For the Love of God Ch. 13

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The life of Matthew, a devoted Christian man, is turned upside down when he finds out that his own step-son engages in homosexual deviant activities! The poor Jacob is addicted to cocks. Now, Matthew has to find a way to save his step-son as well as his family’s reputation! No matter the cost.

The story, names, and places are entirely fictional. All characters featured are above 18. Enjoy.



Chapter 13: The sense of community

As every Sunday morning, the entire family went to Church to assist to Priest Carpenter’s service. It was a blessed day, indeed. Caroline, Terrence’s wife, had their baby during the night. Son and mother were both healthy and filled with joy.


Jeremy was no longer a fervent Christian but he joined Mary, the kids and I without complaining, wearing a very nice suit and taking the prayers seriously to please his sister-in-law.

I swear that my brother had not set foot in a church since my wedding.

I have to say, after the past few weeks and even more so, since the events that occurred just the day prior, I was surprised not to burn down into flames as I walked into the church. I mean, I had sodomized my step-son in the marital bed, I was expecting some sort of reaction from God.

Besides, I was bringing inside the Church a (newly proud) homosexual in the person of my younger brother.

Seriously though, in what kind of feverish nightmare (or dream) had my life turned into?

I did find some reassurance in the fact that I knew for sure that we were not the only sinners there.

There was Martin Miller, sitting just a few benches in front of us, my dear neighbour and colleague. The people of our community thought his worst sin was related to that time he had sex on national television for a stupid reality show.

Sure, that was wrong and people were still talking about it, but really, that was nothing! The man had fucked my step-son’s throat multiple times without, and then with, my knowledge in the past couple of months alone.

There was Mayor Gordon too, standing on our left with his wife Candace and (pretty cute) daughter, Emma. Aaron could not stop checking her out!

Well, our conservative Mayor had been blown by my Jacob as well. And apparently, he was a big fan, requiring his services times and times again. But not only that, he was also a recurring star in Coach Hamilton’s videos.

This, I had learned the night before.

The footage shared by Coach Hamilton on his blog was very telling regarding the naughty activities occurring in our small town. I recognized Mayor Gordon because I already knew that side of him thanks to Jacob, but maybe, I would not have otherwise. The freak was wearing a black rabbit mask on all the videos he was featured in. Can you believe it?

In one of them, the one who made me lose my cool (but also made me jizz in my hands…), he was eating Jacob’s ass while my step-son was dedicatedly sucking his swimming Coach.

Fucking conservative prick!

Maybe I should make it clear that this peachy ass is mine, I thought. I almost grabbed Jacob’s peachy bum in the middle of the Church. I contained myself though.

I also really wanted to punch those pervs in the nose but probably, Priest Carpenter would have frowned upon such a behaviour in God’s Home.

I wondered how Jeremy did not make the connection between the tapes and Jacob, you could not really see his face but in my eyes, he was very much recognizable. Probably because I knew his ass all too well…

I shall confess: I had been looking and thinking a lot about it in the past few weeks.

But the hypocrites in our community were not only in Church. They were everywhere. Like poison, soiling and defiling every aspect of our lives.

Terrence was not there, too busy at the hospital meeting his baby, but the bodybuilder had skull-fucked my step-son too. With his gigantic massive dong, Terry had ploughed through his 18 years-old throat.

Worst part was: he had been asking me to do it all over again ever since!

But I would probably give the award of worst hypocrite of all to my dear boss, Mr. Turner Johnson. Not because he could be seen at Church every Sunday, clearly, he never went, not because he was married either, his wife had left him years ago, but because he could not stop himself from mocking and teasing “fags” (as he called them) at every fucking chance he got!

Yet, there he was, live on tape, being senselessly fucked in his hairy, musky, disgusting asshole by his good friend, Coach Hamilton! He was screaming like a girl.

What a bunch of freaks!

Sure, I was one of them, but come on! At least, I had the decency to keep it in the family. I almost bursted laughing at that thought during the “Ave Maria”. Do you think God could hear me, think? I sincerely hope not. That was a ticket straight to Hell.

We chatted with Martin and his wife Christie at the end of the service. The two looked lovely together. Sometimes, I felt the pulsion to tell it üvey kız kardeş porno all, I had the video in a secret file on my phone. I could show Christie what her husband was up to in my living room.

“Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Miller.” Jacob said politely.

“Good morning, guys. Have you heard the great news?” Martin said, enthusiast.

“About the little Noah? Seems like we have another little angel on this Earth.” Mary commented.

“Such a blessing, is not it?” Christie said, touching her own belly. “It kinda makes you think…”

Martin playfully rolled his eyes at his wife.

“You have to make it that obvious that we are trying, baby?” He chuckled and touched her hips.

“Ooh!” Mary reacted in a high peached voice.

Just the thought of a married couple having sex seemed to be too scandalous for her. To be fair, we were standing on the church’s steps but lately, I felt like my wife was becoming more and more conservative.

I jumped in the conversation before she could say something to embarrass me.

“Christie, I don’t think you have already met my brother, Jeremy.”

“He’s the big shot lawyer I met at work on Friday, I told you about him.” Martin said with a smile.

“Oh, of course, nice to meet you.” Christie extended her arm.

“I’m pleased.” Jeremy said, kissing her hand like a true gentleman. “I’m not sure about the big shot part but yes, I’m a lawyer. I work in the city, feels nice to be back in a small-town community for a couple of days.”

“I bet it must feel like a breath of fresh air, coming back to the countryside.”

Mary nodded yes: “Big cities are so impersonal, so cold.”

“Here, we all support and care for one another.” Christie said with a warm (probably fake) smile.

I had to refrain myself from laughing. If by supporting and caring they meant judging and criticizing, that was about right.

Now that my brother’s sexuality was no longer a secret for me, I could tell that he was checking Martin’s bulge in his tight grey church pants throughout this entire conversation. I mean, my neighbour’s big flaccid dick was outrageously visible. I wondered if he wore any underwear? Probably not, you could really tell everything by this print.

Dear Lord, I was looking at it too! And I think that Aaron noticed, he gave me a weird look.

Jesus Christ, I was already attracted by, – not to say obsessed with -, my step-son’s ass, that was enough! I was not going to stare at guys’ cocks too. I had not come so low!

We went back home for a quick, but delicious, family lunch (Jacob and I were on our best behaviours), and then we went to support Aaron on the field. For a change, he was the star of the afternoon.

Aaron and the entire football team were participating in a friendly competition at the town’s stadium, made mostly of sport challenges and silly games, to raise money for local hospitals, including the one Mary was working at.

The jocks were playing against each other and then, doing car-wash (shirtless) for the members of the community to collect even more funds.

Guess whose idea it was? Mayor Gordon and Coach Hamilton had imagined the whole event! Now that I knew what I knew, the various occasions the town was finding to have teenage jocks wander around shirtless and/or wet made so much more sense…

Meanwhile, Mary was still oblivious to our community’s dirty secrets.

She was bewildered that such nasty behaviours as sexy car-washes, were promoted by the city-hall, “could not they just sell cookies?” she said; “they’re not 9 anymore.” I replied.

Since everyone-else was doing it, Mary could not and would not prevent her son to show his involvement in charity works, especially for the hospitals. Even if that meant him doing lascivious dances.

She did have to look away when Kevin, my boss’ son, and Aaron started soaping up each other’s chests and oozing down their white shorts. I did not look away. It was such a harmless fun. And it was all in the interest of the goodwill. Right?

The tall and buff guy from the swimming team, Killian, was there as well. I very much remembered his big black cock. His shorts barely hid it either.

Besides, I could not help but notice that Aaron did look very much like his twin-brother except for a few interesting details. Maybe his ass was a bit smaller than Jacob’s but his body overall was broader and more defined. The six packs, the big biceps, the large pecs, Aaron was a true hunk. His dick was flapping in his shorts.

Jeremy noticed it too apparently.

I stared at my brother with my most judgemental look when I saw that he could not take his eyes away from the soon-to-be college hunks, including my own step-son, rubbing their fit hot bodies against one another to make the girls laugh.

Jeremy looked ashamed when he realized that I had caught him. I winked at him, that was no big deal. I had not shared any of the secrets of my own, but somehow, I needed my brother to know that I was cool with xnxx porno his.. how to call this… desires.

Frankly, who was I to judge?

On the contrary, Jeremy appeared to be committed to prove that he was not such a “big pervert homosexual” after all. He even went to talk to Coach Hamilton at some point, it looked like an uncomfortable conversation.

“I just told him that it was a one-time thing. That’s it. We are done.” Jeremy said afterwards, looking at the grass.

“Good.” I replied, patting his shoulders. “So, you two broke up basically?” I said, laughing it off.

He put his hands in his head.

“Oh God, Matt. Don’t make it more cringy than it is!”

We were mostly free of Mary’s stern looks all afternoon. Because my boss was around, she was avoiding me, to avoid him, at all costs. She stayed with some of her nurse friends from the hospital.

It was surreal seeing the old Johnson in that context after having seen the footage. As expected, he came to talk to Jeremy and I. And he did his usual banters: spitting on the floor, insulting some of the guys there of being queers, and drinking endless pints of beers.

My boss was pretty shameless, going to piss in some bushes, feet away from the families gathered there.

What a buffoon of a man, I thought.

I did also think: what if I fucked his hairy ass myself? He seemed to love it so bad in the video. Would that feel different than Jacob’s? A more mature hole, probably already wrecked? I got hard.

I guess we will never know… Unless… Well, maybe we will come back to that later.

Jeremy left at the end of that day. We hugged each other goodbye. We did not talk more about his confessions from the previous night. The week-end was over.

Life was set to revert back to his normal course.

Expect, of course, that I was fucking my step-son on the side.

I guess you saw it coming at that point. How could have I stopped at one earth-shattering experience with Jacob? I mean, maybe I could have but you already know that Jacob was holding on to my leg like a heated dog, waiting to get some more of my dick in his not-so-virgin hole.

I realistically could not resist him. And again, if it were not me, it would have been someone else. I would do anything for the sake of our family’s reputation, including banging my step-son.

At the beginning, we were careful.

We would wait for Mary to work the night shift, for Aaron to be God knows where, and we would fuck, hard.

We waited for six days before I pounded his ass for a second time. Maybe it was for the best since Jacob’s bum was sore from our first banging, but when we did it again, it was about damn time. My balls were full.

I was showering coming back from work when someone came into the bathroom. It was Jacob. He just stood there and stared at me soaping up my dick. I did not see him at first, I was lost in my own mind.

“Need any help, daddy?”

I jumped. I thought I was about to choke with water in my mouth and was barely seeing a thing with shampoo in my eyes.

“Dear Lord, Jake! What are you doing here? Shut the door!”

“We’re alone, dad.”

“Your brother was downstairs a minute ago, he is…”

Jacob took his tee-shirt off. I gulped.

“He just left on his bike. He’ll be back before mom returns from work but we probably have an hour to ourselves.”

He took his pants off.

“Where did he go? I…” He was only wearing red tiny boxer briefs. “Jake… What… What do you think you’re doing?”

As if I did not already know…

“Daddy, it’s been so long. I’ve been really struggling. Not a single cock in my mouth… For nearly a full week! I had not done that since…”

I cut him off:

“Good! Maybe it means that what we have been doing is working.”

Who was I fooling? Certainly, neither he nor I.

“Oh dad, I’ve only been refraining because, after you gave it to me in the ass, I did not want to betray your trust. But you know I need it. And not only in the mouth now. What you did last time… It… It woke something in me.”

Oh, Good Lord. I had created a monster. Or maybe, it was the other way around? He removed his briefs and he was standing there naked, his hard dick pointing up to the ceiling. He quickly turned around, arched his back. My own cock was chubbing already.

“I’ve been thinking about that ass all week.” I said in a whisper.

“Really, daddy?”

“Oh, shut up, you know it! You know what you do to me.”

He hopped in the hot shower with me. He kissed my hairy chest, sucked on my nipples. That felt nice.

“Hmmm… Daddy…”

“Fuck. You’re such a naughty boy.”

I was boning up. I guessed I was a naughty boy too. Jacob knelt down. And that was it, I lost all control. He blew my cock like the fantastic whore that he was and under the warm water, it felt better than ever before.

I grabbed his wet hair and pushed his mouth and then his throat down my pole. He gagged. And he smiled. I should have had sex in the zenci porno bathroom more often, so much easier to clean-up all the saliva and mess afterwards.

“Come on, Jake. Swallow it all. Mmmm…”

He already had a mouth full of my nine inchers, he stuck out his tongue to lick my balls. They were full. I was already oozing him with precum.

The gagging sounds almost made me cum. I had to breathe, to calm myself down not to explode.

“Grrrrlll… grrrlll… grrllll…”

He was bobbing up and down my big cock. I spat on his face.

“Ffffank youuuu, mmmdaddy.” He said, his mouth full.

“Slow down, babe, I’m gonna blow my load.”

I called him babe. It came out spontaneously.

“Gimme your big loads, daddy.”

I pushed him away.

“No! I have to take care of your ass first!”

Quickly, I grabbed his waist and pressed him against the shower wall. I was the one to kneel down to feast on his asshole this time. So smooth. So clean. He moaned like a little pig.

“Haaaan… hmmmmm… Daddy…. Please… Yeaah… yeah… Don’t stop.”

In a way, it was even better than the first time. There, I did not feel a hint of guilt. It was pure excitement. I also wanted to do a good job, I needed to thank him for everything he was giving me.

He had picked me of all people to lose his virginity over, I needed to treat that pink hole right, and that essentially meant pushing my warm thick tongue as deep as I could get.

“I love you, daddy…” He mumbled in his daze.

I kept on rimming him.

I only stood up when I felt like his hole was ready. I lodged my bone in his ass crack and dry-humped him, we were both standing up under the water, it had turned lukewarm, how long had it been since we had started?

“I want you to beg me, son.” I whispered in his ear. “I want you to beg me to fuck your ass.”

“Oh daddy, yes, please.”

I licked his cheek from behind, got dangerously close to his lips.

“What do you want? What do you need, boy?”

“I need you to fuck me with your big dick, daddy. I need you to fuck my ass.”

“You’re such a little whore.”

“I am. Truly. Oh God… This is all I am. A whore for my daddy.”

I shoved my dick in. I knew I would not last too long as I was already dripping precum like crazy. I wasted no time to penetrate him fully. I wanted it rough.

“Take that cock, bitch.”

“Aaaaaaah… Fuck, yeeees!”

Standing up, it felt like it was easier to sodomize him. Or maybe, we just had gotten better now that we had practiced.

A part of me wanted to give to my step-son the same hardcore treatment Coach Hamilton had given to Mr. Johnson in the sextape I had seen. I had become quite obsessed with the video since I had watched it for the first time.

I grabbed Jacob while I was still fucking him, his hole swallowing two thirds of my meaty cock, and I got him out of the shower. Still inside of him, I pushed my step-son against the sink until he was bending over in an almost perfect 90 degrees angle. Then, I freaking pounded him like a Pornstar.

Balls deep, they were fapping against his ass, with ample movements and at a steady rhythm. I was wrecking his ass while watching us in the mirror dominating the bathroom. Fuck, we looked nasty!

“You wanted to play with the big boys, eh? You thought you could take someone like me? You have awakened a sexually frustrated married man with a huge dicks and balls. See how it feels now?!”

“Fuck… Daddy… Aaaaaah…”

“Are you happy with yourself?”


“Answer me, son! Are you proud of what you made me do to you?”

“Yes, dad! Yes! Fucking destroy my ass! I’m yours!”

I bred him. I grabbed his waist not to fall and emptied myself in his eager, effectively destroyed, asshole. We were both panting.

It took a while for me to pull my dick out of his hole. It felt so nice and warm inside but I had to do it eventually. I could see Jacob’s face in the mirror. Damn it, he was crying. I felt my heart sunk. What had I done?

“Lord… Jacob…” I turned him over me so he would face me. “Jacob… Are you ok? Did… Did I hurt you?”

He nodded no.

“It’s just that… I’m so happy right now.” He said with a faint smile, a tear still sliding down his cheek.

I kissed his forehead.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” He looked deeply in my eyes. “I… I love you, daddy.”

It was more difficult to ignore this declaration this time around. I should have said something. But I did not have the words.

“Go back in the shower, clean yourself, I’ll go afterwards.”

He grinned at me.

“Really? Now, we are going to take separate showers? After this?”

I chuckled.

“I guess we can save some water. Let’s go.”

Truth was, I was afraid to get horny again washing him. I did. But we did not fuck again. It was probably safer to let his ass rest a little. Besides, as I mentioned, we were careful not to be by ourselves for too long, at least, when we started to fuck.

That was our second time. The third came a couple days after. I fucked him in his small bed while Aaron was working-out at our local gym.

That time, I jizzed on his face. I had missed that. It burnt his eyes but Jacob was not one to complain. He took it without flinching and even asked for more.

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