Date Night

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At midnight, Billy and Jasmine arrive home at their apartment. College is hard, work is hard, but a date was what they needed to unwind for once. Jasmine’s wearing a black dress, similar to her sweetheart dance dress. Billy’s wearing a red and black suit. Billy puts down his keys from driving as he looks outside to see the stars. He stands there a few moments to gaze. He turns to tell Jasmine about the stars only to see her completely naked, her right arm holding her left, which is to her side. Billy looked down to see her dress flung to the side, her panties at her ankles, as if she’d gotten in a rush to strip. He asked her where her bra was, to which she replied that there never was one. Billy looked down to see that her inner thighs were glistening with drops of liquid running down one of them. The running liquid excited her even more as she shuddered. The coldness also made her nipples harden.

Billy scoffed as he walked towards the bathroom, loosening his tie. Jasmine runs up behind him, and embraces him. One hand is across his chest while the other is on his crotch. She noticed that he was already hard, and rubbed his bulge. She explained that she had been eyeing his junk through the clear glass table at the restaurant, noticing the massive bulge in pants that were too small for him. Jasmine picked the pants, knowing they’d express his bulge. Billy tried to pull away from Jasmine so he could change into something more comfortable, but Jasmine gripped the hard bulge that crept down a quarter of his thigh. She spun him around, unzipping his pants. She didn’t bother with the button as she went to work.

She reached down his pants, feeling from his pubic hair to his base to his smooth shaft to his head. Billy groaned the whole way, but he especially gasped at the felt of her fingers on his sensitive glans. Jasmine felt a liquid coming out of him, pre-cum. Jasmine bent at her knees as she pulled out his large alert missing persons unit izle cock and licked up the pre-cum. It tasted more pleasant than before, and Billy said he’d been eating more fruit, especially pineapple. Jasmine giggled as she started sucking his dick. She moaned as his pinkish head slid into her mouth, her tongue rolling around it. Billy massaged and played with her hair, his grip of her hair became tighter the more Jasmine put in her mouth. She had to squeeze her left thumb in order to not have a gag reflex as she fit all eight inches into her mouth, some of it going down her throat. She continued to suck on it as Billy’s head arched backwards. His eyes squeezed shut at the good feeling of her mouth around his hard cock. What set him off mostly was the occasional moment when Jasmine puts the tip of her tongue inside the opening of Billy’s dick.

Billy groaned as he took his now glistening penis out of her mouth. Billy suddenly seemed like an animal as he grabbed Jasmine. She squealed as he put her against the wall, sucking her nipples, squeezing her breasts. She moaned as he even played with her pussy with his fingers. When he went with two hands on her breasts, she was still aroused as Billy’s pulsing penis touched her cunt with every throb, sometimes touching her clitoris. She couldn’t take it anymore as she grabbed his cock with two hands. She began masturbating him as the two moaned loudly. Jasmine rubbed her thumb on his head as Billy took his mouth off her wet nipple, moaning as he looked down at her hands on his penis. Billy couldn’t take it anymore as he lifted Jasmine’s leg up to his waist. Her legs were now wide as her vagina lips spread, revealing her opening.

Billy’s penis was just above the hole as he maneuvered it in.

His head slid past her lips like before. He hesitated before Jasmine grabbed his butt, pushing alice in borderland izle him into her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he slid his hard cock into her cunt. He didn’t go slow like he usually did. He went all in, pounding Jasmine violently. Jasmine stopped him for a moment, reminding him of the condom in his pocket. Billy quickly took it out, and put it on. The two continued to fuck, but Billy’s moaning was less intense. However, Jasmine loved it. Her head was against the wall with her eyes closed. With every thrust, it moved her up and down. Her hair was caught on the wallpaper as it stuck there. Jasmine’s feet twitched uncontrollably as she felt the most intense fucking of her life. Billy planted his tongue on her neck, and coated it in saliva. Her neck was the canvas, his tongue the brush. The two continued until Billy cried out that he can’t take it anymore.

He pulled out of her, and she slumped to the floor. She was confused as he pulled the condom off his cock. It was still shining and pulsing as he picked up Jasmine. Using the wall as a support, he picked up both of her legs, and fucked her faster than before. The two moved away from the wall, freely in the middle of the room. Jasmine’s legs crossed at Billy’s butt as he took one hand and firmly grabbed hers. Jasmine’s breasts, butt, and thighs shook as Billy violently pumped her with his cock. Jasmine’s back arched a bit with Billy’s curved cock rubbed her g-spot intensely, his pubic hair sticking to her wet pussy, some of which was on her clitoris. Billy at one point pumped harder and faster as he began yelling, “I’m cumming!!” The two slammed into the wall as Billy came deep into Jasmine. Billy masturbated his penis ferociously as he ejaculated his jizz deep into her. Jasmine’s back was on the wall as she felt his warm cum fill her insides.

Billy finally slowed down as he put Jasmine’s americas got talent all stars izle legs down. He pulled his throbbing, softening penis out of her as semen dripped out of Jasmine’s cunt. It dripped down her thighs as she masturbated herself. She told him she wasn’t done, and turned herself around. Her soaked pussy pointed at Billy with Jasmine facing the wall. Billy was exhausted, but still agreed to make her cum. He crouched slightly behind her, and slid his slightly hard penis into her. As he started fucking her again, more cum dripped out of his penis as it became harder again. The two continued to fuck, Jasmine’s love juice occasionally dripping out of her pussy, sometimes flying out from Billy’s quick thrusting. His cock was so powerful as it rubbed her g spot powerfully. Instead of simply rubbing, the friction was almost painful from Billy’s still hard dick. The two were sweating, their skin red from the passionate fucking they’ve been doing for the past dozen minutes. Jasmine leaned against the wall, her breasts shaking, her ass jiggling from the pumping Billy had been doing to her. Her face was planted on the wall, contorting constantly from the feeling she didn’t want to end. Every once in a while, Billy would slap her ass, and she would wince from the feeling every time. Usually, she was dominant, but Billy was like an animal.

Eventually, Jasmine’s arm grabbed Billy’s arm as she started cumming. She moaned louder as she said over and over, “Oh, God, Billy! I’m cumming!” Her nails dug into his arm as she pushed back against Billy, the two making one person cum loudly. Billy thrusted harder against Jasmine’s desperate need to cum. Jasmine gave a final thrust as the two fell backwards onto the floor. Billy’s cock was still inside Jasmine as they crashed to the floor. Billy felt both hurt and relaxed from both the hard floor and Jasmine’s soft body. Jasmine rolled over on top of Billy, their eyes meeting. Not once did they kiss during their passionate fucking. Billy tried to pull his penis out of his tired lover, but she stopped him, telling him that she needs to remember this moment for years to come. Their two kissed passionately as they got up, their bodies were red from rubbing against each other, holding hands into the bedroom, hopefully getting some peaceful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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