Christine Ch. 03

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This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is quite coincidental. This story contains graphic incestuous mother and son relationships, which includes sexual intercourse and other taboo subjects. All characters are over 18 years of age. Please enjoy in the comfort of your own home, with family and or friends.


My name is Richard, I am twenty years old and attend a local university while living with my mother.

My mother, Christine, is thirty-six years old, five foot six brunette with shoulder-length hair, captivating brown eyes, thirty-six C breasts and has an awesome ass. She is no model, she is more beautiful with her modest curves.

As I sat in class and waited while the professor prepared his notes, my thoughts again are gravitated towards my mother. I am totally preoccupied with her. My head has been in a cloud so much that I had walked right past the lecture hall of my first class.

I took the opportunity to text my mother. I type “Thinking of you, 143 :)” and pressed send.

Just then Jessica, a beautiful tall leggy blonde, sat beside me.

“Hello, Richard.” She said to me as she settled down in her seat, giving me a beautiful smile.

“Hi, Jessica,” I replied and smiled back.

Jessica is quite beautiful, but I am not in her league. She was born into money, a daughter of a wealthy family.

My phone vibrates a minute later. I look at my phone and see that my mother replied. “What is 143?”

I text back. “1 = I, 4 = Love, 3 =You.” and pressed send.

Then the professor began his lecture just as I feel my phone vibrate on the desk. I read the reply from my mother as I leave the phone on the desk. “How sweet. I am thinking of you too. 143, 143, 143”

I smiled and tried to listen to our teacher. I just could not concentrate. I considered just leaving for the day as I am not capable of concentrating on anything other than my mother. Fuck she is so goddamn hot. I have become besotted with my mother.

I feel the phone vibrate again. I just look down at the screen. “Fuck!” I gasped as I slap my hand over an image of a vagina which looked very much like my mother’s.

“Are we interrupting you, mister Levinson?” Professor Hubert asked in a loud condescending tone.

“Sorry Sir, my apologies,” I said.

I feel my face turn red and look at Jessica to see if she or anyone else had noticed the pic on my phone. I packed up my stuff and left the hall.

As I walked down the hallway I looked at the picture she sent. The picture was definitely of my mother’s glistening vagina. It looked so beautiful. I felt an urge to lick that beautiful vagina.

I texted her, “Mother are you crazy?” and hit send.

A minute later I received another text, this time with a video clip. I nearly walked into a wall as I viewed the video clip she sent. It was a clip of her chrome dildo pumping in and out of her obviously sodden vagina. I immediately salivated and my cock jumped and began to grow.

Fuck. Really? Two can play this game, I said to myself as I entered a washroom and locked myself inside one of the stalls, dropped my pants and extricate my already swollen cock from my shorts.

I will show her, I said to myself as I began to film myself stroking my cock. I was already so hot and was soon ready to cum as I thought about her video.

With a groan, I erupted and a thick stream shot against the wall and toilet chrome plumbing fixtures, and the other subsequent streams fell to the floor and into the toilet bowl and seat.

After putting myself together, grinning, I send off the video with a caption that read, “Love you too.”

I get a text from her a few minutes later. Mom: “Richard, how could you do that to me. How dare you.”

I am taken aback at her response. What did she expect, I thought to myself. I text back. “You showed me yours and I showed you mine, so why are you upset?” and sent it off.

I get a response back. Mom “Your cream, your sperm, it was a terrible waste. It’s mine to have in me or on me and not in some nasty toilet bowl or on the toilet floor. If that toilet was not so filthy looking I would have you lick it up. Do you hear me?”

Holy crap, I just got shit from my mother for jerking off onto the floor. I had to laugh. I better not tell her I jerk off just about every week night into panties she had worn that day or she will have me eat them. Christ, I have opened pandora’s box, or in this case Christine’s beautiful box as it were. What have I done?

I head off home. My mind was still scrambled and I had trouble locating my car in the parking lot. I had to push the panic button on the remote to find my car. After several attempts I found it.

When I got home I pulled up the video of my mother fucking herself with the dildo and viewed it. I pulled out my rod and stroked myself while I imagined that the chrome dildo was my cock slipping in and out of her uber delicious vagina.

It was not long before a shot my load all ever my desk and computer. I slumped in Kağıthane Escort my seat and continued to watch the looping video.

After a couple hours rest I went and took a cold shower and then went to work. I really did not want to be there either.

“Ricardo!” Maria yelled at me. “Are you loco? This is the third wrong order you have give me today. What’s the matter with you?” She said in her thick Puerto Rican accent.

“Sorry Maria.” I mumbled.

She glared at me and let out a string of Spanish expletives as she walked away.

While later I was outside taking a break when Maria came out and joined me.

“You okay Ricardo? Your mom is good, yes? You have girl trouble, yes? She asked.

I smile at her. “My mom is good, really good.” I tell her.

“You then have girl trouble?” She pressed.

“No Maria, I have no girlfriends. Who wants to go out with a man who still lives with his mother. Besides I don’t have time.” I say to her.

“A good son would stay and help his mother with all he can.” She said as she kissed me on the cheek and left.

I stare out at her as she walked away, her ass moving so sensuously, enticingly. She had never kissed me before.

Before I went back in the boss came out. “Richard, I need to talk to you.” Gino started. “It’s obvious that you are overworked here and at school and that it is causing you to make many mistakes with the orders.” He said as he looked at me seriously. He seemed to have difficulty articulating his next thought.

Here it comes, I am getting my ass fired. I brace myself as I prepare to hear the inevitable final words.

“Richard, your mom used to work for me many years ago. It’s because of her I hired you. You have been doing great work until now. So I think I will have to let you take Saturdays off. It will give you time to recharge your batteries, so to speak, maybe spend more time with your mother. Of course you would lose a day’s pay for the week, but it’s the best I can do. You okay with that?” Gino finished.

I sat back with a relief and looked at him. “Thank you Gino. Yes that will work for me. But who will take that shift?” I asked.

“Things are not so good at home. My daughter, you know. She is eighteen and is more than a handful. Best I fill that shift. Keep my mind occupied elsewhere.” He said and then left.

After thinking about it, having Saturdays off would be a good thing. I can spend more quality time with my mother. The loss of income will take some adjusting, but it is not an endgame. My mother would be very pleased.

About ten pm I receive a text from my mother. Mom “Sleep with me tonight.”

“Ok :), 143” I text back.

“143 :)” She replied.

I arrive home at eleven thirty, took a shower and then went to my mother’s bed without putting on any clothes . She was asleep and had her back to me. I moved up behind her and found that she was not wearing anything as well.

I cuddled her, placing my arm over her, my hand resting on her breast. My cock began to unfurl and nestled between the orbs of her gorgeous posterior. I hear her mumble softly as she clasped my hand against her breasts.

I gently twirl her nipple between my thumb and forefinger as I settled behind her. My cock has become fully erect up against her warm posterior. She pushed her ass back against me with a moan.

This was too hard to resist and start to work my cock between her legs until it was snug up against her moistening sex. I continued to fondle her breast and pinched her nipple as I moved my cock through the slick moist petals of her vagina.

She pushed her ass further back and moved her legs up toward her chest, giving my cock better access to her. She raised her leg and reach down between her legs and guided me into her moist canal and then dropped her leg.

I pushed myself deeper into her and she moaned softly and mumbled something unintelligible as I began to slowly stroke my cock in and out of heaven. She felt so sweet, so perfect, my body shivered in sweet ecstasy as I fucked my mother’s perfect body from behind.

I was careful not to jar her to hard as I plunged my cock deeper into her very sweet succulent vagina. She seemed not to get to full wakefulness as she laid mostly still while I continued to fuck her. My cock had swollen and grown very hard as I continued to spear her very luscious receptive body.

She sighed as she pushed her ass against me and then moaned with pleasure. I soon began to feel my rapture demanding release as it burned hotly in my core. The pleasure I received from my mother’s body was amazing. I pumped my flesh faster in and out of her body as I fondled her breasts. She stretched out her arms above her head onto the headboard as I take the final plunges into her before I finally explode.

My seed gushed out into my mother’s body. She let out a whimper as her vagina clamped down on my cock and her body shuddered as she experienced a mild but very sweet orgasm.

Her body shivered as a series of aftershocks raced Kağıthane Escort Bayan through her, each time clamping on my softening cock. I held her close as we lie still. After my cock slipped out of her I moved to lie on my back.

My mother turned to face me. With her hand she searched for my face and kissed me on the corner of my mouth before settling her head on my shoulder, her hand on my chest, her leg draped over mine against my cock and slept.

The scent of her hair was sweet in my nose as I fell asleep.


When I awoke, I was alone. She had gone to work, via her usual one hour stop at the gym.

School was much better, I was able to concentrate on my subjects. In my economics class I was again joined by Jessica.

“Good morning Richard. You look much better today, you look relaxed.” Jessica commented.

“Thank you I feel better today.” I said as I unpacked a notepad and textbook from my knapsack.

“Your girlfriend must be very satisfying.” She said as she glanced at me as she set her books on the desk.

“I have no girlfriends. I don’t have time for that. Besides, I live with my mother and only have time for her.” I said as if it explained everything.

“You mom is a fortunate woman to have such attentive son.” She remarked.

“I am the fortunate one to have such an accommodating mother.” I responded.

She smiled at me, her blue eyes sparkled merrily as she looked at me.

“Mister Levinson and Miss Winters, if it’s not too much of an imposition, may I continue with the lecture?” Professor Hubert said in a loud patronizing voice.

Jessica turned a bright red and I then looked to my book and opening it to the appropriate chapter, or I hope was the correct chapter.

I noticed that girls were becoming more interested in me since I began having sex with my mother. I guess I no longer have that desperate look or loser funk.

Marie and Jessica are both very hot women, but it will be very hard to eclipse my mother. I do not have the same desire that I previously had for them. Maybe that’s what they find attractive.

As the class ended, Jessica shoved a piece of paper in my hand. “That’s my number. Call me, maybe we can hangout on Saturday. I am hosting a small event at my house. My dad’s house really, but come.” She said, her sapphire like blue eyes sparkled iridescently.

“Okay, sounds like a plan. I will give you a call.” I said to her as I stuffed the paper in my knapsack.

“See you.” She called out hopefully as I left the hall.

At lunch I sent my mother a text. “143, thinking of you.”

I received a text five minutes later from her.”143, thinking of you too. Thanks for last night. I liked it. It was wonderful.

I text back. “I liked it too.”

“Yes I could tell by the amount of your cream that flowed out and down my leg. Goto go, another meeting. 143”

I grinned at that. Yes, that was a quite sweet little fuck I had with her last night. I wondered if we can do that again tonight.

At work Maria was all smiles. “You don’t work Saturdays no more I see. Maybe we can do something. Go dancing perhaps, a movie if you don’t like to dance one Saturday. What do you say?” She asked.

“It sounds like a plan,” I heard myself say.

I took her number and wondered what I was going to do with Jessica and Maria. Both come from diverse cultures and social circles. My social circle was closer to Maria’s than Jessica’s. and I did not want to disappoint either of them regardless of how I felt.

In truth, as beautiful as they were, I would rather be with my mother. Besides, I think my mom might feel jealous or insecure that I might abandon her for a younger girl and I did not want her to feel that way at all. I put Maria’s number in my pocket. This was not going to happen.

At ten pm I receive a text from mom. “Good night, my son. I think I need to be by myself tonight. 143.”

I was disappointed that she did not want me with her tonight. I liked the idea of her body asleep with mine. Her nurturing warmth against me.

Was she having second thoughts about us? This thought sent a pall of anxiety to descend over me. A knot gripped my gut, my skin grew cold, and I found myself not breathing.

I inhale deeply and pushed those thoughts away. I am certain she has good reason for not wanting me in her bed tonight.

I received another text from her. “I need to sleep tonight. I can’t just sleep with you beside me. I have a very important meeting to attend tomorrow and I need to be on my game. I was a little off today. 143 :)” A wave of relief washed over my and a smile filled my face.

“Must be a girl if you smile like that.” Maria said, startling me out of my reverie.

“Yeah, my mother.” I said as I waved my phone before putting it in your pocket.

“You have a beautiful mother. I seen her here. She talks to Gino and eats with him. She used to be a server here?”

“Yes, she waitressed here many years ago when she was quite young.” Escort Kağıthane I told her.

I busied myself and cleaned up the food prep stations. By eleven I was done and headed home. I had something to eat that mom left for me. Then went for my shower. I am now hesitant to clean my genitals because at the least provocation I would develope an erection and a driving need to have sex with my mother.

Naked, I went to my room, stopping at my mother’s room to look in on her. The door was open and she was peacefully asleep in her bed. She looked so damn beautiful. I feel a sudden surge of pride to know that this woman is both my mother and my lover. She is wonderful as a mother, and wonderful as a lover.

I continue to my room. As I pull back the bed covers I am surprised to see a pair of my mother panties lying on my pillow. I pick them up and take them to my nose and inhaled her scent. It seems she left me panties she had worn today. Damn, she knew I was perving on her panities.

The week went by too damn slow. Jessica had reminded me several times about Saturday.

Friday night, at about ten pm I receive a text from my mother which read, “143, missing you. :)”

I text back. “143, missing you too.”

Then I receive a new text. “Sleep with me again tonight and 425.”

Confused I text back. “425?”

“f**k my mouth” she replied.

I laughed. My mother never liked using vulgar language and usually give me that look when I did, unless when I am fucking her it seems.

“LOL, sweet dreams mom. BTW I don’t work Saturday’s anymore.” I text back.

The last hour went by so damn slow. Maria was dressed distractingly hot. I could have laid her over a table and fucked the daylights out of her had I not been going home to my mother.

I finally got home at eleven forty and take a shower. My cock was on a short fuse. The slightest touch from me or the water caused it to grow hard.

I enter my mother bedroom and see her sleeping on her back, looking beautiful and serene. I pull back the sheets and examine her naked body in the dim light. My eyes traveled up her body from her feet to her head.

When I reached her face, my cock twitched as I examine her mouth. If I had not said it before, she has a very sensuous mouth and the image of my cock between those lips I find to be extremely erotic.

I lean down and placed a soft kiss on her mouth, then moved to her breasts and then licked and kissed them softly. I warm up my hands on my thighs before touching her and then begin to gently massage and fondle her breasts. She let out a soft moan.

I turned on the bedside lamp to low, and straddle her chest and place my semi erect cock over her face. I caress her lips with the tip of my cock as she continued to sleep. As I pushed the head of my cock between her lips, her mouth opened slightly and slipped it into her mouth.

My mother began to suckle the head of my cock and then stopped. I pushed more of my cock into her mouth. She moaned and began to suck with a little more vigour. It felt wonderful.

Holding onto the headboard I leaned over her and began to pump my cock in and out of her mouth. This was the third time she has had my cock in her mouth, so due to her inexperience I took it easy with her.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me dreamily and unfocused before closing them again. I continued to pump my cock in and out of her beautiful mouth.

While the sensations itself was not that powerful as when she is fully awake, but the sight of my cock going in and out of her beautiful mouth was just incredible.

She then turned on her side causing my cock fall from her mouth. I repositioned myself to her front and legs spread apart so I could lower my cock to her level and placed the head at her mouth and gently pushed it past her lips. She again began to suck, but with more energy. This time she reached up and guided my cock deep into her mouth and cupped my balls.

I began again to pump my cock in and out of her beautiful mouth. She moaned around my swollen cock which glistened wetly from her saliva. I place my hand under her face to raise it just a bit and was able to fill her mouth fully as I pumped her mouth with my simmering flesh.

I was getting closer. I began to stroke myself as I felt my cum begin to spool, as it were, building and compounding within my loins. I gaze upon my mother preciously beautiful face as my seed raced up from my testicles and then burst out into her mouth. I cried out.

My mother moaned and opened her mouth languidly as my semen splashed into her mouth. I pull out and the next volley splashed across her mouth and face. The sight of my cum on her face caused another more vital eruption of my seed to burst upon her perfect face and open mouth.

Her tongue worked around her lips as she tried to get more after she swallowed my first load. She pulled my cock from my hand and brought it back into her mouth and sucked it until I had nothing more and then released it before opening her eyes to look at me.

She used her fingers to push my cum from her face and into her mouth as she gingerly sucked her fingers clean. I lay down with my mother, scooping up cum she missed and fed it to her. I licked up smaller flecks from her eyelids and brow and then kissed my mother deeply and passionately.

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