Love for a Teacher

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The bell rang signaling the end of the break. I went into the class and waited for my English teacher to get here. She is around 40 years old and has a beautiful complexion, big breasts and a nice rounded ass. I always fantasize about her naked. Anyway, when she came into the class, I had a shock. She was wearing a transparent white shirt and I could see her white bra (nothing X-rated I know but something that made me horny anyway). I couldn’t concentrate on the lesson and could only stare at her bra dreaming about the goodies it hid. My member sprang to attention when I noticed the size of her bra, as I was sure that the goodies it held were big. I think she noticed I wasn’t paying attention and asked me a question. I could only stammer and look embarrassed, as I had no idea what she had taught that day. She scolded me with her sexy voice and told me to sit down and pay attention. But how could I with her there. Finally, the lesson ended and I was disappointed as I could only see her the next day.

After the school ended, she called me to the staff room and told me that I should concentrate more on my work and that I should stay back for a special extra class. It was special since I was the only one who was attending it. She told me to get in her car (It was a BMW) and said she would bring me to a place where she can give me special coaching without being disturbed. I was a little surprised when she stopped the car near Holiday Inn and told me, “Look, I don’t want to press you, but I have a room key and if you want we can go up and f**k for the rest of the day. I saw you looking at my bra today and I am sure that you want to know what they are hiding don’t you? Let me tell you they are hiding a huge surprise” (she must have been a mind reader). Oh boy, was this going to be my lucky day. I was surprised at the direct approach but I discovered later that she was a woman deprived of sex for too long and she wanted to have sex with anyone who liked her, as she was hot. Anyway, I pretended to think about her offer and told her that I wanted to try before I committed to anything.

So right there in her car, she exposed her most valuable part to me (no, not her breasts). She hiked up her skirt, and removed her panties. I was staring into the most prettiest pussy hole that I had ever seen (this might have been as it was the first pussy I have seen but it was still pretty none the less). It was covered with lots of golden hair and I could see that it was wet and do I mean wet. Just the sight of it made me want to lick it. I slid down and crawled under the driver’s seat. I have to say; BMW’s sure have a lot of leg space. I started licking and sucking my teacher’s pussy and man did it feel good. I was sure that the passing cars could see us with my head in my teacher’s pussy and was surprised that no accidents occurred. After a while I began to feel cramped and I told her that I had decided and that I wanted to explore more and that we should move to a more comfortable place to continue. I also mentioned the fact that we had no condoms and she might get pregnant but she said “Just screw me,I don’t give damn about anything else.”

I keçiören escort said, “Fine, lets do it”.

She put her panties back on and adjusted her skirt and we both adjusted ourselves to a degree of presentability and after she had parked her car, we both went into the hotel. When we were in the elevator, we were both very hot and we would have done it right there but unfortunately there were a lot of people in there and we couldn’t proceed with our activities right there.

Immediately after we entered her room, she closed and bolted the door and started kissing me passionately and her tongue started exploring my mouth. . I could feel her breasts on my chest through the thin cloth of her dress. As we kissed I ran my hands through her long hair, enjoying its silky feel. Her hands ran up and down my back as our mouths continued their passionate battle. We just couldn’t seem to get enough of each other’s kiss. We wanted more and our tongues quested for this inside the other’s mouth. It was a wet and wonderful experience. I looked at her mouth, her beautiful red lips, and her perfect white teeth and decided that I wanted them on my cock. I told her to unzip me and she did it with her mouth. She was surprised at the size of my cock and complimented me saying that not even her husband had such a bbbbbiiiiiggggg tool. She started sucking my cock and I started throbbing it in her mouth. She gave me such a wonderful blowjob as well as a deep throat. I told her that her husband must be in heaven and I wouldn’t mind trading places with him and that I was sure that he would want to have sex with her everyday. She told me that her husband was an asshole interested only in his work and that she was never satisfied with him. She also told me that she loved oral sex, which her husband thought disgusting. She continued sucking me and I couldn’t hold back my cum anymore. I came in her mouth and she swallowed every little drop and told me it tasted good. I started to slowly strip her first taking of her shirt then her skirt. I left on her panties and her bra to tease her more. I saw that she was hot and I told her that she must agree to be my sex slave before I went “all the way”. She told me that she would do anything. I also made her promise that I would get to fuck her whenever I wish. She told me that she wanted to have sex with me every day more than I did and that she would agree to all terms but told me to please continue. I removed her bra and saw that her breasts were huge and firm and her pink nipples were hard and knew that she wanted me bad.

I looked at the nicely made bed and decided to use it. I told my teacher to get on the bed and lie down. I laid down on top of her and started by nibbling her ears, and then I kissed both her eyes, then her nose and planted a small kiss on her tender lips. I continued downwards, kissing her neck and shoulders and moving down. I started kissing the top of her breasts and stopped just a few inches from her nipples. I massaged her breasts for a while and she told me that I gave a wonderful massage. I gently cupped my hand under her breast, lifting it slightly so that etlik escort its weight rested fully in my hand. I bend my head forward and flicked my tongue over her nipple several times. She started moaning and told me to suck her nipples. I didn’t immediately comply, first teasing her a little bit by kissing her cleavage, and then I took her nipple between my lips and gently started sucking it. It was wonderful. While I was doing all this, her hands went up and down my body, exploring me. After a while, I got tired and wanting something more exciting I moved slowly down, kissing her stomach and then I reached her panties. I slowly removed her panties with my mouth and threw it on the floor. I then started thrusting my mouth into her vagina and tongue-fucked her. I also lubricated her using my saliva, as she was a little tight. I was surprised at her tightness but thought it was probably due to the fact that she had no children. She was moaning loudly now and was telling me to fuck her with my tongue faster and faster, which I did. She tasted as sweet as sugar. When my tongue got tired and I replaced it with my fingers. I thrust two fingers into her pussy very fast and could see that she was getting hotter. She told me to put my meat inside her and that she was going to come. She orgasmed and I ate all her vaginal juice. It was a little salty but I liked it. I let her rest for a while. She told me that I was very good at oral sex although I had never done it before.

After she had rested, I asked her what she wanted. She told me she wanted my tool in her love-hole. I told her to beg me like a whore. She kneeled down and raising her sexy black eyes seductively, she begged me to please insert my cock into her. Well, I needed no further requests and pulled her into the bed, made her lie down and spread her legs. I got on top of her and inserted my 9″ tool into the tip of her vagina and slowly went deeper and deeper, helped by the wetness in my teachers pussy as well as my saliva until, it could go no more. The warmth of her cunt surrounding my penis was incredible. Her pussy was quite tight and it took a few strokes before my cock got used to it but when it did I felt sheer paradise. I was now fucking her pussy and my cock was making rhythmic movements in and out of her love tunnel. I started pumping harder and harder and my teacher was screaming louder and louder with ecstasy. She started kissing me passionately while I was riding her love tunnel and it felt so wonderful that I felt I was in heaven. After a while, my teacher said that she was going to come again but I told her to hold it until we both could come at the same time. I finally felt like I was going to release my juices so I told her and we both came at the same time for a long time filling her vagina with both of our juices. My cock went limp and I fell to the side with my limp cock still inside her pussy. With my teacher’s warm wet cunt on my penis and her hands caressing my body, I rapidly become hard again. This time, my teacher was the one who did all the hard work. She slid my cock into her cunt, experiencing the feeling of my cockhead touching her cervix. rus escort As I continued to stoke my teacher’s breasts, she started to fuck me riding all the way up each time. With my hands massaging her and her cunt fucking my cock, she came for the third time. After this she was exhausted and laid down on top of me. I slid my hands through her long, golden hair and massaged her back and buttocks. We rested and talked for a while, as we were both tired out.

When both of us were ready again, my teacher told me that she wanted me to fuck her in the ass as no one had done it before. I told her that we would need some lubricant and she told me that she had it in her car. I suggested that we should go down like this and get it and let everyone take a look at hers and my private parts but she thought better of it and told me that I should get dressed and go down and get it. I dressed and went out.

When I came back with a tube of lube, I saw that she was waiting for me on the bed and was making seductive movements with her ass. She had a nice firm ass, probably from all the exercise she did. It made me horny and made me want to fuck her in the ass till she screamed. I told her to kneel down on the floor and place her hands on the floor like a bitch. I slowly applied the lube onto my fingers and let my fingers into her asshole. At first, only one would go in but after some time, I got about four fingers in. “Quick, stick your dick in me, I need it.” she yelled. I stripped again and lay down on the bed. I told her to slowly put her ass over my now firm cock jutting out. She did as I instructed and the head of my dick entered into her asshole. It was tight and I could see that she was in pain. I slowly worked my way in so as not to hurt her. When most of my dick was in, I started pumping nice and steady. Her face relaxed and her pain was replaced by pure enjoyment. She met my thrusts by pounding her buttocks against me and urging me to go in faster and faster. She also teased me by giving my cock a good squeeze with her asshole. While I was fucking her asshole, I fondled her breasts and her nipples immediately came to attention. “Oh god, this feels sssssooooo good. I want to do it all day,” she screamed. I felt a warm feeling in my groin and knew that a huge orgasm was coming. “I am going to come,” I told her. I came for a long time filling her ass with my come. I thought my dick would go limp but it didn’t. I kept on fucking her until I couldn’t anymore and fell back on to the bed tired. My teacher lay next to me with her pussy and asshole covered with my cum. The room smelled with cum as a result of our lovemaking.

“That was the greatest fuck I have had and I want to do it again and again,” she said.

I kissed her and lay with my head on her cleavage, my long-held lust and desire for her satisfied at last. Over the year, we fucked whenever we could and we tried every position that was ever invented. Once she even introduced her sister to me and we had a threesome with her and a few others but that is quite another story.

Any comment, positive or negative is most appreciated. All criticism taking whole heartedly and will help me improve future stories. Also, thinking of doing a sequel to this story, possibly involving a threesome. Ideas or requests are most welcome. E-mail them to me at the link below. Any mature or younger females interested in chatting are also welcome to e-mail me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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