Hero’s Life Ch. 15

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Author’s note: This is the final chapter and I went with a little something different for the finale. Instead of Hero narrating, it’s Heather aka “Peaches” telling the story. It felt right to let her have the last words.

*~*~*~PART I~*~*~*

Okay, I learned something new on my little trip Down Under. International travel bites. After about the sixteenth hour on a damn airplane, even if you’re in first class, you just want off.

Normally, I shower twice a day. More importantly, thanks to my living arrangements when I’m home from college with Hero and Samantha, I’m used to getting sex about that often too. So by the time I staggered off the plane, I had just gone a little over twenty hours without getting either of my basic daily needs met.

I was tired, my bra was killing me, my usually wavy blonde hair was a limp, greasy mess, and I was so climb-the-walls horny that I’d nearly joined the mile-high club by myself in one of the plane’s claustrophobic bathrooms before I came to my senses.

All the stuff that had made me cranky stopped mattering when I saw Hero waiting for me at the airport just past security. Wow, I’d missed him. I needed him. Okay, him and his big bathtub. And I knew just how to show him how I felt.

I squealed like a happy little girl and yelled “Daddy!” as I ran at him and jumped into his arms, wrapping my legs around him and peppering his face with kisses too. But then I also shoved my tongue in his mouth and groaned extra sexy-like. I ground my oversized boobs into his chest for good measure.

Not stuff good girls do to their daddies.

Hero is twenty-eight. He’s only ten years older than me so there’s no way he could actually be my father. But there’s enough of an age difference there that it sometimes makes people look twice.

Hero was laughing into my mouth as our tongues twisted together. I opened one eye for a peek around and saw about thirty people looking at us. Mission accomplished. I slipped off him with one last little peck on his nose and an evil giggle.

He just shook his head and pulled me towards an exit, “Let’s get out of here before they have me arrested.”

When we got out to the parking garage, I learned that Hero had scored Sam’s sporty little black two-seater because Tracy and Samantha had borrowed his larger car for a shopping trip. Bonus. We opened the windows and sunroof and cranked the stereo on the ride back.

Hero did his best to scare me by taking turns at fifty miles an hour. Silly man. Sammie drove even faster. Especially when he wasn’t around to play mother hen. Besides, I couldn’t wait to get home.

Home. God, that sounded good. I was bummed because Sam and Tracy wouldn’t be there. I missed the girls. But then again it also meant I had the big lug to myself for awhile. That would have its own advantages.

Hero likes it when I speak my mind, so as we parked in his driveway I spoke it.

“Hero, I need a stiff drink and a good humping. Or maybe that’s the other way ’round. Either way, think you can help me with at least one of ’em?”

I thought I was being sassy and sexy so I wasn’t expecting his reaction. His face went serious and he thoughtfully pulled my suitcase from the backseat then nudged me inside.

“Yeah, about that. Peaches, honey, I’ve got some pretty ugly news.”

My stomach sank. He was on the wagon. Or worse, gone celibate.
The truth was way worse.

“We’re out of single malt, love.”

“Dude, that’s not funny.”

“I’m not kidding. There’s Jameson’s…”

“Irish?” I cut him off, wrinkling up my face. “What? Don’t you love me anymore?”

“Don’t be silly. It’s just that there’s a back-order on Laphroiag. And before you ask, Tracey finished off all the good tequila yesterday.”

“Great. So what are we going to drink? Wine coolers?”

“Mehehe, no. Okay, don’t laugh… we’re drinking bourbon.”

I did laugh. Screw him, it was funny. Bourbon to me meant Jack Daniels. Which meant Tennessee. Which meant wearing overalls and fucking your cousin. I let my face show my suspicion.

“Don’t be such a booze snob.” He pulled out a funny little square bottle labeled Knob Creek and two glasses. He poured us each a couple of fingers then dropped an ice cube in one (I’ve got him trained) and handed it to me.

Well, the color looked good. I took a little sniff. Sweeter, not nearly as smoky as single malt. But still nice and oaky. I took a tiny sip. Actually, not bad.

I chanced a mouthful since my taste buds weren’t so scared anymore. Huh, oaky and sweet – like a mix between a really good scotch and a really good rum. Entirely drinkable.

“Ready for the best part?” Hero grinned as he sliced a bit of rind off an orange on the counter, “C’mere.” He twisted the sliver of orange peel and dropped it in my glass.

I looked at it floating there. He’d lost me again and I let him have it.

“Now we’re adding fruit? Why not stick a stupid umbrella in there while Sinop Escort you’re at it? What happened to you while I was in Australia? Oh crap, you’re gay now aren’t you? For the record, I always said you were straight, but Sam had her doubts.”

I swirled my glass a few times as I teased him horribly and then took another sip.

I shut my big fat barbie mouth. Goddammit, I knew I loved this man for a reason. The orange oils rounded the whole thing out. Delicious.

I drained the glass and felt a warm, smooth burn spread from my throat to my chest and down into my belly. I pushed the glass back towards him.

“More please.” I said it in my best little-girl voice and it made him laugh.

When Hero poured me again, I picked up my glass then wandered towards the stairs and looked back at him over my shoulder, “Now you just have to take care of that other thing I need.”

Hero’s not dumb. Less than a minute later, he was tossing me across his bedroom to land on his big soft bed. I wriggled out of my jeans and undies. Before I could even get my top off, his face was between my legs and his mouth was on me.

“Oooh,” I groaned while I wrestled with the stupid cashmere sweater and bra.

Hero could tell I was horny as hell. He didn’t mess around. He went right at my stuff, licking and kissing. His tongue slipped inside me for a second and twirled around before going back to flicking at my button in a way that made my knees shake.

But it’s not what I wanted right then.

“Uh uh,” I reached down and pulled him up, “I was very specific. I said ‘humping’, buster.”

I was in the mood for a good serious poking like the one Hero could deliver. I was also pulling him up partly because I was self-conscious. I had to be, shall we say, funky after the long and shower-less flight. I felt too icky to enjoy his first-rate oral properly. There’d be plenty of time for that after I could freshen up.

Hero, wonderful man that he is, didn’t seem to care, “You sure? I don’t mind giving you a nice warm-up.”

“Nope, what I need is a good poking. Everywhere,” I licked my lips and kissed his nose softly, “Got me?”

Like I said, Hero’s not dumb. He pulled his shirt off while I got his pants down past his hips and wrapped my hands around his thick shaft. Or tried to. I’ve never been able to touch my thumb to my middle finger around him. Hero isn’t just a sweet, kind, smart guy that I love with all my heart – he’s also my stealthy studmuffin. You’d never know what lurked in that accountant’s pants until he dropped them.

I hefted him in my small hands and planted a hello smooch on his tip. God, I missed his thing. Is it weird to miss a boy and also separately miss his equipment? Sometimes I swear I crave Hero’s cock like normal people crave food.

I leaned back and pulled him with me by his pole. I nudged his blunt end against me a few times, teasing my entrance and getting him wet before pushing it gently at my hole. The stretching started. Hero helped by leaning forward and pushing steadily.

More stretching. More spreading. Both of us struggled carefully against my tightness. It was scary but good. It always was with him. I’d learned months ago that Hero would pop inside me before I split in two. But it felt close every time. I had to remind myself to relax and let it happen.

More stretching, then the little snap of his wide tip finally making its way in me. I felt the shock run up my spine and my breath caught in my throat. He pressed forward carefully and it drove apart my insides as he slid slowly up.

Filling. Filling. And more filling. So. Fucking. Good.

I reached down to grab his hips and pull him down to make sure he kept coming. Sometimes Hero does this thing where he pauses or he backs out to help me adjust. It’s sweet, but I wasn’t in the mood for pauses. This was the best part for me sometimes. When he was first pressing into me and I swear could feel some of my organs getting pushed out of the way to make room for his thick shaft.

Move over liver, here comes something meatier.

The lovely sensations weren’t just deep inside either. My opening burned a little with the stretching too, but in a delicious way. Hero was even thicker down around his bottom part and I liked that too. The little burn began fading quickly anyway after he was buried inside me. I uh… get juicy pretty easily. It’s a little embarrassing sometimes but it’s a really good thing if your boyfriend is hung like a soda can.

I let out a long slow breath then fidgeted under him, eager to get started. Hero knew what to do.

He pulled back until just before his head popped out of me, then drove up into my belly again. I got to feel the friction of his entire length working its way back inside me. I mewled happily when he was completely buried.

He pulled out and did it again. And again. I wrapped my legs around his back and opened up my hips as much as I could to make room for Sinop Escort Bayan him.

Then all I had to do was relax and get into his rhythm. He was fucking me just the way I needed. Deep and long and steady. Not slow. Not fast either. Just several long minutes of uninterrupted, ceaseless stroking. A wonderful sawing that was relaxing and satisfying at the same time. Like a fullbody massage from the inside.

I swear I felt muscles in my shoulders and neck unkink as the tension of the long plane ride from Australia evaporated under Hero’s perfect fucking.

I wriggled my toes happily behind his back and leaned my head up to kiss him as a thank you for the orgasm that was already coming. My smooch dragged his attention away from my naked boobs that were rocking up and down with our bumping.

“…gonna go soon, Hero,” I managed to eke out between pants, “Hold off for me? Don’t cum. Not yet. Save it. I want your sweet cum in my li’l bum. Okay with you sexy man?”

Hero’s eyes widened and his happy-sex smile got even bigger. He shifted to put a hand between our legs and I felt his fingers twirl at my button before I pushed his hand away.

“Uh uh.” I wasn’t after that kind of cum. Not right now. I had something better on the way. I could already feel a nice, deep internal orgasm starting. The kind that happens way up inside and makes the backs of my knees sweat.

Hero smirked at being pushed away but kept fucking me just the right way. He leaned down to nibble at my ear and his scruffy face tickled my cheek too. Both feelings made me giggle. He traced my earlobe with his tongue carefully as we continued humping together.

“Maaaaaaa,” I wailed when I started cumming. Right in his ear too. Poor guy. Hero swirled himself deep inside me. It stretched my peak out wonderfully. I was totally right about the orgasm. It was the toe-curling, arch-your-back-off-the-bed-and-squeeze-your-eyes-shut-tight kind of cum that comes from deep inside. And of course, the backs of my knees felt sweaty all the way up to it.

I was still cumming a little when I rolled over flat on my belly and wiggled my butt at him, “Round 2, please,” I asked politely.

I felt Hero’s thick tool nudge at my cooter from behind and almost stopped him. I’d already told him I wanted him in my butt. In fact, as soon as possible. I’d figured out that a little backdoor loving after regular sex usually stretched out my regular orgasms even more.

Before I could complain, he slid himself up and pushed gently at my backdoor. Thoughtful fella, he had just been dipping in my honeypot for a little extra slipperiness.

Hero didn’t waste any time, he knew it was easier for him to pry his thick sausage in my butt right after I came and I was nice and relaxed. His thingie was extra-wide and I’ve always been little back there. Every bit of strategy helps.

The stretching started again. Whoa. It’d been awhile since he’d been between my cheeks and I could tell. I clawed at the bed while fighting not to tense up down below. Hero helped too. He leaned himself back a little and started stroking my small round buns with his hands as his giant tip drilled against my poor little rear hole.

Even totally relaxed after a bone-deep orgasm, this was not easy. But then again, nothing great is easy.

I buried my face in the bed and waited for my body to give way to his ridiculous cock. I even giggled a little as a memory from several months ago came rushing back. It was when Hero took my anal cherry in his office and Samantha was there with some last minute advice.

“Push out, honey. Like you’re going to poop.”

She’d said it with a sort of evil chuckle that always stayed with me. As gross as it sounded, it seriously helped at the time. It helped now too. I pushed with my bum and felt myself open up slowly.

Did I mention the stretching before? Good lord, it was off the charts now. Like someone was trying to twist a baseball bat into my guts. A thick, warm, velvety baseball bat of love.

I felt Hero starting to win his fight with my reluctant rosebud. I was opening more quickly and he was just starting to slide his way in. That part felt like forever. I let him take his time. This wasn’t my always-ready front door. In my butt, his patience was much appreciated.

He went in a little. Then backed out. Then in further. Then out. He tenderly opened me up an inch at a time. I wiggled against him to help, sticking my butt up in the air to take him in.

As soon as he started fucking my ass gently, it was like every nerve ending in of my body sort of woke up. I could feel the rough skin of his hands on my butt and the smoothness of the sheets on my face and on my breasts. I rubbed my cheeks against the high thread count bedding that Samantha insisted on. I slid my chest back and forth experimentally too. The smooth sheets still had just enough texture to tease my nipples. I felt them grow tighter and thicker at the feeling.

Oooh, Escort Sinop this was going to be good. Perhaps good enough? Maybe.

“Hero? You need to cum soon?”

“Yes, but no. Why?”

“I want to try something. It might take a little while. Think you can last back there?”

He squeezed my bubblebutt cheeks in his hands, “I think I can suffer through, honey.”

What I wanted was something I’d always been curious about. An anal orgasm. Sam had them and she said they were nothing like the regular ones up front. She swore they were sometimes even better.

Everything was feeling good today in a way that said it would be a decent time to try.

I slid a hand under myself and tapped at my button while Hero kept screwing into my bum. Each little tap at my button made little tingles crackle through my hips like tiny shocks. I could have a nice clit cum in about ten seconds if I wanted. But I didn’t.

Instead, I lost myself in Hero’s sweet, nonstop booty reaming. Stuuuuuuffed. Empty. Stuuuuuuffed. Empty. We really should do this more often. We both liked it a lot.

I remembered that one of Samantha’s tricks was to tighten up her butt at the right times. I concentrated, willing my ass to relax when he drove into me then tightened up on his way out.

Oooh, Sam was right. That was nice. Hero groaned behind me and squeezed my butt cheeks in appreciation. He liked it too.

It made me smile into the bed. I know it sounds weird but sometimes it’s most romantic when Hero’s in my butt. Come on, it’s not as silly as it sounds.

There’s something more intimate, more private about offering myself up to him this way. He’s someplace very delicate and very personal. There’s a ton of trust involved with letting him wedge himself in my booty. Plus, anal sex is usually slower and gentler too. You can’t really let a guy hammer away at your tush without getting hurt. Not when you’re my size anyway.

Bless him, Hero kept doing me carefully and patiently. He must have been turned on as hell too because he was drooling some serious pre-cum into me. I could feel us get nice and slick. It felt perfect.

Yep, today was a good day to chase this mysterious “booty-gasm” my naughty girlfriend talked about.

I have no idea how Hero managed to keep himself from cumming over the next fifteen minutes. The man’s got major willpower. I would seriously owe him for this. He’d be getting surprise blowjobs for the next month.

I spent that fifteen minutes coaxing myself to get where I wanted to go. I tapped gently just a few times on my clit every now and then. Not enough to get off that way, just enough to keep myself super-excited. I dragged my nipples back and forth across the sheets to help too.

Our combined patience was eventually rewarded. I felt it start. Not the wet squishy heat of a vaginal orgasm. A different heat. Like a close cousin. It felt like an itchy heat. And Hero’s gentle reaming was the perfect scratch. I barely tapped and rubbed my clit, concentrating on his thick tool working in and out of my ass.

The tiny, itchy heat in my guts was like a fragile little match flame Hero and I sheltered and fed. It flickered and sputtered. But it grew.

It grew until I realized I was so hot that I was sweating from head to toe. I felt a bead of sweat start running from the small of my back. My butt was arched up in the air so the sweaty bead rolled up my spine and pooled at the base of my neck.

I knew Hero would be staring at that little droplet. He has this crazy sweat fetish. Soon, I was glistening all over and my hair was damp against my face too. The poor guy was probably losing his mind back there.

I was too focused on cumming to talk. ‘Hold out for me lover,’ I prayed silently, ‘I’ll make it up to you I promise.’

My fingers and toes and scalp were getting a weird tingly feeling. I was breathing out when Hero’s cock buried itself in my butt and breathing in when it came back out. My whole world shrank down to the sensations of him fucking my ass, like some kind of sexual tunnel vision.

I concentrated on the strange and shy orgasm, luring it and teasing it out into the open with careful taps and rubs at my now ridiculously hard clit. I was so turned on I was dripping onto the bed. And in my head, I started talking to the orgasm like it would listen to me.

C’mon… just a little more… I won’t hurt you… we can be friends…

I learned something important for next time. And there will definitely be a next time. You really need to just let an anal orgasm come on its own. Baiting it is just insane.

What I did was like rubbing steak sauce on myself and parading back and forth in front of a patch of tall grass where something I couldn’t see was hiding. What lurked in that grass wasn’t cute or little or cuddly. It was a giant goddamn sex-tiger. I’d already cum once so he’d just eaten and he wasn’t really hungry. But if I was just going to keep walking in front of him all delicious and steak-saucy-like, well, sooner or later…

Hoo-boy, I got eaten.

I mean, there wasn’t really a “me” anymore. The orgasm literally tore through me. It ripped through my guts and limbs. Bones. Muscles. Sinews. It didn’t matter.

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