Harry’s Ladies chapter 3 redo

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Chapter 3

Ginny walked into Harry and Ron’s room to find Harry reading from one of his mum’s journals. “You know when a girl writes a journal, they are exposed to be private” said Ginny. Harry looked up, smiled and patted the bed next to him. Harry then kissed Ginny hard for a minute and when they pulled apart Harry pulled out a box. “Ginny in this box is my Mothers wedding ring, I want you to wear it as a sign of my love for you.” Harry opened the box and slid it onto her finger. The ring resized itself, and Ginny broke into tears. “Harry … I-I…” “Shhh its ok” said Harry. Harry pulled her into another kiss. Next thing they knew, Ginny was sitting on Harry’s lap grinding her crotch into his pelvis. Harry then cast a silencing charm and locked the door with his wand. He then stood up and layed Ginny down on the bed and got undressed. Ginny following suit quickly slid off her skirt and knickers, as well as her shirt and bra. Harry wasted no time sliding into Ginny’s love hole. Ginny squealed and bucked her hips up to meet his. Harry picked her up and slammed her against the wall. He started thrusting harder and faster. Ginny went into a spasm as she climaxed all over Harry’s member. Harry let her drop to the bed and started thrusting even harder. He concentrated on lengthening his member. Harry felt it grow another inch and a half. Ginny moaned at the new feeling and her muscles griped his cock as she orgasmed again. That caused harry to go over the edge and he pumped wave after wave of his seed into her.

“Well, we should probably go and attend the meeting with Mrs. Bones“ said Harry. All Ginny could do is nod. Harry got dressed and headed downstairs, where he found Tonks. He pulled off to the side “What’s up Harry?” asked Tonks. “Well, I was wondering if you would teach me how to shift my body.” said Harry. “Sure, how about later today after you’re meeting?” “Perfect thanks Tonks” said Harry.

When they were getting ready to leave, Harry and Ginny bumped into Sirius. “Is that what you’re wearing” asked Sirius noting their casual clothes. “Yeah why?” said Harry. Sirius pulled out his wand and muttered a few spells. Next thing Harry knew he was wearing robes with the Potter family crest on them. Harry turned to look at Ginny only to find that she was now wearing similar robes with live lilies growing through them. “Thanks Sirius” Ginny said. “No problem”.

When the trio flooed into the atrium, the first thing Harry noticed was the gaggle of reporters hassling a group. Harry and Ginny walked up to the security booth and presented their wands. The guard dropped them into an instrument and produced a piece of paper, which he put on a pike. Afterwards Tonks led them to a deserted lift. She took her wand and thrust it into a spot on the lift. The lift dropped rapidly. “Express spell, only aurors know it” explained Tonks. The group exited the lift and walked down a corridor to a set of double doors. Inside was Kingsley’s office, but it was empty. Tonks led them to a set of doors in the back of the room. Inside was a typical waiting room. Plush chairs, side tables, newspapers and magazines. Behind a oak wood desk sat a dark-haired lady with a lowcut blouse that showed ample cleavage. “Harry Potter to şişli escort see Madam Bones.” said Harry. The woman jerked her head up and looked at Harrys scar for a moment, then said “one moment I will notify her.” She then went through the door behind her. A minute later she came back. “Madam Bones will see you know” she said then went back to her desk. Harry and Ginny walked through followed by Tonks who pulled out her wand and asked, “What was the words you spoke to me when I left to go on my first mission?”

“Stay alive and godspeed” she replied. Tonks lowered her wand and relaxed just a little. She turned to them and said, “I will be outside” and then walked back through the doors. “Nice to meet you on a more fitting environment, Harry” “Yes, it is Madam bones” replied Harry. “How is Susan doing?” asked Ginny. Amelias face turned more serious. “She is fine for now, but as you know your magic…” she was now directing her words at Harry, “is looking for potential mates and it so happens that Susan is one of them.” Harry looked dumb because he didn’t say anything. Amelia continued “I’m afraid that if you two don’t, you know, she will wind up in a bed next to the Longbottoms. As her aunt I wouldn’t want her to be pregnant, but the pros of this outweighs the cons. I would like her to marry the man who impregnates her but as your already married-.” Ginny held up her hand. “Just so you know Harry has to marry for every house of head he is so she can still marry him.” Harry spoke up “Amelia let’s talk to Susan and see what she says about this seeing how this is concerning her.” Amelia nodded and informed her secretary that she was going out for lunch and that the auror was coming with her.

The Bone manor was lovely as well as its garden but that’s not what Harry was focusing on. Susan looked paler than usual. She also looked tired. Tonks and Amelia left them alone to talk. When they left, Harry spoke up first. “So, Susan, Amelia tells me that you are affected by the end of line clause. As well as its making you sickly.” Susan just nodded in agreement. “I am happy to inform you that me and Ginny would be happy to help you as well as having me marry you.” Susan lit up a little at that sentence. “Susan” began Ginny “I will happily help you. At first I will watch but I just might join you.” Finally, Susan spoke “Ok will you please help me up to my room?” Harry and Ginny stood on either side of her and helped her up the stairs to her room. As Harry figured, when he opened the door, he found the room decorated in Hufflepuff decorations. Harry sat down with Susan and started rubbing her arms. Suddenly Harry leaned in and kissed her. Susan moaned at the new sensation and some of her strength returned to her as Harry started to rub his hands up and down her back. His hands went higher and started playing with her hair. She pulled away only to start taking off his shirt.

Ginny sat back and watched as her husband started to make love to another woman. She could feel her pussy start to dampen, so she caressed it through her dress. Susan who was having the time of her life, started kissing down Harry’s chest. Susan heard a moan behind her and saw Ginny playing with herself. So she motioned for her to mecidiyeköy escort join them. Whilst Susan was doing that Harry began unbuttoning her shirt to reveal her bra, which he unclasped, to reveal her size c tits. He took one up in his mouth and played with the nipple on the other breast. Then his hand stopped, she went to grab but then felt another mouth on the breast. She looked down to find Ginny sucking on it. Harry unbuttoned her slacks and slid them down her nice pale legs. Susan took of Ginny’s dress to reveal her slightly smaller, but perky, boobs. As Susan started playing with them Harry slid her panties off to reveal her almost bald cunt. There was a landing strip of pubic hair above her clit. Harry started to rub the slit up and down and licking as well. Harry then compelled by magic put his cock at her entrance and thrust into her. Harry felt a warm liquid start to ooze out from around his cock and he knew it was her blood. After letting her get used to the sensation he started to thrust in and out of her slowly. She moaned “Faster Harry, faster.” Harry quickly obliged and started fucking her at blistering speed. Harry, seeing Ginny looking left out, reached over and started playing with her pussy. Harry felt Susans pussy start to tighten around his cock and he proceeded to switch from fast strokes to deep hard strokes. “I’m cummmmmmming” yelled Susan. Harry just grunted as he started cumming. He shot about six stringy strands of his cum in her before pulling out. With them both panting, Harry leaned forward and started kissing Susan.

Ginny, with her lust filled eyes, started to eat out Susans cum filled cunt. Susan was shocked at first at the fact that another woman was doing eating her out, but shock quickly turned into pleasure. Ginny swung her legs around and put her pussy in front of Susans face. Susan took initiative and started to eat out Ginny as well. Harry helped Susan in eating out Ginny, which caused her to moan into Susan. Harry took a finger and stuck it into her asshole. Ginny pushed back so Harry added another finger. He repeated the process so now he had three fingers in her ass. He pulled his fingers out and started to focus on lengthening his cock. He was now a good nine inches. He inserted it into her pussy and thrust a couple of times to lube it up. He then pulled it out and lined it up with her asshole. With one thrust he was inside of her asshole. To Ginny it felt like getting her hymen broken again but the pain quickly subsided and in came pleasure. Ginny started moving first thrusting backwards trying to get as much of his cock he could get in her as possible. Harry grabbed her hips and started thrusting with deep long strokes. He couldn’t believe how tight she felt. With all the pressure on his cock from her bum he went quickly over the edge and exploded inside of her bum. Ginny had the biggest orgasm she ever had in her short life. Susan was caught off guard when wave after wave of girl cum exploded into her face, but she quickly lapped up all her love juices. The trio laid in bed resting cuddling before getting up and getting dressed.

The three entered the kitchen to find Tonks and Amelia discussing something over a cup of tea. Susan went istanbul escort and hugged her aunt “Thank you for helping me” said Susan. Amelia smiled at her niece and said, “Anything for you my dear.” Harry turned to Amelia and asked, “How do I go about claiming seats for my houses on the wizengamot?” “Just be there and you can take any of your rightful seats you want” answered Amelia. Harry and Amelia talked politics for a little before Susan spoke up. “Harry, can I spend the night with you?” Harry looked over at Tonks then replied, “I would say yes but we are not staying at my place and its protected by a fidelius charm and I’m not secret keeper, but I can ask if you lend me the floo.” Amelia nodded her consent and pointed to a little pot with flowers on it on the fireplace. Harry took a pinch and said, “Hogwarts Headmaster office”. When he appeared on the other side of the fireplace, he walked into a conversation between Professor Sprout and Dumbledore. Harry waited for their conversation to end and for Professor Sprout to leave before saying “Evening Professor Dumbledore” “Evening Harry and what do I owe the pleasure?” Harry sighed and said, “I believe you’re already aware of my situation?” Albus nodded “Well turns out Susan Bones is affected, and she wants to spend the night but as you know I can’t tell her where HQ is because of Sirius.” Albus thought for a moment then said, “Well Harry has it occurred to you to tell Amelia about Sirius seeing how she is the director of Magical Law Enforcement?” Harry felt stupid. “No, I have not but now that you mention it I can show her some of my memories.” Dumbledore nodded then wrote something on a slip of paper and handed it to Harry. It was the address to Grimauld place. Harry said thank you and flooed back to the Bone manner.

“Amelia do you have a pensieve?” asked Harry. “Of course, but why?” responded Amelia. “I have something to show you.” Amelia nodded then went to fetch the pensieve. Harry pulled out the Marauders Map “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.” Harry then showed it to Amelia who gasped in shock at what it showed. “This map shows anyone on the grounds of Hogwarts. In my third year I found out that Peter Pettigrew was dead but to my surprise he appeared on the Marauders Map. This first memory is of the night I met Sirius Black.” Harry pulled out his wand and put it to his temple and drew out a wispy, silvery strand and dropped it into the pensieve. Susan, Amelia, and Tonks put their heads in the pensieve and entered the memory and stayed for a good twenty minutes. When they exited, they were white faced. Harry then put his wand to his head and pulled out the memory of the graveyard from last year. “I don’t want you seeing this Susan” said Harry. She nodded and waited as Tonks and Amelia put their heads in the bowl. When the memory finished, they were in shock. Amelia spoke “Harry have you ever came across an object You-Know-Who came out of. Harry put his wand to his temple one more time and pulled out the memory from the Chamber of Secrets. Amelia somehow managed to look even paler. She went over to the fireplace and threw some floo powder into the fireplace and stuck her head in and spoke to someone on the other side. When she re-emerged, she turned to them and said kids and Tonks go back to your safehouse since none of you are skilled in occlumency I can’t risk this information being leaked.” They all nodded then they flooed the Leaky Cauldron.

End chapter 3

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