Cabin Boy At Home

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This is my first story. The story is factious. The names have been changed to protect anyone that might think I am talking about them.

We fell on each other and started to laugh this was the first time I have ever touched another man before much less fuck him. Then I did the unthinkable I shoved my tongue in his mouth and we started to kiss and taste his cum then we…. Will that will be another story…

Part two.

We got home my wife Tabatha was waiting for me. I went in and got a shower to find her climbing in with me. I did not ask why she was so horny but she was, she started to give me a hand job she played for a while and commented that I normally cum by now.

It’s like I have been Cumming all day. Little does she know…?

We ended up by fucking the rest of the day away. She was on FIRE. She even took my load down her throat. She wanted to kiss and I finally gave into her and tasted my cum which was not as bad as I thought it would be.

After a nap and fucking her again I tried to find out why she was this horny. She never told me but who cares as long as I am getting my nuts off, life is good.

Tim and I were talking the next day and he told me that Tina was horny as hell when he got home and they fucked all night long.

We knew something was up and decide to go bursa suriyeli escort escort “fishing” again next weekend.

We devised a plan to install miniature video cameras that Tim got off line in his bedroom.

Saturday came around and we took off. After fishing for a few hours it was time for lunch.

Tim wanted a nice hard dick for lunch and started to suck me dry. It was then that he started to put a finger up my ass and started to make me squirm.

After I shot my load down his throat that begged to ass fuck me. I got on my back as he started to rim me. His tongue felt so good that I was starting to get hard again.

Tim mounted me and was a mad man fucking my tight virgin ass. He lasted only a few minutes but it was long enough to make me cum again. I shot my load all over my hairy chest and nipples.

I made Tim pull out and started to lick the cum off of me. I told him when he was done cleaning my chest to clean my ass that he made a mess of. Which he happily agreed to and did it with great care.

I wished I would have started earlier in life enjoying man to man sex.

The thrill of having your ass, balls and dick played with like no women could or would want to is a relaxing feeling.

We decided to head home and bursa ucuz escort see what the video camera caught.

My wife was over at Tina’s house when we came in and surprised them.

They looked like dear caught in head lights. They were mad we came home to early. We cleaned up and went home to another round of fucking and sucking like the week before.

Tim called me over when Tina went to get there kids to see what was on the miniature video camera.

It was pretty much a blank video just staring at their bed when Tina and Tabatha walked in.

Tina took off her robe and Tabatha started to rub Tina’s back and shoulders. Tina then rolled over and Tabatha took off her robe and had the same strap-on that Tina fucks Tim with.

She started to fuck Tina and the thrill of them two fucking was causing our dicks to get hard. That is when Tim reached over and started to play with me.

I was about to take my cock out when we heard the garage door open and Tina and the kids came home.

We sent the kids over to my house to play and the three of us started to make a small talk when Tim asked if anyone wanted to play poker.

Tina was game for it and we stated house rules. Tabatha called and said she was going to take the kids to a move and would bursa üniversiteli escort be back in about three hours.

I knew we better to get started so I could win. As luck would have it we used my cards. The marked cards that I keep with me. (Tabatha always looses at cards)

After a few rounds Tina had lost all her money and wanted to win it back. Tim and I upped the bet; losers would have to do anything the winner wanted.

She agreed and Tim and Tina both lost.

Tina was starting to get horny by the way her nipples are poking out of her braless shirt. I could see Tim’s pants start to tent up.

We made Tina do a strip tease for us. Which had my dick leaking precum and causing a Stain on my shorts.

Tina saw this and came over and started to suck the cum through my shorts. That’s when I stood up and told Tim to undress me and for the both of them to suck me dry.

Tina was shocked when Tim obeyed me and came over and started to suck my throbbing cock.

Tim was dripping and asked if we could go into the bedroom and continue in there. Tina lay on the bed and we got into 69. That’s when I felt Tim starting to lick me ass.

I told him no! He was going to get fucked in the ass in front of his wife. She took the strap-on and put it on and started to get Tim to suck her as I fucked his ass. I grabbed the KY Tina kept in her night stand.

I started to push my cock in his ass and he was playing the part moaning and asking me to stop.

Tim was so humiliated that he was being used. Tina and I switched positions and he cleaned me up.

Tina and Tim got into a 69 and I started to fuck…. That is another story.

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