Change of Life Ch. 11

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As I moved up tight between Mandy’s legs and slowly worked my dick all the way into her very wet gapping pussy, she felt the head of my cock move into her opening pushing and stretching the lips of her pussy open wider. When I had pushed my cock al the way into her she moaned loudly and wrapped her legs and arms around him and began to hump me like a female dog in heat. But as much as I liked fucking her I didn’t like her. Mandy’s pussy felt so good as it milked my haft and the way she lifted us both up off the bed as she rammed her cunt against me told me she really was enjoying the fucking I was giving her. I was thinking to myself, “Jesus! This woman could fuck a dead man back to life!!”

She let out a moan ever few seconds as I continued to pump into her giving her the daily fix of cock she wanted and needed. As she drove her pussy up into me I rammed my cock down into her as deep as I could get it. We both enjoyed the feel of our sex merging together again and again every second. I began to move faster now. My need was urgent and I began to slam into her cunt. I wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine and said, “Say it baby! Say it, fuck me in my cunt! Fuck my cunt Bud!”

She smiled up at him and said, “Fuck me in my cunt Bud. Fuck my cunt hard! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt! Does that excite you when I say fuck and cunt Bud?”

I didn’t answer her but continued to pump into her again and again. Then Mandy told me, “Oh yes! I’m going to cum hard Bud I can feel it! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Bud! Oh God YES!”

And I did! I pumped my entire long hard shaft in and out of her hard and fast and she cried out, arched her back. As she came she almost passed out from the sheer pleasure of my cock pushing so much deeper into her than her husband ever did or could do.

Harder and faster my thrusts came when I felt her squeezing her pussy tighter around my dick. Driving into her now, I was as deep as I could go in Mandy’s cunt. I moved and leaned up on my arms and arched my back driving my cock a little deeper. I could feel the head of my cock rubbing up against her cervix. She screamed out, “OH FUCK YES CUM IN MY WOMB! OH GOD YES BUDDY!”

And as my cum began to pump and pump into her womb, I felt Mandy’s wet warm cunt squeezing me, milking me, trying to make me cum even more.

Both Paul and Shirl were watching us as Mandy and I fucking each other in front of them on the bed. Each seemed to be amazed at the sight of us fucking so hard and so long! Now as I arched up against Mandy’s pussy only our hips and sexes were touching each other. I had pumped into her one last time and was now emptying my nuts deep inside Mandy’s tight cunt. Using my hips for leverage I held her down on the bed as I pumped my cum into her. She fucking loved it! And tried to thrust her body up into me again and again.

Our breathing was loud and fast as Shirl and Mandy’s husband watched us finish fucking. We were like machines moving together as one giving our best to give the other an orgasm they wouldn’t forget. We were joined together now completely, me on top of Mandy and we looked like one as we held each other so tightly now. Moans came from both of us as we slowly rammed together now. The sheer pleasure of the afterglow of screwing each other just held us tight so as to try and not let this rapture go. But like all good things it did.

As Mandy held on to me, we had both fucked each other so hard our bodies had bounced up and down off the bed. As I had rammed my cock home and she thrust up to meet me we had actually left the bed all together some of the time bouncing so hard we cane up off of it! It had been with such force that Mandy knew she would be bruised tomorrow, but right now she didn’t care.

Shirl watched like she was hypnotized as my cock fucked Mandy like some piston in a car. In and out, in and out, as Paul had looked on with envy at his best friend giving his wife what he knew couldn’t.

Paul’s cock was hard as it had ever been and it was screaming for release now. When he couldn’t hold back any longer, he said, “I want to fuck Shirl now Mandy! I have got to or I’m going to cum without touching myself.”

Mandy felt him with her hand. He was thicken and harder than she could remember. She told her husband in a husky after sex voice, “Cum in her Paully, make her cum for you too! Fill her pussy with all of your cum! Give it to her baby!”

I looked over at Shirl and she was laying back against the bed now and Paul was between her legs working on her pussy. He had gotten it all wet and sticky with her juices. I was sure Shirl was wet from watching me fuck her best friend too! I was thinking’ “Go for it Paully! Give Shirl a little cock too”

I mean what the fuck I was banging his old lady, so why shouldn’t he be fucking my wife too? Ankara travesti I looked over at my wife and noticed she had her eyes closed now as Paul worked his three fingers into her pussy hole. And Paul was now kneeling between Shirl’s open thighs and moving his cock closer to her opening. Paul lowered his face and began to lick and suck Shirl’s sensitive nipples as he put his cock into her pussy and began to ram into her. I could tell he was in need, bad need. And, I was actually happy for him when after a few minutes Shirl told him, “Wait Paully! Let me get on top baby!”

Paul smiled as he rolled off of her and laid back with he six-incher sticking up hard and dark in color. I knew he loved this! He had always told me how beautiful Shirl was and I knew he liked her a great deal. As his wife and I watched, as Shirl moved over Paul’s cock. Mandy slowly slid over and took Paul’s cock in her hand and guided it into Shirl’s wet pussy. Slowly Shirl sat down making it go in deeper and deeper. While Paul wasn’t as thick or as long as I was, Shirl still moaned and told us how much she loved the feel of a wet hard cock pushing deep into body!

Mandy smiled and signaled for Bud to come over. We watched as my wife and her husband began to fuck harder now, Paul’s hands gripped Shirl’s hips now for leverage and he began to pump up into her. He had started slow but was now building up speed and was now giving Shirl a steady pounding. I watched as my wife rode my best friend’s cock as I sat next to them on the big bed. Mandy smiled seeing them fucking. It was the first time I had seen her smile at her husband all day. She squeezed her own pussy with one hand and my solid cock with the other. Paul was moaning as he felt the ripples of orgasm coming fast now. And then Paul’s cock came out of Shirl’s pussy hole. You never saw four hands work so hard to hurriedly replace the cock back into her pussy! As they fucked each time they had moved to a fast motion Paul’s smaller cock would come out of Shirl’s pussy. It was frustrating to both of them.

Finally, Shirl told Paul she wanted him on top. His cock kept falling out of her and she hated that to happen. She was on her knees facing him as he rolled out of the way and she laid down under him on the bed. Now with Paul on top, he took his cock in his hand and positioned it at the doorway to her hole. He pointed it at her cunt and as he lowered his body down onto her. His cock went right back in! Mandy and I watched as he pushed all of his cock into Shirl’s cunt. We all heard both of them moan with pleasure as she took all he had deep inside her. Paul held her under her ass and lifted her up. His hips started moving and making his cock go in and out of my wife’s body as he fucked down into her body!

Mandy whispered, “He’s going to cum in seconds! He can’t hold back at all! I know how he looks and acts when he’s close.”

I kissed her and smiled as we continued to watch my wife and her husband fucking. Paul was moving much faster now and Shirl moaned, ” I can feel my pussy squeezing your cock Paully! Oh yes baby! That’s it faster! Oh yes fuck me!! Fuck me faster! Oh yes baby! Cum in my pussy!”

Paul felt his balls release it and he heard Shirl cried out when the first warm shot of sperm pumped deep into her. It didn’t cover her cervix and womb like when I came in her. But I could tell it was still damn good. She told Paul, “YES! OH JESUS PAULLY! OH YES! THAT”S IT! GIVE ME ALL OF IT! I WANT AL YOUR CUM IN ME!”

Shirl moaned almost a whisper now as the orgasm swept over and she peaked. “That’s it baby! Give me all of it!” she cried out with a voice I had never heard before.

Shirl’s cunt contracted and held Paul’s cock buried in her like a vise. As he shoved into her one last time he held her and let his cum pump filing her pussy! I held Mandy as Shirl held Paul and we watched Paul fuck my wife to her to a climax! She had done the same thing Mandy did with me. She had lifted Paul and her bodies up off the bed as she held him tight cried out as her hips rotated on Paul’s cock deeply buried in her pussy! I could tell Paul gave my wife a very nice climax. I knew from the dreamy look on both of their faces that Paul had pumped all of his cum into Shirl’s pussy. I was especially happy for him.

Finally after a while Shirl came down from her orgasm and lowered them both back on the bed. Paul dropped his head on to her left breast. Shirl looked over at me and smiled. She said, “How was it? Did you like seeing me fuck someone else baby? I loved seeing your big cock in Mandy!”

Seeing Shirl fucking had gotten me super hard again. I told Shirl, “Well you can watch again baby! Because I’m going to fuck Mandy again. OK Paul?”

He just waved at me as he laid there spent from the fucking I knew my wife had Antalya travesti given him. I rolled over pulled Mandy on top of me. She felt my hard cock pressing up into her as he held her body up over the fat purple head. The she began to come down on my cock. I felt the cum begin to run out her very wet and hot pussy that I had pumped into a little while ago. She reached behind me and adjusted my swollen cock as she slid it inside her. As she took more and more of my meat, we both gave a low moan as the feeling of the hard shaft moving into her pussy began to feel so good.

Then she sat up and pushed all the way down on my dick. She smiled down at me and held me as deep as I could get inside her. Mandy looked over at Shirl and said, “See how deep he is inside me Shirl. Oh God it feels so much better when a cock is so deep inside you. Don’t you think so Shirl?”

Shirl didn’t answer she just watched as I pushed Mandy’s body up and then let her slam down on me. She began to move up and down on my hard cock riding me slowly. Her pussy was coating the shaft of my cock and I knew Paul saw the wetness cover my dick as it went in and out of his wife’s pussy. I used my hands to help Mandy’s hips and ass lift as the cock move in and out of her vagina. He watched with Shirl as his wife went up and down on my cock fucking me now over and over.

Mandy felt her orgasm building and then it released like a shot of lightening from the sky as she felt my cum begin pumping into her pussy. She told me, “Oh God Bud!! Don’t stop! Keep pumping! I’m there!! I’m there! I’m…..there!! Oh…..yes……Buddy!!!!”

I thrust again and then I saw her throw her head back as she slammed down into me once more as she reached the peak of her climax. I stayed deep inside letting the rest of my cum shots pump into her body! I could feel her pussy grasping my shaft and begin to milk my cock for all of the cum, every last drop.

As Mandy laid back against my thighs, I bent my knees giving her a resting-place as she still sat on my big hard cock. She smiled down at me as she moaned softly saying how she loved how far my cock went up inside her. She looked at her husband and he knew he could never get that far into her pussy. She said, “Paully, come over here and use your fingers and rub my clit gently for me baby!”

Paul opened his eyes and sat up and looked at his wife. He then moved quickly to her side and placed his thumb over her hard clit. “Gently now”, she told him!

It only took a few soft strokes of his thumb before she was humping up and down on my cock as she started to shutter with her lust. As she sat on top of my cock we all watched as my cock shaft began to come out and then go in Mandy’s pussy. We all saw all of the cum that had been pumped into her body minutes before. My cum leaked all around my hard long shaft as she drove down into me again. When it came out the cum seemed to run out lubricating both of our sexes and the fucking was smoother and easier for both of us.

It didn’t take long this time to get me ready. It must have been the angle she was fucking me because before I knew it I was pumping into her and the juices seem to squirt out over both of us as she ram down on me. The cum covered my tight nut sack with my balls held tight in it. Mandy sat down and didn’t move for a few seconds letting her body calm down. She hadn’t and didn’t want to cum to quickly but wanted this fucking to last. She said, “Paul would you like to take over for Bud?”

Paul said, “Oh God yes Mandy! May I?”

She smiled and said, “Well you have to ask Bud Paully he may not want to pull out yet. Ask him nicely and maybe he’ll let you fuck your wife. Maybe he’ll let you in so you can fuck me.”

Paul looked at Bud and asked, “Bud do you mind?”

She was such a devil. I said, “Sure Paul. I mean it is your wife.”

Mandy stood up on her knees and with the cum running out of her cunt now, I rolled over and when my cock came out she said, “Ahh Bud! I’ll miss that big dick of yours! OK Paully, if you must, come one get it over with! You should be happy and thankful Bud is so nice enough to let you in! I wouldn’t have!”

I moved out of the way and Paul lay back as Mandy sat back down on his smaller thinner cock. She rocked back and forth on it. She said, “If I lift up your cock is so small it would fall out of my cunt. We can’t have that can we Paully?”

He moaned with delight as he felt his cock slip all the way into his wife’s pussy for the first time in God knows how long! Meanwhile, Shirl moved over to me and began to suck my dick all covered with Mandy’s and my cum. She cleaned me good and I was like a rock sticking straight up. She smiled and said, “May I?”

She was going to sit on me like Mandy had and was now sitting on her husband’s İstanbul travesti cock but Mandy said, “Wait! Not yet Shirl!”

Mandy pulled her pussy off of her husband’s cock! She said, “OK Paully, enough. Get over here. She took his hard cock in her hand and told Shirl to sit back on it and to fuck him!

Shirl began to fuck Paul moving quickly and taking him into her again. She was so worked up she could feel the start of a climax already begin to move and then center in her pussy with such sweet pleasure. Mandy yelled for her husband to fuck Shirl faster.

Meanwhile she laid down and asked me to fuck her again. She told me she just couldn’t be satisfied with Paul’s small cock. We all heard Shirl cry out with pleasure as she began to climax on Paul’s cock buried completely in her.

As Shirl came, Mandy took my cock and began to suck it! It felt so good and then she placed my cock into the open lips of her pussy. She arched up into me after only a few minutes and a few thrusts on my part. It must have been Paul’s cock fucking her for so long before she switched that made her cum on me so fast. But she did and she screamed as she climaxed hard on my cock! In fact the feeling was so nice I began to feel like I would cum again too in just seconds. After Mandy had peaked, it must have been watching my wife being fucked and getting off so nicely on Paul fucking her.

I lifted one of Mandy’s legs and held it using it as sort of a support as I moved hard in and out of her. Deeper and harder I pumped my cock into her body.

I could almost see Shirl’s cunt contractions holding Paul’s cock in her like a vise. He shoved into her one last time and let his cum go filing her pussy!

I held Mandy with my cock buried to the balls as Shirl held Paul all the way in her cunt too. We all watched the other couple fucking and we all climax! Shirl fell on top of Paul and he held her tightly as they finished their mutual orgasm.

Mandy tightened her arms and legs around him and began to have her best and longest orgasm of the night from his cock. As the cum was pumping into her, over and over she grunted from the feel of all of my cock deep in her body. As her climax finished and her body and brain came back to earth, she held me tight inside her riding the last of the wonderful feeling hoping it would never end.

She told me she could feel my cock throbbing in her as my balls emptied and pumped my load spraying and coating her womb. Finally I fell on top of her and we stayed like that trying to catch our breaths and letting our hearts slow down. Mandy held me as she finally began to calm down. She had lowered us both back on the bed now and I was drain, completely and physically spent. I laid my head on top of her big tits and looked at Shirl. She was looking over at me and smiled. She said, “I love you Bud. How was it? Did you like seeing me fuck someone else? I loved seeing your big cock in Mandy fucking her like you do me! Oh Bud it was so fucking hot wasn’t it baby?”

As Mandy and I lay there I finally asked her what I wanted to ask her all damn night. I asked, “You had my wife eat your pussy every day for three straight weeks? What the fuck are you trying to do to her make her a lesbian?”

She smiled up at me, and said, “No Bud! She’s not a lesbian, far from it sweetheart. I’m am just bring her out of her shell. Giving her what she wants, what she needs. It’s working wouldn’t you say? Look at her there laying next to you on top of my husband with his cock still up inside her and cum dripping out of her pussy. Look Bud! Did you ever think in your wildest dreams your wife would be so free as to take a man and fuck him and let him cum bareback in the same bed as you are in? And, did you ever think she would accept letting you fuck another woman in the same bed? She has grown Bud and whether or not you like it, and there’s no going back now. She likes it! Right Shirl?”

Shirl smiled and said, “Well it was nice. But you know what would really be great?”

I said, “I’m afraid to ask! What?”

She said, “Well Bud.” She blushed a little. Then she sat up and said it. “Well….how about……you and Paul……you and Paully switch with Mandy and me? I mean I think it would great if Mandy and I had a chance to eat your cum out of each other’s pussy? That would be a great ending to a fantastic evening? What do you say Mandy?”

Mandy laughed and then tried to push me off of her. As I moved off of her, she told Paul to move. She and Shirl got into a 69 position and did just that! They went to town going down on each other! I looked and said to myself, “What the fuck? Where’s the ice queen now?”

Both women had long loud orgasms before finally falling against each other. After we got rinks and sat there a while the finally sat up. Shirl smiled at me and then licked her lips as the cum ran down her chin. Mandy wiped hers off with her arm. Mandy smiled at me and said, “Nope she’ll never going back to what it was are we Shirl? This is going to work out very nicely. Yes, very nicely! What do you all think?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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