Mary Peters Ch. 04

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Mary reached across and gently and hesitantly – for she still felt somewhat intimidated by the older, more experienced woman – slid her hand under the lightweight silk-like duvet. She rested it for a moment on her lover’s soft belly and then, slowly, hesitantly and with great excitement she slid it slowly up towards the teacher’s firm breasts.

Mary gently squeezed one of the large, warm naked orbs – for her lover had obviously already removed her bra – and, hearing the older woman sigh and feeling her chest rising and falling excitedly with each panted breath, she sought out the engorged nipple at its centre and caressed it softly with her hand.

After a short while, she slid her hand across to the other breast and gave it similar attention, tweaking the hard, rubbery nipple gently between her finger and thumb and caressing around the sensitive areola. For a while, she alternated her attentions between both breasts, teasing each nipple in its turn and becoming ever more excited as she heard the older woman’s breathing quicken and deepen still further – could she be about to come thought Mary?

Mrs. Brown sighed again, more deeply this time and wriggled her hips. She thrust them upwards off the bed, imitating the movement you would expect were she at that moment being penetrated. Her thighs clenched together and her vaginal muscles spasmed rythmically as she enjoyed this young nymphets attentions.

She felt relaxed, warm – and horny beyond measure, for she had not come earlier, when Mary had but now, now – she intended to come with a vengeance and to bring her new lover off with her if she could.

She sighed again half out of reflex and half out of intent to urge Mary on with her actions. It worked! Mary, highly aroused herself at this point, took this latest sigh as a positive sign and continued to skilfully massage the older woman’s large, heaving breasts……..

After a little while of this mutually exciting foreplay, Mary’s hand left the teacher’s breasts and, trailing her fingers gently down the older woman’s taught stomach, she switched her attentions to Mrs. Brown’s rapidly moistening vaginal area. She felt down between the older woman’s now spread thighs and, guided by the increasing heat and wetness she found there, she easily located the naked, engorged sex-lips.

‘Oh my!’ thought Mary to herself, ‘She has no panties on either – and she shaves her pussy!’

She pressed a finger gently between the large rubbery lips of her teacher’s soaking vulva and felt the swollen clitoral hood. She continued down a little and finally her finger-tip came to rest just above the hot, wet hole of Mrs. Brown’s mature, experienced love centre.

Mrs. Brown let out a deep sigh and convulsed sharply. She thrust her hips up, trying to capture Mary’s probing finger, trying to force it further along the canyon of her love-lips and into her inner sex. Mary looked at her lover’s face and the look of near ecstasy she saw there made her own love juices bubble within her. She swallowed hard and continued pleasuring her lover, almost crying with delight herself as she continued to finally realise her dream of making lesbian love with her strict, prudish teacher. She wiggled her fingers from side to side, then drew them up so that her finger passed over the older woman’s clitoral hood. She felt the hidden hardness beneath her sensitive fingertip………..

Suddenly, Mrs. Brown grabbed Mary’s wrist tightly in her hand. For a moment the young woman tensed, was afraid she had done something to displease her new lover. She began to panic and was just about to apologise for whatever it was she perceived she had done, when she felt Mrs. Brown directing her hand deeper between her thighs, urgently urging her to leave her clitoris Antep Bayan Escort for a moment and to go much further with her probing.

Mary, emboldened by this obvious desire on her lover’s part, teasingly allowed at first one, then two, then three fingers to slip into the heaving woman’s sex-centre. Finally- and with tender care – she managed to get all four fingers inside her lover’s gaping vagina and breathing deeply herself, she began to simulate the entry of a man’s hard, thrusting cock into her teacher’s love hole.

Mrs. Brown convulsed and cried out as she felt the hardness within her! ‘Oh God, Mary’ she cried ‘Fuck me! Fuck me hard – there, in my hot, wet cunt! Fuck me, lover – make me come all over your clever, clever fingers! Oh my God, Mary, keep on doing that, harder lover, harder – oh my God, I’m going to come! You’re going to make me come…….’

Mrs. Brown’s voice trailed off, her perspiring, naked body thrashed around on the bed as Mary continued to simulate phallic penetration. Suddenly, she felt Mary’s thumb rubbing at the nub of her engorged clitoris and realised that Mary must have almost all of her hand inside her body! ‘Oh God, here it comes Mary, here it comes! Oh fuck me, my lover, fuck me! I’m coming, I’m coming! Ah, ah, ah, Ahhhhhhhhhh! Mary thrust almost all of her hand inside Mrs. Browns open, soaked vagina and held it still – wiggling her fingers around the soft moist inner walls, as she sought to make the orgasming teacher’s pleasure as intense as she possibly could…………………

A minute or so later, as her orgasm began to subside a little, Mrs. Brown became aware that Mary had removed her love-juice soaked fingers from her soaking vagina and was in the process of swinging her lower body over her large, heaving breasts to assume what is referred to as a ‘sixty-nine’ position. She licked her lips to wet them and blinked her eyes rapidly to help her focus on the scene before her. She could see Mary’s wet, tight vagina pointing back at her face and the tight bud of her anal passage above it. She swallowed heavily and prepared herself for what she new was about to happen.

Mary settled herself down gently and wriggled back on her knees a little until her own wet vagina was within reach of Mrs. Brown’s skilful tongue. The teacher’s large, hot breasts were getting in the way a little but after a few seconds of careful adjustment, she finally settled comfortably where she wanted to be. Taking a couple of deep breaths in order to savour more deeply the musky scent of her lover, she finally bent forward and grasping Mrs. Brown’s muscular thighs, she ran her tongue down the fleshy groove of her lover’s labia and dipped it into her soaking –wet love hole. Mrs. Brown cried out loudly with intense pleasure – pleasure so intense as to be almost painful – and in order to stifle her cries, she grabbed hold of Mary’s tender, young thighs and pulled the younger woman’s hot, wet sex into her own face.

Mrs. Brown Opened her mouth a little and took both of the swollen lips inside as far as she could. She teased the sensitive flesh with the tip of her tongue, running its tip between the labial walls and sucked as hard as she dare on the rubbery flesh.

Using her skilful fingers, she teased open the swollen clitoral hood protecting Mary’s most sensitive part and, almost weeping with joy, she ran her tongue across the hard bud she found within. She heard Mary gasp; felt her thrust her lower body harder into her mouth and felt the young woman’s panted hot breath on her own clitoral hood as her young lover imitated what she herself was doing……….


Much later – and after they had both brought each other to several mind blowing orgasms – the two women lay, sweating and exhausted, in each other’s arms. From time to time, they shared small, tender kisses – now and again entwining their tongues together as they each re-ran what had happened, in their lust filled minds.

After a while, Mrs. Brown gave Mary one last passionate kiss on her lips and slipped gently from the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Mary, though reluctant to let her lover go, realised her own need to pee – in fact she was in urgent need of similar relief herself – and mentally she urged her lover to hurry up!

Suddenly, Mary thought she heard Mrs. Brown calling her. She rolled over on the bed – her eyes focussing on the half-lit surroundings, listening. She swung her feet to the floor and went to see what her lover wanted.

Knocking gently on the near closed bathroom door, Mary called softly ‘Lucy, are you okay? Did you call me?’

Hearing no reply, she gently pushed the door open a little and peeped into the room.

Mrs. Brown was sitting on the toilet. Her large breasts – reddened in places from Mary’s earlier passionate sucking and mauling – hung down her slim chest and her slim, muscular thighs hung open. But what took Mary’s attention most of all, was the huge, nobbly imitation penis that thrust upwards from between her lover’s perfectly formed female form!

Mrs. Brown looked deep into Mary’s eyes and ran her hand gently up and down the imitation cock – simulating as best she could a man masturbating. Mary could see that the shaft and large head of the cock-substitute glistened and she realised that Mrs. Brown must have oiled it before softly calling out to her.

Although turned on, for she had masturbated often in the past using a vibrator not dissimilar in shape and size to the one her lover was now lewdly displaying, Mary was aware of her urgent need to pee. She walked awkwardly over to Mrs. Brown and bent to kiss her lips. She took the weight of the older woman’s hanging breasts and rubbed each nipple gently in her palms.

‘I need to pee, Lucy.’ She said – ‘God, do I need to pee! Can you let me at the toilet please?’

A strange look came across Mrs. Brown’s face then and with a firmness that Mary hadn’t heard since they were at school all those hours ago she said ‘No! If you want to pee so much, then you’ll have to do it in the bath! I’m not moving! Go on, get into the bath, spread your legs and let me watch you pee – you naughty girl!’

For a moment, Mary thought her teacher was joking. Trying to wind her up or make her feel even more desperate than she already felt. But then she realised that she was serious!

‘Please, Lucy – I can’t! Please, let me pee – I’m bursting!’ Mary was becoming aware just how desperate she really was and she squeezed her thighs together to try to ease the clamouring need to relieve herself. She pressed gently on top of her mound and tried all she could to postpone the inevitable. But she really did have an urgent need, a need which was becoming more urgent by the second!

‘No, Mary – I mean it! Said Mrs. Brown.’ I want to watch you pee! Then I’m going to fuck you hard with my huge throbbing cock!’ Said Mrs. Brown. She thrust her hips up and brandished the plastic penis at Mary and Mary could see that – although not meant maliciously – her new lover was really turned on by the prospect of watching her pee and of taking her with the synthetic cock.

She stood there for a moment, then – and hesitantly, and with little choice – she placed one foot timidly on the far edge of the ample bath so that her vaginal opening was over the centre of the bath and then, then with a relief that was almost indescribable and being unable to contain her need any longer, she let go a torrent of hot urine that struck the porcelain with a force she didn’t realise she could produce.

As she was relieving herself, Mary heard Mrs. Brown sigh and realised that her teacher was really turned on by this display! Whether it was by the control she had over Mary or by the actual act of Mary relieving herself – maybe it was a combination of both things – it was obvious the Mrs. Brown enjoyed such deviations. And Mary and the rest of the school thought she was such a prood…….

Drained – and not a little humiliated – Mary had just put her foot back onto the bath-side rug when she felt a strong, though gentle pair of hands turn her roughly to face the tub. She was made to put her head down and, in order to steady herself she placed both hands on the far edge of the bath – where her foot had recently been. She felt a knee between her own and in a moment she was aware of a large solid object being thrust into her non-too moist vagina.

‘Ow!’ She cried. ‘Lucy, please be gentle, that hurts!’

Relaxing the pressure a little, Mrs. Brown said nothing and indeed after a few shallow thrusts to allow Mary’s vaginal channel to lubricate itself and pick up lubrication from the oil on the artificial phallus, she thrust the plastic cock deep into Mary’s pussy and began to rhythmically fuck her………..

Although at first, Mary had been unsure about Mrs. Brown’s exact intentions, unsure what to do when she saw her lover with that large though somewhat grotesque penis substitute, now that she could feel the large plastic cock plundering her tight, young pussy, she began to enjoy herself immensely.

‘Yes, fuck me – fuck me there with your big, hot cock!’ Cried Mary. ‘Go on, deeper, go deeper, harder! Fuck my cunt’ She wriggled her hips and thrust her young bottom back to get even deeper penetration and Mrs. Brown – encouraged by her young eagerness – picked up the pace and thrust deeper and harder as requested, revelling in her young lovers enjoyment of this male/female role-play they were acting out.

After a few minutes of this doggy-style position, Mary begged her lover to let her get on top and ride her like a horse! She said it was one of her favourite positions and that she wanted to get that big cock even deeper inside her tight, young cunt!

Mrs. Brown, both excited and surprised by Mary’s sexual experience and carnal desires, pulled the love-juice coated plastic cock roughly from Mary’s streaming love-hole, making her gasp in shock, and, lying on the floor she drew Mary down on top of her.

Mary took hold of the shaft of the moist monster and guided its head up into her wet, distended snatch. She sat down carefully onto it and once she realised that although it was indeed long enough to touch the neck of her womb (as indeed it had on several occasions whilst she was being taken from the rear) it was not going to do her any harm, she began to grind herself down onto it and gyrate her body back and forth and from side to side.

Mrs. Brown reached up and took Mary’s swinging breasts in her hands and began to rub the young girl’s nipples roughly, whilst thrusting the plastic cock into her wet vagina.

After just a couple of minutes and due in no small part to the raunchy – indeed obscene – language they were both using they exploded together in mind-blowing climaxes which made Mary almost pass out with the large cock buried deep inside her body and her older lover to leak copious amounts of her own love juice onto the bathroom floor!

It was several minutes later, when post – orgasmic calm had returned to them both, that they became aware of Mary’s mobile phone ringing. It rang and it rang – almost begging them to answer it and, in the end, Mary reluctantly eased herself off of her lover’s phallic substitute and clicked on the small green phone symbol to take the call.

‘Hello’ She said. ‘Yes, this is Mary speaking’………………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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