Cabin at the Lake Ch. 06

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The guests get caught up in the action and sex ensues.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle for editing.


Julie’s hand on my cock feels amazing. It amazes me that anything made of flesh and bone can feel so good. I’ve dissected hands. I can name the muscles and tendons. I can draw for you how the muscles and tendons and joints work together to curl the fingers into a fist. With a little effort I can recall the layers of the skin, the structure of the sweat glands, the nerves – Meissner, Pacini and Ruffini corpuscles – and Merkel cells.

I can draw the pathways that lead from my penis back to my spine and up to my brain. I can explain how those signals are processed and sent back, how changes in sympathetic and parasympathetic impulses alter nitric oxide production and cause blood to fill special chambers in my penis, making it hard, causing tumescence.

What I can’t explain is why it feels so amazing. Or why I love her.

I’m half asleep, lost in appreciation of the mysteries of the body. It takes a moment before the realization hits me that I’m lying in a patient’s, former patient’s backyard, naked, getting a hand job from my naked fiancé. I stifle the urge to spring up and grab my pants. That would only call attention to myself. Besides her hand feels amazing.

“Sweetheart, what are you doing?” I whisper, eyes still closed. I feel Julie shift closer to me. Her breast brushes against my arm. That feels amazing as well.

“Playing with your dick love,” she whispers in my ear.

“Sweetheart, we’re lying here right out in the open. Maybe you should stop.”

“Hush, they went inside ages ago. You were sleeping with a very hard, very beautiful, and exceptionally large erection. I couldn’t stand it anymore.”

My mind is numb. All I can feel is her hand. I struggle to find the right words. “But Julie, baby…”

Her mouth falls over mine and my words are lost. As my hands reach for her hair, she throws her leg over me. Before I can protest, or decide if I even want to protest, she grabs my erection, positions it between her labia, and lowers herself on me. She sighs in my mouth. She allows her weight to press my penis deep inside her. I’m always afraid I’ll hurt her. Having a large penis is not the plus it’s made out to be. In the past, I’ve been dumped because of it.

“Julie what if they’re watching?” I moan into her mouth but I don’t stop kissing her.

“Let them. I don’t care. I love you. I’m hotter than blacktop in August and I want that giant cock of yours inside me.” She raises herself, slowly pulling herself off my erection. She tightens and relaxes the muscles of her vagina as she does so. “You really want me to get off? She whispers against the side of my neck.

I don’t. I want her. I had wanted her from the day she introduced herself. I was afraid it would look badly for the new guy on staff to ask out the hottest nurse so I spent the first six months pretending not to stare at her. We happened to walk out of the hospital at the same time one evening. She stopped me with a hand on my arm and proceeded to ask me if I was gay. I was flabbergasted. I sputtered out a “no” worrying my splutters made it sound as if I was trying to lie.

“Good,” she answered. “It’s freezing. I haven’t been grocery shopping this week. I’ll let you take me to dinner.” I remember it being in the low 50’s that day, which I was to learn, is “freezing” in this part of the world.

We had dinner and several more after that before we slept together. She asked me a second time if I was gay which irritated me. I attempted to be circumspect, explain that, in the past, when relationships had progressed to a more intimate level, they went sour.

Her concern had been almost comical. “Oh my God. I know you aren’t a veteran. Did you have an accident or something? Are you missing parts or is it just trouble, you know, getting it up?”

“What? No! I have all my parts and they all work fine.”

She stared at me with evident confusion. “So what do you mean ‘gone sour’? Are you trying to say you’re bad in the sack?” Her confusion changed to mild concern. “You’re not into kinky shit are you? Whips? Stuff like that?”

“No. Come here.” We had been sitting on her sofa. “Kiss me.” When she looked at me, I moved toward her and pulled her close. It didn’t take long. A few minutes of kissing, a few times running my hands over her breasts, and I was fully erect.

“This is the problem,” I whispered as I put her hand over my erection, afraid that once again that would be the end.

At first she just looked at me with a baffled expression but as her hand move along the bulge in the left leg of my pants, her eyes widened.

“Holy shit, Batman,” she whispered.

“Well, that’s not how the women I’ve been intimate with phrased it but, yes, that is the problem. I’ve only had a serious relationship with two women. Both broke it off after trying a few times. I was as gentle as I could be but they said it was just şişli escort too much.”

“Take your pants off.”

I was caught off guard. In my head I was already closing the door behind me. As I hesitated, Julie smacked me on the arm. “Come on Mark, take ’em off. I want to see this monster.”

I admit I was taken aback by her forwardness, I still am, but I didn’t wish to leave. I stood and reached for my belt but Julie beat me to it. She undid my belt, unbuttoned my trousers, pulled the zipper down, and yanked the trousers and my boxers down in one swift motion.

My erect penis sprang out. I’ve never been clear how one measures the so called, “angle of the dangle”. Is zero degrees the belly? Or the thighs? If it is the belly then my angle was obtuse, if the thighs, acute. I mean when I’m standing it mostly points down, because of its size.

“Holy shit doesn’t do it justice, Batman,” Julie whispered. I’m still not clear on why she says this so frequently. I haven’t seen the Batman movies but the TV Batman reruns I watched as a kid did not contain any profanity.

At the time I wasn’t worrying about Batman. I sat back down on the couch and Julie began to fondle me. Her soft hands and fingers explored my erection. Her touch was maddening. It was all I could do to not beg her to let me have her.

Begging was not required. Julie had moved a little ways down the couch and put as much of my penis in her mouth as she could. If her fingers had been maddening, there was no word for what her mouth was. With her mouth and both hands she was able to stroke all of me. I swallowed a whimper of disappointment when she stood up. I consoled myself by vowing to remember exactly how her mouth and hands had felt.

Instead of leaving, she reached behind her back and unzipped the sundress she’d been wearing. She slipped it off her shoulders, let it fall to her feet, and kicked it aside. Her hands returned to her back and soon her bra followed the dress. She had beautiful full breast with wide aureoles. She hooked the top of her thong with her thumbs and tossed that aside as well. She had no pubic hair. She had no tan lines either.

Her right fingers dabbled between her legs. I couldn’t help but stare. Her fingers and the smooth skin of her labia had begun to shine and glisten. My pants and boxers were still around my feet. Julie stooped and slipped them off my bare feet and tossed them atop her own clothes. She pushed my legs apart and knelt between them and took my penis back into her mouth. Only one hand stroked me. The other was between her legs. I was torn between a desire to throw my head back and moan with delight and the fear if I took my eyes off her she’d disappear.

I watched, fascinated, as the skin of her cheeks stretched and flattened. I was amazed that she could get that much of my penis in her mouth and not feel her teeth. She pulled her mouth away and started to lick my erection, up and down, swirling her tongue around the corona. I was nearly to the point of warning her I was about to ejaculate when she stood again.

She used her knees to push my legs together then knelt on the edge of the couch, straddling my legs. She buried her fingers inside her vagina and then wiped them up and down my erection.

I can easily recall the heat in her eyes when she looked at me. She told me to hold still, to not move, to let her do all the work. When I agreed she reached between her legs with her left hand and held my erection up. Her right hand spread her labia. I was enthralled at the sight of her sex. I wanted to touch her, wanted to help.

I rested my hands on her hips as she lowered herself. When her labia touched the head of my penis, I jumped. It felt so hot, not in a sexual sense but temperature. She moved the head back and forth in her wetness and once again I had to fight the urge to simply let go and ejaculate.

She held my erection still and let more of her weight press against me. The head of my penis entered her and she whispered a soft “umm” sound that was more beautiful than anything I had ever heard before. Her legs relaxed and she settled lower. The “umm” grew lower and when she grimaced, I tightened my grip on her hips and held her still.

She had opened her eyes then and smiled at me. “It’s okay baby. I got this,” she had told me and I believed her. I relaxed my hands. She rose up slightly, keeping the head of my penis safely inside, then lowered herself. She did this very slowly but with each movement more of my erection was engulfed by her warm body.

Soon, too soon, I felt the firm dome of her cervix pressing against my penis. At least two inches of my penis remained outside her welcoming body. Julie held herself there and began moving her hips in small circles. Her fingers were a blur as they buzzed over her clitoris. I was engrossed by the emotions that flitted across her face before she stilled and let out a long low, “Oh fuck yes.” Her vagina contracted so violently I was afraid she would squeeze mecdiyeköy escort me out of her body.

Drained, she fell onto my chest. I still had my shirt on. She nuzzled the side of my neck and whispered, barely audible, “That was the best orgasm of my life.” I accepted that graciously but didn’t entirely believe her.

I had not ejaculated. I was very close but had held myself back. I considered reaching around her hip and stroking the part of my penis that was not insider her but that struck me as a bit rude. Instead, I rubbed her back as she caught her breath.

After a few minutes she had begun to move her hips again. She called me “poor baby” and asked me what she should do with “that hard monster cock” before lifting herself off me. She sat on the couch and once more took me in her mouth. I told her she didn’t have to. None of the women I had dated had ever wanted to perform oral sex on me after my penis had been in them.

Back then, I was still trying to learn not to be surprised by this volcanic woman, I still am. She had not appeared to mind fellating me even though my erection was slick with her moisture. The excitement of that, combined with the feel of her mouth and hand brought me quickly to the brink. I hissed a warning and pushed at her head but she would have none of that.

Instead, she pushed her mouth even further over my penis. I shouted as I ejaculated, something I had never done before. As my orgasm subsided, I reconsidered whether or not Julie had been exaggerating when she said she had had the best orgasm ever. I certainly had.

That was over a year ago now. We didn’t live together but we might as well. If she didn’t sleep at my place, I slept at hers. It had taken a few more times but eventually Julie was able to take all of my penis, she keeps trying to get me to say “cock”, inside her. She keeps telling me I can relax and, as she puts it “really let loose” and stop worrying I’ll hurt her but I still worry.

After that first time together and after we rested long enough for her to get me erect again, she insisted on measuring my penis. She appeared to not believe me when I said I’d never done so but I hadn’t. She kept jamming the ruler into my belly, trying to make it an even ten inches. I had to resort to raising my voice before she stopped pushing and accepted the fact my penis was 9 ? inches. I was okay letting her round it up to 9 ½” for length and an even 6″ for circumference. I had sarcastically asked her what she planned to do with the information. I almost panicked when she told me she planned to post it in the nurses’ break room. That’s how uncertain I had been with regards to her boundaries and sense of propriety.

Quite clearly my own sense of propriety has expanded over the intervening months. How else can I explain laying here in someone’s, not just any someone I force myself to admit but a former patient’s, back yard, naked with my naked fiancé sitting atop my erection.

I try to occupy my mind. I really do. I’m trying to learn to control this new shit that flows through my head. I am not sure I’m cut out to be a voyeur, at least not a mental one.

I’m trying to stay out of Julie’s head but it’s like she’s screaming in my ear. The little glimpses I catch of what Julie is feeling make it really hard not to dive straight into her skull. The feeling of being totally full is overwhelming.

“Donna? Wake up?”

I open one eye and look at Gary. “I’m not asleep.”

“Why are you moaning then?” I turn to look at Terry who is standing behind me.

Did I want to risk it? What if it didn’t work with strangers? What if sharing physical sensation was limited to my brothers and I? Worse, what if it wasn’t? I feel I’m on thin ice, ethics-wise, when it comes to dipping into other’s minds, even my brothers. If it was wrong for me to share Julie’s or Mark’s sensations, wouldn’t it be an even greater wrong to share them with my brothers?

I decide to risk it, salving my conscience with the thought that at least I had stopped to consider the implication of what I intended to try.

I hold my hands out. “Take hold of my hands. Make a circle.”

“Huh? Why?” Terry demands. Gary simply takes hold of one of my hands and holds his other out to our brother. Terry scowls for a moment and then steps close enough to complete the circle.

“Now what? Do we sing ‘Kumbaya’?” He snaps. I lean over and kiss the back of his hand.

“No.” I smile at him as I speak. “Now close your eyes and listen.”

His lips part and I can feel the retort forming in his mind. Though he does not speak, I can feel, almost see, Gary’s wish for him to relax. Terry shoots a look at his brother but I feel the tension ease out of the fingers clasped around my own.

Our eyes close in unison. I let my thoughts float away on the breeze that stirs the curtains. The warm air carries me out toward the lake. I can see them quite clearly. I might as well be standing over them.

I keep the vision of Julie’s beautiful body accepting Mark’s magnificent cock clear in my mind as I concentrate on my brothers’ breathing. Our breathing synchronizes. I focus on the feel of their hands around mine. I trace where our skin touches. I feel the pulse of their beating hearts in my hands. Soon our hearts beat in time as well.

I open a pinhole in my thoughts, the tiniest of openings, nothing more than a single speck of light in the darkness. When I’m sure they see it, sure I have their attention. I let the pinhole expand until the darkness is gone.

The image is a blur, shades of color, a suggestion of movement, a pattern that suggests coherence but lacks clarity. I begin to turn the mental equivalent of a focus ring in my head. The image begins to coalesce.

“What the fuck?” Terry whispers, sounding dazed.

I pause. I let them take in the vision of Julie’s hands entwined with Mark’s, how he supports her with his strong arms as she lowers herself onto his cock. I don’t direct their attention but I can feel their eyes darting as they gaze: her breasts, the hard nipples, the look of concentration on her face, on Mark’s, the way her juices flow down his cock, preparing the way, the proud thrust of her clit, a bead of sweat clinging to her left nipple. They look. They take it in.

Time for stage two.

I almost begin with Julie then chicken out. It might be too much, too strange for my brothers to process. It is better to move slowly. I start with Mark.

How do her hands feel against his? What’s it like to have her weight pressing down on his palms? Can he smell her hair? Her cunt? Or is the breeze blowing over the grass all he can smell? Is her cunt warm? Wet? Tight? Can he feel her stretching to accommodate him? Is that her cervix? There’s still a good two or three inches of cock that needs to find its way into her cunt.

As with the vision, I let myself feel what Mark feels. I stay away from his emotions. I feel what his body feels. I have no wish to intrude on what his heart feels. I make sure that part of him is sealed off before I allow the sensations to pass through me and into my brothers. Seeing is one thing. Feeling is another. Will they be able to feel as well as see?

I first it seems they can’t, but as I open myself to them I hear a gasp. It is Gary this time. “Oh my God she is so tight.”

I feel confusion in Terry but before he can voice it I feel the barrier fall and he too feels it.

“It’s like it’s my cock inside her.” He pants in wonder.

They lapse into silence. Mark sighs and we sigh with him as he feels Julie’s ass rest, at last, atop his thighs. We feel the pressure of her hands on his when she lifts up. We share the sensation of her cunt hugging his cock. The head of his cock swells, anxious to stay inside her and that, too we feel.

She lowers herself more quickly this time. When her ass touches Mark’s legs, she swivels her hips. The three of us groan with him. I can tell that neither of them will last long. They are too excited, too excited in the way their bodies feel, too excited to be making love outside, and trying not to pry, I can tell they are both too excited at the thought of being watched to hold out for much longer. I take the liberty of suggesting to Mark that he not feel guilty about this after he cums and then retreat back into the physical sensations of his body.

I want to see if my brothers can follow me to stage three. It will be more foreign but maybe not totally. They know what it is like to have a cock inside them.

I let my attention move from Mark to Julie. How does Mark’s cock feel inside her cunt? I let the fullness of that monster dick penetrate me. As I do, I can feel how close she is to her orgasm. I move more quickly than before. I let my feelings wash out of my arms and into my brothers’.

Their grips tighten painful on my hands and they gasp as if in pain. I let the growing tension in Julie’s body wash over me, over them.

She cums. I feel my own pussy clench and begin to pant. I feel Mark’s cum force its way into her cunt. I feel his orgasm and it mingles with hers. They are different. Both intense. Both beautiful. But different.

I lose the connection. All I can hear is my own breathing and the pants of my brothers. All I can see is the play of pink and black on my closed eyelids. All I can feel is my pussy clenching as my orgasm fades.

When I open my eyes, my brothers are still gasping for air. The floor in front of them is wet with cum. Their cocks still twitch. I want to get out of the chair and take each of their cocks in my mouth but I’m too spent to move.

Plus, I can no longer sense Mark or Julie. I don’t want to risk getting caught with one of my brother’s dicks in my mouth. Julie knows, but Mark has no idea.

I can’t help shuddering when Julie’s weight rests on my legs. God it feels good to be inside her. She rests for a moment. I imagine I can feel her vagina reshaping itself around my erection. I’m so afraid I’ll hurt her but when I open my eyes there is no pain visible on her features. Her eyes are closed. Her lips twitch into a brief smile.

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