Friday Night, Neighbor Fun Pt. 02

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It was another rainy Friday night, perfect to end the summer with I thought as I rode back to my apartment in the Uber. I was completely exhausted and kept nodding off in the backseat. My whole body was tender after a week at the beach with my girlfriend. Nothing but sun, booze, and boozy sex all week. I was looking forward to getting home and relaxing in front of a movie drinking nothing but water!

Finally, we got to my apartment and I carried my stuff and tossed it into the bedroom and collapsed on my bed. I looked at my phone, it was only 9:15 pm.

At 9:22 pm I was on my knees next to my neighbors bed, my sweatpants around my ankles, my girlfriends thong bikini I “borrowed” framing my ass, and my head bobbing up and down on his thick cock.

“Mmm I missed you this past week, especially that mouth…” he said above me, seated on the bed with his legs spread wide.

I mumbled and moaning a “mhmm I missed you too” back without taking his cock out of my lips. I felt his big powerful body rumble a little as he chuckled. I leaned my ass back onto my heels and left just the tip of his cock in my mouth as I stroked his shaft with both hands. I looked up into his eyes, begging him to cum!

“Oh fuck yeah.” He moaned, “it’s been a whole week, I hope you’re ready for this load!”

“Yes daddy!” I moaned up letting my lips off his cock for just long enough to get the words out.

I felt the bed move as he stood up in front of me, placing his powerful hands on my shoulders, one hand rubbing the back of my head. I felt myself lose control as he started to thrust into my mouth, his engorged head pushing into my throat.

“Fuck” I moaned out around his cock, probably so muffled he had no clue what I was saying!

“Get ready, I’m gonna cum down that little throat cock sucker, open up for me!” He said as I reached around and grabbed his ass. I felt his cock start to swell and shoot a load and then another directly down my throat.

I gasped and gripped his ass tight, not letting his cock out of my mouth for a second. He groaned Eskort Kız and gripped my head and I gripped his ass harder as my throat milked every last drop of cum out of him. I didn’t let go of his ass or cock until I felt him start to soften.

“Good cocksucker, very good.” He said chuckling as he fell back on the bed. I stood up and kicked my sweatpants off so I was just in the thong bikini and a white t shirt.

“Nothing on my trip compared to that!” I said giggling as I laid my thinner frame on top of his huge, muscled, thick body. He smiled up at me and we kissed deeply. “I missed this big body and that powerful cock.” I whispered kissing him again and again, his hands running over my lower back, ass, and thighs.

I remember the first time he texted me and I found myself at his apartment, sucking his cock and then getting fucked on the couch. Nothing had compared to that stud. I was happy we both were bisexual, cause it made for intense reunions whenever I was away with my girlfriend for a long time.

“I missed more than your mouth…”he growled in my ear as his hands gripped and spread my ass cheeks. “Stealing your gf’s clothes now huh?” He teased.

“I think they look pretty good on me too!” I said giggling as he rolled me onto my back and kissed me deeper. I moan into his mouth as I felt his hand reach down and start to rub my bikini covered cock. I knew i wasn’t going to last long and I didn’t bother to try to as he lifted my shirt and I felt his tongue and teeth tease my nipples.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum so fucking fast!” I moaned into the top of his head, prompting his hand to slow down and his tongue to hover over the tip of my nipple. He was driving me crazy! The slow strokes still kept driving me to the edge and my whole body was clenched as I got closer to release. He moved up and kissed me deeply as he pushed me over the edge and my cock start to spurt and fill the bikini bottom with all the cum I had saved the past day or so since I last had sex.

“That is incredible!” I barely moaned out as my cock kept spasming and my whole body was twitching with his continued kisses. Finally I caught my breath and he stood up to go to the kitchen.

I rolled onto my stomach, in a daze. 24 hours ago I was fucking my girlfriend on the beach towel, calling her my whore and she was begging for my dick, and now here I was in a thong about to do the same thing!

Hot neighbor came back to his bed and smacked my ass to wake me up. “Here, let’s celebrate that ass before I worship it!”

I laughed and took the glass of Jameson and we cheered to big cocks and fat asses who welcome them! I still felt it burning my throat when he wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and pulled me into another long kiss. This time broken up because I told him I wanted to smoke and then fuck this time.

“No problem” he said as we packed a bowl, then passed it back and forth getting more and more light headed. Soon enough he was back at my lips, our tongues dancing, I reached down and found him stiff as a rod, just like I thought would happen. We rolled down into a 69 position with me on top and I promptly started slurping his cock like a happy little schoolgirl. He yanked my thong off and then started eating my ass out. His tongue was fucking magic I swear! After a few minutes he smacked my ass and rolled me off of him.

He stood up and pulled me over to the mirror, then I bent over his dresser, pointing my ass up and begging for his thick cock. He grabbed my hair and kissed me from behind while grinding his cock up and down my ass crack. Then he reached down and finally he started to push into me. I moaned as he filled me up, his hot rod stretching me out again. “Long week of no cock here huh?” He moaned into my ear, “You’re so tight like the first time we fucked.”

I just moaned until he pushed his hips up to my ass and I knew I was full of his cock. He didn’t take long to start pounding, I could tell he missed my ass. Slowly fucking for only a minute, then he had balled up the back of my shirt and was gripping it in his hand, anchoring himself to fuck my ass hard. I propped up on my elbows and watched his big hot body fuck me from behind in the mirror. His face concentrating on my ass, his free hand slapping my cheeks.

“Little cocksucker likes his ass fucked too huh?”

I just moaned in approval.

“I’m gonna breed that sissy ass of yours tonight, fill you up with my cum just like every weekend.”

I moaned back.

“Imagine if that girlfriend of yours found us like this, your ass in the air swallowing my big cock!”


“Moan for me slut, just a little slut for this cock!”

Moan. I love how aggressive he got when fucking my ass. I reached down and stroked myself to his thrusts, reaching climax very shortly with all the stimulation. I came all over the floor and my feet I was arching my back so much. Soon after my legs were shaking from holding myself up and another mind blowing orgasm. He could feel me losing control and I was appreciative that he pulled out and turned me around.

“I wanna see the look on your face when I cum inside of you.” He growled as he lifted my ass up onto the dresser, then pulled my feet up to his shoulders and entered me again.

“Fuck me baby, this is your ass, fill me up with your cum. God I missed your thick cock!” I moaned as he drove into me, from the tip to the base, his balls slapping my ass hard I was pretty sure my cheeks were red from his heavy balls!

I looked up into his determined eyes, face a little red, sweat on his hot body as he drove his cock like mad into my ass.

“I’m gonna fucking cum!” He shouted second before I felt him swell and explode into me. We moaned and planted as he pushed every drop in me and I squeezed his cockhead with my ass. We kissed and I wrapped my arms around him. He lifted me effortlessly and we fell on the bed together, my ass still contracting and milking his softening cock.

Somehow we fell asleep that way too. Kissing, him on me, my legs and arms wrapped around him. I woke up with a jolt around 3 am, before smiling realizing where I was. I rolled him onto his back so I could lay my head on his chest and passed out again.

Welcome home, I thought to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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