Group Massage

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It’s Friday evening and I am setting in front of my computer. Naked. That’s right, bare assed naked. Don’t tell me you never do this. I have just spent the last 30 minutes admiring the action on some of my gay community sites. Sure I have a hard on, wouldn’t you if you were slowly stroking your cock for half an hour.

I’m six foot three and weigh 210 pounds, evenly distributed with seven and a half inches of it between my legs. I click on the Links button to see if there is anything new I could add to my communities. What’s this, it looks interesting so I click the mouse on it and I get the home page.

After a page of the usual legal jargon, I can click on Enter. What do you know? Here is a Worldwide listing of places men can cruise for sex. I click USA and then Michigan. Starting to scan down the list of cities in the state, I find the following announcement under Ann Arbor.

Group Massage for Gay and Bi-sexual Men

Come to my Tuesday and Saturday night group massage sessions. Every Tuesday and Saturday night at approximately 8:00 p.m. anywhere from 15 to 25 men gather at my Ann Arbor Home Office for mutual sensual discovery in a comfortable environment. Enjoy a massage from other men, initially broken up into two larger groups where one person is massaged by the other participants. A session fee of $10 is charged.

So here it is, Saturday evening. I have just driven the 30 or so miles from my apartment to Ann Arbor. I locate the West Kingsley Street address and circle the block. I can park at the curb a couple houses down the street. The front porch light is on, plus there are two candles burning on the front steps. Another car parks and two guys go into the house. This must be the place. There is a sign that reads “Group Massage Members Please Come In.”

The front door is unlocked. Not sure of myself, I ring the bell and the door is opened and I am asked to come in. I enter into a reception room. There are several chairs and a sofa. I see the kitchen directly in the back. The two guys that entered before me are taking off their shoes. I find out that it was David who opened the door. This is his home and office. He is 33 years old and a graduate of a State of Michigan Licensed School of Massage. He is also gay. He is wearing only boxer shorts. He asks me to remove join the others in taking off all of my clothes. The participation fee is $ 10.00. He stores my wristwatch and wallet in a locked box and leads me through a draped archway into what would normally be the living room of this eighty-year-old Bayan Escort Gaziantep home. The window drapes are closed and several candles illuminate the room. A CD player is softly playing classical music. It adds to the atmosphere. The floor is completely covered with clean, white sheets. There are already five or six naked guys sitting around on the floor.

David takes me through into the next room. There is a medical examination table that he apparently uses when he gives one on one massages. The bathroom is the next room toward the back of the house. There is a modern glass walled shower with two showerheads so that more than one can share space that must measure at least four feet by seven feet. He explains that there are plenty of towels for taking a shower either before or after the session. There is one more room beyond the bath. It also has sheets on the floor. David says that it will be used after the main session, if any of the participants want to get more intimate.

I go back and join the group in the living room. There is a constant stream of guys coming in now that it is eight o’clock. There is a good mixture of age, shape, and race among those gathering in the room. David says why not split up and get started. Most of the guys seem to have been here before and know the procedure. A couple of us are first timers, so we wait to see what is going to happen. Plastic bottles, filled with of warm baby oil are distributed. There is at least one bottle for every two guys. We divide up into two groups of nine or ten each. One of the old timers in my group lies on his stomach on the floor and the other eight of us gather around, kneeling, squatting, or just setting on the floor. We spread the warm oil on our hands and start to massage the part of the body closest to us. I am setting next to his left leg. After pouring some oil on my hand I start to massage the calf of his leg and slowly move up his thigh and then back down again. His entire body is being massaged at the same time. Hands are everywhere; kneading or gently massaging muscles or what ever is closest to you. I move up a little further on his left leg and almost reach his butt. The guy next to me is devoting most of his time to massaging the cheeks of the ass in front of him. I notice the guy across from me work his way up the right leg and let his fingers dangle over our man’s balls. The next trip up his leg I do the same. I feel my cock starting to get hard.

After about five minutes, David suggests it’s time for our man to roll over on his back. I can see that he has been enjoying his massage since he has a firm hard on. I now devote my attention to his right leg and let my fingers do the walking as I get close to his balls. The guy to my left who had worked over the guy’s butt now is massaging his stomach and moving down through the pubic hair and finally stroking our man’s cock. After another five minutes of this, David suggests that we let someone else have a turn. The man to left who is about forty years old and has a bit of a gut, lies down on his stomach. I take advantage and move up his body to take over the position he had. I add more oil to my hands and start in the middle of his back and then slowly move lower. I massage the cheeks of his ass and let my finger slide down the crack between the two halves. As I add more oil and continue this action I feel his hand move down between my legs and start to rub my cock. Time’s up and he rolls over. His gut is bigger than I though and he has a cut dick, but it is small for a guy his size. I play with his navel for a while and then move down and massage his cock. It is only semi-hard when David says it’s time to change again.

By now I am confident that I like this session and make my move to lie on my stomach and let all those hands work me over. I can not describe the feeling. I have had massages by both men and women in the past, but nothing ever felt as good as eight to ten hands working over all parts of your body at once. It relaxes everything but your cock. Time to roll over. I decide that I will duplicate what had previously been done to me. As all parts of me are being massaged, I reach out with both hands, exploring between crossed legs, and finally find a cock to stroke on either side of me. Both of them get my message and jointly devote more time stroking my seven and a half-inch member. My time was up all too soon.

Several of our group have departed for the back room, even before they have had their turn on the floor. I moved up a notch and with fewer of us surrounding the next man on his stomach, I have more of his body to work on. He is really a work of art. He appears to be in his late twenties and must be a weight lifter. You should see his muscles. I have most of his back to my self and start massaging him with both hands from the shoulders down the small of his back to the crack of his ass. About the third time down this route, I run my fingers down the crack and gently massage the rosebud of his ass. He lifts his ass slightly off the floor and lets out an appreciative groan. I add more oil to my right hand and move up and down his crack again. Now I pause and start to gently insert my index finger up his ass. It goes in easily, so I move in up to the first knuckle and move it around a little bit. More groans and more movement of his ass. I plunge my finger in all the way. Damn, it’s time for him to roll over.

I move to a kneeling position. I have my cock near his shoulder as I work over his abdomen and start down toward his cock. I stroke it a few times, but he reaches up and pushes my hand down between his legs and again lifts his ass off the floor. I get his message and with a little more oil on my fingers I slide down his crack and enter both my index and middle finger into his puckered ass hole. I see him smile and then he turns and lifts his head. The next thing I know he has my cock in his mouth and is keeping time, sucking my cock with the same rhythm that my fingers are moving in and out of his ass. Good thing David called time, as I am awful close to cumming in his mouth.

After massaging a couple more participants, I move to join those who have now gathered in the back room. When David said it was for more intimate action he was so right. A supply of condoms is available next to several more bottles of oil. There are a couple of twosomes doing it doggy fashion and another guy is sitting on his friend’s cock. Two more are getting sucked off and about six guys are just watching the action intently while they jack off.

My weight lifter finds me and says he wants to finish the job he started in the living room. He kneels down and takes all of my seven and a half-inches down his throat. After all the action I have participated in this evening, and enjoying what is going on all around us in the room, it does not take long before I fill his mouth to overflowing with my cum juice. I repay his action, God he had a nice cock. Then I went into the bathroom and took a shower, dried off, dressed and headed for home.

Why would I leave when there is still so much action going on? Well when I introduced myself at the beginning of this piece, I did not tell you that I am seventy-eight years old. I am still active but I have to admit that I am not as good as I ONCE was, BUT I am as good ONCE as I ever was. Since I had my ONCE, that was it for that night, but needless to say I have been travelling out to Ann Arbor again and again. This is a true story and if you check out David’s home page you will find his address and telephone number. Hope to meet you there some Tuesday or Saturday, I am sure we could enjoy meeting each other sharing a little extra pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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