Free Use World w/ Guest Star Piss

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The start of a small collective of stories in a free use world, featuring some piss action.

Working as a barista is one of the more… interesting jobs you can have in this kind of world. At least, that was the opinion of L’Nela. She had been working at the SunDollar’s for a few years, and every week held something new. Whether that was new customers, events, or just plain old orders.

Take, for example, when a customer walked into the store, and barged past the entire line. She figured that this lady was some Karen thinking she was better than everyone else, and didn’t have to wait in line, but instead she did something unexpected.

The lady walked behind the counter, and quietly asked her if she could just sit underneath the counter for a while and play with the barista’s pussy. She was taken aback, but after a moment of startled hesitation, agreed. So the lady, who after asking told her that her name was Summer, just got on her knees underneath the counter and waited for her to go back to taking orders.

It’s important to note that the only requirements of uniform was to be wearing something that had the company’s logo on it. Outside of that, you could wear, or choose not to wear, whatever you wanted. Considering that some of the milk options include breast milk and cum, a lot of employee’s choose to wear a promo hat, shoes, and an apron for carrying things. Some wear more, some wear even less.

L’Nela was currently wearing a standard istanbul travesti black button-down with the company’s logo over her left breast. She also wore a hat, just to keep her long brown hair out of her face and the drinks, and sneakers. Below the waist, however, she wore nothing. It made break time a lot… easier… shall we say.

So when in the middle of taking an order, she suddenly felt a tongue lap against her pussy, she was startled some, but not full jump worthy.

Order after order, this woman was relentless. It didn’t matter if she was trying to count change or write down a long list of ingredients, this woman’s tongue just kept at it. Several times she dropped coins onto the counter and apologized profusely, only to the amusement of the customer. Over time, when she had a free hand, L’Nela would grab the woman by the back of her head and grind her pussy into the hungry mouth below her.

Finally, once she got a moment to stop taking orders, she grabbed Summer with both of her hands and rocked back and forth, grinding her clit as hard as she could against this woman’s tongue. Summer, sensing she was close, grabbed her ass in response to pull her into it even more. Her tongue went into over-drive, swirling and slurping at the barista’s clit as much as she could muster.

Pussy juice was running down her chin and covering her face. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the taste and feeling of eating out this cute barista.

Finally, travesti istanbul L’Nela reached her peak. Her knees stiffened, one of her hands shot out to the counter to steady herself, and her mind went completely blank. Her vision was white and blurry, and her breathing was shallow and ragged.

Finally, after what felt like forever, her senses finally returned to her. She felt dazed, but took a deep breath to try and recover. As she was regaining her senses, she felt a twinge from her bladder. L’Nela looked down to see Summer licking her lips and wiping her face off. As Summer looked to be starting to get up, L’Nela stopped her.

No new customer’s had arrived just yet. A rarity, but convenient for her.

“I need two more things from you before you can go.” L’Nela said, still trying to catch her breath.

“Oh? What, you want another round? Liked my tongue that much did you?” Summer said with a cute and rather smug giggle.

“No, I think I might just pass out from that.” Her breathing was starting to come back to normal, but her voice was still breathy. “One… after your fun down there I need to pee.”

“Ohhhhh, I see,” Summer said with an even more smug look on her face. “So what you’re saying is after my tongue fucking you want to piss all over me?”

“Yeah, that’s exactly right.”

“Well, don’t let me keep you.” Summer said with a wink and a smile.

L’Nela took one more deep breath, and istanbul travestileri using one hand to spread her labia, she relaxed her bladder. Pee flowed down and splashed Summer in the face.

Summer let out a slight giggle and started to mimic being in the shower. She moved around to make the pee splash into her hair, over her face, and down over her shoulders to her chest to soak through her white blouse, revealing her plump breasts.

Since L’Nela was getting to relieve herself, Summer decided that she should get to as well. While the barista’s piss rained on her from above, she let her bladder go too. It quickly soaked through her black panties and started adding to the large puddle that had been forming. Her lower legs, socks, and shoes were all soaked.

By the time L’Nela and Summer’s streams started to wane, Summer was completely drenched. No part of her was dry left, and even her pussy had taken on a different wetness.

L’Nela helped Summer out from below the counter. At this point she looked like she had been thrown into a pool.

“Well, that was certainly fun…” Summer said with a flirtatious voice, “but didn’t you say you wanted two things from me before I could leave?”

“Yeah,” L’Nela said, “I also would like your number, if you’re okay with that?”

Despite all they’d just done, it was that question that made Summer blush.

“S-sure, here let me write it down…”

L’Nela loves being a barista in this world. You never know what is going to walk through the door next. That day, it was her future girlfriend.

But this is only one story in this wild and expansive world. Across the city, or maybe even just down the street, lies out next story. Stay tuned to find out…

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