Cody’s Awakening Ch. 01

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This story started out as a simple writing prompt by the legendary Klrxo. It grew past that and into a much larger scenario than originally intended. In bold, at the start, are some of her words, which I kept almost entirely intact. The rest is all me.

I hope you enjoy it!


Cody and his Mom, Sylvia were on a long road trip to see his Grandparents. After a day of traveling, they decided to stop and get a hotel room for the night.

“It feels so good to be out of that car!” Sylvia sighed, plopping her lovely ass onto the king-sized mattress.

“I’m just glad we were able to get a room,” her son Cody said.

“Me too!” the beautiful, auburn-haired mother agreed. “There’s only one bed in here though. Are you sure that’s not a problem?”

“Of course not, Mom,” Cody said, his heart racing excitedly.

It was much more of a fantasy, for the teen, than it was a problem. But this much was definitely part of the problem. All things considered.

“I just-” he hesitated to say. Cody wasn’t used to speaking up when he didn’t need to.

But maybe today he needed to.

“You just…?”

“I do wonder about how dad would feel about it…” the teen finally finished, turning around to face her, from the now closed door.

He stood right in front of the bed. A step away from the door–directly between the wall that separated the bathroom from the main bedroom–and his mother, who was sitting comfortably on top of the mattress.

The room wasn’t very big. Just a dingy hotel room. Not something either of them was used to.

Cody’s eyes looked away from his beautiful mother, she noticed. And so: she leaned in, trying to meet them from the bedside.

“Your dad…?” she asked, with some concern in her tone.

She kept trying to find her son’s green eyes, but the teen kept evading her gaze. Was he feeling shy? Or guilty? Sylvia couldn’t tell.

“Hey,” said his mom, in a loud whisper “hey…!” she insisted.

Cody kept looking away.

“Look at me baby!” she scolded, and–at the familiar, dangerous tone–Cody finally reacted. He wasn’t used to ignoring his mother’s scolds. He was a good kid after all.

So he let his deep, dark green eyes finally met his mother’s shiny green ones. But Cody still had a frown on his face. He looked exactly like a boy who was caught with his hands on the cookie jar.

His mother knew that look very well. But it was odd seeing it on his newly developed body. Cody had really put on some inches the past year. As if his body finally realized he had been rowing all through high-school!

Inside, however, he was still the little boy he always was…

Sylvia sighed.

“Baby…” she started, her voice soft and calming “what does your dad have to do with anything, right now?”

Cody squirmed in place.


The teen still didn’t answer. Sylvia sighed.

“Honey, you know there’s no need for secrets between us, right?” she pleaded “I’m your mom, and I’ve always had your back, haven’t I?”

Cody didn’t really want to answer.

“Honey…?” Sylvia insisted. Cody sighed.

“Yeah…” he finally relented, looking down at the floor as he did so.

“Hey! Honey! Eyes up!” she scolded, again, clapping her hands once.

He groaned, but did as he was told.

Cody’s eyes slowly made their way up from the floor beneath her. Looking first at her feet and calves, slowly moving up her long legs, further up her tight blouse and over her slim waist, and–maybe?–slowing down for a long instant when they reached her very deep cleavage.

If Sylvia noticed, she didn’t seem to mind.

But then they reached her own eyes, once again. The way Cody knew she liked it.

“What is this about your dad, then? Did he talk to you about something?”

Cody kept silent, so she went in again.

“Honey, your dad is three hours away at your grandparents’ already… what could be so complicated that-“

“I just-” he sighed “I just don’t know if it’s something I should talk about with my mom, is all…”

Sylvia huffed in response, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes.

“What kind of thing is it that you can’t talk about with your own mom?!”

“It’s… I don’t know mom” grumbled Cody “man-to-man kind of stuff…”

His mom clicked her tongue, crossing her arms and turning her nose up and away from her son.

“There’s nothing you can talk with your father that you shouldn’t be able to talk about with your mom.”

Her voice sounded stern. But she looked frustrated. And… flustered?

A small moment of silence passed between them, filling the dingy hotel room.

Cody wasn’t the forward type at all. He was used to keeping to himself, and always had. Especially in social situations, he’d never take the initiative. His rowing was a different thing, but when outside the field…

However, something in his gut told him he should keep it up. It was an instinct deep in his heart genç gaziantep escort that insisted this was some sort of moment of truth. And even if he had never been a super bold guy… today was the day he needed to be. Or so he thought.

Gathering up all the bravery in his teenage heart, Cody decided to say something more.

“Well mom…” he started, and his mom immediately perked up, her long brown hair bouncing slightly as she looked his way again.

“Maybe…” said Cody, and Sylvia again noticed that he liked glancing at her DDs when she didn’t look his way “maybe it has something to do with you and that’s why I can’t tell you…?” he offered, with a lot of hesitation.

“With-” Sylvia had to clear her throat “With me?” she started again.

Cody figured her mouth must have felt a little bit dry.

“What could you and your dad… possibly have been talking about regarding me?” she smiled. But, to Cody, her smile was… insincere. Her eyes fluttered a bit too much. And her body looked a lot stiffer than it should.

She seemed uncomfortable.

Her arms were still crossed over her generous chest, and Cody couldn’t help but admire the way it highlighted her already impossible-to-ignore cleavage.

“Just, uh-“

Cody felt like every pause in his speech lingered in the air for hours on end. He wasn’t good with pressure like this.

“Just…?” fished his mom, leaning in towards him again. Her voice was soft and sweet, like it always was when they were talking about delicate stuff.

“He’s worried that-“

Cody stuttered.


She kept echoing him.

“He thinks that maybe you-“

Cody changed his weight again, fidgeting in place.


“He thinks that maybe you are- looking to- to other guys…” He finally spat out.

She kept waiting for him to finish.

“You know, like- like maybe for cheating and stuff…”

His mom’s eyes grew wide like plates. She craned her neck back in shock, as if what Cody had just said had been absurd. Cody had more to say, he thought, but the words stopped coming out after seeing his mom’s reaction.

He was about to keep going when he was interrupted by a loud snort from his mother.

She covered her mouth.

“Hahahahaha…!” she doubled over laughing, throwing her head back and then down. Both her hands were on her mouth as she almost cackled.

Cody was taken aback. The walls were so thin in this place that he worried the neighbors might complain, she was laughing so hard.

It was so loud and exaggerated that it must have been insincere, but it sure didn’t seem like it.

He took a couple steps closer, towards the bed, as he searched for the next words he was going to say. He leaned in towards his mom, who wasn’t looking at him anymore, but was bent at the waist, laughing like she was watching the greatest comedy film of all time.

“Uh… mom?”

Sylvia kept laughing for maybe a full second more, until finally subsiding into small bursts of chuckles and giggles.

Cody came in again, to try and get a word in, but his mom but her hand up.

“I’m sorry, honey” she said “It’s just- what an absurd notion…”

“Absurd?” asked Cody, incredulous.

“Oh absurd, honey!” she insisted, rolling her eyes, her tone again very serious, sharply distinct from the exaggerated laughter from a second ago “And who would I be trying to cheat on him with?” she went on “That balding, fat boss of his? That slimy weirdo Kevin who keeps trying to come over after our charity events? Any of his brothers? That douchebag of a rowing trainer you have? Your dumb friend Xander? Your fatso friend Brendan? Mr. Collins from down the street? Any one of the revolving door of personal trainers I’ve had to fire for being sex pests? Almost all of Anna’s exes? Isabella’s tutor?” As Sylvia moved down the list, she enumerated each and every one, making a big show of it by using both her hands.

Cody didn’t know what to say. Almost none of these were people he had ever had in his list of dudes after his mom. Well, maybe his aunt Anna’s exes. They were pretty blatant about it, and they were all famous people, so they were easy to count. But… most of the rest he didn’t even think to consider.

“Because, honey… they all want a piece, you know? Everyone at his office has made a move on me, plus every one of your teachers, and–nearly–every one of his friends. And yours!” she laughed “Your mom’s pretty popular, baby…!” she chuckled, again, making a resigned smile at the thought of it.

Cody understood why. His mom was a smokeshow. Her soft, chestnut-colored hair, which cascaded only barely to her shoulders, in a slight, perfect wave. Her sparkling green eyes. Her starlet-like features, with prominent cheekbones, fat red lips and a small, upwardly-turned nose. The nordic side of her ancestry really came through, on her face. Her incredible body, gaziantep genç escort however, was definitely the other side of her ancestry. Romance. She had world-class tits, for one. Perky and huge, on a slender frame, with a heart shaped ass. Her curves seemed almost alien on the rest of her thin, slim body. She was exceptionally beautiful, and exceptionally hot. Not unlike a movie star. And she probably could have been one, if she had wanted to. His aunt Anna was one, after all, and she was basically just a younger, freckled version of his mom.

“Honey, I’m not about to just cheat” she said, still with that dismissive, resigned smile “if all I wanted was to cheat on your father, I would have done so a long, long time ago…” she assured him. And he had to admit she had a point.

Her voice sounded dead-serious, and Cody believed her.

“I mean, even if I–possibly–am looking at other men…” she then dropped, nonchalantly, as she looked to the side, wistfully.

It took Cody a second to process what he’d just heard.

“Wait, so- so you are looking-” he jumped. But he didn’t get to finish his phrase.

His mom lifted her hand. Her tits bounced in place as she shifted her weight around. Cody’s eyes wandered towards them all on their own, and he failed to make any effort to hide it. Sylvia noticed, but just smiled a little bit wider at the clumsiness.

“I said looking.” She clarified “I have never, ever, cheated on your father” his mom repeated “And I have been tempted, believe me.”

Cody did believe it. He knew his mom was probably getting approached–and from her own telling of it–it sounded like it was by every breathing male in Primrose Bay since they moved in. She didn’t really have to explain.

However, he also sort of wanted to hear, now. His heartrate said so.

“That handsome bastard Jeremy Chase…” his mom started “even while he was with Anna, all he ever did around me was try to get me into a room with him. Or them!”

Holy shit. Jeremy Chase had gone after his mom?

“No way…” Cody muttered, but his mom either didn’t hear or didn’t care to answer. However, anyone would have been shocked. Jeremy Chase was Hollywood royalty! Sexiest man alive just about a zillion times! He was on the list?

“Anna almost convinced me to just go for it even while she was with him” she sighed “That was never about love for them…” she trailed off.

Holy fuck. Cody’s brain kept wanting to think it was impossible–out of sheer star-power, he realized–but the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. His mom was just that hot. And he’d seen the three of them together, back when his aunt was still dating the guy, so he could see the signs now that she’d mentioned them. His mom, however, sounded completely unimpressed–even as she nonchalantly told a story online tabloids would pay good money to write stories about.

“He just had a big cock I think…” she shrugged, without looking at her son.

Cody almost gasped. Hearing his mom say ‘cock’ was… it made his own cock twitch. Not unlike the rest of the men around her, Cody, too, had been obsessed with his mom’s figure since he knew what it was made for.

Just her figure, though. He knew better than to allow himself to openly lust after the woman he knew to be his own mother.

So, he always made sure to pretend there was a different face on top of it, in his fantasies.

“Anyways, she almost convinced me. But didn’t.” His mom shook her head as she re-told the story “And he wasn’t even the only ex of hers…”

Cody found himself getting excited at hearing more. He was holding his breath, now, determined to not interrupt.

“Cade Harrison, too” his mom revealed “after he dumped Anna, he blew up my phone for months!”

No way, thought Cody.

“And he was so handsome…” she admitted.

No way, he thought. Again. Cade was a rockstar. A real one. Lead singer of Them Apples. He couldn’t imagine any woman saying ‘No’ to him. But his stay-at-home mom had???

“They weren’t the only famous ones, either… but they were the two with whom I ever even thought of… you know…” she paused “‘throwing away my vows’, so to speak…” She did air-quotes as she said it.

Sylvia looked away and seemingly basked in some more memories, for a second. Cody remained flabbergasted.

“It never went anywhere close to being anything, though! I swear to you, baby!” she quickly clarified, clasping her hands in front of her “nothing but stray thoughts was the closest it ever came to happening!”

As she recalled her non-affair, Sylvia shook her head with a grimace in her face, like the whole idea had always been beyond ridiculous.

Cody believed her. She was his mom, and he had never seen any reason not to trust her.


But he was also beyond himself with curiosity. And eagerness. Eagerness to know more about these world-famous gaziantep genç escort bayan playboys who got denied by his very own mother. Something within him would have loved to see their dumb-looking faces as the woman who birthed him rejected them.

“See, baby… they were all just handsome assholes, honey” Sylvia reassured him “nothing special about that…”

Nothing special about film and rock stars? Thought Cody, but he didn’t argue. He loved this. Although he didn’t know why.

He was too young of mind, still, to get why.

“Anything you can get from a famous, handsome asshole… you can get from a regular one. They’re not special” She explained, shrugging.

The dismissal in her expression seemed sincere but, more than that, it seemed prideful. She was proud of having rejected not one but two world-class stars.

“And I–absolutely, 100%–adore your father. I’m completely devoted to him. Always have been. He’s the most gallant, loving man I have ever met.” She insisted. “Anyone can hook up with you for a week, but it takes real guts and love to provide for you, support you, form a family with you…”

Sylvia’s eyes were wistful. Her smile–her expression–soft and relaxed. Cody thought, for a second or two, if maybe this wasn’t the deepest he’d ever seen within his mom’s heart.

But the moment passed.

“Throwing away any of that for a cheap thrill with some fame-addled prick…? No, thank you” she said, shaking her head and looking away. Her face was back to the practiced smile and politely guarded, motherly expression.

In the resulting silence, she softly caressed the bed with her fingertips. The soft scratch of her carefully done nails against the rough cover of the cheap road hotel bed brought to mind the stark contrast between the woman… and the room she was ready to stay at.

It was distracting. Suspicious, almost. His mom was loyal to her husband. Any son would love hearing as much. But the dissonance of the situation nonetheless cast a strange, inevitable shadow on what Cody had just heard. Overwhelming sincerity and all.

Plus, Cody really couldn’t help but wonder… was there anyone else? Any other superstar his sexbomb of a mom had said such resounding ‘NO’ to?

A darker part of him wanted to hear more about all the blueballs his mom had left in her wake.

At 18, Cody was too naive and well-meaning to have any idea why, but it worked for him. Even past his usual, timid inner voice, he heard himself wishing she would have left even more people blueballed. Blueballed as fuck.

Regardless of these misguided feelings, though, he had a suspicion that this was it. Or, if not ‘it’, as much as his mom was going to tell him, right then and there.

And, still, none of those had been the kind of people he had been worried about. They didn’t fit his suspicions nor the issue he thought his family was facing right now. He opened his mouth to say as much, but his mom went first.

“I love your father, you know?” she insisted, one last time before Cody could get a word in “love him, love him” she emphasized.

“Well… they’re not- not who I had in mind, exactly…” he answered, bringing down the energy in the room again. Not that he would have ever considered Cade Harrison and Jeremy Chase in his mother’s list of suitors, of course.

He noticed he was still stuttering. He was still nervous. Despite his mom’s reassuring words. Despite his big size and impressive shoulders. What was it, exactly, that gave such unease to Cody?

The teenager looked at his mom, sitting on top of the bed–her legs crossed, now–her body clad in that tight, frilly, red top and light summer skirt. Her arms were on her side, and she seemed relaxed, but she had–again–a perfect poker face. Nothing but a smile that was clearly something else. It almost looked like a smirk.

Her eyes fluttered for an instant, as she thought about whoever he could mean.

“Then who did you have in mind-” she started, before instantly stopping herself, as she reached the obvious conclusion. Of course! This whole thing had begun with that, so who else could it be?

She put a hand over her mouth.

“I, uh-” started Cody, but his mom interrupted him once again.

“Your dad thinks the person I want to cheat on him with… is YOU????” she suddenly yelled, and Cody was sure everybody else in the roadside hotel must have heard.

“Well- I, uh-” Cody stuttered, again, not knowing what to say. Not that anyone could blame him. This would have been a really hard topic for anyone to breach, never mind Cody.

“That’s not exactly what I’m saying- uh- I don’t think that-!” he explained, taking a step back and putting his hands up as if trying to stop his mom from doing something crazy. Not that she was moving at all. She was just frozen in place, looking at her son dead in the eyes.

“What does he think, then?” asked his mom, taking the chance to sound incredulous this time “And why?” she asked, and she sounded genuinely quizzical. Still not sounding offended, despite the steadiness of her voice, but confused. Somehow, that soft steel in her attitude felt even more oppressive for Cody.

“It’s not that dad thinks specifically that-” tried to explain Cody, before backtracking again “he just doesn’t know exactly who-” he didn’t know where to begin.

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