In Your Car

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Big Ass

I sat waiting for you in a courtesy chair in the middle of the shopping center. You said you would text me when you arrived and tell me where to meet you.

I checked my phone regularly for a message. I also used the camera to check that I looked ok. I wanted to look good for you. My make up was nice, not too thick or over the top for a afternoon meeting in a shopping center. I wore blue skinny jeans and a black scoop neck top. I chose the outfit after careful consideration because as we sit for coffee it would give you a good view of my tits. The tight jeans would show you my ass if I walked in front of you.

I got a text. I opened it excited. “I’m here! Where are you?”

I looked up to see where I was. I saw you walking towards me. You were just like your picture, handsome to my eyes showing a strength and confidence in the way you walked. Suddenly shy, I put my head down as if I was reading the text for the first time. I didn’t know what to do or say.

Suddenly I heard your voice in my ear. I have no idea what you said but I jumped. I stood up and looked at you, flustered and shaky.

“I saw a cafe as I walked in, do you want to go there and have a coffee?”

“Sure.” I said grateful for a distraction and time to calm down.

We walked to the cafe. I was unsure of what to say. I’m certain I babbled some incoherent things. But you were polite, gentlemanly and didn’t say anything about it.

At the cafe you asked me what i wanted to drink. You ordered our coffees, paid and told me to pick a seat.

The cafe was pretty crowded but there was a table for two. Not as private as I’d liked but it would do.

You came and sat with me but almost immediately pulled your phone out. You apologized saying you had to send a couple of messages. At first I was a bit annoyed but it gave me a chance to relax a bit while we waited for our drinks.

I checked my clothes again, making sure I looked ok. When you looked up at me I giggled nervously. I hated that my nerves showed. But I couldn’t help it. I found myself very attracted Samsun Escort to the older man sitting across from me. The thought of the promised sexual encounter added to my nervousness.

Our coffees came and we started chatting about mundane stuff, I have no idea what we were talked about, but the conversation awkwardly flowed. I wondered what it would be like being with you. Would you be too rough or not rough enough? Did you like what you were seeing? Would I satisfy you?

You put your hand next to mine and your little finger started to caress mine. I noticed your hands were surprising soft. “So I’ve been thinking about those pictures you’ve been sending me,” you said. I blushed and giggled.

I pulled my hand away. “Don’t talk about them!” I looked around to see if anyone had heard. I didn’t think anyone had.

“Why be like that? You sent them and I like them. Be proud of them.” You pulled your phone out again. “Here I’ll show you them.”

“Oh God! Don’t do that!”

“Alright,” you laughed at me.

We talked some more as we finish our drinks.

When we were done you said, “So i was thinking we could go the disabled toilets around the corner and I could get my blow job.” My jaw dropped at your directness.

Horrified I said, “Won’t there be cameras? What if someone sees us go in together?”

“So what? No one will care anyway.”

“What about your car? Where did you park it?” I felt more comfortable in a car. I’d done it many times before and felt safer.

“It’s in the back corner of the car park up a few levels.”

“Is it dark there? What kind of car do you have?”

“I have a 4WD. Large back seat.” You grinned, “It’s fairly dark back there. Wanna see?”

I nervously said ok. I followed you to your car. You opened the door. “After you.” I shuffled down the seat. You followed me in and closed the door.

I don’t remember how but your lips were on mine. Your mouth covered mine forcing your tongue into me. I leaned in towards you, willing to give myself to you, letting Samsun Escort Bayan you explore me.

You moved your hands to my tits roughly kneading them in your hands. I felt my nipples grew hard and I moaned.

“Hmm you’re such a slut,” you said. I moaned again my clit tingling already with excitement. The way you touched me and spoke to me excited and scared me at the same time. I wanted you to own me, to make me please you and submit my whole body to you.

You pulled your cock out of your pants, already quite hard and said, “Suck it bitch.”

Without hesitation I got on my hands and knees on the back seat and looked at your cock. It wasn’t too long, but it was much thicker in the shaft then I had anticipated from the photos.

I put you into my mouth and felt your hardness with my tongue. I closed my lips around you and started to move my head up and down, my tongue never stopping and feeling every inch of you.

“That’s it whore, keep sucking,” you say and I do.

Your hand goes to my ass which was raised high. You ran your hands over my cheeks and straight between my legs. You started rubbing my pussy through my jeans. My clit throbbed as you rubbed, I could feel the roughness of your touch through my underwear and jeans making my pussy feel wet and hot. I sucked your cock harder, faster, hungrily, wanting to please.

“Oh you fucking whore!” You smack my ass. The sting made me jump but I wanted more. I put your cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

Your hand came to my hair forcing my head down until my nose pressed against your belly. I gagged but didn’t pull up. I wanted to gag on you, have you fill my mouth. You gabbed a fistful of my hair and started to pump your hips, fucking my cock hungry mouth.

You kept fucking my mouth and spanking my ass, “You fucking dirty bitch whore, take my cock.” Your smacks were hard and firm, hard enough to hurt, but still make me feel good. I felt so slutty and wanted to feel even more depraved.

More and more you go until I can’t Escort Samsun stand it anymore and come up for air. The car was hot and I knew I was sweating. I rushed to my bag apologizing for interrupting you and pull out a hair elastic. I quickly pulled my hair up and went back to your waiting cock.

I took you in my mouth again enjoying the way you fill me up. This time you let me go at my own pace. I licked and sucked you desperate now to taste you.

You started to cum and I didn’t stop. I felt you explode into my mouth tasting your salty cum. I swallowed you into me, wanting it all. When you finished I made sure to lick up all I could.

I sat up and saw you pointing at a spot on your pants, “You missed a bit.” I bend back over and licked it up. “Good girl,” you said. “Good slut.”

I wiped the sweat from my face. My mascara had started to run. “Oh I must look like a mess!”

“Yes,” you said, “But I like it.” You smiled at me again and started to pull your pants up and put your cock away. I pulled out a mirror and start to clean myself up.

“Well you can tell you’ve done that before!”

I blush embarrassed. I love being a dirty cum loving slut, but it also embarrasses me that I love it so much.

I was unsure of what would happen next. Should I just leave? Would we cuddle a bit?

“I’ve got some shopping to do. Do you want to come with me?” I did, not wanting to leave you yet. I felt comfortable with you, I wanted to be near you, follow you, be yours for as long as I could before we had to go back to our lives. But I didn’t want to be there if you didn’t want me to be.

“It’s up to you,” I said.

“Let’s go then.”

I followed you as you did what you needed to do. My sexual excitement actually grew while I did these mundane things with you.

For the first time I found that I felt sexually excited just following a man around. For some reason just being there, like an accessory for you to acknowledge or look at when you wanted to, excited me. Being 16 years younger made me feel even more like your plaything. I loved it!

When it was time to go I sighed inside. I didn’t want the way i was feeling to end.

You kissed my cheek as we said goodbye. I walked back to my car, already hoping that you enjoyed it, that i had pleased you and that I’d see you again soon.

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