How I Became a Cockslut

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It was in the 80’s and I was 34 when I found out just how much I loved cock.

I grew up, had girlfriends, fucked a whole lot, got married and was starting out my life. The normal life was good for a while, but it got boring. Something was missing? I started buying penthouse letters magazines and the wife and I would read them and even learn from them. But then there would always be a few stories about man to man in them and I would wonder what it would be like to suck dick or if that man would’ve fucked my ass that day. Even as I fucked my wife, my mind would be thinking about someone fucking me. We split up after a few years, I was probably to blame as I did want so bad to try man sex, but could not tell her that.

For a few more years it is all that was on my mind, but I was to ashamed to go for it, and my family would never understand if something like that came out. Most of the time I would read those man to man stories and beat off.

Then I was transferred 80 miles away for work and no family or friends. I concentrated more on work at first until things got smooth. I would go home early all alone and just watch TV or read my Penthouse Letters and masturbate.

Then while watching TV, an ad popped on the screen for a local dating hotline. I saw the ad about 4 times before dialing the number. It had a recording with prompts for what type of person you were looking for. Of course when it said “for a male seeking a male press”, I pressed it. I heard messages from men with descriptions and what they were looking for. I kept clicking next message again and again, until one got my attention.

“Hi. This is John. I don’t want to play games. If you want to suck my dick and get fucked, leave your name and number. No games.”.

I was caught so off guard that I just hung up the phone. Then I thought about it for a few minutes and realized that I was so turned on. I called the number again, listened until his message came on, and it was so exciting, but I did not leave a message. I kept thinking about it and trying to get the nerve to leave him a message. Finally I called back. I knew what I wanted to say, but when it came time to record, I kept stuttering, but did leave my name and number. I was so embarrassed but figured he probably would not even check his message and would not call me. Wrong! Within 15 minutes the phone rang and I froze.

Oh shit. That’s him. I finally picked it up and he said something like, “You looking to get some dick?” I stuttered and said yea. “I’ll call you back at 8:30 with my address.” then click.

What the fuck just happened? I was freaking out a little. One because I was finally gonna do this. But 2 because I really did not know if I would? It was only 6:30 so I grabbed a sandwich and a drink while trying to watch TV. My mind kept going back and forth, will I do it? I was convincing myself to not go through with it, but at 8pm I figured I better take a shower just in case I do change my mind. I put on shorts and a T-shirt with slippers. Bycasino Just in case? I still kept saying I am not going to myself over and over. Then the phone rang. Yep it was 8:30, must be John. I answered and he told me,

“Like I said. No games. You understand?” I gulped and said yes. “Okay, my address is **********, Directions are ********. There’s a security gate. dial **** and I’ll open it. Be here by 9 or don’t call me again.” click.

Damn!? This guy means business I thought. I exhaled and said to myself, I can’t? But I put my slippers on and walked to my car. Well I’ll ride that way, just in case I do get the courage. The whole ride I kept saying how stupid i was. Someone I never met and I’m gonna suck his dick? No way. I need to turn around. But I kept heading to his apartment. I told myself, well let me just see where he lives, then I’ll turn around.

I got there in 15 minutes which was too early. Okay that’s where he lives. I’m going to go by that store I just passed and get a drink, before I go home. I got my drink and started driving out of the store parking lot, but instead of turning toward my house, I turned the other way toward Johns. What am I doing?? I pulled up to the gate and sat for a few minutes as I was still early. I still told myself don’t do it. But I got out of the car and dialed his number.


“Yea is this John?”.

“Yea is this Greg?”


“Pull in, turn right and pull into the fourth parking spot on the left. I’ll open door when you get here.”.

I was shaking like a leaf. So nervous, My stomach was doing flips. I pulled in the spot and sat there trying to build up my courage or backing out. last chance I thought. Then he opened door and just waved me in. I jumped out and rushed over to him so he would not get irritated with me. All he had on was a short bathrobe as he pointed to the living room. I passed him to go to his couch, when he grabbed my ass and told me, “Nice.”

I sat down facing the TV as he sat in a chair next to the TV. He had a porn playing showing one guy sucking another guys dick.

“You like gay porn?” he asked.

With my mouth partially open, I just nodded and said uh huh. One guy on the video kept telling the guy sucking what good bitch he was and how good he sucked cock. I got an instant erection. John was just watching my reaction for a little bit and then opened his robe and started stroking his cock. I looked at his cock and unknowingly licked my lips. I looked up and saw him looking at me so I looked back at TV. He laughed and told me,

“Don’t be shy Greg. Isn’t this what you wanted?”.

I swallowed hard and moaned a little when I told him Yea.

“Which is better? The TV or the real thing?” he said as he kept stroking his cock.

I grinned and watched his cock going up and down in his hand. My mouth stayed open while I kept watching his cock.

“Why don’t you crawl over here Greg.”

I could not believe how easily I dropped to Bycasino giriş my knees and crawled over to his chair. He opened his legs as I got right next to him masturbating. I could not take my eyes away from his cock.

“You want this dick?” he asked.

“Yea” I breathed out.

“You want to be my bitch like the guy on TV?”


“Lick my dick bitch.”

I slid my tongue out and for the first time ever I tasted another mans cock. I closed my eyes and moaned. I was so drawn to his cock. He took his hand away and pulled my face closer. I opened my mouth and sucked my first ever cock. It’s strange but I took to it like I have been doing this forever. They say a guy gives better head than a girl because they now what makes them feel good, so just do that. And boy did I ever.

“Wow, You really like cock. Suck it boy. Your a good cocksucker for sure.”

I kept trying to keep his dick wet and kept a good rhythm going. His hand on my head let me know the pace he liked and I did my best to make him feel good. He inched to the edge of his chair and held my head so he could fuck my mouth better. I just moaned and wanted to please him anyway he wanted.

“Yea, work it bitch. Get Daddy ready. Gonna take that ass in a minute.”

I moaned over his cock and undid my shorts. I started stroking myself now as he fucked my face. God why did I wait so long. This is so perfect I thought. Me on my knees with a mouthful of cock. Yes.

Then he pulled his dick out and told me, “Getup and drop your pants.”

I did and he guided me to the arm of the couch. He pushed me over it, opened my legs and walked up to my inviting ass. My balance was gone in this position and he had quick access to my tight virgin hole. I don’t know if he used lube on his cock, but the burning pain was unbelievable. Just him trying to force the head of his cock in me made me scream and beg him to stop.

“Just relax. Pretend your taking a dump.” He said sounding aggravated.

I was in no position to stop him so I did and the head of his dick tore through my ass. Oh my god. I actually teared up and begged him to stop.

“God no. It’s too big. Pull it out. I can’t take it.”

“Relax. You act like this is your first time.” He said.

“Oh Fuck. It is my first time. It burns. Pull it out. Please stop, Please.” I begged

“No way this is your first time. Just settle down. Get used to it. You’ll see.” Trying to calm me.

And he was right. He did not move and my ass stopped hurting. It felt kinda good. My whimpering slowed down. I liked it. I started to move my ass a little which he noticed.

“See. I told you. Feels better. I can’t believe you’re a virgin.” John was slowly moving side to side as my ass swayed too. I began to moan now really feeling good with that big cock in me.

“Okay. Ready for a little more? Gonna hurt at first, but this ass is too nice to pass up.” He said and I smiled from the compliment. The smile was short lived as he Bycasino güncel giriş forced another inch or co inside me.

“Oh fuck no. I can’t. Pull it out. Fuck it’s too much.” Tears running down my cheeks as I begged. he held my hips so I could not get away. My legs in the air with no way to stop him.

“Calm down and relax. It’ll feel better in a minute. I am gonna fuck your tight ass so just relax.”

I was a mess. I could not stop him and I did love how it felt a minute ago, so I sobbed as I waited for the pain to ebb away. Of course it did and I moaned and swayed my ass again.

“See. I told you. You have a really fine ass. Gonna break you in. When it feels really good, call me Daddy so I know you want more.”

It was feeling good. So good. I knew I was ready for more. “Daddy that feels so good.” I moaned

Deeper he went, and again I screamed and begged to no avail until he would let me get used to it again and call him Daddy when I was ready for more.

Finally he told me, “Yea. All the way in that ass now. Relax. Get used to it. I want to fuck you so bad. Just tell Daddy you want to get fucked when you gotta have it.” He said as he moved from side to side.

Pain was going away. I felt so full. I was really enjoying how this thick cock stretched me open and filled me up. “Fuck me Daddy”

Daddy pulled back a little and slowly pushed back. God he was good. Then a little more out and back in.He worked his cock in and out a little at a time until just the head was inside my hole. Then slowly all the way in. I still felt some pain, but nothing like before. Slowly back to the head, then back in me.

“Oh god yes Daddy. Fuck me. I need your big dick in me.”

John knew I was his now and really started to long dick me. I moaned and begged for more. I called him Daddy and said I’ll be his bitch anytime. He controlled the fucking as my legs were still in the air. And god did he fuck me. Long and hard.

“Damn you got tight ass boy. Daddy gonna fuck you a lot. You want that, right? You want Daddy’s dick.”

I growled between thrust, “Oh God yes. I love your big cock Daddy. Fuck me. I need your cock. God it’s so good.” On and on I told him basically I was his bitch, his slut, his boy.

“Okay bitch. here it comes. You want Daddy’s cum?” He Moaned.

“Fuck yes Daddy. Cum in me. Fill me up.” I screamed. I wanted my reward for the pain I endured and I wanted Daddy to feel good for breaking me in so good.

John groaned and unloaded inside my ass. I could feel his cock inside me swell and blow his seed in me. A few more thrusts and all of Daddy’s cum was inside me. He pulled out and went to bathroom. I remained bent over the couch in total bliss. He returned with a washcloth and helped me up.

He looked at me smiling as I got cleaned up and dressed. “Your my bitch now, you know that right?” I smiled and said yes.

“When I get horny for that mouth or ass, I will call you and you will come take care of your Daddy. Right?” He basically demanded. And of course I told him anytime Daddy. he grabbed my ass and guided me for the door.

“See you in a day or 2.” as he closed the door.

I got in my car and exhaled deeply and knew I could never deny myself this pleasure again.

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