Jill and Sam

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* ~ Prelude ~ *

Two and a half months into her 18th year and a freshman in college, Jill was learning the effects of her body on the opposite sex. Late to bloom sexually, she was a powerhouse, standing 5’7″, a slight 118 pounds, dark brown hair and eyes, B-cups.

Jill became a little sister to a fraternity. There, she spent idle time teasing the frat boys. She would see how far she would have to go to get someone’s attention. She purposefully hopped on one boy’s back for a ride down the driveway in order to attract the much cuter Josh. It worked. She dismounted and laughed, seemingly not even noticing him, while slapping the carrier’s arm in flirtation-all meant for Josh. When Josh approached her and spoke, her insides erupted with pure power and glee.

They quickly made it back to his room, where she lay on top of him, kissing passionately. He couldn’t believe his good luck and wanted to fuck her immediately. But Jill became bored, having made the conquest so easily. And after all, he wasn’t really a great kisser. Besides, he was a member of the frat, and she had her reputation to think of. She told him she couldn’t go any further.

“Is it because you think I won’t respect you in the morning?” Josh asked, a semi-serious grin on his face.

“Not at all. It’s because *I* won’t respect me in the morning.” And with that, Jill shuffled down his length, got off the bed and left him stranded.

Jill was just starting to realize her effect on men. She did not have it fully realized, as in how painful a situation she was really leaving Josh in! And she didn’t really care, either. She was out for fun and power. Once she obtained both, she was done. Jill enjoyed her sexual power and freedom.

* ~ Chapter One ~ *

One Tuesday, her friend Kristi entered her dorm room, complaining. She slumped into Jill’s blue beanbag and whined, “There are no cute guys here!”

“Well, this is true, considering we live in an all-girls’ dorm, Kristi,” Jill laughed.

“No, I’m serious. I haven’t met any cute guys in, like, forever,” Kristi sighed.

“OHMIMOD, Kristi! You go out every weekend, you don’t come home-”

“That’s because I’ve passed out! I TOLD you that, Jill,” Kristi too quickly interrupted.

“Yes, okay. But the fact is, you go out. You meet people!”

“But I haven’t in a long while.”

Jill got up from her bed, smoothed down her shirt and jeans, and said, “Okay, let’s go!”

“Where are we going?”

“To meet cute guys!” Jill headed out the door, and Kristi followed, dubious. Jill strode purposefully forward. A couple of steps behind, the 5’5″ freshman, who was a bit stockier, but with longer brown hair and hazel eyes, lagged. “Hop to it! Keep up, Kristi!” Kristi took a couple of jogs and fell in stride with Jill.

“Are we really going to meet cute guys??”

“YES!” Jill said confidently, although she had no idea how she was going to achieve this. She strolled out of their dorm and into the back parking lot. Kristi was practically drooling by her side like a little puppy. Jill quickly scanned the available dorms. She didn’t want to run into a certain two guys from the dorm on the left. The dorm on the right mainly consisted of foreign students. That left her Campbell Hall, straight ahead. Jill picked up her pace as she selected the dorm.

“Campbell? Are you sure there are cute guys in here??”

“Kristi, you asked to meet cute guys. Cute guys is what I will give you!”

The girls entered Campbell Hall. Jill, not having a clue where she was, having never been in Campbell before, decided to take the stairs. Kristi, never really having a clue, interpreted Jill’s actions as though she knew what she was doing, and followed silently. Jill went up three floors. Then opened the door and walked down the hallway. There were many dorm room doors open, making it easy to quickly scan the room contents for traces of cuteness.

Not seeing any prospects after half the hallway, Kristi became impatient, “Do you know where you’re going?”

At the same time Kristi asked this, Jill spotted Mr. Cute in a room on the left. Not answering, Jill walked into Mr. Cute’s room without knocking. “What the hell?! Why haven’t you called? I’ve been waiting for three days and three nights by my phone (back when there were no cell phones), and no call. You promised you’d call me!”

Mr. Cute looked up from his desk, smiled, and, without hesitation, immediately fell into play. “I’m sorry, I lost your number and couldn’t remember your last name!”

Jill, grinning from ear to ear, plopped onto the small couch, pretending to pout. “I practically didn’t eat anything for three days waiting for you!”

“Well, I’m glad you found me! I have been wanting to see you again.”

Kristi, dumbstruck at this exchange, stood awkwardly just inside the door, bobbing her head between the two as each spoke, mouth open.

Jill, not really knowing how to proceed, since she saw Mr. Cute’s Beylikdüzü escort roommate and immediately discovered he was Mr. NOTcute. There wasn’t a guy for each of them. So she stopped the play, “This is my cross-the-hall roomie, Kristi. Kristi, this is-”

Mr. Cute graciously helped her out, “Hi, I’m Andrew. Nice to meet you Kristi.”

“And I’m Jill,” Jill said quietly.

Andrew shook both of their hands. Mr. NOTcute, just as baffled as Kristi was but much more socially awkward, stayed planted in his chair at his desk, not moving and not speaking. Great, thought Jill, what are we going to do now?? Kristi thinks Andrew is for her, but I saw him first, and I want him! I need to figure out how to get out of here.

But Kristi was not leaving. A cute guy she wanted, and a cute guy Jill had delivered. She didn’t even notice Mr. NOTcute, and therefore didn’t realize there wasn’t a guy for Jill.

They spoke some more, but Jill was antsy to leave and recreate her roleplay in a room complete with TWO cute guys. But she found herself really liking Andrew. He was smooth. They talked easily and joked. Kristi was unrelenting, and Jill soon became pissed off. The conversation turned to vacations, and Andrew said he was in the Bahamas on a cruise. Jill yelled, “THAT’s where I know you from! I was on that cruise!”

Andrew said, “I don’t know, I was there in ’79.”

Jill quickly responded, “And I was there in ’80-it was the New Year’s Eve cruise!”

Andrew played along again, laughing. Kristi moved closer to Andrew, attempting to jokingly sit on his lap. Jill was really done now. She inched over to Andrew’s desk, shoved Kristi to the side, and grabbed a piece of paper and his pen. She wrote down her number. “Call me for real this time! We have to go.”

“I will,” Andrew smiled.

“No, we don’t!” Kristi protested.

“Yes, we do!” And Jill walked out, leaving Kristi with nothing to do but follow.

Jill sped up on the way back to their dorm, not waiting for Kristi to catch up. “What the hell??” Kristi called after her.

Jill stopped in her tracks and turned to face Kristi when they were halfway through the parking lot. “Are you serious?!”

“Huh? You’re angry? Why? He was cute!”

“YES! HE was! But did you see another cute guy in that room, Kristi??”


“What did you think was going to happen to me if you proceeded to hump Andrew on his desk chair?”

Kristi opened her mouth to protest but realized she didn’t even consider it. Her mouth hung open.

“Uh-huh, that’s what I thought. C’mon, we’re going home.”

“But-but-but he was cute! I want to go back and see him.”

“Well, maybe he’ll call, and we can go out with one of his cute friends together.”

“So we’re just gonna wait?” Kristi pouted.


* ~ Chapter Two ~ *

It was now Friday, and no call from Andrew. Kristi came slumping into Jill’s room, again depositing herself into the beanbag. “I want to go back to see Andrew!”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Kristi! Fine, let’s go!” Jill got up, interested in seeing whether she could recreate the same scenario with a different room, but didn’t tell Kristi her plans. They retraced their steps back to Campbell Hall. Instead of immediately going up the stairs, Jill walked through the lobby and across the other side of the dorm.

“Where are we going? Is this the right way?”

“I have to go to the bathroom. You rushed me!” Jill pushed her way through doors in the hopes of finding a bathroom, but instead found a hallway to dorm rooms. There were two guys in the hallway, one closer and one farther away. The one in the back was taller, blond and drop-dead gorgeous. Jill had her eyes focused on him the entire time, but the front one spoke.

“Laaaaadies! Can I interested you in some cock-tails?” He hesitated after “cock”, dripping with confidence and oozing dickishness. He also had a mixer of some sort in his hands.

Kristi, ever the one to be enticed by alcohol, took a step past Jill to accept. But Jill pulled her arm back before she got too far. “Actually, we were looking for the bathroom.”

“Oh,” said front guy, a bit dejectedly. “Up one flight of stairs and to your left.”

Jill was tugging on Kristi’s sleeve. Jill thanked him.

“Maybe you can come back when you’re done?” This was blond guy. Jill smiled profusely at him.

“Maybe so!”

She took Kristi’s arm and led her into the stairwell. In the bathroom, Kristi complained that she wanted to go back and see Andrew. Jill tried to patiently explain to her that downstairs were TWO cute guys; one for each of them. Jill remained poker-faced in her explanations, not giving away her thoughts that the first guy was an asshole, and that Jill wanted the blond one! She finally convinced Kristi to go back downstairs with the reminder that they HAD alcohol. Kristi willingly went.

When they reached the first floor, the guys were Beylikdüzü escort no longer in the hallway. Jill crept down to the first guy’s door, finding it open. He greeted them with an over-zealous, “Laaaaadies! Welcome back!” Jill inwardly cringed, and strained to see whether Blond was in there, too. He was!

“Does the offer still stand?” Jill asked, but looked at Blond. He smiled at her and nodded. First Guy offered them seats on the bottom bunk. Both girls politely sat.

“It looks like we will be needing more alcohol very soon. Better go out now than later, am I right, my friend?” First Guy said to Blond with a wink. Blond guy agreed, saying he needed to get his coat and ID from his room. To Jill’s horror, Kristi popped up off the bed and said she would help. What the fuck?!

Jill watched Kristi leave, then slowly and sadly looked around the room she was in, only to end at First, realizing he had been watching her. Jill tried hard to stave off a shudder. “Shall we?” First said, while motioning to the door. Jill got up and went into the hallway, waiting for First to lock his door. Kristi and Blond came laughing down the hall. Jill was determined to get Blond back.

All four of them went outside and walked the couple of blocks to the convenience store. The guys purchased the booze, and they walked back, laughing and excited. Jill had never drank alcohol before-or rather, she had never been drunk before. The thought briefly crossed her mind, but she was high on her new freedom of being able to do whatever she wanted and didn’t think any more about it.

They returned to First’s (formally introduced as Fred, with Blond as Steve) room. Steve sat on a chair facing the window, the girls sat on the bed, and Fred sat on his desk, which faced into the room. They joked and laughed and drank screwdrivers-a term Jill had not heard before and it made her laugh.

Jill turned on her best charm. She focused all of her comments to Steve, flirting like crazy. She knew Fred’s eyes were on hers the whole time, and she carefully avoided any eye contact with him. To her utter dismay, Jill saw that Kristi, too, was flirting heavily with Steve! What the hell? Doesn’t she see I’m going for him?!

Jill decided to step up her efforts and was about to stand up, when Kristi beat her to it. Only Kristi didn’t just stand up; she walked right over to Steve and deposited her ass in his lap! You’ve gotta be kidding me! Jill watched in horror as Steve gladly accepted this new package, placing his hands on Kristi’s ass to keep her from falling. Kristi proceeded to giggle and touch Steve whenever possible.

As Jill’s ire rose, she also became acutely aware that Fred had been silent for quite some time. Up until this point, he was obnoxiously loud, making inappropriate comments and laughing like an idiot. She turned to check out what he thought of this latest situation. Jill found Fred’s eyes on hers, and his eyebrows raised as she looked at him. Jill looked quickly away, rolling her eyes.

Jill attempted another comment to Steve, but she was rebuffed. It was a done deal: Kristi was getting Blond tonight. That left Jill with the asshole…or leave. If Jill did not have alcohol swimming in her veins, she would have left. But as it were, she did not want to go back to her two-faced roommate. Jill sighed deeply.

Just then, Kristi lowered her head and kissed Steve. Great! Can it GET any worse?! Steve kissed her back, moving his arms all over her backside. Yep, it can and just did!

Jill turned to Fred, who was holding out his hand to her. She didn’t even realize he had moved. She looked up at him quizzically. “I’ve got to grab laundry from the basement. Care to join me?” When Jill rolled her eyes again, he quickly added, “Or would you like to stay and watch the show,” Fred cocked his head to the quickly-heating couple.

Sighing again, Jill saw no choice but to go with Fred, but she refused his hand. She stood up next to him and said, “Let’s go.”

Standing upright, she felt the alcohol a bit more, too. The walk to the basement changed Jill’s perspective. Now that Steve was off the table, Jill reconsidered Fred. She watched him walk in front of her. He was full of confidence, albeit extremely cocky. He was pretty cute. And there was definitely the alcohol. Besides, she reasoned, she is away from home, and she is able to do anything she wanted. Maybe this isn’t the worst case scenario.

In the basement, they found the laundry machines. As Fred busied himself with his laundry, Jill hopped up on a table and watched. He finally turned to her, leaning on the washer, “You guys didn’t discuss tonight very well, huh?”


Fred hopped up to sit on the washer. “Your friend didn’t want to come back to us, right? You went to the bathroom and persuaded her to come back, because you wanted Steve.” Seeing Jill’s eyes blaze, he knew he read the situation correctly and continued. “But you didn’t tell her, right? See, Escort Beylikdüzü that’s where you went wrong. Your friend is a very sloppy drunk. She wouldn’t be able to see a sign if it smacked her ass. It was very amusing to watch, though; you trying so desperately to get Steve’s attention,” Fred smiled at her.

Jill narrowed her eyes at him. “I din’ do that.”

Fred chuckled. “Okay. I was there with you. I saw the whole thing. You probably could’ve coaxed Steve if you had told your friend to lay off. Still doubtful, though.”

“You think you’re so fucking smart, don’ you,” Jill’s words were a bit slurry, but not too bad.

“Well, it helps to have an ace in the hole,” Fred smiled again. He does look way better when he smiles.

Jill raised her eyebrows. “Are you gonna tell me what it is or are we done now?”

Fred, still smiling, said, “When the two of you left, I told Steve that if you came back, I wanted you.”

Jill rolled her eyes immediately. So that’s why he acted like I wasn’t alive! I’m not losing my abilities! “You fucker.”

“Oh yes, and I do it very well, too.”

Jill snorted but took in the compliment that he wanted her. She slid off the table and walked to him. He watched her. She stood in front of him with her legs between his dangling ones, and put her hands on his thighs. “Well, you’ve got me here, you might as well kiss me.”

“What?? No, no, no, that’s not how it works!” Fred leaned backwards. Fred eyed her. He had not expected this turn of events.

Confused, Jill frowned, “Huh?”

“I’m not gonna be your sloppy seconds! You made your choice, and that option is gone.”

Jill took a step back, confused, “Are you serious?”

“As a heart attack.” Fred slid down off the washer and stood right in front of Jill.

Having Fred’s full body so close made Jill’s body react. Is he really not going to kiss me after I just gave him permission, and he’s been leering at me the entire fucking night?! The denial pissed her off and sent her into attack mode. “You, too, have no one for the evening if you don’t kiss me now.” Jill leaned up to him and held her lips an inch away from his.

“Really, now. You don’t think I can go and find someone else?” Fred kept the distance; the two of them speaking across the inch and able to feel each other’s breath.

“No, I don’t. You want me.”

Fred laughed. “Do I, now?”

“Yeah, you do. So shut up and kiss me.”

Fred was completely turned on. He knew there was something about Jill from the moment he saw her in the hallway, but he had no idea she had this force and confidence in her. Her closeness and directness were causing his cock to stir more now than the entire night. But he wasn’t done just yet. “How far are you prepared to go?”

“I don’t know. But not all the way.”

“All the way?” he smiled.


They stood there looking at each other for a few beats before he reached up with his left hand, grabbed her neck, and pulled her the inch to his lips. Keeping his eyes open, he hesitated there, watching her. Jill’s eyes were on him as well, and she simply waited. Fred cocked his head to the right at the same time as pulling harder on her neck, and he kissed her like he owned her. His lips pressing against her. His tongue firmly seeking out all the crevices in her mouth.

Jill had no idea she was being taken, but she did realize Fred did not kiss her like the other boys she’d been with. His tongue was as determined as his cockiness. And she liked it. She kissed him back; her tongue seeking his. She put her left arm around his back and her right one in his hair. At this touch, Fred put his right arm around the small of her back and pulled her in even closer.

Jill’s hands explored Fred’s back, reaching lower to grope his ass. Fred couldn’t believe her boldness, and he continued kissing her and let her hands roam free. His cock was screaming to be let loose.

After kissing fiercely for several minutes, Fred broke the kiss, and reached his hands down to Jill’s ass. Cupping them both underneath, he picked her up, turned her around, and placed her on the washer. “I want to see what’s under your shirt,” he said with lust.

Smiling, Jill placed her hands behind her, pushing them against the top of the washing machine, and arched her breasts forward for Fred. She raised her eyebrows at him in a come-and-get-them invitation. Fred didn’t need to be asked twice. He reached up and slowly unbuttoned her buttons, starting at the top, his eyes never leaving hers.

Jill stared intently into his eyes, smiling a wry smile. Fred, having unbuttoned the blouse, dropped his eyes to her breasts. “Mmmmm, so nice,” Fred murmured appreciatively. But before he could reach up to cup them, there was a noise. Someone was coming down the stairs. Without thinking, Fred grabbed Jill’s ass and pulled her close to him, covering up her nakedness, and kissed her. To the passerby, it only looked like the two were kissing, fully clothed.

Hearing the person leave, Fred laughed into the kiss, “Are you okay?”

Jill laughed back, “Yes, thank you. How very nice of you!” She joked with him, but she was actually surprised and impressed that he protected her.

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