Giving Good Head

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I want you. I know by placing your cock in the warm recesses of my mouth, I can convince you to do almost anything. You’re helpless against my powers of persuasion.

I prefer catching you unaware and at your most vulnerable – when you’re sleeping, perhaps. Your cock is soft and a perfect size for suckling. Your skin is supple and molds so easily to every crevice inside my mouth. As you waken from your sleep, your cock has already betrayed you by hardening.

Oh, how I want to taste you, every single inch of you…

My mouth moves away and you feel jilted. Your hips buck in disappointment, but I have so much more to offer. My tongue snakes out to touch the tip and its glistening wetness. Wet with my saliva and your pre-cum, your cockhead is musky and arousing. The scent of us, mixed. I taste, alternating between sucking and lightly using my teeth over the petal-softness of your cockhead. The pink has been replaced by a pulsing angry red. You want me to suck all of you deep inside, but I don’t.

Instead, my lips trail a path of fiery hot kisses stonehouse izle down the entire length of your cock. My head is sideways, and my kisses are a suction you’ve never experienced. My mouth covers your flesh all the way to the base, and when you moan, I ask you to tell me what you want.

Just tell me, baby, tell me how horny I make you. Tell me how I can please you…

Your skin is firm and tight, as I draw your ballsack into my mouth. You’re huge and I can suckle only one at a time. As I do, I slide a finger inside my pussy, gathering the wetness. I use the makeshift lube to stroke your perineum. My fingers play with you, enjoying the electricity of your reaction. The sensitivity of your skin there is new to you. The scents of our arousal permeate the air and make me weak with need and unspoken desires.

Your cock seems ready to explode, at any moment. But now is too soon. I remove my lips and let the fullness of my breasts tightly constrict you.

My nipples are so hard for you, tight and hard and on fire…

I relish the power I have over you. Your cock slides super junior the last man standing izle and thrusts, easily lubricated by pre-cum, between my cleavage. At each upward stroke, I pull your head into my mouth, sucking deeply. Milking you dry. You grunt your approval. Your guttural moans mingle with the high-pitched whimpers that I realize are coming from me.

Your pre-cum is leaking constantly now. I slip my hands between our bodies and smear the stickiness of it over my hard nipples. I’m crazy with lust. All I can think about is fulfilling this need. The need to taste your cum.

I want your hot pulsating cum to spray my mouth and lips, hitting me again and again…

Now, my mouth consumes all of you, desperately. No more teasing. A shift of power has occurred. I will do anything to taste your cum. I can’t think beyond the head of your cock and what it holds for me. I barely notice the juices running down my chin. Everything is messy and drenched. A slurping noise – half wet, half suction – infiltrates the room.

My super league the war for football izle hands cup your balls and pull at them. Begging them to release their creamy prize. A puddle of juices has formed at the juncture between your thighs, and I use it to stroke you where my mouth can’t reach.

My finger slides further down. To that forbidden place that you never let me touch. I can’t resist; I use the wetness to massage you there. At your ass. You don’t seem to notice or care. You’re thrusting too hard and too fast. I gag but refuse to stop. Your hands pull at my hair, and you speak in a voice I don’t recognize, “Suck it, you little slut. You want this cock, don’t you?”

Oh god, I’ve never been so turned on in my life…

My fingertip enters your forbidden portal, and I feel a clenching. The sensation reminds me of my pussy contractions, and I’m so turned on by the betrayal of your body. My mouth sucks forcibly, and my finger slides further. I begin stroking and you don’t make me stop. You like it as much as I do.

And then you cum. Your cum fills my mouth, and I quickly back away, so I can feel the hotness on my lips and face. Your body convulses unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Your ass clenches around my finger, almost painfully.

I move back to your cock to suck it once more, for every last single drop.

And then, I lick both of us clean and savor the taste of what I’ve earned. You relax, unable to move or think. To do anything, but feel.

I’m your addiction, baby, and I have made you mine…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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