything else you want to do because all that you see belongs to you.

First, I licked from her clit, up through her pussy and on up across her ass. I spat on her asshole and used two fingers to spread it around.

I pushed one finger against her sphincter, and she pushed back until the finger slipped into her shit hole.

She moaned softly, ‘MORE, I need more. Please fuck my holes, Baby.”

I moved up behind her, aligned the dildo and my cock and pushed forward hard until the harness was pushing against her ass cheeks.

She cried out, I think as much in pleasure as pain. She was still holding her cheeks apart and pushed her ass back against me.

I just stayed there for a few seconds while I enjoyed Kathy massaging my cock with her inner muscles. Then she said, “Ride me hard Baby, fuck my ass and pussy and fill me full of you hot baby juice.”

I started slow but pick up speeding up with each thrust. Soon I was slamming into Kathy as hard and fast as I could.

Kathy was meeting my thrust and grunted every time I hit bottom. I could feel the tightening in my balls, and I know it would not be long before I fill her pussy full of my hot cum.

Kathy was so wet I could hear the sound every time I shoved my cock into her.

My first shot of cum filled her pussy. When I pulled back a little, then pushed back in I could feel my cum as it runs out of her pussy and down across my balls.

Kathy pulled forward causing my cock and the dildo to pull out of her pussy and ass.

She pulled me down on the bed and straddled my head, then moved her pussy over my mouth.

Our combined juices were dripping from her pussy, so I opened my mouth to catch her treasures.

Kathy used two fingers to spread her pussy lips apart and as she pushed down a long stream of cum shot from her honey hole and into my mouth.

Kathy shouted, “DON’T SWALLOW, hold the cum in your mouth so we can share it.”

I did as she told me,

She turned around and pressed her lips to mine, then pushed her rigid tongue into my mouth, swirling it around until she has it completed coated with cum.

When she pulled her tongue back into her mouth, I followed by pushing my cum coated tongue into her mouth. She sucked on as though it was a small cock until it was completely clean of our juices.

We both swallowed then kissed each other softly on the lips as if to says, “a job well done,”

“Can we do a shower tomorrow morning, my ass and everything else about me are worn out,” Kathy said as she searched out on the bed.

That’s fine with me Baby, as I raised up on my knees and removed the strap-on harness, then stretched out in the middle of the bed.

Kathy moved over and wrapped her arm around me and cuddled so close it was as if we were one person.

I thought she was asleep, but then I heard a little giggle.

“What’s so funny Honey?”

Nothing Baby, it’s just that I’m so happy sometimes I just can’t hold it in.

I remember smiling as I dropped off to sleep.

Friday morning almanbahis yeni giriş was here and the end of another workweek. We were up early, ate breakfast, showering, dressing, and was on our way to work.

Kathy was in a splendid mood. She was constantly kissing and touching me, and it was making me feel great.

We were a little early, so we detoured by her house to pick up the mail and check the place out to be sure everything was okay.

On the drive to work Kathy couldn’t keep her hands off my cock. She had me pushing so hard against my pants it was causing me some pain.

I parked, and as we were getting out of the car, Cindy and Beth pulled in beside us.

As soon as Beth stepped out of the car, she noticed the bulge in my pants.

She called out to Cindy, “They’ve been playing in the car again, and Frank’s got a boner.

We all laughed as I walked close behind Kathy to help hide my condition.

Once inside Kathy gave me my big hug and a long, lingering kiss, and then walked on toward the other building.

Old Gus, was standing by his machine watching as I walked toward him.

When I got closer, he started smiling, “You’re one lucky man Frank Howard. That woman loves you like my Nellie loved me, and that’s better than all the money in the word.

I patted him on the back as I walked by, “Gus, you’re so right on all accounts,”

Cindy came to the office to bring me a breakdown on a new design we were due to start running on Monday.

I was looking at her while she was going over the details. I thought what an amazing woman she was. Kathy and I had indulged in some wild, unbelievable sex with her. Now, here she was discussing business with me in a professional manner that would rival any top executive anywhere.

She looked at me and asked, “Are you paying attention to what I’m telling you.”

I laughed and told her, “Yes, some of it but I’m not at all worried about it, I have a highly skilled professional looking after it, and I know she will pull it off without a hitch.

She just looked at me for a minute then said, “Don’t even try that shit on me Boss Man. You’re just trying to chalk points to be sure I’ll invite you and Kathy to the big party next time.”

“No Cindy, I said it in a joking manner, but I did mean it. You’re a good employee, and I hope good things happen for you here.”

I could tell it embarrassed her a little, but it also makes her feel good about herself.

I grabbed my clipboard, and we started out of the office when the phone rang.

She waved over her shoulder as I turned back to answer the phone.

It was Brad calling to be sure we were still on for tonight.

I started to tell him yes when a streak of mischief hit me. “Yes, tonight will be okay, or we can do it tomorrow if that would be better.

There was complete silence for a second then Brad said, “Tonight would be good. I don’t think we can make it tomorrow.” There was a short silence again then Brad asks, “Are you going to be free tomorrow, do you and Kathy have plans?”

It was all I could do to keep from laughing… I knew I was right… they were planning to be at Al’s house.

“Oh shit, I forgot, we ARE going to be tied up this weekend. Tonight will be all right.”

I give him directions to Kathy’s house, and we agreed on 6:30 PM and dinner afterward.

I still had a hard time believing this party of Al’s was going to take place, but I was beginning to get excited about it.

Cindy and Beth were all smiles that afternoon. Cindy stopped me when I was making rounds. She showed me some updated specs on the new line we were starting Monday.

Just before I walked away, Cindy told me they should get back home by the middle of the afternoon Sunday and asks if it would be okay to call and fill us in on the weekend.

I was not sure what time we would be home, so I told her to make it after eight, and we looked forward to hearing all the juicy details.

She gave me a hi-five and said with a big smile, “Sure thing Big Boss Man.”

I told her she had better be careful with that Big Boss Man Shit because it could come back to haunt her.

“No fucking way, a woman taking your job, NO FUCKING WAY. You know as well as I do if you move on up they’ll give your job to a man.

I just smiled as I walked away and left her wondering.

At lunchtime, I met Kathy in the hallway by the cafeteria and told her about my conversation with Brad, and I thought he and Mr. Horton would be the surprise guest at Al’s party.

She said she was thinking the same. But she just couldn’t get her mind around Brad, the man who was about to take over the company, and Mr. Horton, the present owner, who was old enough to be our Farther would be naked at a party with us, much less having sex.

I saw Cindy and Beth sitting at a table along the back wall.

We went through the line then went to the table to set with them.

Both women were very upbeat.

I knew the reason for it but knew we wouldn’t be talking about it now. We just didn’t talk about these things when there was a chance someone could overhear what we were discussing.

Beth said Cindy told Kathy we had talked about women becoming supervisors and asks if she thought it was possible.

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