Confessions: Anna’s Dad had Secrets

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My name is Anna, for purposes of this confession, and I was a 21 year old girl when this story happened. I was at the second year of my medical studies when my father died and I went home to attend the funeral. I was close to my dad, we would talk about anything and everything, and talk a lot. He would always listen to my problems. He was always there for me. He would tell me his problems. I broke down and cried for hours when mom called and told me.

I came back home, and it was different. House was empty without him. I wanted to cry and grieve, but there was too much work to do to prepare for the funeral. People came to help, but… So many things to do, and people can’t help you with that. I felt so alone without him.

Four days after he died, we got a call from his lawyer who let us know that I had a half brother, James. Mom and me were in shock. Turns out dad had an affair at the start of their marriage. My half brother was only three months younger than me, and he lived 5 hours away by car.

He arrived on the morning of the funeral, alone. His mother did not want to come to dad’s funeral. I was hurt at first, how could dad do something like that to mom? Mom was furious and cried all night. But we put on brave faces, and welcomed him. What else could we do? When he rang the door, I thought dad came home – a 30 year younger version of dad came through time to tell us all will be ok. But it was not dad.

Funeral went ok, for “ok” values that funerals can have. Mom and me cried. James looked awkward. Priest held a good service, and family gathering after was ok. I don’t remember much, too many faces, too many condolences, too much numbness. It went by with a blur. James stayed in a hotel that night, and mom invited him to come over for lunch the next day.

He parked in driveway, and we had leftovers from the reception, then mom retired to her room. She was polite to James, but it was obvious she was hurt that dad cheated on her. I went for a walk with James, to show him the town, and to talk. We Gaziantep Oral Escort walked and talked for hours. He looked like dad. He sounded almost like dad. But his talking filled the hole left by dad, at least somewhat.

By the time we got back to the house, it was already sunset, and he was supposed to drive home. Mom wouldn’t have it – he could not drive for 5 hours at night. He could stay in the basement, there was a pull out couch. It would not be right if she let him leave. She told me to show him where it is, and get fresh sheets. Then she left for church.

He took his bag from the car, and I led him downstairs. Helped him pull out the couch and pull on the sheets and set up the bed. Up close he was smelling so good. There was still a little sunlight in the basement, through one of the windows looking west, but it was fading with sunset. We finished setting up the bed and stood close and he looked me in the eyes.

I kissed him on the lips and we both froze for a moment. Then he kissed me back. We kissed for ten, fifteen seconds before I pulled back. Doing that, I bumped into the bed and dropped down on my butt. I sat right in front of him and looking at his belt buckle and jeans and just went for them. I don’t know why. It just felt right thing to do. He pulled off his shirt and I was surprised by his body, he was fit!

I pulled down his jeans and he pushed them off all the way and leaned over me and kissed me again. He pushed me back on the bed and I moved up on it. My skirt rode up my thighs and his hands were under my camisole. I could feel his weight settling on me, and I was getting very hot and very wet.

He pulled down my panties until they got stuck on my sneakers. I tried pulling them off with my feet, and ended up pulling off one sneaker with white cotton panties hanging off of the sneaker that was still on my foot. Then I felt him enter me and remembered I have a boyfriend back at university, who I’ve been dating for almost 2 years and loved so much. I felt guilt for cheating on him, as I felt James kissing my neck.

I started thinking about it, it was so unreal – my half brother was inside me, fucking me. My half brother who I didn’t even know existed only 5 days ago. My fucking hot half brother was fucking me and I was thinking about my boyfriend and how I could have did something so perverse and deviant… Then I felt James starting to cum inside me and my mind blanked. I panicked a little before I remembered I was on birth control.

He got off of me, and we lay there in silence. It was uncomfortable, so I excused myself, pulled on my panties and sneakers and went upstairs to the bathroom. I cleaned myself, thinking what the fuck happened down there. Did I lose my fucking mind?

After showering I called my boyfriend, and cried for 20 minutes talking to him about my dad. My mom came back home by the time I got down from my room, and the three of us had dinner. She went to watch TV, and I went out with James, so we can talk about what the hell happened.

He was just as confused as I was. We agreed never to mention it again. We got home and watched TV with mom for a while, having some small talk – she wanted to know more about him. She even agreed to meet his mom some time. She went to bed and we stayed in living room watching a movie for another hour.

He said he was going to bed and left, but came back after a minute to ask where the light switch is. I had to show him, then show him the other switch at the bottom of stairs and how to turn off water in basement bathroom if toilet tank won’t stop filling.

Then we kissed again. This time we were kissing standing up, for a long time. It felt like half an hour at least before we ended up on the bed again. He got me completely naked and kissed me everywhere. Played with my breasts and nipples and kissed me and licked me on my neck and stomach and hands. By the time he went down on me, I was so turned on that it took me only a handful of minutes to cum.

Then I felt him move on top of me, naked and hard against my stomach. I could taste myself on his lips when he kissed me. I took him in my hand and guided him lower until I could feel him on my lips. Moving him until they opened up and the tip was at my pussy, only letting him out of my hand when he started pushing inside me. I wrapped my legs around his butt and he was kissing my lips, my face, my neck as he was fucking me.

His dick was average, just like my boyfriend, but there was a difference in the way it felt. Curved a little different, shape and size of head, texture… I was comparing them in my head as he was pushing in and out in a nice lazy rhythm at first. Then when I started making mewing sounds, he started picking up the pace, until I was constantly making “mmeeewwwmmmm” sound and he was going fast and hard. He waited that I cum this time, then let go while I was still having an orgasm and finished inside me again.

We just lay there giggling for a few minutes, my legs still crossed behind his butt. I only opened them up when he got fully soft inside me. I ran to the toilet with hand over my pussy so I don’t leak over everything. I got back to bed, picked up my clothes and started to dress. Wished him good night and left to my room.

Woke up early, and had breakfast with him and mom, then we wished him a safe trip back home. I stayed for a couple days with mom, before going back to university and to my boyfriend. I never stopped missing my father, even now, 15 years later I still miss him all the time.

It is easier, though. I have two lovely kids, 8 and 9, a loving husband (married my university boyfriend) I have a good practice in my hometown, my husband owns his own business, and we have no debts. I also have a loving half brother who I’m close with, and as he moved to a closer city for work, so we see him at least once a week for family lunch.

I meet him more often, to talk and vent. My husband is ok with it, since he would never suspect I am fucking my brother. I think my children are by my husband, but to be honest… I don’t know. I don’t care either way. I love both my husband and my brother, and I’m glad I got to meet him.

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