Five Minutes

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“You got 5 minutes.”

I knew exactly what he was proposing. I just couldn’t believe that I was hearing him say it. Not that the thought hadn’t crossed my mind plenty of times, but it’s certainly different when you’re offered this type of opportunity.

I played dumb. “Huh?”

“You can have 5 minutes,” my friend Max repeated.

He was offering me 5 minutes in his room with his wife Amanda while he presumably took the same opportunity in mine with my wife Veronica.

I was tempted. As I said, I’ve thought about it before, especially that night which had been filled with dirty dancing. But I knew it was a question that my wife should answer and she unfortunately was asleep. With regret, I declined.

“Nah, Ronnie would be pissed.”

I don’t think she would be necessarily opposed to the idea. After all, the four of us have spent quite a bit of time together in some intimate situations. This night, like many others we went to a dance party for couple and single women only. It is normally frequented by many swingers and there is always a sexual vibe which presents us with the opportunity to switch partners while dancing and push the limits of flirtation. I know Ronnie and Max have kissed before and his hands have been literally all over her body while dancing. I’m not sure what transpired between them tonight because I was too distracted with his wife Amanda.

Despite dancing with me often, Amanda has normally been pretty reserved on the dance floor. But this night was different. We kissed early on and she had a lustful look in her eyes that I hadn’t seen before. She had no problem grinding her body into mine and was sure to feel how excited I was. She offered no resistance when my hands explored her body, but what shocked me the most was when she slid her hand into my pants and gripped my swollen cock.

My guess is that Max and Ronnie’s time on the dance floor mirrored ours which prompted his proposition.

He returned to his adjoining room after I declined his offer. I removed my pants and lay back on the bed. I glanced at my sleeping wife, taking in her beauty. But I just couldn’t get Amanda out of my head. It’s not that I preferred her over my wife, or that she had something that Ronnie didn’t. It was just the excitement of the night. Dancing with this other woman all night, being intimate with her with my wife so close was so exhilarating. And now Max was offering me a chance to go a step further. Was this something he and Amanda discussed? She for one never seemed interested. And while I knew Max would probably do whatever he could get away with, when it came down to openly doing some type of swap, I’d always gotten the impression that he would never go all the way. But is that what he now wanted? Was he offering to let me fuck his wife, while he fucked mine? Or did he just want to continue the intimate play from the dance floor? I was growing harder by the second just thinking about it.

I was remembering back to the party when kadıköy escort I reached under Amanda’s mini skirt and felt how wet her thong was. How easily my finger slid into her soaked pussy right there on the dance floor. How we didn’t seem to care who saw us, not ever our spouses. I wondered what Ronnie and Max had done. It didn’t even matter that this point.

Just as my hand subconsciously headed to my beckoning erection, Max reappeared through the adjoining doors under the premise of looking for his camera. I assured him I hadn’t seen it although I knew the real reason for his return. On his way back to his room he hesitated and reiterated his offer.

“5 minutes”

Shaking my head in agony with visions of Amanda grinding her ample ass into my crotch, I replied, “I can’t.”

“3 minutes,” he countered.

A flashback of Amanda unbuttoning my shirt and licking my nipples added pressure.

In a moment of weakness I asked, “What is she wearing?”

Clearly I was calculating in my mind how far I could get in such a brief timeframe. And Max seizing the opening gave the best answer to achieve his goal.

“Nothing”, he said trying his best to persuade me.

“Damn!” I replied as my head fell into my hands. I still hadn’t said no and that’s all the encouragement he needed.

I tried again in vain to offer a half-hearted refusal but the seed was planted and he knew it. Rather than turn to go back into his room, he headed toward the other side of the bed where my wife was sleeping.

“Here, I’ll make it easy for you,” he said as he closed in on my wife Veronica.

He was right because that’s all that it took for me to relent. I should have said something. I should have stopped him… grabbed him and thrown him out of my room. Instead I threw caution and my better judgment to the wind. As he continued toward my wife I got up and walk into his room to find Amanda.

It was dark barely illuminated by the street lights outside. I saw Amanda sleeping on the far side of the bed and quickly realized that Max had lied about what she was wearing. I couldn’t blame him, but at this point I was too far in to turn back. She lay in her dress hiked up showing all of her succulent thighs. I leaned on the bed next to her and whispered her name as I began to rub her legs. She rolled onto her back, opening herself up to me, but was understandably groggy. I needed her to know it was me rather than Max. I softly kissed her lips and again called her name as I watched her eyes open and focus on me. She recognized it was me as I continued to caress her body.

“Where’s Max?” she questioned.

“He left, I’m here,” I replied.

Although I didn’t mention my room or Veronica I could see her putting things together in her mind. Like she had done all night, she offered no resistance.

I moved in and kissed her again, with her kissing me back this time. üsküdar escort I moved down her neck to her shoulders, sliding her spaghetti straps down as my tongue traced her collar bone. I pulled the top of her dress down further, exposing her breasts. I licked around her dark areolas while slipping my hand under her dress to reach her thong. I continued to feast on her breasts as I began to rub her mound. Her legs began to spread allowing me to caress her nether lips through the damp fabric.

“Let me taste you,” I beckoned as I began to pull her thong down. She just moaned but gave her consent by lifting herself to allow me to fully remove her undergarment. I immediately slid back between her legs up to her treasure. Her scent confirmed her night full of arousal and my tongue easily separated her lips. I was greeted with the wetness that my fingers found earlier on the dance floor. I licked deep and drove my tongue up to her clit. I continued to lap up and down the length of her pussy as she began to squirm under me. I brought my hand up and inserted my middle finger into soggy tunnel while my mouth concentrated on her clit. I sucked her tiny nub into my mouth, swishing my tongue all over it while my added a second finger. I sucked harder and continued to bang her until I felt her inner walls contract. Her hand went immediately to head, holding me in place while her orgasm quaked through her.

She continued to quiver as I lifted myself to free my aching cock and consummate this lust filled night with my friend’s wife. I hastily removed my boxer-briefs and shirt and climbed back on the bed with Amanda. I was guiding my swollen cock towards her well-licked pussy when you stopped me.

“We can’t.”


My chin was still wet with her juices and now she’s stopping me?

“I can’t do this, you have to go,” she pleaded.

For the first time since I entered her room I thought about Max and Veronica. I had lost track of time, but was sure it had been more than five minutes. I got back up and gathered my clothes.

“I’m sorry Trey,” she offered.

I didn’t respond and headed toward the door, afraid what was could be going on in the next room. Up to that point I had only heard Amanda’s moans, but now I could hear unmistakable breathing coming from my room. I felt a knot in my stomach as I walked through the door.

I’m not sure why I did what I did. Everything was happening so fast. I walked in and amazingly wasn’t staggered by the site of my friend fucking my wife. She was on her knees with her head down in her arms while he drove into her from behind. I was naked and my cock never lost its firmness. I was nearly upon them by the time Max noticed me. He froze and moved away my wife, justifiably not sure of how I was going to react.

Veronica groaned as stopped pleasing her and was about to lift up and turn around as I placed my hand on her back to keep her down. I never said a word to either tuzla escort of them as I moved behind her and entered her slick hole.

“Mmmmmmm,” was her response as I began to thrust into the pussy my friend has just been in.

Max got then hint and gathered his things to return to his room, probably thinking that I had just fucked his wife like he had mine.

She didn’t feel any different. She was still tight around my cock like she always was. I could feel myself grown as I replayed the events of the night. Even the sight I had just witnessed. I gripped her hips harder and pumped deeper.

“Is this what you wanted? Is this what you’ve been waiting for?” she asked.

I figured she thought I was still Max and we both knew he had wanted her for a long time. I didn’t answer but continued to fuck her desperately needing a release. I assumed she’d stop once she knew it was me. I couldn’t stop. I wasn’t ready for that conversation yet.

“Was she good?”

I froze.

“You better not stop damn it!

I was still inside her but wasn’t moving She turned around and laid back on the bed, finally making eye contact me with since being fucked by my friend.

“I don’t what kind of game you two are playing and as far as what you and Amanda were doing, we can deal with that later. For now, you better get down here and finish what your buddy started,” she demanded.

My dick twitched as she said that. I never thought I’d be turned on by that fact. This whole night I had been thinking about Amanda and my desire to be with her is what led me into that room. But now I could care less about the fact that she stopped me or that Ronnie didn’t stop Max. I just wanted to fuck my wife.

I climbed on the bed, pulled her legs over my thighs and eased back into her soaked pussy. She felt even better than before. I drove into her as she encouraged me to fuck her harder. I finally lay on top of her and planted myself deeply inside her sex. I leaned down and kissed her passionately. If she detected the taste of Amanda’s pussy, she didn’t flinch and returned my intensity.

It was then that I could hear the sounds of sex emanating from the adjoining room. It sounded as if Amanda wasn’t too upset at Max for being in here with Ronnie. It was turning into to such a strange night.

My focus was brought back to Ronnie as she dug her nails into my ass to pull me in deeper. I continued to pump inside her with urgency. Her pussy gripped and pulled at me with the same resolve. The events of the whole night were finally taking their toll and I could feel my release impending. She held me tight as her climax began. I could feel her tunnel pulsate around my excited cock until I let erupted hours of sexual build up into the depths of her pussy. We began to come down from our emotional high and I rolled over to prepare myself for the questions that were sure to come my way. Instead, my wife laid her hand on my chest and we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke hours later as Veronica got up and headed to the bathroom. My cock stirred as I watched her naked ass sway with that familiar jiggle. I could hear the shower begin as I reflected on the previous night’s events.

Just then, I saw Amanda show up at the door of our adjoining rooms.

“Max is in the shower too. You got 5 minutes to finish what you started!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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