Christmas Family Tradition Ch. 01

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Chapter One: Christmas Morning

It had long been a tradition in the Carpenter household that on Christmas morning the children made breakfast for their parents and took it upstairs for them to eat in bed. This Christmas started no differently, but by Christmas Day evening their lives had changed dramatically and forever.

Our family was a close knit one; Mum and Dad, Grandad and Gran plus my twin sister Angie and me. Unfortunately we had no close siblings to interact with so we consequently spent a lot of time together. Dad was a Senior University Lecturer in Biology at Brighton, Mum was a Solicitor specialising in divorce matters, Grandad had his own large Financial Company while our Gran was the local Director of a Homeless Charity.

Breakfast by convention consisted of two lightly boiled eggs each, together with two slices of buttered bread cut into “soldiers” and a cup of tea; definitely not “cordon bleu”. So I filled the saucepan with water and set about boiling the four eggs for his parents, whilst my twin sister, Angela, boiled the kettle for the tea and buttered and cut the slices of bread. She filled the tea-pot with the requisite number of teaspoons of tea, followed by the boiling water and allowed it to brew as we waited for the boiling water to cook the eggs to right consistency; hard white with runny yellow yolks.

“I wonder what Mum and Dad have got us for Christmas this year.” Angela mused out loud. “Did they give any hints to you?” She smiled at me with her eyes twinkling. She was five minutes older than me so treated me with a condescension that befitted her status. I on the other hand found her to be totally sexy and desirable, slightly more so than our mother but only marginally. Both the women in our house were, to my eyes, off the scale of sexiness; I’d been masturbating for several years now occasionally catching sight of naked flesh that they were wont to flash although not frequently enough for my fervid heated imagination. Angie’s tits were almost as big as my Mum’s but seemed to be slightly firmer, Mum’s hung a little more. Their asses were nearly identical so far as I could tell without a more manual assessment.

“Nothing; they’ve been very cagey this year; most unusual.” I turned the gas hob off and poured the water carefully into the sink; using a slotted spoon to lift the eggs out and placed them into the four egg cups already on the breakfast tray. Angela put the plate of “soldiers on the tray and poured out two cups of hot tea and added a splash of milk to each. She leaned across and kissed me softly on the lips, “Happy Christmas, Mark. Let’s go and wake the old folks up.” She put the cups and saucers on a separate tray and we proceeded to carefully walk upstairs; my eyes glued to her nicely rounded ass bouncing round right at eye level in front of me. The house was spacious and there were actually five bedrooms on the first floor. Our parents had the master with an en-suite, whilst Angela and I had two rooms with a “jack the final two bedrooms also shared a bathroom and were for visiting family and friends or colleagues of Mum and Dad.

I managed to hold my tray in one hand as I opened our parents’ bedroom door. “Happy Christmas!” we both chorused, and then stopped, surprised as our parents were locked in a passionate embrace. Angela and I looked at each other and grinned; the old folks were obviously enjoying their Christmas day already. We coughed loudly but politely causing our parents to break apart, looking very hot and flustered. “We can always come back later.” Angela laughed. “Looks like breakfast might be a bit of a let-down at the moment. Happy Christmas!”

Mum and Dad smiled and lay back against the headboard of their massive bed. “Sorry about that,” Dad said, “we were just having our normal good morning kiss.” I looked at my parents, Dad was bare chested and Mum was wearing a very sheer white nightie that showed more of her large breasts than it covered. I noticed that Angie was gazing intently at Dad’s body. “Some kiss!” She whispered.

Dad coughed and smiled at us, “Why don’t you join us this morning? We have something we need to talk to you both about before we give you your present.” Mum patted the bed beside her and smiled, “Mark, darling, come and sit next to Mummy; Angie can cuddle up to her Dad.” She lifted the duvet to indicate that we should get under the bedclothes with them. I caught a quick flash of naked flesh as she Bycasino held the duvet cover up and my hands shook slightly as I laid the tray with the eggs on her lap. Angie put her tray with the tea on Dad’s lap and then we both slipped into bed beside our parents.

Angie and I waited patiently as our parents tucked into their traditional Christmas breakfast; I was really happy to feel the warmth of Mum’s practically naked body radiating next to me, whilst my sister was leaning her head against our father’s naked chest.

Finally they put their empty cups down. “Can you put the trays on the floor please, darlings?” Mum asked us, and we picked them up and leaned over and placed them on the carpet each side of the bed. I hastily returned to my position, closer to Mum’s body this time so that my legs were touching her bare legs. “Hmm, that feels nice darling.” Mum slipped her hand under the duvet and patted my thighs. I blushed as I felt her bare forearm press against my suddenly hard erection. “Sorry Mum,” I stammered.

“Don’t be sorry baby; I’m flattered that you could be attracted to your old Mum.” She continued to press gently against my throbbing cock. “It actually makes what your Dad and I have to tell you much easier.” She looked at Dad. “Ready to tell them darling?”

Dad smiled and manoeuvred his arm around Angie’s shoulders. She wriggled closer to him and put her hand on his chest, stroking the hairs that covered his upper body. “Well, your mother and I have a secret that we need to talk to you both about. It’s a family secret that involves you as well as us and your grandparents.”

“Sounds very intriguing.” I looked across at my sister as Mum continued to press her arm against my even harder prick. “How does it include Angie and me?”

“All in good time son.” Dad smiled down at my sister. “It all starts with your grandparents some thirty odd years ago. You may have wondered why you both only had one set of grandparents.”

“It does seem strange daddy,” Angie snuggled closer to Dad, her head now lying against his chest as her hand disappeared under the duvet. “You never told us whether they were your parents or Mummy’s.”

“Both actually,” Mum answered. “Your grandparents are my mother and father and your Dad’s mother and father.”

“How could that be?” I thought out loud. “The only way that could happen would be if you and Dad…” My voice tailed away as realisation dawned.

“Yes baby, your father and I are brother and sister. Twin brother and sister, just like you two.” Mum and Dad smiled at each other and leaned together and kissed.

“Oooh,” Angie whispered, “that sounds deliciously dirty and incestuous Daddy. Does it feel good when you fuck your sister?”

“For the sake of full disclosure sweetie, your mother is one fantastic woman who is also a fabulous fuck.”

“Thank you darling,” Mum giggled, “You’re a real stud as well.”

“So how does this relate to Gran and Grandad? I gather that they approve, since they spend time with us all and seem quite at ease with your situation.” I copied my sister’s example sliding my hand under the duvet and quickly found Mum’s naked thigh. I slowly caressed her soft skin as our parents continued with their story.

“The whole family secret began with our parents, your Gran and Grandad. They are also twin brother and sister and they found that their love for each other increased as they reached their teens. They began to explore their sexuality and consummated their love on their eighteenth birthday. Their mother and father found them naked in bed with your granddad’s spunk still oozing out of your grandma’s pussy. They kicked them out and they had to make a living for themselves and for your Mother and me as your Grandma had already been impregnated. Our family is apparently very potent in that respect.” Dad paused for a moment as he felt Angie’s hand clasping his hard manhood.

“Your Grandfather was very resourceful and quickly made a very good living as a financial genius. He played the stock markets and within ten years had made quite a fortune. Your Grandparents decided not to have more children, but when your Mother and I had our eighteenth birthday they did what we are doing now and told us the story of our family heritage.”

“So what did you both do when you were told the whole story?” Angie asked softly, her head had crept down to Dad’s waist and I saw her slowly Bycasino giriş moving the duvet to reveal her hand stroking his engorged rod.

“Well your Mother and I knew that we loved each other and so we simply followed our parents’ excellent example and fucked as soon as they had finished their explanation. They were so turned on by us that they stripped and fucked each other as well. I impregnated your Mother immediately.”

Angie looked across at me with a wicked smile; our eyes met and the same thought was in both our minds – keeping family traditions alive. Mum and Dad saw our faces and laughed. “Thank god for that darling. Look they both want to fuck each other; you do don’t you baby?” Dad asked Angie, while Mum quickly unzipped my shorts and allowed my cock to spring out of its previous constricted clothing. “Well Mark really looks up for it. If Angie doesn’t want him I’m already so wet I’ll cum in seconds.” She stopped with a shocked look on her face. “God, Dave, our son is massive; look it must be at least ten inches.”

“You’ll enjoy that up your cunt; it might even tire you out for probably the first time” Dad gasped. “But first these two horny teenagers need to fuck each other’s brains out. They need to seal their love with sex and get to grips with their inheritance.”

“Spoilsport,” Mum stuck her tongue out at Dad. She lifted her nightie over her tousled hair and threw it on the carpet. “Well if they are going to copulate then I don’t want to watch them as I get horny; you’d best stick that big cock of yours into my cunt and fuck my brains out!” Mum crawled over to Dad and immediately put her head in his lap and began to suck his cock head.

Angie clambered over Dad’s legs, avoiding our Mother’s bobbing head, and snuggled up to me. “Well it looks like we have parental approval to commit incest sweetie, and I’m relieved that I can show you physically how much I love you.” She looked down at my massive prick and moaned. “If I’d known you were able to get this big I’d have already committed incest whether Mum or Dad approved or not.”

I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, followed by my shorts and kissed my sister for the very first time as her lover; slowly and passionately with open mouthed tonguing. As we kissed I slid my hands under her top and caressed her magnificent tits and pinched her hard nipples, causing her to moan in her throat with hunger. She was kneeling beside me and pushing her short skirt and soaked lacy panties down over her hips and struggled to get them off completely. Once she had finished I tugged her top over her head; the minute we were both naked she lay on top of my body so that my powerful cock was pressed between us.

“I’m going to need to be really wet if I want all of you deep in my body.” Angie whispered. “I really want you to cum in me like Mum and Dad did on their eighteenth. I want your seed to mate with my eggs and make me a mummy with your babies. Oh baby, I love you; fuck me!” She let her legs slide either side of my thighs and set in train the process that neither of us could or would stop until we were completely and totally satiated.

I felt her wet crevice slide along the length of my prick, long slow strokes that aroused us both to level of lust that overpowered any previous inhibitions we might still have subconsciously harboured about incest. “Oh god, Angie, you feel wonderful, I love you.”

“Mark, darling, I want you in me NOW!” This time she raised herself slightly off my stomach and my dick lifted enough to slip between the lips of her vulva and then deep inside her as she sank down onto my ten inches of rock hard flesh. “Oooh shhhiiiit,” she screamed, “it’s fuuuuuucking huge baby.” Her body was rising and falling in a frenzy on my cock as she mindlessly reached her first orgasm; her cunt convulsing ferociously and squeezing my shaft so hard that my spunk just spewed of its own accord into her womb, sending five streams of thick cum deep inside my sister’s body and making her orgasm another three times.

We were both totally drained as we drifted back into consciousness, our sweat stained bodies locked together by my still rock hard erection. Angie sobbed from the relief of cumming so brutally with me, and I was gasping for breath too. From a great distance I could hear Mum and Dad calling to us; then a hand was shaking my shoulder. Groggily I opened my eyes to find my mother and Bycasino güncel giriş father bending over us with concern etched in the expressions of fright.

“Are you alright Mark, Angie?” Mum was closest, her naked breasts almost suffocating me.

“I…I…I’m fine,” I croaked. “That was intense.”

“Oh baby, I love you.” Mum leaned closer and kissed me ardently on the lips. “I’m looking forward to you giving me the same level of sexual gratification as your sister’s just experienced. Lots of times baby, lots and lots of times.”

Dad’s face appeared alongside Mum’s; he was smiling, partly with relief, but there was also an element of approval in his glance. “That was fucking incredible son. Your sister is really lucky that you love her as much as she loves you.”

Angie by now was beginning to stir. I held her to prevent her exhausted body from sliding off me as I didn’t want to be parted from being enfolded in her cunt. “I love you Angie baby.” I whispered in her ear. “I think I just died and went to heaven.”

Angie suddenly sobbed and frantically kissed my neck and face all over. Between kisses she gasped, “Mark, that was incredible. I wanted you so much, but I never once thought it would happen or that it would be so intense. Please stay inside me, it feels so right and your cum is filling me with a lovely warm sense of happiness.”

“So you’d like me to fuck you again?” I asked jokingly, stroking her hair and soft skin.

“Whenever you’re ready again.” Angie giggled. “I hope I’ve got room for another heavy load of your spunk.”

Mum kissed the back of Angie’s neck as she snuggled against my body. She slipped her hand between Angie’s thighs and felt my balls. “I think he’s ready now baby, your brother’s balls are heavy with his sperm and I know you can take a lot more of his potent cum.”

“Oh Mummy, that was fantastic. Mark makes me feel complete.” Angie lifted her face and kissed me again on the lips slowly and with growing intensity. “Cum in me again darling.” She whispered between kisses. “Make me your cum slut; I want all that you can give me. I want to have our baby growing inside me, just like Mummy and Gran did with their brothers.”

“Oh darling, that’s wonderful,” Mum was crying with happiness and she turned to Dad, “we’re going to be grandparents sweetie.” She laughed. “Family tradition is about to be repeated. I think we’d better leave them to it.”

“If you think I’m going to leave this bed when I can watch the twins fucking their brains out with each other then you are sadly mistaken. I’ve got a real hard-on and I need some relief.” Dad’s voice was gruff with repressed passion.

“Well, let me help you then.” Mum laughed sexily. “There’s plenty of room on our bed for the four of us. It will sort of cement our relationship if we all have sex together. Remember how Mummy and Daddy fucked each other and then us after our first sexual experience?”

By now I had turned Angie onto her back with my massive cock still buried to the hilt in her wonderful body, and I watched my mother reach for my father’s hard cock and start to suck him as I slowly and deliberately rammed my dick as far into my sister’s soaking wet cunt as I could. Angie was twisting and turning beneath me as I penetrated her and was completely oblivious to our parents as they started to copulate next to us. Dad was pumping his cock into Mum’s dripping pussy even as she gazed at us with lust in her eyes. She had wrapped her legs round Dad’s waist and she was encouraging him to fuck her hard. “Look at my babies,” she moaned, “Mark; I want you in me as well after you’ve finished in your sister. I want to feel your huge cock squirting all your thick spunk into your Mummy’s dirty pussy.”

“Bitch,” I heard my father laugh as he continued thrusting into Mum, “you’re in heat for your son while I’m shagging you. You can have him after I’ve cum in you first.”

“Thank you darling,” Mum mewled as Dad increased the pace of his thrusts, “I won’t mind if you want to stick your cock up Angie’s pussy.”

My parents were making me really excited as they talked about committing incest with both my sister and me and my prick was ready to burst with another big load into my sister’s waiting hot cunt. “I’m going to cum in you again,” I whispered into Angie’s ear, “get ready to be a cum slut for me.”

I think I tipped her over the edge because she suddenly went rigid for a second and then climaxed so hard that I wasn’t able to hold back any longer and shot stream after stream of thick gooey semen into her luscious shaking body. I kept cumming for another thirty seconds as her convulsing cunt squeezed every last drop of my seed out of my balls.

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