Getting Anal From A New Friend

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I met a guy on a sex site where most of the guys are fine having another guy either suck or take their cock in their ass. I myself am bi, but the other doesn’t matter to me, straight, bi or flamboyantly gay, I don’t care, just as long as they have a hard cock and know the best place to place it, lol.

OK on to my new friend, his add listed him as seeking women, but found him by searching men for men. Nice profile, so winked and he actually e-mailed me back. Chatted a while, then talked for another month before we finally met face to face. He was around my age, 41, my height, 6’2″ and a little more toned than I was. He was the typical straight guy, with the fun exception of loving have another guy either jack or suck him off. Was looking for women but like most horny guys I have found, are happy for any port in a storm, or a long dry spell. The way he talked reminded me of a California surfer dude, laid back and just wanting whatever felt good. His cock shots posted on the site showed a nice cock, but seemed nothing wonderful, boy was i wrong. I usually don’t do anything on first meetings, just kind of wary, I live in a pretty rural area and don’t want to take any chances.

Met him in a parking lot of a mall…parked close and he motioned me over. I got in and we made small talk, then as usual talk turned to sex and our likes and dislikes, he told me that jacking and sucking were ok, he would just jack me but wanted me to suck him. I usually want what i give but haven’t had any cock in too long so i agreed but added not today, telling him my reasons.

He sighed then began to undo his jeans to my objections. He looked up at me as he slid them down and asked “are you sure?” The glazing over of my eyes gave my desires away. It seemed that it took forever for the entire length of his meat to be exposed and his cock head to pull free from its confinement. His cock throbbed with every heart beat and began to rise higher and higher. I reached over and slowly stroked him. My hand would barely fit around it and my mouth watered thinking about the huge load waiting. I stroked him for a few minutes until we both decided we needed a more private place.

He fired up and we drove into the country where i directed him to a field lane that was very private and we stepped out of the car. He leaned against the hood, his cock still out and hard. I assumed the position at his feet and tried my best to suck him. I later found out that he was a little over 8 1/2 long and almost 2 inches across. Escort Kız A truly big cock! He moaned hungrily as I sucked him as best i could, I had just half that meat in my mouth and jacked his shaft with one hand while playing with his balls with the other. After five minutes his body stiffened and his nut sac drew up. I took his meat in both hands and held him as far as i could in my mouth. In seconds i was rewarded with a huge load that i couldn’t swallow fast enough and cum spilled from my mouth, ran down my goatee and plopped on the ground. I continued to suck him as he finally began to soften, and then licked the head and shaft of his cock clean. He continued moaning and smiled at me as i stood up. He started to massage my crotch, but i stopped him saying i was too worn out from the head and didn’t matter not cumming. He drove me back to my car and we parted ways for the night.

Driving home I knew that i had to fuck that meat and began talking more and more about him fucking me when ever we would get together and play. He finally mentioned that he loved fucking ass, women’s ass and had never tried fucking a man. I told him it was the same thing, just hotter. He wondered how it could be hotter, I just told him to fuck me and find out.

He finally agreed and we made plans for our next session together to include fucking me. He showed concerns about my being clean and I assured him that I would be very clean and ready for him.

The date finally arrived and I took my time in the shower, washing very well and douching three times to make sure that i was clean. I then got out a dildo and lubed well, I was pretty scared of the size of him. I fucked myself for about 30 minutes and tried not to play with my throbbing cock. Precum was flowing freely and i tasted myself. Finally the phone rang and it was him, telling me he was on his way and making sure i was ready for his meat. I laughed and told him more than ready.

He arrived 10 minutes later and i greeted him at the door naked, my cock pointing straight out. He laughed and followed me inside. Once the door was closed and locked I went to my knees and undid his belt and jeans, pulling them down to his ankles. His cock wasn’t fully hard and i sucked his deeper than before. That was short lived as his meat expanded to full size quickly. I led him to a chair and pulled off his shoes, jeans and shorts then sucked his cock again for a few minutes. He then took control and grabbed my hair and pulled me from his cock asking if we were going to fuck or what? I had hoped he would take a dominate stance, I was worried that he would stay mellow and not take charge. He almost threw me to my knees and told me to take the position, which I happily did. He talked dirty, telling me that i couldn’t handle his cock, i just responded, bring it big boy, laughing.

I looked over my shoulder and shuddered as he stroked his meat slowly, bringing it to full hardness. I was almost heart broke when he reached for a rubber, I begged him not to, saying that bare was better. He said that he didn’t want any shit on his meat and I assured him that wasn’t a problem, it took more begging then i wanted to, but finally convinced him to bareback me.

He lubed well and placed that big cock at my hole. God it felt both great and huge, and i began to worry that he was too big. He was a real cock’s man and eased my tension by talking more and sliding that monster along my ass crack. Every time he got to my hole he pressed a little more then moved on past it. I was horny as hell by now and the next time he paused at my ass i thrust back and his biog cock head popped right in. I think he was impressed and just stopped moving as my ass got used to his girth.

I rested a few moments before I began backing up onto him; He grabbed my hips and slowly slid his meat into me, thrusting a little more cock into me every time. After a few minutes i could feel his ball against my ass, I relaxed even more and he began to pump me harder and faster. His cock felt as huge as i thought it would, thank god he was gentle and allowed me time to adjust. He began to fuck me harder and faster, with me moaning for more and more.

He didn’t disappoint and really began fucking me at will, my ass wrapped tightly around his cock, holding it like a velvet vise. He continued to fuck me for ten minutes with me in heaven from his poundings. He fucked me harder and with more gusto and I knew he was close to cumming.

I reached between my open legs and began to stroke my own cock, wanting to cum just before him. I was rewarded by shooting my own load onto the carpet, causing my ass to tighten more around him. He couldn’t take it and i felt him grow bigger in me and shoot his creamy load deep in my ass. He continued to pump my ass as his cock wilted, finally sliding out with a pop. He rolled off me and just laid there catching his breath.

Finally he spoke, now I know what you are talking about, your ass was the best sex i have ever had.

I told him it was because I had come; causing my ass to tighten, milking his cock and making him shoot. He just smiled and said whatever, just do that again. I smiled and said I plan to, wondering how long it would take him to recover.

He laughed and said to give him thirty minutes.

I pulled him to his feet and led him outside to a cooler of beer and some smoke. We sat down in a couple of lawn chairs and popped a beer and took a drag of the smoke. He mentioned the pool and i said that we could go. It took me a couple minutes to get the cover off and we both jumped in.

We stood at the edge by the deck and chatted and sipped our beers. My hand moved down and felt his cock begin to harden from my touch. I smiled and asked if it had been thirty minutes already. He smiled and said he was ready when i was. I just nodded and climbed out of the pool, walked back inside and returned with more lube.

I sat on the patio table and noticed the correct height and motioned him out of the pool. I laid back on the table as he walked over. I handed him the lube and held my legs up, giving him access to my wanting ass. He didn’t miss a step and squeezed a big dab of lube on his cock and swiped some and fingered my ass, lubing it as well. He smiled at me and said I won’t be gentle. I just smiled back and told him I don’t want you to be.

He brought his cock to my open hole and popped the head back in, then slowly slid the entire 8 1/2 inches of hard cock into me with ease. I placed my legs on his shoulders and took his hands and placed them on them. He took to this position easily and was fucking me hardly in a few seconds. I loved watching the look on his face whenever I would tighten my ass. It wouldn’t slow him just bring a smile to his face as he continued to pummel me. He held my legs for five minutes and fucked me hard. Finally he threw my legs from him and told me to get down and lean on the table.

He wanted to fuck me standing, my favorite position. I leaned forward and he sunk his meat again into me, grabbing my hips and thrusting into me without a care or feeling for me. I was in heaven and begging for more as he fucked me deep and hard. I felt him tense again and knew what was coming. He plowed deep again and i felt his cock again grow as his cum shot into my ass. Once again i felt his cock soften and slid from my well used hole.

I reached for a beer and handed him one as well. He collapsed into the chair and we made small talk until he decided it was time for him to go home. And yes we have made plans to get together again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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