Masturbatus Interuptus

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She stood in the middle of the living room doing a quick mental checklist to ensure she had everything she needed to quell the incessant throbbing between her legs. Her dildo was there. The homemade DVD she had made of porn clips was in the player and there was a large glass of wine on the coffee table. Good, she was ready. All afternoon at work she had felt horny as hell for some reason and now it was time to take care of it. Just the thought of her realistic dildo inside her made her crave cock in her cunt.

With her damp panties reeking of pussy discarded on the floor, she reclined on the couch; legs parted wide and pressed play on the remote. The TV screen came to life.

A woman has hold of a large rigid cock, licking and sucking the huge swollen head. She starts to fuck it with her mouth forcing herself on it, deeper and deeper, trying to swallow every inch and take it down her throat. The scene cuts to the same cock between an open pair of legs, its owner pressing forward, forcing the head between the lips of the pussy he is about to fuck. They part and the head sinks inside. The man thrusts his hips, driving his hard throbbing shaft deep inside the eager woman’s body.

Her chest heaving with arousal, she slipped a hand between her legs as she watched the couple on the screen. Fuck she was wet. She had been all afternoon and her clit ached to be touched. Just as she wet her fingers with the wetness pooled at her opening the doorbell rang.

“Fuck!” she cursed in frustration, desperate to cum. Picking up the remote, she turned off the TV and clambered off the couch and made for the front door.

“Hello.” He said with a beaming smile. “I thought I’d just pop in to see how you are doing.”

“I’m not interrupting anything am I.” he asked, his smile disappearing. It must have been her expression. She bet she had a face like thunder.

“No, no, come in.” she said, trying to ignore the unrelieved ache between her legs. “Go on in and I’ll fix you a drink.” She let him in and then went beşiktaş escort to the kitchen to pour another glass of wine.

“I think I might have interrupted something.” He called to her. As she entered the living room with his wine she froze on the spot horrified. Fuck! He was standing there, looking down at the dildo on the coffee table and her panties on the floor. She had turned off the DVD but had forgotten about them in her frustration and haste. Realising she had been caught with her pants down literally, she decided to brazen it out.

“Well.” She said. “When you rang the doorbell, I was about watch a homemade porno and fuck myself stupid with that toy.”

“Really?” he said, suddenly quite interested. “I like porno’s, do you think I could stay and watch it with you?”

She thought about it for a second and then shrugged. “Fuck it, why not.” she told him, passing him his glass of wine. Together, they sat at each end of the couch. She picked the remote and pressed play, her panties and dildo still where they lay. Once again, the TV screen sprung to life, continuing the scene where it left off.

The woman was moaning loudly as he drove his cock in and out of her wet pussy, slamming into her like a man possessed. She gripped his arms, thrusting her aching cunt up to meet his thrusts, desperate to cum with his hard cock inside her. He had other ideas. When she finally came, he pulled out quickly and sprayed her pussy with thick warm squirts of cum, the last of it flowing out of his cock into her contracting opening. Leaning back on his haunches, he watched as she rubbed it all over her rigid clit as her orgasm subsided, scooping one last drop up and sucking it off her finger

Absorbed by the film and forgetting about her visitor, her hand was once again under her dress and between her legs, her fingers slowly stroking at her swollen tingling clit. Her legs fell apart as they slid down her drenched slit and up inside her aching beşyol escort pussy. Not until she heard the sharp intake of breath at the other end of the couch did she remember where she was. Looking over, she saw he was watching her, his hand massaging a hard bulge through the material of his pants. Turned on and feeling so fucking horny, she reached down and pulled her dress up giving him a good look at her masturbating her shaved wet pussy. Him watching her was even more exciting and she rubbed and fucked her pussy even harder, driving two fingers inside her dripping hole, rocketing her fast towards orgasm,

“Take it out.” she croaked, her eyes glued to the bulge in his pants, wanting to see his hard cock. Without taking his eyes off her pussy, he quickly unzipped, reached in and pulled out his throbbing cock. The sight of it made her gasp, her pussy gushing over her fingers in excitement.

“Stroke it.” She ordered him.

He leant back on the couch gripping his cock, his hand sliding up and down the rigid shaft, precum oozing from the tip of the swollen enormous head.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out, finger fucking herself frantically. Suddenly she was squirting, her pussy spraying wetness all over her thighs and the couch as her hips bucked and her legs shivered in a hard full body shaking orgasm.

“Come here.” she almost screamed at him as she lay back on the couch, her stomach in uncontrollable spasms. Quickly, he was off the couch and in front of her, undoing his belt and pushing down his pants, his hard cock sticking out, twitching with excitement. Sitting up, she leant forward, took hold of it and enveloped it with her mouth. In urgent need to cum, he thrust into her mouth fucking it, trying to get all of himself inside. Eagerly, she pulled and sucked at it until she heard him moan and felt the warmth in her mouth as he filled it with cum. Swallowing hard, she gulped it down, her lips locked hard around his cock, determined to beykent escort milk every last drop from him. She was so turned on and aroused, she withdrew her mouth and rubbed his cock all over her face wanting to feel and smell it on her.

Releasing him, she quickly removed her clothes, laid back on the couch and pulled up her legs, spreading them wide. Staring between her legs and knowing what she wanted, he tore off his clothes and knelt before her. Leaning forward, he curled his arms around her legs and pressed his face to her sodden pussy.

“OH yes, lick my cunt.” She moaned. His tongue dipped into her wet opening and slid up between her parted lips and onto her clit. She groaned with pleasure and he repeated it, lapping at her swollen pussy, over and over. With her legs trembling, he slid two fingers inside and she came again with a wail, her pussy squirting hard, her legs and stomach jerking in orgasm. With her wetness dripping off his cheeks and chin onto the couch and floor between her legs, he rubbed his mouth all up and down her cunt. He too, wanted the smell and taste of her on him. That lovely musky pussy aroma he could breathe in again and again smeared across his face.

“Get it hard and fuck me.” she pleaded, wanting to feel hard cock inside her. Half hard again, he pulled his cock as he rose up and covered her. Pressing it to her opening, he pushed himself into her. She gasped at the feeling of it entering her and sliding deep in her body. With every thrust she could feel him harden more, filling her, the swollen head of his cock rubbing the walls of her pussy. Lost to the need to cum again, he slammed himself between her legs, driving in hard and deep.

“Fuck!” she cried out, his cock sending her over the edge, her pussy cumming hard and her insides contracting uncontrollably.

Spent, the both sat slumped on the couch watching the remained of her porno compilation, gently masturbating each other, keep themselves nicely aroused. When it finished, she turned to him smiling and said “I think you had better stay the night.”

“Are you sure I won’t be interrupting anything.” he said smiling.

“Not if you bring that magnificent cock upstairs with you.” She replied with a cheeky grin.

As they climbed naked, hand in hand up the stairs, the dildo and panties lay where they had been all night, unused and undisturbed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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