Dave Meets Vicki Ch. 05

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The Whole Story: Ch. 05

Dave entered his apartment and threw his clothes into the laundry hamper. His muscular body looked fine in the full length mirror of the bath. He flexed his various muscle groups. He showered and shaved, and spent time to shave his cock and balls. His ass crack and crotch were baby smooth when he finished. He dried off and returned to his bedroom nude.

On the way, he noticed his room mate, Tom, had returned. Tom was an unusual sort. He was also an exceptional athlete. Tom was the captain of the gymnastics team. He was attending State U. on a full scholarship. Tom was small but well built. His body lacked the massive rippling muscles Dave had, but he was very supple. Dave had seen him perform amazing feats of flexibility in some of his tumbling routines.

Tom stood at the counter in his bikini-cut briefs. Tom seemed to be embarrassed of his excellent physique. The unusually long lump in his light blue briefs always was a point of curiosity for Dave. Tom never went on any dates, either. Dave thought many women would love to get to know a young man with his exceptional equipment. “Hi, Tom!” He said, in a warm tone. He walked beside the smaller man, stretched up to get a glass. “Oops! Sorry.” He apologized, when his semi-hard cock accidentally brushed his room mate’s arm. He had been thinking about his liaison, and the memory was beginning to affect his thickening member. The touch of his friend made the flesh tube jump.

Tom didn’t try avoid the manly contact. “Oh, don’t worry about it, pal.” He said, flippantly. “Looks like you’ve finally found a hot date?”

Dave smiled, sheepishly, “You wouldn’t believe it, Tom! I think I’m in love. I’m sorry, but I think my cock thinks so too!” He exclaimed as his penis continued to grow to its very respectable proportions. As he retrieved the glass from the shelf, his tumescent member brushed against the smaller man’s chest. Dave felt an unusual attraction to his room mate, that had never manifested itself before. He attributed his sexual arousal to Vicki and Denise. He filled his glass at the sink, allowing the water to run a bit to cool down.

As he stood looking out the window – his mind on his plans for tonight – Tom opened the cabinet under the sink to get something. Dave didn’t notice his friend’s actions until Tom “accidentally” brushed his cock with his face as he leaned under the sink. The soft contact brought Dave’s attention to his unusual circumstances. Tom fiddled with something beneath the sink, for a few moments. Dave’s cock and balls would touch the tanned skin of his arm or back as he bent over.

For the first time, Dave began to consider the fact that his handsome room mate might be gay. Tom knew quite well what Dave’s sexual inclinations were. He had caught Dave and a date in sexual situations more than once, and had always responded coolly. He never hurried out of the room, and Dave was never really sure how long he had been watching. He realized now that his friend had always gaziantep escort been attentive to him, whenever he was around. Tom would stop whatever he was doing and watch Dave exercise and dress. Dave wondered if the reason Tom never went naked around him was because he was sexually aroused. “Could Tom have a crush in him?” He thought. One thing was certain, no one wanted to be labeled “gay.”

Dave, however, had no such compunctions. Dave was a hedonist. He enjoyed all sorts of relationships. He understood his room mate’s hesitation at not wanting to chance rejection or exposure. His quick evaluation of their relationship revealed he had always liked the smaller man. He had admired Tom’s well-carved body. And that enigmatic bulge in the young blond-haired athlete’s shorts was interesting too. His cock flexed anew at his sexual thoughts. Dave decided to test his theory with caution. He leaned forward as if to refill his glass. His brawny body was straddling the squatting form of his room mate. Tom was now on his knees beneath the big man. His shoulders were just below Dave’s crotch. His head was partially in the cabinet, but his face was turned toward Dave’s throbbing manhood. Dave’s mighty cock was inches from his boyish face. Dave could feel Tom’s hot breath as the younger man blew a soft stream at his crotch. Dave’s legs were on either side of his friend’s compact form. His balls dangled temptingly before the young gymnast. Still Tom did not respond openly. Dave moved back for an instant and saw Tom’s gaze was locked on the weaving and bobbing of his giant penis. He knelt motionless, afraid to move. Dave saw the long bulge in the young man’s shorts had grown longer, but not thicker. Tom’s cock peeked out of the skimpy material. It was at least ten inches long, but only about an inch thick. Dave’s manhood was eight inches long, about two inches thick. Dave noticed his cock head was peeking out of his foreskin at the blond man. A drop of sex dew had formed on the end, and Tom licked his lips. The tip of his tongue was less than inch from the fully hardened penis. The second time Tom licked his nervously dry lips, Dave leaned forward, as if to see something out the window. His cock head brushed his buddy’s taster. Neither man moved for a moment.

Tom knelt beneath the big man quietly. He could smell the soap from the shower. He could also smell his manhood. The big man’s cock waved lewdly before his face. He had waited a long time to get this close to his room mate. Many times he had bent over his friend’s bed as he sprawled, nude, after a bout of sex with some coed. He had sniffed the rich aroma of the body builder’s cock and ass. He had never dared touch his friend. His fantasies had caused him to cum quickly as he jacked off over his sleeping buddy. Now, for the first time, he felt it might be possible that his dreams would come true.

His friend’s penis brushed his lips. He touched the precum droplet on the head with his wet tongue. The cock was not withdrawn. Tom slid forward and began covering the beautiful penis with soft kisses and long wet licks. As his soft, moist mouth made contact with the big man’s cock, Tom moaned in ecstacy. He hungrily devoured the throbbing manhood that thrust against his face. His slobber and Dave’s precum slime coated his lips and cheeks.

He moved out from under the cabinet, keeping the bigger man’s cock in his mouth. He sucked greedily on the giant sex snake. Tom pulled his own penis from its tight confines. It had lengthened to its nearly eleven inches. In some ways it resembled the genitalia of some exotic beast. It curved up in a graceful arc. The long member was smooth from tip to balls. The doctor that had circumcised him, as a baby, had taken care not to scar his penis. Tom stroked his slender penis slowly as he savored the taste and feel of his friend’s stiff dick in his throat. He was an oral expert. Dave’s cock slid easily into his gulping gullet. The fullness in his mouth and throat was exquisite. He tenderly caressed his lover’s balls, running his hand back over the taller man’s firm ass cheeks.

Dave did not realized how exotic and erotic making love to his young friend was. In a matter of minutes he felt the seeds of his orgasm building in his thrusting loins. Tom’s slender finger quested into his ass hole. The odd sensation sent him over the edge. He lovingly held the blond head of his room mate still, as he began to fuck his throat. “Fuck, man!” He strained. “I’m going to blow my nuts! Do you want to swallow it?” His deep voice was a bare whisper as he tried to control the tide that was building in his testicles.

Tom answered by pulling his buddy’s ass toward his face. In essence, he was fucking his face with his friend’s cock. The large penis slammed into his throat. He paced his breathing with the strokes. His tongue flicked the hairless balls as they slapped his chin. His middle finger invaded his room mate’s ass deeper. Tom felt his own seed boiling in his scrotum. “Umm!” He grunted lewdly. His cock head brushed the thick calf on Dave’s right leg. The sudden touch brought him over the edge. He deep-throated Dave’s cock. He began swallowing hard. Suctioning the sperm from the big man’s balls.

Dave leaned into the little man and emptied his overworked nuts into his sucking mouth. Several blasts of his sex slime squirted into the younger man’s mouth. Tom shot his huge load all over Dave’s leg. He was like a sex-crazed dog, hunching his master’s leg.

Finally, their climax subsided. Tom hesitantly allowed Dave’s cock to slip from his sperm covered lips. He picked up his big buddy’s leg and slurped his own scum from it. He smiled at his friend.

Dave pulled him from under the cabinet and shut the doors. He hugged the taut body of the gymnast to him. Tom softly caressed the big man’s cock and balls. “I didn’t realize your feelings, Tom.” Dave said quietly, looking into his room mate’s eyes. “I don’t want you to think I’ve been teasing you all this time.”

“Oh, Dave.” I loved to watch you. “I’m just glad you finally realized me.”

“Shit, buddy, with your body, who wouldn’t realize you? Just answer one thing, pal. How come you never go naked like me?”

“I’m a little embarrassed by my cock, Dave.” Tom started. “And almost every time I see you naked, I get hard! I’ve always been afraid to let people see my penis, since all the kids in junior-high made fun of me. My cock grew funny.” He looked down with embarrassment.

“Tom, have you ever had a date with a woman?” Dave enquired.

He shook his blond head. “I would die of embarrassment! I wouldn’t want to have a girl go crazy when she saw my cock!”

“Oh, they’d go crazy alright, pal.” Dave smiled. “Most women I know would love to have sex with a partner who’s penis is unusual. It’s considered a real turn on. Let me ask you. Are you gay?”


“Have you had any problem with your male partners rejecting your oddity?”

“As a matter of fact, they seem to be attracted to it, Dave.”

“I think you’d find most women would be also. Why don’t you take off those damn shorts, so we can both be comfortable?” Dave encouraged. He bent over and pulled the back of his little buddy’s shorts down, exposing his cute buns.

“I didn’t know my clothing bothered you, Dave.”

“I just feel better, when I’m naked, if everyone else is too. I want you to know, Tom, that I am not gay. Some people might think I’m bi-sexual. Really, I like to think of myself as a hedonist. I don’t bother with phony labels and categories. I think all creatures were meant for pleasure. I believe all types of sex are enjoyable, as long as one is not damaged mentally or physically. I would encourage you to rethink your own philosophy, Tom. But do it later. Right now I’ve got to get ready for my date!”

Tom looked at the big man sideways. “Do you think you’ll be alright, Dave?” He asked, wondering if he’d be able to perform well for the lady.

“Don’t you worry about me, pal!” Dave responded. “This is one very special lady!” He turned to go to his room to dress.

Tom followed, naked, and unashamed. His cock did not deflate after his magnificent orgasm. He stood and watched his friend dress, absent-mindedly stroking his long, slender phallus. A drop of cum worked its way up the long tube and gathered at the tapered head. Tom wiped the cum glob up with his thumb and licked it up like a ice cream. He smiled dreamily at his new lover.

Dave was too busy to notice Tom. He washed his cock in the sink of his bath and quickly dressed for his date with Vicki. He wore no underwear. He wanted nothing to deter from any prospects with his lover. His black slacks bulged at his groin. The material was tight across his buns. His white silk shirt was open to mid-chest. His well developed pectoral muscles were displayed in the deep vee of the shirt. The shirt was tapered-cut, accentuating his narrow waste and hips. He wore sharply polished black loafers. His naturally curly hair was under a modicum of control, but retained its natural beauty. He left, bidding his buddy goodbye.

To Be Continued…

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