Mariana’s First Time at the Lake

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I had been at Kiara’s house all day when I overheard her mom saying that Anthony was coming over. All of Kiara’s friends – and Kiara as well, probably – had a crush on her cousin, Anthony. He was somewhat of a bad-boy. He drove a motorcycle, was two years older than we were, and was extremely quiet most of the time. He was mysterious but not unapproachable.

That night, he came over and joined Kiara and I in the living room. We were watching Bob’s Burgers on Netflix. Kiara had conveniently fallen asleep on the couch, so being the tease that I am, I made an excuse that I needed to stretch for an upcoming dance performance. I got on the carpet and started practicing my middle splits. I made sure he saw my long, toned legs that were almost entirely exposed in my navy blue spandex I still had on from cheer practice. I got tired of stretching and since Kiara was on the long couch, I sat down next to him in the love seat. I sat curled up with my knees close to my chest and fidgeted to make sure my ass was rubbing against his thigh. Even just him feeling me through his jeans made me extremely wet. It was almost midnight when Kiara’s mom came in and told Anthony that he should go home soon.

We went to bed as soon as he left. Kiara fell asleep but I stayed up and masturbated furiously to the thought of getting on my knees and blowing him right their on the couch. I pictured what noises he would make while I swallowed his cum like a good girl. To say that I wanted to have sex with him was an understatement. I needed him to make me cum.

The next morning, Kiara’s mom and I were catching up while Kiara showered. She told me that Anthony had never stayed over that late and she had no idea why he didn’t leave sooner. I couldn’t help but think that I had something to do with that.


A couple months had gone by and I hadn’t seen Anthony but I knew he was going camping with Kiara’s family, who had also invited me to their annual lake trip. I couldn’t wait to spend the weekend looking at him shirtless by the water. Anthony was tall and cut like a professional swimmer. Just thinking about his dark hair and tan skin and bright smile had me squirming. I even went out and got a new, more revealing bathing suit for the occasion. One that accentuated my DD cup breasts and my thick ass.

Kiara’s family and I had gone up to the lake in separate cars, so when we finally arrived, Anthony was already by the water, drinking beer. We made eye contact a few times but neither one of us initiated conversation.

It wasn’t until Bycasino later that day that we got some alone time. I wanted to go for a ride and he was the only person willing to drive the boat. I stayed in the front and laid down on my stomach, making sure he had a nice view of me in my bathing suit.

“Is this your first time at this lake?” he asked.

“This is actually my first time at any lake,” he looked surprised. “I’ve never been on a boat before today, but I absolutely love it.” I added.

“Yeah, I noticed you couldn’t stop smiling when we all went for a ride earlier.”

I couldn’t help but blush. I was pleasantly surprised to know that he had been watching me.

I was sitting in a lawn chair as the sun began to set. Kiara’s dad had started a fire and everyone including Anthony came over and began to sit down to talk. He sat across from me and we kept glancing at each other the way shy people usually do. Soon, everyone decided they wanted to go fishing but Kiara and I stayed back to relax.

“Did you happen to bring a condom?” I asked her.

“Mariana, what do you need a condom for?” Her eyes grew.

“Oh, nothing, I was just thinking Anthony and I could have sex while we’re here.”


I laughed. “I mean, it could happen. We’re both adults and I think he finds me as attractive as I find him. So, why not?”

“You want to lose your virginity to Anthony, while my entire family is in their tents right next to you?”

“I don’t see what the big deal is. The only way this could be a problem were if he got me pregnant, which is why I need the condom.”

“Well, believe it or not, I didn’t bring a condom to this family trip, so you better hope he has one.”


Everyone went to bed around two in the morning. I couldn’t fall asleep thinking about how easy it would be for Anthony and I to fuck each other’s brains out. I decided that I needed Anthony more than I cared about getting caught in his tent by Kiara’s family.

As quietly as I could, I got out of my tent and walked over to his. It was partially open so I slowly unzipped just enough for me to get in and then closed it completely. He saw me coming in and didn’t look startled at all. His expression actually looked like he was expecting me. He had his flashlight on the ground and was sitting up in his sleeping bag.

“I was hoping one of was would be brave tonight.”

“Oh, really? Then why didn’t you come over to my tent?”

“Because of something called, Bycasino giriş “my cousin is sleeping in the same tent as you,” Mariana.”

“Good point.”

He got closer. We looked at each other for a moment, our eyes doing the communicating for us. We both knew we wanted this.

“Kiss me right now.” He grabbed my face and pulled me into him. I had kissed only three other people up until that point but none of them had made me feel the way his lips did.

His hand crept under my shirt and he began to play with my breasts. My big, pink nipples were aroused and hard. I let out a soft moan and he shushed me, playfully. I smiled.

“Get on your back.” He told me.

I did as I was told and he took off my shorts and underwear. I knew he was going to lick my pussy but no one had ever gone down on me before. I didn’t know what to expect.

He planted soft kisses all along my stomach and down to my thighs. I was squirming when he finally stuck his tongue out and ran it along my pussy, making sure to flick his tongue when he got to my clit. I arched my back. I couldn’t believe the sensation. I grabbed his hair like I had seen girls do a million time in porn.

He started making out with my pussy. Slowly kissing and flicking and sucking on my clit. Every once in a while, he would stick a finger into my tight little cunt, and I’m sure he got excited at the fact that he struggled putting in a second finger. But once he did, we both heard how wet he had gotten me. It was a gushy sound, but I expected nothing less, he knew exactly how to turn me on.

When he came back up to kiss me, I felt his stiff cock through his shorts. I lifted myself up to grind on it. At this point we were both breathing heavy and our kisses felt more urgent.

I pulled down his shorts and his boxers to reveal his long shaft. I had never touched a penis before or seen one outside of the videos I masturbated to. He was circumcised, and I was relieved. Not only that, but his cock was around six inches and thick.

On his knees, he grabbed a condom from his wallet that was laying next to us and quickly put it on. He got as close as he could to my pussy and slowly entered me. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I felt him gently kiss my neck and then nibble on my ear while he let his cock sit inside me for a moment. I couldn’t believe I was losing my virginity to my best friend’s cousin while his family was so close.

Anthony started to pump me faster and faster. I let out a moan that was louder than any noise either of us had made Bycasino güncel giriş thus far but he was quick to cover my mouth with his hand. Something about his dominance aroused me and my eyes and head rolled back for a second.

He chuckled at this. “You like that, don’t you?” He whispered.

I nodded.

“You want me to bend you over and fuck you from behind, don’t you?”

Before I could even respond, Anthony had grabbed my hips and flipped me over. I was on my hands and knees, anxious for him to put his dick inside me.

I felt him grab my hair in a chunk from behind and place his other hand grabbed at my hip. I was ready for him to go deep and make me cum. Finally, I felt his cock in me. We quickly reached a comfortable pace and I knew I was ready to cum. My back arched more and more every time his cock slid into my wetness.

“Are you ready to cum for me, sweetheart?”

I nodded again. I knew I had to stay quiet.

He flipped me over again placed my legs over his shoulders. At that moment I was grateful that his tent was big enough for us to move around in comfortably. He paused and stared at me. Usually, eye contact makes me uncomfortable but in that moment I felt completely calm. His eyes revealed that even though he already had me, he was still hungry for more of me. There was an element of savagery in the way he handled my body. I loved it.

A kiss brought our attention back to fucking and he began to pound me hard again. I was so close cumming. With his hands on either side of me, I held on to his wrists and brought my legs closer to me, allowing him to get deeper. It seemed like he was close to an orgasm, too. The thought of him finishing inside me, even if it was inside a condom, brought me over the edge. My orgasm came crashing and I felt my walls tighten around him. I could tell he came, too. He stopped moving and just let it sit inside me for a while.

When he got off and removed the condom, I put on my shirt. My underwear and shorts sat in the corner and we instinctively laid down on his sleeping bag. I laid my head on his chest while my hand played with his chest hair. He kissed my head tenderly and I felt butterflies.

I looked up at him, I could barely see his features since we still only had the light from his flashlight that was also in the corner but I could tell he was smiling. We laid together in silence. I left after a few minutes with my shorts in my hand and walked quickly and quietly back to my tent. I fell asleep fast, something that only happens when I know exactly what I want to dream about.

That morning, and for the rest of the day until we headed back into town, Anthony and I exchanged glances at each other and we couldn’t help but smile thinking about what we had done the night before. It was our little secret and I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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