Bliss Ch. 01

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Liam Baker pressed the “Stop” option on his phone and stopped the alarm from blaring any more. He never changed the alarm according to days. Every morning he made sure to wake up at 6:30am, whether he had a busy day ahead or was out partying all of last night, it didn’t matter. The alarm was fixed.

He groaned quietly as he pushed away the duvet and rose from the comfortable and still warm king sized bed, and tip toed to the bathroom where he began his morning routine. It consisted of only two parts. The first involved brushing his teeth, shaving, and showering. The second part he found himself getting dressed, enjoy a brief breakfast that consisted of a fruit and coffee while checking in on the morning news. He was out the door by 7:30am and drove to his office in under half an hour, if there were no adverse circumstances on the roads, like an accident or emergency road work.

Liam was one of the few people who truly liked and appreciated their job. Being a lawyer was something, but being a recognised and talked-about lawyer was a must add-on. Liam was part of Shepherd & Co, a leading law firm with over 1,000 offices globally. The upcoming generation of lawyers are fighting each other to death over a place and the firm is constantly mentioned on the news regarding some type of case Shepherd & Co handled. By now everyone knew, Shepherd & Co was the law firm with hands in every major case that attracted global media lights.

Over there, Liam was a junior partner, a rising protégé and nicknamed the king of litigation. He was suave, charismatic, persuasive and fucking demanding. He focused on his goal and made sure that no one disturbed his path to what’s rightfully his. Despite his kind heart and honest intentions, people were afraid of his horrific. The prosecution feared him and people pitied his opponents. If eyed up close, the dark aura that he carried could be spotted beneath his handsome smile. Those exact manners and characteristics of Liam were reflected by his ink. He had a lot of ink. A half sleeve covered his left shoulder and upper arm, while a full on sleeve traced along his upper right body. His back was fully covered in the ink outlining the art he chose; A Japanese influenced representation for the art of war. Liam worked and lived in class, but some aspects of his life, like his tats, showed the influence of his past. Some of which showed a hungry Liam growing up in the cold streets between gangsters, thieves and cold blooded killers.

Liam Baker entered the underground parking space of his firm and swiftly parked his Mercedes-Benz in the spot with his name, branded in white letters contrasting against the black sign. As he stood next to his car, he tucked his expensive white shirt neatly again, going around his waist. This movement displayed his muscles perfectly as they contracted and relaxed. He was in terrific shape.

That was one of his many important angles in life he treasured; his health. He was a fitness addict. If he wasn’t busy with work or meetings, he was in the gym. It took a healthy proportion of his day, and Liam always made sure to work out for a minimum of two hours per day, resting on the weekends. His workouts altered from week to week. He didn’t like to keep a schedule for what days to work out which muscle, and instead preferred a freestyle approach. Sometimes he decided on weightlifting, sometimes a jog or playing a sport like basketball, but also occasionally visited the swimming track, which allowed for his broad shoulders to exist.

Liam checked his phone while he waited for the elevator, skimming his e-mails and replying to the ones that required his attention. When he heard the sound of the elevator, he looked up from his phone screen and stepped inside the concise space. He pressed the 20th floor, the doors glided shut and he began riding against gravity to the floor of his department: litigation.

The doors opened and the familiar reception, with one vase of flowers which he supposed was to show some sort of warm welcoming in this monotone place, almanbahis adresi came into view. The receptionist, a cute blonde with thick black frames resting on her nose bridge, flickered her eyes up to him and quickly back down, only to flick them back up at Liam, but this time accompanied with a smile, after realising who it was that entered the office. She bit her lip for a moment, eyeing him up and down, before catching herself.

‘Good morning Mr. Baker.’

Liam gave her his charismatic smile, which revealed a row of white teeth. ‘Morning Rebecca.’ He said in a husky tone, clearly flirting with her.

But that’s all it was, a flirt, office banter. Liam always made sure never to cross the line between ethical office standing and personal matters. Hence he never pursued any women in the office, despite witnessing some of the finest ladies he had laid eyes. And when he meant finest, he truly meant women that oozed beautiful as much as sexiness.

He walked down the corridor until the very end to a corner office with his name plastered on the glass door. He entered it and breathed in the smell of paper and wood, the final opening to the day of work ahead.

The office was not something exemplar. Liam found that the less stuff there was i.e. the simpler the design, the more elegant it was. But his profession did not allow for a simpler design with his desk always covered in stacks of papers, folders and various legal books. Sometimes he barely had space for the keyboard of the computer, and after a few months of serious struggle, he put in a request for a bigger table, which was granted almost immediately, much to his pleasure. Yet a bigger desk did not solve the issue as his workload increased. So he made sure that around his office there was not much stuff, especially not personal belongings. He did not want his colleagues poking around in his life or past, especially not the rich buggers that never experienced a cold winter before.

He checked his inbox and in the span from checking his e-mails from his phone to arriving at the office, he had received over hundreds of new e-mails. When was first awarded his current position of power, he was overwhelmed and used to sigh at the process of influx that took place in his inbox. Now he was used to it and didn’t blink twice while already skimming the titles. He replied to some, ignored others and forwarded the rest.

After an hour of doing exactly that, nothing, he began attending to the pile of cases that had his name as the acting lawyer. Many lawyers didn’t enjoy all the cases they were assigned to and either preferred the complex cases, like million-dollar frauds, or the ones that attracted a hell of a lot of attention. Liam was certain that the former caused the latter. For him however, it was different. He enjoyed every single on of his cases. They were his, and he made sure that none will disrupt the perfect unbeaten record under his belt. He was the best and worked his ass off to stay the best. The top litigator was a spot many craved and fought dirty for, but he had successfully defended it for the past years, and was planning on keeping it that way. For an ambitious and workaholic like Liam, that was natural.

He was heavily infested in the work, answering the calls his secretary Emilia filtered through, and considering he instructed her to only let few important people’s calls to get through, he had to answer all of them. More e-mails and many outgoing calls to courts, the prosecution, opposing counsel or clients. Before he knew it, the clock hit 1pm and everyone changed their status on the computer system to ‘Lunch’. Everyone besides Liam, who remained behind the closed glass doors of his office, his head barely visible behind the stacks of nonsense.

He kept his head low, scrapping something on a legal pad, when a knock broke his concentration. He glanced to the door and broke his boyish smile.

‘I thought you were out of town for that Gallagher case?’ Liam couldn’t hide his tone of joy, still almanbahis adresi smiling up at his office’s intruder.

‘Opposing counsel called me with a settlement offer, which was too lucrative to turn down for my client.’ Hannah said casually as she set swung her bag onto one of the luxury leather chairs while getting comfortable in the other. ‘And I was looking forward to the negotiation too.’

Liam slipped his deep laughter at her frown. ‘You were lowkey getting ready to absolutely annihilate them over there, weren’t you?’

‘Yup.’ Hanna shrugged her shoulders and graced Liam with a flirtatious, yet innocent smile.

Hannah Emberson was the other feared attorney at Shepherd & Co, besides Liam Baker. She was sexy and terrifying, traits that men and women usually couldn’t help but get turned on by, much to their right. She was an angel doing the devil’s work and the only person to plaster the very same smile Liam was sporting at the moment. He couldn’t help it, Hanna had a special space in his heart.

They went back together to the days of being undergraduates together, then law school and now even working at the same firm together, only different departments. She was the one who encouraged Liam to apply for a position at Shepherd & Co. She knew him too well and read him like an open book. So when she saw him not bothering to apply to any elite law firms, she took over the wheel and changed course of his life. Without her, her encouragement and her loving, he wouldn’t be a junior partner making the money and having the power he does now.

Despite their well established history, Liam and Hannah were simply friends, best friends and had each others back. He wouldn’t deny hooking up with her occasionally in the college days when someone asked, but their relationship developed from casual fuck buddies to something deeper, not romantically but friendship wise and they began to look out for each other as soon as they realised that they literally were the same person in different bodies.

‘Well, that calls for a celebration, don’t you think?’ Liam mischievously smiled at her.

‘What you thinking?’

‘Benovigis at eight?’

‘Tabs on you.’ She finally said before grabbing her bag and exiting Liam’s office to crack on with her own work, or maybe to go on a late lunch, after all, she had the authority and everyone’s balls in her palm to be going in and out whenever she feels like.

Liam couldn’t help but glimpsing at the curves of her ass and to proudly enjoy the thought that he had tapped that.


Liam was out of the office by 6:30pm and jumped into his G-Wagon, speeding down the roads to his house for a quick shower and change of outfit. 20 minutes later, he was back in his beast car and drove to the location. He settled on black chinos, a white shirt tucked in and leather shoes. He had rolled the sleeves up to the elbows, revealing the full cover ink on his right arm. He was wearing a Tagheuer on his left wrist with several rings on both his hands to match the silver wear.

Benovigis was a corner restaurant that gave you the feeling of having Italian dish while looking at the Coliseum in Rome. It was the most Italian and finest place Liam knew, and so far both Hannah and him had kept the restaurant a secret from everyone else.

Liam parked the car right outside the restaurant and walked in. The man handling the from podium knew him and just a nod got him moving. Liam followed to a table in the corner, segregated from everyone else but not that the vibes wouldn’t get to them. He sat down and ordered an expensive bottle of red wine.

When Hannah walked in, she didn’t just walk in, she captured the moment perfectly and made it hers. That fucking dress, was all Liam could think when he saw her emerge into his sight.

The dress Hannah decided to wear revealed all her intentions and expectations for the night. A cut on the right side to reveal enough of her sexy thighs, but not too much to leave some room for the power almanbahis adresi of imagination. The dress was snug and exposed her curves perfectly.

Liam got up and was mesmerised by his dinner date. He pulled the chair out for her and after exchanging a knowingly look, he stole a glance at her round bottom and felt his dick harden, but caught himself before slipping any further. She’s your colleague, he repeated in his head until he sat back down and stared at the sky blue eyes that were examining him. Oh what the hell, he thought.


The night was more than pleasant. Both had an incredible night and the banter was in the right place, just like always. Liam truly thought that in another universe, Hannah would be his significant other. He had little doubt that, that idea also crossed her mind a few too many times.

The night was concluded when they exchanged kisses on the cheek and said their goodbyes, leaving Liam too horny for his liking. So at 11pm, instead of driving back home, he decided to hit the gym and relief whatever kind of energy he had in him.

The gym was empty aside from a few night crawlers and Liam started his workout with thirty minutes of high paced jogging, incorporated with a few one-minute-long sprints on the treadmill. Then he began pumping the iron, working on his well defined chest. His muscles were engorged, and combined with the sheer sweat he was irresistible and knew it. So it didn’t come to a surprise that a girl came up to him to ask him to help her with one of the machines. That was bullshit and both knew it.

Liam looked her over closely while watching her complete a set. She was a cute blonde, with decent sized tits but a shapely ass, the results of some serious squatting, and suddenly Liam felt his shaft growing slower and sighed. He needed to release his sexual energy. Just as he finished that thought, Britney finished her set and slowly stood back up, showcasing the butt she clearly worked hard on.

Ten minutes later, they were in one of the cubicles in the bathroom, Britney sitting on the toilet seat and giving Liam’s big shaft soft kisses, which caused his dick to twitch. What a fucking tease, he thought.

She clearly sensed his frustration and without anything further, opened her mouth wide and took him deep into her throat, her tongue working the side beautifully. Liam rested his head back and sighed out loud. Britney bobbed her head and slurping sounds formed.

He grabbed the pink tank top and pulled it down, revealing on of her tits. He played with her nipple and squeezed causing her to moan loud, turning him on more. He grabbed her head and began face fucking her, gagging her badly only to pull out for a few seconds and then gagging her again. He knew she fucking loved it.

He removed his dick from her slutty mouth, pulled her up on her feet, turned her around so that her ass was facing him, and he slid her leggings and panties down. He quickly licked her pussy to add some lubrication, but when he realised that she was dropping wet, he didn’t waste any time and inserted his dick into her. After three slow strokes and three loud moans, he covered her mouth with his hand and began fucking her hard. His other hand travelled to her exposed tit and continued the ambush on her body. She was fucking tight and Liam loved every second of it. He retrieved his hand from her tit for a quick slap on her ass cheek and returned to pulling her nipple. He began nibbling on her neck and he could tell she liked what he was doing to her, as he felt her squirm and licking his fingers. Just as he was about to finish, Britney had climaxed and lost all power in her legs, her knees giving out, collapsing.

‘Oh my god.’ She breathed loudly. ‘I was never fucked like this before.’ She said and looked at Liam with a dreamy face before realising that he hadn’t finished, so she took him back in her mouth, sliding her mouth up and down as fast and deep until she heard him groan and felt him hold her head in place.

Liam spurted all he had in the blonde’s sweet mouth and didn’t withdraw his dick from the warmth enfolding until the very last drop, to which she sucked on the tip and kissed his dick for the last time. The bitch in heat had swallowed everything, making Liam smile.

‘Fucking hell, that was something.’

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