Gym Showers_(1)

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It all started when I was eighteen years old…
It was summer time, and school had finished for the week. I had been home, done my homework, and had dinner; in fact, it had been a pretty regular day in my life. Being a Friday, I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that no social events were on tonight, so I thought I’d hit the gym instead.

So there I was, a skinny 5’9″ guy in my black shorts, white t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Towel in bag, bag on back, feeling pretty fly. I probably wasn’t as muscular as my reflection liked to tell me, but I wasn’t in bad shape either. I was yet to fill out, but you couldn’t deny I had some definition.

I walked up the stairs of the gym and signed in. Being quite late on a Friday night, the gym was almost deserted. There was an old guy doing some rowing in the corner, some guy with headphones doing leg press, and then there were two big muscly guys standing by one of the machines just talking. The closest guy had a shaven head, dark eyebrows, and a tight black shirt that showed his ripped muscles very clearly. The other guy was in a green tank top, equally as large, but had short blond hair that was spiked enough to tell me that he was somewhat of a jock. They both looked about mid 20s, and looked over at me as I entered the room. I quickly looked away and went to put my bag on a bench before heading over to a machine.

I was listening to my iPod for the whole session, working hard and pushing myself to the limit. Every so often I couldn’t help but look over at the muscly guys. I didn’t like guys or anything, but something about a muscly body is hard not to look at. I figured since they weren’t working out, they must work here. Eventually the younger guy doing leg press got up and headed for the door, acknowledging the two big guys as he left. The conversation saying something about seeing him on Monday confirmed that the two did in fact work here. I turned back to my weights.

Eventually I had got to the point where I couldn’t go any further – my arms were heavy, my legs were wobbly, and I had sweat dripping from my nose. The old guy in the corner was finishing up with some stretches, and the two muscly guys had started doing some light weight training. I walked loosely over to my bag and sniffed myself. Hmmm, I could probably use a shower I thought to myself. I grabbed my towel and started making my way to the showers, not stopping myself from checking out the ripped arms on the shaved headed guy. His head glanced up and I caught his eye again. I quickly diverted my eyes and headed into the showers as the old man was on his way out.

Inside the showers I found four shower heads, all in a row with no cubicles. I thought it was a bit more public than I was comfortable with, but it wasn’t likely that I’d be disturbed, so I decided to turn on one of the middle showers to warm the water while I got undressed. I took off my shoes and socks first, liberating my hot feet with the coolness of the shower floor. Then I took off my shirt; sticky with sweat, but again feeling rather free. Then came the shorts; whipped off quickly, standing there in nothing but skin and underpants. Then I hesitated. To go nude in public? I wasn’t sure, but then again, it was a shower. I decided why not, şişli bayan escort so I slid my little red underpants down my legs, onto my feet, then pulled them swiftly off and threw them onto the pile of clothes on the shower bench.

The room had gotten steamy now, and the hot shower water looked extremely inviting. I stepped into it, slowly so my skin could adjust without burning myself; man it felt nice. I let the water wash over my chest, down my stomach, right down my legs, covering me in a satisfying warmth that I could stay in forever.
Just as I had gotten comfortable, the heart stopping sound of the shower door opened; my hands instinctively shielding my little serpent from any wandering eyes. I stood there, ironically frozen in the hot water; my head turned just enough to see the two muscle heads from before entering the showers. They were saying something about protein as they walked behind me. I tried my best to continue with my shower as the two proceeded to talk somewhere in my blind spot. I hadn’t actually washed anything yet, so it’d be pointless if I got out now, but at the same time I didn’t want to do anything to make this awkward situation any worse; so I started to rub the sweat off my arms as calmly as I could.

Within half a minute, the blond guy appeared next to me and turned one of the showers on, followed by the shaved guy turning on the far tap. I should have chosen the shower farthest from the door I scolded myself, once again kicking myself for having 20/20 hindsight. I knew it’d be an overly obvious move to cover my genitals with my hands again, so I rotated the front of my body a little to the right, shielding any potential view with my bottom. It’s alright if they see my bum I thought, there’s no big deal about a bum.
After another awkward minute of slow sweat rubbing, the two protein conversers appeared beside me in their respective showers; both also completely naked! I swallowed hard, hoping they wouldn’t hear it; praying they would ignore me. I guess if there’s a God up there, he was busy at the time, because the blond guy did not ignore me; in fact he turned to me to speak.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you here before. You new?”
“Uh, sorta?” I managed to reply, leading to a further few seconds of awkwardness before I managed to continue. “I normally come after school.” I said coolly, forcing a smile over my left shoulder, trying not to make direct eye contact.
“You don’t have to be worried, you know – we’re all guys here.” I guess he could sense my nervousness about the situation. I made brief eye contact with him, quickly interrupted by the shaved guy doing an inappropriately funny helicopter motion with his junk. We all laughed with him, actually easing some of my tension. I decided they seemed cool enough, so I turned to face the water, my arms loosening up a little as the nervousness began to fade.

“I’m Ted” Said the blond guy, holding out his hand. I thought it was a little weird, but I shook his hand nevertheless.
“Mike” the shaved guy waved from the other side of Ted.
“My name’s Jon” I said, still gripping Ted’s wet hand, looking him in the eye. I couldn’t help but smile at him, meeting in such an unusual place – he smiled back. The handshake lingered a bit longer than anticipated, şişli escort striking up a little of the nervousness I had temporarily lost; but then disconnected, my eyes catching a glimpse of his thickly strung dong between his large legs.

They continued to tell me about how they worked at the gym, and also did some work as personal trainers. We showered in silence for a little bit, and I noticed Mike and Ted share a look out of the corner of my eye.
“Do you need soap?” Mike piped up.
“Huh?” I smoothly responded.
“Soap.” He repeated, leaving the water to grab something from the bench; and just as I had suspected, he returned with what looked like a little bottle of liquid soap. But he didn’t return to his shower, he came up between me and Ted, making a little 3 person nudity triangle. He then proceeded to squirt some soap into his hand and then rubbed some down my back. I tensed right back up at the shock of this naked stranger’s inappropriate boldness, yet I didn’t tell him to stop. He positioned himself behind me and started to… wash my back?

“Uhh…” I quietly protested. But that wasn’t a no for him, so he kept on rubbing, making circles down my back as his large hands slid over my smooth back. His hands went up and down, farther and farther down each time, going down near my hips, until they slid onto the centre of my butt cheeks.
I gasped, not knowing what to do. My cock twitched a little. My eyes looked straight ahead, not focusing, but just feeling his hands over my skin. My hands were frozen on my torso, and I could turn my head just enough to see a mischievous smile spreading over Ted’s face.

“Looks like our new friend likes your soap” he said, indicating the intensifying blood flow to my penis.
“Oh does he now?” Said the gruff voice of Mike, his hands now straying up and down my legs.
As my breathing began to quaver, he grabbed my hips with his big hands, pulling me back towards him; something hard nestling between my arse cheeks. He was a bit taller than me, and I could feel his large chest pressed against my back. My dick was really hard now and was pointing up at the shower head. His smooth head pressed against mine as he ground his big dick into my ass; sniffing my hair and nuzzling his face into my neck.

“You like that, huh?” Said the blond, turning to face me. He moved around in front of me, blocking the water, towering over me with nothing but his huge shoulders in my vision. I was sandwiched between two huge guys in a steamy room, unable to even speak. He gently took my jaw in his big hands and lifted my chin up to look me in the eyes. His big blue eyes were wide open, filling me with fear, but still so mesmerising. I quickly lost my breath as his large hands wrapped around my stiff cock, filling me with shocking pleasure as the bald one ground his hairless meat into me.

I took a big breath, then yelled, pushing Ted away from me and breaking free of hairless Mike. I made two steps towards the door when two strong arms grabbed me and pulled me back into the water, spinning me around and pinning me face first against the tiled shower wall. I grunted as Ted’s large body pressed against me, his big throbbing cock jammed between my butt cheeks.
“I’m afraid the gym’s closed for the mecidiyeköy escort night” he whispered in my ear.
I could feel my legs being forced apart as someone slid between them. Ted pulled me back a bit as a shaved head slid between my hips and the wall, his tongue sliding slowly up the shaft of my cock, sending waves of pleasure through me, making me moan involuntarily. A warm pleasure engulfed my dick, and I realised that my boner was deep inside the mouth of Mike the personal trainer. His tight lips squeezed up and down my hard dick, causing my hot boner to throb violently in his mouth. It was so good that I hadn’t even realised that Ted had lined up his huge schlong with my ass.

“Want to know a secret?” He whispered again. “It wasn’t soap.” And with that he pushed his dick into me; slowly, and painfully. I felt a faint pop as his fully pumped tip slipped into me. The combination of Ted’s titillating thrust and Mike’s magic mouth caused me to let out a loud groan that echoed through the showers.
He pushed a little harder, holding my hips steady with his huge arms. I could feel every inch of him slip deeper and deeper inside of me as Mike pumped away at my big dick with his mouth. I tried to push away again, but I was too weak from my work out, and each of my limbs was held so firmly by these big slippery men that I knew how this was going to end. With one big push, Ted slipped deep inside of me, right up to the hilt. I moaned loudly, feeling wave after wave of pleasure.
“Ohhh. Fuck me.” I groaned. I couldn’t even believe what I was saying, but I didn’t care anymore, it just felt too good. “Fuck me” I breathed.

He slid out a little bit, and then went back in. In and out, pumping his massive cock into me over and over again, stretching my tight asshole as my dick was pumping in and out of Mike’s mouth, his tongue sliding over my tip and then down my shaft, faster and faster.
They were fucking me so good that I couldn’t even speak anymore; just moan and breathe as the blond hunk fucked my tight ass with his big hard cock. Just then, my balls tightened, I was cumming.
The pleasure built up and up; I let out a huge moan and at the same time Ted thrust into me with a might grunt as he spurted thick hot cum deep into my ass as I spurted a thick squirt of goo deep into the back of the Mike’s throat. I writhed in pleasure, grinding my ass onto Ted’s dick, squeezing every last drop of his hot cum into my throbbing ass.

Soon enough, Ted pulled out of me and pushed me down onto my knees as Mike stood up, looking down on me and licking his lips.
“Your turn” he smiled devilishly at me. I dreamily took his thick meat with both my hands and began to slowly pump it. Then I leaned in and licked slowly up the shaft, just as he did with mine. I looked him deep in the eyes, then put his big dick into my mouth, bobbing up and down on his big dick, sucking his meat like it was meant to be. Ted kneeling behind me, stroking my sticky cock as I sucked away at his muscly friend. I took his cock deep into my throat as he fucked my mouth, my wet lips wrapped tightly around his thickness as I continued to stare him in the eyes. He fucked my mouth in the shower for a few good minutes before his eyes began to close and his balls tightened. His warm cum spurted into the back of my throat as he held it still, forcing me to swallow every drop.

Turns out the gym was more of a workout than I had ever dreamed…

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