Exercising with Benefits Ch. 02

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When I got home, of course the house was silent and mom and dad had no idea where I had just been or what I had done. I took a quick shower and headed to my room to sleep.

I must tell you though that sleep did not come easily. All I could think about was Cheryl, her fantastic body and the incredible sex we just had. I truly wanted to head back over and repeat what we had just done. But I knew I would have to wait.

Surprising, my cock was responding to the thoughts I was having about Cheryl. It was growing nice and long again so I took the opportunity to play with it until I was able to squeeze out another round of satisfaction. Sleep came quickly after that.

The next morning, I woke about ten and went downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen and dad was reading the paper. We exchanged the usual morning pleasantries and they asked me about where I went what I did the night before. Even though I was on cloud nine with happiness, everything was the same boring stuff as every Saturday morning.

The only exception for me was that I kept looking out the window toward Cheryl’s house. Mom noticed me looking and asked if everything was alright. I told her it was and that I was just thinking about calling some of the guys and getting a basketball game going at the park. The weather just looked a little iffy was all. That seemed to satisfy her.

Time was killing me. It moved so slowly. I had to get out and do something or I would scream. Early in the afternoon, I headed to the park with my basketball. All the way there, I was hoping none of my friends would be there because what I really wanted to do was head back to Cheryl’s.

The basketball court was in a little valley at the park. As I crested the hill beside the court, my heart sank as three of my buddies were there. When they saw me, they were so happy because we could play two-on-two. What could I do but join in.

I do love basketball and really have a good time with my friends. It was just that I had something else on my mind. It must have been obvious as my buds asked me a couple of time what was wrong. Apparently I just wasn’t there. They said my thoughts were somewhere else. They started joking with me and trying to figure out what it might be. A team of wild horses couldn’t have pulled it out of me.

I must have had a good time as 2 hours flew by. The four of us then headed to a local shop and ordered shakes and fries. As young men usually do, we BS’d each other, made jokes and cut up each other for the rest of the afternoon.

When it was time to head home, they tried to make plans for that evening but I backed out. Told them I wasn’t feeling too good as a headache was starting. They, of course, tried to joke me out of it and tried to get me to meet them that night. I had other plans though.

All I wanted to do was connect with Cheryl again. She had filled my thoughts all day. Does every guy go through this after his first time? I didn’t know but I knew I wanted more of her. I needed to talk to her and make plans if possible.

Thinking about how to accomplish this (this is in the days before cell phones became so popular) I remembered the walkway beside her house. I didn’t want to walk home the normal way and possibly having mom or dad see me sneak over to Cheryl’s before coming home. If I took the long way home, it would get me to the far end of the walkway on the street behind our houses. Then I could jump the fence beside the walk and get to her back door.

That is what I did. It was not that a long walk and before I knew it, I was beside her house on the walkway. There was a 4 foot high chain link fence along the path to keep people out of the neighbor’s yards. It was easy to hop over it and duck behind her house without being seen.

I pushed the door bell button beside the back door. It took a few seconds before Cheryl arrived. The door opened with a little swoosh sound as the air rushed in to fill the vacuum caused by the door opening. I opened the storm door. As I stepped in, Cheryl said, “I was wondering who would be at the back door.”

“Just me,” I replied. “Trying to avoid the parents seeing me.”

“Ashamed to be seen with me are you?”

“I’ll show you ashamed,” I retorted. Stepping forward, I wrapped Cheryl in my arms and pulled her in for a hard, tongue in the mouth kiss. My hand found her butt and pulling her toward me. My semi-hard cock pressed against her mound. We stood there kissing for a couple of minutes.

My hand on her butt had made its way lower and was tickling between her legs from behind. I loved to feel that crease where the butt cheek meets the top of the leg. It felt great to have my little finger buried in the skin of that fold.

When the kiss ended, I looked at Cheryl. Slowly she opened her eyes. They looked kind of funny, almost glazed over with a kind of far away look. “WOW young man! That was some kiss. Hope you got more of those stored away someplace.”

“That’s why I’m here. I was wondering what you’re doing tonight?”\

“I was hoping you’d tell me,” she answered.

“How Ankara travesti about I come over?”

“I’d love that. What would you like to do tonight?”

“Well after last night, I think we can find a thing or two to keep us busy.”

“Maybe! You just might be right. How about 7:30? Is that good for you?”

“Perfect. I’ll see you then.” Somehow we just melted together again. Our lips met and our tongues danced. It was both sensual and satisfying. There was no rush in the kiss, just relaxed enjoyment.

“When you come over, let yourself in this door. I’ll leave it unlocked”

“Ok!” There was one more quick kiss then I turned and went out. Glancing back to Cheryl and we both smiled.

I quickly covered the short distance between the two houses. Maybe I was too quick in getting home as I was still semi-hard as I opened the front door. Cheryl makes me hard so easily.

Time started to drag again the moment I entered our house. Mom was making dinner; Dad was watching golf on TV. Simple greetings were exchanged and the usual questions about my afternoon activities. I then headed up to have a shower. Playing basketball had me made me sweaty. Now it was time to clean up to tonight.

Dinner was boring. The small talk was almost non-existent. My thoughts were in another woman’s house. We ate and I washed up the kitchen. Why not? Good way to waste time. About 7:15, I made sounds about getting ready to head out. Again, questions about my planned activities. Nothing exciting. About 7:25, I left the house. Mom and dad were both watching TV so I could easily head to Cheryl’s without being seen.

As promised, the back door was unlocked. When I entered, I called out, “Hey Cheryl.”

“Hi Lover.”

“Where are you?”

“Here. In the living room.”

I went upstairs to the living room and there was Cheryl. I froze in my tracks. I would bet my jaw had dropped as well. There stood Cheryl in the white, too small leotard. Her exercise tape was playing. She had been exercising for a while as her leotard was a little damp.

“Come on Lover. Join me. I think we’ll both need to be in good shape for all the loving I’m hoping you want to give me.” I didn’t move so Cheryl continued. “Come over here and help me out.” I felt more like a zombie than anything else. Cheryl in that tight leotard wanting me to help her was all it took. She looked incredible.

As I got beside her, her arms went around my neck and another tongue sucking kiss started. This time, my hands were all over her back and down to her butt. I pulled her into me. Her breasts flattened against me. My cock pressed into her mound.

I felt her starting to sway a little. At first I didn’t know why she was doing that but then I felt how my cock knew what to do. It was getting harder as the swaying was rubbing her hard mound on me. I was hard in only a few seconds. “Mmmm! That’s what I’ve been waiting for today,” Cheryl said.

Somehow we managed to end the kisses. Cheryl turned to look at the tape. They were doing bend-overs where you try to put the palms of your hands on the floor. With me behind her, Cheryl bent over. There right before me was that perfect white covered ass. I stepped up and pushed my cock against her. This time it was me that started to move. Up and down I went as I pressed harder and harder into her.

“Oh My God Kyle! That feels incredible. Take that wonderful cock of yours out and let it play.” How can you resist a request like that? Stepping back a little, I quickly shed all my clothes and tossed them onto the couch.

Looking at Cheryl, she had not straightened up. Her butt was still high in the air and pointing at me. I could also see that her leotard was wet around her pussy. She was ready.

I stepped forward. Taking my cock in my hand, I touched the tip to the crotch of her leotard. Pre-cum was leaking already so I mixed this with her juices on the material. I smiled to myself as I thought, “Good thing they’re white. Won’t see the cum as easily.”

The feeling was incredible. Her hot juices on the material was stimulating me. With one hand on my cock to guide my missile to its target, my other hand was on butt cheek enjoying the roundness and firmness.

After a few minutes, Cheryl’s hands came up off the floor. She reached behind herself and found the edge of the leg opening of the leotard. She pushed the material over. Her pussy was partially exposed to me. My tip now touched hot, wet, soft pussy. It was easy for it to slide between those big soft lips. As I pushed forward, the tip slid downward along the valley.

The leotard material was still partially covering her womanly treasure so I took my hand off her butt and used it to pull the material all the way to the side. She was completely exposed now.

Pulling back, I now slid up her lips. Forward again but this time, the tip found the opening it had been seeking. With a little push, I started to enter her. At first, her muscles pushed back. Then they opened and I was inside.

Oh! Antalya travesti The feeling was incredible. How can one describe the pleasure and joy being inside a woman brings? All my emotions and feelings were passing though my hard on and into this beautiful loving woman.

It did not take further encouragement to begin to stroke in and out. Slowly at first as the sensations were almost too much. Cheryl’s love tunnel was hot but felt like velvet around me. I could feel her tightening her muscle ring as she gripped me on each stroke. Why had we waited so long for this to happen?

After a few minutes, I started to increase the speed. I needed to increase the speed. She felt incredible and I needed to have her harder and faster. My hands were now on her hips as I began to pull her back to me with each stroke.

Cheryl was making a grunt with each in-stroke. I was now slamming her hard and she was loving it. What a feeling of power!

It began suddenly. My balls tightened and the first shot erupted from my cock and into Cheryl. She screamed as my hot juice hit her deep inside. Another thrust and I was as deep as I could go. Both hands on her hips held her tight. My second, third, fourth and fifth blast shot into her filling her with my hot cum.

Cheryl screamed and then I could feel her pussy start to quiver around my hard cock. I was just about finished when I felt her knees give out. Down she started to fall with me still buried deep inside.

Somehow I managed to move down with her. We ended on the floor, Cheryl on hands and knees. Me on my knees.

For some reason, I started to pump her again. I was not soft yet. It just felt good. All the nerves in my whole body were now centered in my cock head. I could only stand it for a few seconds. The sensation was incredibly intense.

I felt my cock start to soften. It then fell out of her with a plop. The combined juices in her made an almost obscene noise as I came out.

Cheryl didn’t move off her hands and knees. I sat back with my butt on my heels. I just sat and reveled in the intense feelings I was experiencing. I also had a great view of Cheryl’s naked pussy. Our juices were slowly seeping out of her and down her thighs. What an incredible sight.

After a few seconds, Cheryl turned her head to look at me. “Wow young man! That was unbelievable. I should have started this a long time ago.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

“Why didn’t you then?”

“I never imagined that you would be willing. Besides, you’re Mrs. Thompson. You’re my second mother.”

“You never have thoughts about doing this to you mother?”

“Well… I … um…”

“I’ll take that as a ‘Yes’. All boys want to fuck their mother.”

“Well did you have thoughts about doing this with me?”

“Hell yes! I’ve had them for a long time now. I just didn’t want to hurt our relationship.”

“Hurt it?” I asked? “I think you improved it.”

At that point, Cheryl rolled off her hands and knees and lay down on the floor. She reached out with her hands for me to lay with her.

I lay on my side facing her. We started kissing immediately. My dick instantly started responding to her affection.

After a few minutes, Cheryl said, “Come on Lover. Let’s go upstairs where we’ll be more comfortable.” So we got up, turned off the TV and headed upstairs. I was following Cheryl. Her ass was wiggling in a different way as her leotard was still pulled to one side. It was one of those sights one never forgets.

When we got to the top of the stairs, Cheryl took my hand and led me to the bathroom. Once inside, she turned to me and started another long, tongue in mouth soul sucking kiss. I know I was enjoying it as I quickly started to grow again. Cheryl felt it hit her stomach. Her hand came out and she started to stroke me. Long slow strokes as our tongues were lost in each other’s mouth.

Without stopping the kiss, Cheryl mumbled, “Take off my leotard.” My hands went to her shoulders and I tried to hook my fingers under the shoulder straps. That was a little difficult as the suit was tight. So I moved to her back where the material scooped around to head to the two straps. It was easy to get my fingers in there. I then slid them up the straps as high as I comfortably could. I pulled the material out and off her shoulders.

As I pulled down, Cheryl lifted first one arm then the other out. When that was done, her breasts became exposed. She pushed her breasts into my chest. What an unbelievable feeling. I moved my hands from the shoulder straps to the body of the suit and started to push it off her hips. It was a little difficult but I managed.

Once past her hips, the suit almost fell by itself to the floor. Cheryl, once she was naked, stepped into me. Her hand on my dick took it and aimed it to go between her legs. Lifting one leg a little, it was a simple matter to slide me along her hot cum covered lips.

Her hand released me and then her leg came down. We had not stopped kissing this whole time. İstanbul travesti We then started to hump each other with my dick sliding along the outside of her pussy without entering her. She was well lubricated and, with the heat coming from her pussy, all I know is it felt great.

I have no idea how long we stayed like that. I just know I was totally enjoying being with her.

Cheryl broke off the kiss, opened her eyes and looked at me. She had that funny look again. For several seconds she just stared at me. “I would like to clean up a little. Why don’t you use that towel and face cloth and clean yourself a bit?”

I turned to see the items she had mentioned. Looking back at her, I gave her one last quick kiss. We released each other. I turned to the bathroom sink and Cheryl went to the bathtub. I turned on the warm water as Cheryl turned on the shower. I could see her in the mirror over the sink. Wetting the face cloth, I started to clean my dick from our combined juices. I didn’t pay much attention to what I was doing as I was watching Cheryl.

Cheryl climbed into the tub but did not pull the curtain closed. She removed the shower head from the wall and started to spray herself from the waist down.

After rinsing out the cloth, I finished washing my dick. Next I started to slowly massage my balls with the warm cloth.

Cheryl squatted down in the tub. She took the shower head and aimed it at her tender pussy. I had never seen anything like this before. In fact, I have never even thought about how a woman might clean herself. Cheryl put her hand over her pussy as the water continued to spray on her. The pussy hairs were wet and matted. The water made them darker.

I was fascinated as she massaged those big soft lower lips. Her hand moved from her mound to where I would imagine her butt hole was. Up and down she delicately massaged with the warm water playing on her. She even spent time rubbing and rinsing the forest of hairs that protected her pussy.

I turned off the water, squeezed the cloth then took the towel. Turning to her, I started to dry my balls and dick as I continued to watch her with great fascination. After a bit, she started to rub the inside of her thighs. It took a few seconds for it to register that she was cleaning our juices off her legs.

Finishing, Cheryl stood, hung up the shower head and turned off the water. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked.

“I have never seen a woman like that before.”

“Did you like watching me?”


“Any time you want Lover. You can fuck me then I will wash for you. Would you like that?”

“You bet. I think you’re so sexy! So beautiful!”

“Thank you Kyle. You’re pretty sexy yourself,” she said as she stared directly at my hardening dick. “Bring that towel over here.”

I walked over and handed her the towel. She started by drying her lower stomach then her butt cheeks. Next she squatted a little and put the towel between her legs. Gently she patted dry her pussy. Her foot them came up and rested on the top of the tub wall. Cheryl started at her pussy and dried all the way down to her toes. Then she did the other leg.

“You still liking the show?”

“I’m loving it. I never knew showering could be so sexy.”

“Oh you have no idea yet my love. I have much to teach you.” Finishing the drying, she held out one hand for me to take. Like a gentleman, I assisted her climbing out of the tub. With both feet on the rug, Cheryl gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Her hand wrapped around me and she gave me a quick stroke. “I’m glad to see he has recovered. Let’s see if we can tire him out. What do you think?”

I reached out and put two fingers between her legs. My move surprised Cheryl but she quickly recovered and smiled. She turned and hung up the towel and face cloth. Taking my hand again, she led me to her bedroom. The sheets on the bed were already turned down and ready for us.

As we neared the bed, Cheryl turned to face me. The kiss was hot and intense. Her hand found me and she started to stroke. I was already hard but the stroking felt great.

Without warning, Cheryl dropped to her knees and almost before I knew what she was doing, my cock was in her mouth. “Oh My God!” I exclaimed. I had never felt anything like this. Her tongue was rubbing around my head. Her hand was still stroking my length. Her other hand found my balls and she started to gently rub them together and play with the soft sack.

While fucking was better, this was a fantastic second.

My hands found the top of her head and I wrapped my fingers in her hair. Slowly Cheryl started to move her head back and forth. She was fucking my dick with her mouth. I started to pull her head onto me harder and harder. I could feel my tip move into the top of her throat then back out again.

She somehow knew I was about to blow. She pulled back from me and asked, “Do you want to dump this load in my mouth or in my pussy?”

The question caught me by surprise and it was a little difficult to think. “I’m not sure.”

“Is this your first blowjob?”


“Then the mouth.” Without saying anything else, Cheryl resumed her work on my dick. I didn’t need to urge her on by pulling her head but if felt right to have my hands in her hair and to be pulling her as she worked.

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