Come Sit on My Lap

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Fred was fried, totally, on both sides over hard. He hadn’t meant to get drunk, but there he was stewed, ‘I’m gonna be sorry tomorrow.’ He thought.
It had been a strange day, he normally didn’t travel on weekends but here he was on a Sunday evening, 186 miles from home in a medium sized town. He booked a room at the motel he normally stayed at, and found the lounge was deserted on Sunday evening, so he had had a couple. Well actually he had had five beers his usual limit. He had an itch and didn’t want to go up and watch TV so he decided to drive around for a while, and see if there was any action out on the street. His first stop was a bar four blocks from the motel, it was just as dead as the motel bar had been. He drove through the small downtown section, which was pretty deteriorated, most of the shopping having moved to the suburbs. Cruising around the block back and forth, he spied a parking lot full of cars and a neon sign. ‘Let’s give that one a try.’ The sign had a picture of Michelangelo’s statue of David on the sign, and over the entrance was a sign ‘The David’.
Must be ‘The David.’ Giggled Fred to himself as he walked in. The place was packed, Fred spotted a seat at the end of the bar and grabbed it. The hurried bartender came over and Fred ordered a beer. There was lots of noise, loud music and couples all over the place. Fred looked at one of the waitresses and was more than passing surprised to realize it was a waiter, with lipstick a scarf. Then Fred made a more careful appraisal of the interior of the bar and came to realize that the entire place was all male, what he had taken for women were just effeminate men. ‘Oh shit, I’m in a gay bar, now how do I get out of here, and what do I do if someone hits on me.’ Strange thoughts.
Of course the obvious answer was chug the beer, get up and go back to the motel. Fred wasn’t thinking all that clearly. So while he was mentally making plans for a discreet exit he had three more beers. By the time the fourth beer came he had decided to ride it out and pretend he was somewhere else, at least their were people here, more than he could say for either the motel or the other bar.
As it got later the two guys next to Fred left and the seat was vacant. He was having difficulty focusing as he consumed his next beer.
“Hi, is this seat taken?” Said a feminine voice.
“Noooo, oh nooo, thus seat is yourse.” Mumbled Fred. ‘Migosh, that was terrible.’
Thought Fred as he appraised the woman that sat down on the stool next to him. She was as tall as Fred, well built and had long raven black hair, high cheek-bones and copperish colored skin, and as nice a set of tits as one could imagine.
“I’m Lee,” she said extending her hand: “are you gay?”
“Ah I’m Fred, no I’m not gay.”
“Well don’t be offended, this is a gay bar.”
“Nope, things dull back at the motel so I decided to see the town and found this place.”
“I see, and now you don’t izmit otele gelen escort know how to leave.” Said Lee as she sipped her beer.
“Yeth, thas it.” ‘Damn, got to straighten up, get it together.’ A beautiful girl next to him and he wanted to get it wet in the worst way, but he had to maintain his cool.
Fred concentrated and began a conversation with Lee, soon they were laughing and giggling together. Her hand crept up his thigh and gave it a squeeze.
They were well acquainted by midnight and last call, Lee invited him to her apartment. “I live right around the corner, come on over and have a cup of coffee, you’re a little too high to drive right now. Your car will be fine here in the lot.”
So arm in arm they walked to her apartment on the second floor of a nearby building that housed a small office supply firm on the ground floor. Lee was ahead of Fred on the stairs, so he got a good shot of her legs and ass. She was no slender twig, but rather a substantial woman. She had told him she was Indian, which he had guessed from her appearance. A bit forbidding at first, but really quite beautiful.
Lee turned on the lights to reveal an apartment that was one large room with everything in different corners, living room, kitchen, bedroom, the only door led to what Fred assumed was the bath.
Lee turned to Fred and stepped up to him, he had a normal reaction reaching out embracing her then kissing her she responded opening her mouth and they explored each other with their tongues. Fred felt her hand go to his groin and began to massage him with an enthusiasm he had never known from any other woman.
“Lets’ go to the couch Fred.” Lee led him to the couch they sat down side-by-side, and it got hot and heavy. Lee moved her tank top down exposing a marvelous set of tits, while Fred was admiring them, Lee got her hand in his pants and began to play with his cock and balls. Fred grabbed her ass and when he went for her pussy she moved. “Not yet Fred, I want to suck your cock first.” Fred got harder.
Lee had Fred stripped totally naked in under a minute, she removed her tank top but kept her short skirt on. On her hands and knees between his legs she began to give him a work out. Lee kissed and sucked his balls, played with his cock, then began to suck him.
Looking up she grinned at him: “Like that honey?”
“Oh migosh yes.”
“Good, hang on.” Lee went back to sucking him and as she sucked she worked a finger around his rectum and began to massage it. This gave Fred a new and unusual tingle.
“Damn, I’m gonna cum.”
Lee stopped, and looked at him grinning: “Well if you don’t I’ll be really disappointed after the blow job I’ve been giving you.” She went back to work, and he began to contract, when she felt this she ran her finger up his ass and massaged his postate.
“Oh jeese, o boy, wow, fuck, ooooooohhhhhhhhh.” Screamed Fred as he ejaculated as he izmit anal yapan escort had never done before from the mouth on his cock and the massage of his prostrate. Fred heard or felt Lee gulp and swallow, as she continued to suck and lick his cock and finger his ass. Finally everything went soft.
“Oh honey you had a load.” Exclaimed Lee as she got up off her knees and resumed sitting beside Fred. “I wanna neck some more, do you want me to gargle first?” Asked Lee.
Fred was too drunk to care, he just leaned over and kissed her she responded. As they continued to suck each other’s tongue, Fred could feel her taking her panties off.
Finally they came up for air. “Fred this is a little like Las Vegas, what you do her stays here. I want to make love to you, come sit on my lap and let me fuck you.” Lee raised her skirt to reveal a substantial cock and balls.
“Huh, what?”
“Shush, dear, I’m a shemale, you know a woman trapped in a man’s body, your all ready nice and loose straddle me and let me show you a new thrill, you will love it.”
“Ah, ah, I told you I’m not gay.”
“Oh don’t be a stick Fred, I just want to have you, you know like I just made you feel good, now you make me feel good.”
“Oh I can’t do that.”
“Fred, I’m not asking you to marry me, or pick out furniture, just let me have a little fun with you. Now come on over here straddle me and sit on it.” Lee sort of wrestled Fred around so he was facing her and he put his leg over her waist. She pulled his head down and kissed him, then she with one hand on her cock and the other on his ass guided him down on to her.
“It hurts, it isn’t gonna work it won’t fit.”
“Don’t be such a baby Fred, it will fit, and in a moment it will be just pure pleasure for you. It’s always hard on little boys the first time they get to play the girl.” She pressed down and soon she was all the way in his ass. She began to fuck him as they continued to neck.
“Fred work with me Honey, fuck that cock in you, move on it.” Lee whispered in his ear as she bit his neck, soon he was responding, riding up and down the cock.
Lee fucked him in this position for about five minutes. “Fred lay down on the floor, let me have you from behind, you need it deep inside you to really get the full effect.”
Again she manhandled him onto the floor he flat on his face and she mounted him from behind laying full out on his back she began to fuck him as hard as she could.
“Lee that hurts, please stop.”
“Not yet lover.”
“I’ll do anything you ask just stop.”
“Oh you’ll do anything I ask anyways, now be quiet, I’m gonna cum.” Lee pounded out her orgasm into Fred’s alimentary canal, then collapsed on top of him kissing his neck and biting his shoulders.
They were both lathered and breathing hard, Lee hopped up and went into the bathroom where Fred could here her relieve herself and then water splashing. Fred got up when she sansürsüz escort bayan came out and waddled into the bath to relieve himself, also. He was bowlegged from the fucking he had just received, now he felt he knew what a $2 whore felt like.
When he came out of the bath, Lee was sitting on the couch, with two glasses of soda, still naked, she patted the couch beside her and Fred sat there.
“Here’s some soda, how do you feel?” Handing him a glass of ginger ale.
“Strange, this whole evening has been strange.”
“Did you like it?”
”What this evening.”
“No silly, my making love to you, fucking you, did you like it?”
“Ahhh, don’t know what to say I’m sort of confused.”
“Well maybe it was providence that brought you to the David tonight. You know, yin, yang and fate. It felt pretty good didn’t it?” Grinned Lee as she reached down and waved her cock at Fred. “Just think I had this way up in you, you acted like little fourteen year old school girl loosing her cherry. Ohhh it hurts.” She giggled.
“Was I that bad.”
“No dear, you have potential, a little practice and you cold be a really good piece of ass. Now you know what would cap the evening off really great?”
“No what’s that?”
“If you sucked my cock.”
“Maybe I should pass on that tonight.”
“I sucked yours.”
“Yes, but that’s different.”
“How is it different.” Lee grinned as she continued to wave the cock at Fred invitingly.
“It just is.”
“It’s only fair, now just take me in your mouth and blow me, you’ll like it I promise you.” She reached over and gently pulled Fred into her lap and fed him her cock. “That’s it lick it suck it, play with my balls, make love to me.” Lee spread her legs and coo’d and whimpered encouragement to Fred as he ate her cock.
Fred was finally getting into it, when Lee grabbed him by the ears and fucked his mouth. For his part Fred didn’t know it was possible for a human to have as much cum as Lee shot into his mouth, some went down his throat some leaked out around the cock. When she was done she held his head close on her groin until she went soft.
“Come up her big boy and give mama a kiss.” Lee pulled him up and kissed him swirling her tongue around her own cum. ‘Mmmm that’s nice, play with me.” She asked as she moved closer to Fred, and played with his cock and balls as she continued to kiss him.
“What are you a machine, your getting hard again?” Whispered Fred.
“No dear, your hand just feels so good on my cock, and your cock feels wonderful too. You know us girls take all kinds of hormones to help us keep our girlish wasy, so we need a little help to stay hard, I took a big dose of Viagra, now just relax and lean back.” Lee continuing to kiss Fred and fondle his cock pushed him onto his back and mounted him, him from the front. They stayed locked mouth to mouth as Lee ran her cock back into Fred. “Oh Fred, you are ready, you’re my ready Freddy.” Lee whispered to him as they embraced each other. Fred’s cock was trapped between their bodies and his balls ached because they were getting pounded by Lee’s hips. He didn’t care now tonight he was the girl. And so it went.

“Next time you come to town, give me a call, I’ll let you sit on my lap again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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