Home health care aide gets fucked.

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He was not good looking and disabled spending most of his time on his bed st up in his apartments living room for convenience. He admitted that he was old (fifty eight years old) and fat. He had been assigned a young home care health aide a latina at seventeen years old attractive nicely tanned with a firm fit petite body. Nice c-cup firm breasts , long legs , long silky black hair and a pretty face. Her first day she introduced herself as Alyssa Gomez and went about her work as he watched her getting a hard-on as she went about her work in a short black skirt , dark thigh high silky stockings , and a white sleeveless collarless button up blouse.

She came to work that Saturday morning and she knocked once a d walked in to his apartment. She started to say good morning when she saw him on his bed still asleep but his shorts were bunched up and his morning cock hard and erect stuck out from one pant leg. Fascinated she slowly approached the bed watching his hard twelve inch penis as if it would bite her. She tentatively reached out and touched it with her finger tips snatching it back when he moaned and his penis twitched. When that was all that happened she approached again and wrapped her hand around his penis and began stroking it. When she leaned down with her face close to his penis she looked up when he snapped pictures of her with his phone. She gasped stepping back and told him to delete those photos. Not a chance he replied as he sent the files to his account on the cloud.

You are mine now unless you want me to call the police and your agency for sexual assault. No please don’t do that I will do anything you want. Good first çapa escort rule from now on as soon as you get here you will go to the back room and strip naked coming back out here and doing your work. Next from now on you will wear what you have on now without panties or a bra. She blushed and said I cannot do that I will be exposing myself to everyone. Yes you will and you will also keep yourself smooth shaven. Tomorrow is Sunday we will drive to the local mall to do some shopping. The next morning she showed up at his apartment dressed as she was instructed collected him and they drove to the mall.

Once there she went in and retrieved a wheelchair taking it out so he could sit in it. Alyssa wheeled him into the main entrance of the mall which took them directly into the food court. The two decided to get brunch and collected their food from the various venders and sat to eat. As they ate Alyssa noticed a group of teenagers five males and two females who were watching them. The group rose and as they passed by the pairs table one girl leaned down and whispered that they were hitting the arcade. Once Alyssa and Ben were finished she wheeled him over to the arcade. They went in and found the group of teens around a machine in the back.

Seeing them a boy asked if she wanted to play. Ben told her to go ahead if she wanted. Alyssa walked over and the group moved aside and she took over the game. As she played the two girls stood on either side of her and suddenly they grabbed her wrists holding her in place. Then they each moved a leg between her legs and pulled them further apart. One of the boys moved behind her reached fatih escort around unbuttoning her blouse redoing it behind her back baring her breasts to those in the arcade. Grinning he then rolled her skirt up and tucking the hem into her waist band baring her shaved pussy and anus. She whimpered as she heard his zipper going down and the head of his penis at her vaginal entrance.

Please i’m still a virgin and not on birth control good he replied as he rammed his cock balls deep into her cunt breaching her hymen revealing blood on his cock as he drew back slamming forward again. He raped her and when finished moved aside so the next could fuck her. Alyssa whimpered as she saw the line forming behind her. Young men old men even a few women waiting their turn to fuck her. This went on over the course of eight hours even mall security took part fucking her with penises and their batons which left her holes gaping.

By the time it was over she was being held up and four teens moved her out of the arcade taking her to their van and taking her to their clubhouse deep in the woods behind the groups homes. They placed her on a bed in the clubhouse binding her naked and spread eagled on it. The boys put vibrators in her vagina and anus putting tight panties on her to keep them in place. Then they left her there for thirty six hours. When they finally returned they found a mess that they unbound her and cleaned her up. Having no way to go to the bathroom she pissed and shit on the bed and the results of her many orgasms collected around her on the bed.

Once cleaned up they replaced the mattress and rebound her to fındıkzade escort the bed. By this time she was a mewling whimpering mess begging them to stop. Instead they each took a turn fucking her front and back not to mention throat fucking her. They told her that she belonged to them and would do as they said without question. The four teens dressed her in her slutty outfit and took her to a local fast food restaurant where they sat and ate and she stood behind them jumping to do anything they told her to do much to the amusement of the others in the restaurant. Many openly laughed to see a seventeen year old girl submissively taking orders from the teenagers.

A girlfriend of one of the boys approached the group and asked if she could take over for a while. He told her to go a head. She smiled and told the girl to follow her. She took her to a table of senior males and told her to get them whatever they wanted and gave them a gift card with fifty dollars credit on it. She moved away to watch the fun as the group had Alyssa going to get them food and drinks and every time she returned to the table they would lift up the back of her skirt and/or pinch her nipples. The restaurant watched her blushing as her private parts were exposed showing her juices running down her legs and her vaginal lips spread and aroused.

She blushed fiercely when one watcher took a hand full of her juices and spread it onto his sandwich. He openly enjoyed his meal and suggested it be added to the menu. After that many people much to her humiliation tasted her most intimate result of her masturbating. She was both proud and ashamed when a new item was added to the menu – Alyssa’s orgasmic pleasure burger buy two and get a free ejaculated cream soda. The money from this allowed her to quit working as a home health care aide but she continued to visit Ben.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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