Brother and Sister with Benefits

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After she split with her boyfriend, and her brother Paul divorced his wife the two of them moved in together purely for financial reasons.

Samantha is 23 years old and is regularly told she’s very pretty, she has a good athletic body from regular workouts at the gym and swimming and she has nice 34C tits that she is very proud of. Paul is 28 and very fit and works out regularly too. They also have a sister called Abby and she’s 37.

Paul and Sam work hard and both earn a good wage. Sam saved hard to try to get a house of her own but soon realised it would take a long time. Sam is very comfortable living with Paul and they really enjoy each other’s company. Three months after living together they have become just like a married couple but without the sex.

Sam has always been very highly sexed and misses it like crazy. She would masturbate daily and has a large collection of sex toys. But she certainly misses the touch and feel of a good hard cock inside her pussy. Sam would often hear Paul masturbating in his bedroom and she was sure he has heard her too.

One evening after a shower Sam dressed as usual in just her panties and a baggy t shirt and went downstairs. Paul was laying down on the sofa, “move over Paul make room for me.” Sam said.

“No, if you want me to move you’ll have to move me.” He replied.

“Okay, no problem.”

Sam jumped on top of Paul and started to tickle him, she knew he hated to be tickled and he was yelling at her to stop. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and hugged her tight to his body to stop Sam using her hands to tickle him some more. Sam’s face was on Paul’s chest and She could feel his cock hardening against her leg. Sam felt a little embarrassed but Paul didn’t react and didn’t seem bothered about it.

“Will you stop tickling me if I let you go Sam?” He asked.

“Yes, I promise.”

Paul slowly released his grip on Sam and she sat up straddling him, her pussy was actually touching his cock and there was a very awkward few seconds where neither of them knew what to do. This made Sam feel horny as hell but this was her brother, and feeling uncomfortable she moved off his cock and sat further up his torso. “Are you going to move so I can sit on the sofa?” She asked once again.

“I’ll think about it.”

“Okay, maybe this will encourage you to move.”

Sam then leaned forward and shoved her tits in his face to smother him hoping it would make Paul move. Sam expected him to complain but he seemed to enjoy it. In a muffled voice he shouted “okay I’ll move if you let me breathe.”

Sam sat up and Paul burst out laughing. “Haha, not really, I’m not moving.” He said, which confirmed to Sam that he enjoyed the feel of her tits in his face Eskort Bayan even though they were covered by her t shirt. Secretly he was hoping she’d do it again but naughty Sam had other ideas.

She moved up his body until her knees were either side of his face, her pussy was about six inches from his face. “I’ll suffocate you with my pussy if you don’t move.” She said.

“You wouldn’t dare.” He replied.

Sam started moving down very slowly towards his mouth, her pussy getting closer all the time, “okay, okay I promise I’ll move.”

She climbed off him but secretly she was hoping he’d let her go all the way and put her pussy on his face as she wanted to know what he would do about it. Paul did move and Sam sat down on the sofa next to him. Sam could feel the wetness between her legs and was really turned on. It had been a few months since she’d had sex and was getting very desperate for it. Sam knew at this point that if Paul felt the same as her that she would definitely fuck him. “Do you miss your wife?” Sam asked him.

“I miss her pussy.” He replied.

“Haha, you very nearly had mine in your face just now.”

“Mmm I know I did, if you weren’t my sister I’d have pulled you down onto my face and licked you through your panties.”

“You sound as desperate as I am for a fuck.”

“I’m certainly desperate, we never go out so there’s no chance of either of us getting laid.”

“What we both need is a fuck buddy.”

“Who do you have in mind Sam?”

“I have the perfect solution to our problem. How about you and I become fuck buddies?”

“Are you fucking serious?” Paul shouted.

“Yes, just think about it. You need pussy, I need cock. Nobody will ever know but us two.”

“Okay I’ll consider it. If you weren’t my sister I’d definitely go for it as I’m permanently horny lately but it’s incest.”

“Well think carefully about the benefits of it and let me know.”

Paul stood up said goodnight and went to bed. Sam’s pussy was still soaking and she was desperate to cum. She was unsure how Paul had taken her suggestion and needed to talk to him. Nervously she went to his bedroom door and listened, she could hear the familiar noise of Paul masturbating. Sam hoped he was thinking about fucking her. This is perfect she thought and without hesitation she knocked on his door and walked in.

“What the fuck you doing.” He yelled as he covered himself up embarrassingly.

“I’m sorry, but I need to talk to you.”

“Okay, no problem.” He replied and moved over in his bed to give her room to sit down.

Sam could clearly see the bulge in the sheet covering his still hard cock.

“I’m sorry I disturbed you.” She said as she stared at his bulge.

“Just get on with what you want to talk about.” He replied sharply.

“I’m sorry for suggesting we become fuck buddies earlier, I shouldn’t have dropped it on you like that.”

Paul then surprised her by saying “It’s okay sis, I actually think it’s a good idea but I think I need a little more time to get used to the idea of fucking my sister.”

“Do you find me attractive?” She asked.

“Yes, and all my mates think you’re hot too.”

Sam looked once more at the bulge in the sheet, it was still there as his cock stood to attention. She reached over and grabbed Paul’s shaft, she was very surprised at how thick it was and Paul jumped but didn’t protest at her sudden grab of his cock so she started to stroke the full length of it. “Maybe this will help persuade you.” She said as she lifted the sheet and disappeared underneath it and slurped his cock right into her mouth. Paul froze then moaned out loud at the sensation. Sam managed to take most of his thick cock into her mouth and gently sucked on it. Her tongue was licking all over the head of his dick and up and down the length to his balls.

After just a few minutes Paul shouted “I’m going to come!” Just as the first shot erupted into her mouth and hit the back of her throat. That was quickly followed by a few more streams of cum as Sam swallowed every last drop before licking his cock clean.

“Oh wow! That was fucking amazing.” Said Paul.

Sam reappeared from underneath the sheet and stood up off the bed. She leaned over Paul and kissed him on the lips. “Goodnight brother, don’t forget to think about my proposition.”

She then walked out of his room and went to the bathroom to clean her teeth before going to bed. Sam was horny as hell as she slipped into bed, she quickly took off her panties and rubbed furiously at her tender wet cunt and come very quickly. She then put her panties back on and fell asleep.

Sam is quite a heavy sleeper and had been asleep for about half an hour or so and she didn’t hear the door open when Paul came into the room and got into the bed with her.

Sam awoke to Paul’s hands gently stroking her arse cheeks. She didn’t let him know that she was awake, but she soon realised that she was starting to feel wet between her legs, she rolled over and continued to pretend to be asleep and then she let her legs fall open slightly. She felt his hand move to the crotch of her panties and rub his fingers over the cotton fabric. Sam let out a quiet moan to let him know that she was enjoying it.

Paul’s fingers were working their way under her panties, she opened her legs further apart so he could enjoy better access to her dripping wet cunt. She was aching for him to touch her with his bare fingers.

Finally, he slid his fingers in the side of her panties and stroked her smooth pubic mound. Then he parted her pussy lips with his fingers and thumbed her swollen clit, Sam didn’t want her brother to know that she was awake yet.

Sam felt his finger enter her soaking cunt as he pushed it in and out of her making her even wetter than before. He suddenly stopped and began to gently pull down her panties over her hips and legs. After what seemed like forever, he had them off completely. She slightly opened her eyes and caught Paul licking the juices from her panties. “Mmmm, Yes that’s nice.” He whispered.

Paul then kneeled down on the floor at the end of the bed and brought his mouth up to her aching pussy. He started to lick slowly at the folds of her pussy and spread her lips apart with his tongue before sucking on her swollen clit. Sam was moving her hips and pushing her pussy against his tongue. He slipped first one then two fingers inside her pussy and pushed them in and out while he sucked hard on her clit.

Sam was starting to get really wet, her hips were grinding her pussy on Paul’s face, covering it with her juices. She couldn’t hold back any longer, “oh fuck yes.” She screamed as her pussy pulsated and gripped his fingers. Her cunt gushed with juices completely soaking his face.

After she calmed down from her orgasm Paul kissed his way up Sam’s body, he suddenly stopped, making her hold her breath in anticipation. Slowly he crept his way up to her breasts. He sucked a hard nipple into his mouth and paused once again. He was sucking and flicking them with his tongue and at the same time moving his fingers in and out of her soaking pussy. She loved every second of it and wanted more.

He moved himself up over her then positioned his hard cock in between her legs. Guiding it with his hand, he put his cock between the lips of her wet pussy. He slowly eased his hard cock into her, His cock filled her up completely. Sam could feel his balls slapping against her arse. He started moving his hips back and forth. The feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her was just so amazing.

He pulled her legs over his hips and began to fuck her hard and fast, Sam wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him down towards herself, she closed her eyes as she felt his hard cock fuck her with all that he had, then he pulled his head towards hers and kissed her passionately, slipping her tongue into his mouth, she very quickly had an orgasm. Paul cried out as he thrust into her pussy with his hard cock, she could feel his cock pulsating as he cum deep inside her.

Completely knackered Paul laid down on the bed next to Sam. Neither of them said anything for about twenty minutes. “Wow Sam, that was fucking amazing, we must be crazy.”

“Mmm I agree brother, but I hope that’s the first of many.” Sam replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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