My Daughters Visit!

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On the Tuesday night, Sheila and I met at the gym as usual, then on to the swimming pool followed by a little socializing with others in the coffee shop before calling it a night. I had told Sheila that my daughter might show up at any time on the Friday evening, and that I had better be there to greet her when she arrived.

It was difficult to try to explain how angry my daughter could be if she arrived and I wasn’t there to greet her. I knew she was suspicious of me, and I’m sure she was convinced I was back to dating men again. After my experience with David she was quite adamant they were just using me for what they could get, and that I should forget them all together.

Things were fine till I met Sheila, who turned my life upside down and when my daughter phoned on weekends, I was seldom there to receive her calls. She detected the happiness in my voice when we did chat, and although I assured her I was only hanging out with lady friends, I knew she had convinced herself I had a man on the side, and was shacking up with him.

On the Thursday after supper I took a change of clothes and drove over to Sheila’s apartment, so I could stay the night and go right to work from her place.

We went in her car to the gym where we had a good workout, she was really pushing me and I loved it. All the exercises coupled with my diet were working as I felt and looked on top of the world. I’m sure my Patricia would be happy as it was her that started me on the road to, ‘better health’ as she put it.

I always marvelled at how hard Sheila pushed herself too, the sweat would be pouring out of her after her workout. Her eyes would shine, she seemed to be always smiling I loved the smell of her like that, it was like an aphrodisiac to me, and I’d have loved to be able to join her in the shower after, but with others around that just wasn’t possible.

We went for coffee with the others as usual. It was agonizing in a way for me as she took her time, while I was anxious to get her home to make love to her. She knew it as it was planned, but in a way it seemed she was teasing me by taking her sweet time.

At last we got to her apartment where I hung up our coats; quickly I struggled out of my jeans and stripped completely. Now I removed her track suit top and bottoms, followed by her trainers and socks. “You going to give me a rub now” she said as she lay on the bed on her tummy.

I got up on the bed on my knees and unclasped her bra, she let me remove it altogether so I could begin my massage. I worked my way slowly down from her shoulders down over the smoothness of her skin to her slim waist. I marveled at the shape she was in for a woman in her mid fifties. I pulled her panties down to her thighs to reveal the roundness of her buttocks, so pleasing to touch as I continued my massage of them.

In doing so I was also arousing myself, planting a kiss on each cheek before continuing down her legs, moving her panties down as I went then finally removed them altogether. I leaned back on my heels, Sheila looked back at me for a moment as I sat there admiring her beauty.

Turning on to her back there was Starzbet no resistance as I parted her legs, I saw she was wet, very wet and it pleased me knowing I was the reason for her arousal. I leaned forward on to my hands to crawl closer, she indicated for me to wait a moment as she ran a hand over her own pussy before bringing her knees up in an invite for me to pay attention to it.

I heard her sigh of pleasure, I leaned down and kissed it before settling down between her legs, and give her pleasure with my tongue. I wrapped my arms around her hips to hold her waist as I did so. She tasted good, the smell adding to my pleasure as I licked and sucked the juices off her pubic hair. Her moans of pleasure getting more audible, her thighs moving from side to side as her climax mounted, with a cry the dam burst and she held my head with her thighs for a moment. I relaxed letting her enjoy before continuing, licking the juices that had flowed from her pussy.

Suddenly after another moment of bliss for her, she sat up and grabbed me by my hair to pull me up beside her. She kissed me hard on my mouth as she settled on to her back pulling me with her, now I brought my pussy to hers and began humping her hard. My own orgasm hit after only a few moments but I kept grinding away, clit to clit I fucked her, her tits flying around as her body moved in rhythm to my thrusts.

Finally once we were both satisfied for the time being, I rested as my breathing slowly returned to normal. I knew this was going to be it, till at the earliest Sunday evening after my daughter left to go back to Ottawa. It seemed strange in a way, missing our dates on the Saturday nights, I was enjoying the brunches too on the Sunday followed by our trips along the river, and of course the delicious sex.

On the Friday after work I did my grocery shopping, picking up lots of fresh fruit and vegetables for my daughters visit. After putting things away, I busied myself dusting and vacuuming the house so everything would be nice for when she arrived.

After I settled down in front of the TV to wait for her but she never showed, finally around midnight I went to bed. As she hadn’t showed the night before I did not expect her to arrive much before ten o’clock, as it was about a 2 hour drive for her from Ottawa.

Sure enough shortly after ten I heard her car pulls into my driveway, and hurried to greet her. I opened the door and she came up and greeted me with a big hug and kiss, then holding me at arm’s length looked me up and down. Smiling at me she said, “You look great mum, you’ve lost weight.” We went inside where I offered her breakfast, but all she wanted was juice and a fruit bowl.

We chatted for while a while, she kept giving me a funny look and asked me who I was seeing and I told her, “nobody” but I guess f0r some reason she wasn’t buying it. My Patricia is very intuitive, I guess she sensed with my happiness I had to be dating some man, and was determined to find out who he was.

We drove into town to do a bit of shopping and stopped at a restaurant, there she treated me to a late lunch before driving back home. She told Starzbet Giriş me about her new job in Ottawa, and how she loved it, and had moved into an apartment with another lady near what she called the Market. It sounded like a very trendy area where lots of artists and musicians lived.

In the middle of the afternoon I was sitting on the toilet when I heard the door bell ring, Patricia called out, “I’ll get it” and went and answered the door. When I returned to the living room there was Sheila talking to my daughter, and seeing me said, “Hello, I was out shopping and just thought I’d pop in.”

Sheila was her usual effervescence self smiling at me, I was lost for words for a moment and all I could say was, “Come in, would you like a cup of tea,” and went and put the kettle on. I tried to be cool and nonchalant as we chatted over our tea. Patricia asked how we got to know each other and Sheila told her how we had met at public swimming for ladies, and told her about my car problem and how she had helped me, and been friends ever since.

After half an hour or so she prepared to leave when suddenly Patricia said, “Why don’t you stay for supper.” “Why thank you” she replied, “but I wouldn’t want to impose.” “Nonsense” said Patricia, “you’re not imposing after all your friends aren’t you?” Sheila glanced at me smiling and I’m sure I must have blushed as I said something like, “Yes we’d love to have you join us.”

I began to make a nice meal for the three of us while Patricia chatted to Sheila; the only thing lacking was I had no wine to go with it. Still we enjoyed it and after sat chatting over cups of tea.

Sheila left around ten o’clock saying how much she enjoyed her visit, and to Patricia said how much she enjoyed meeting her. I was glad they had got along so well and felt a lot of my fear dissipate. Patricia kissed me good night and left for bed, leaving me to do the dishes. Once they were all done and put away, I tidied up then headed for bed myself.

In bed I thought about the events that had brought me to this point, from starting to have sex at such a young age, too young really, and the men and how I thought how macho the man I married was. How his treatment of me had turned from love to abuse, making me entertain his friends for his entertainment. Shielding my kids from it wasn’t easy, and as I learned successful until my Patricia started standing up to him, finally threatened to call the police if he laid another hand on me.

Imagine a sixteen year old doing that to a grown man, it was largely her that made him finally leave us, and then we divorced. How I’d started dating again and went through a number of men and finally found David, a man I though finally truly loved me only to find out I was just his sex toy. My libido was too strong to give up sex altogether, and settled for taking care of my own needs, and bought a vibrator.

And to think if it hadn’t been for my Patricia’s fanaticism about diet and exercise, I most likely never had taken up swimming and hence never had met Sheila. Now they had met and seemed to get along so well, I felt she was happy for me although to Starzbet Güncel Giriş her she thought it was just a normal relationship between friends.

In the morning I got up early as usual when she was home and fixed her fruit bowl and juice and served her in bed. Once she was refreshed she got up and got dressed and we went for our ‘power walk.’ It was a lovely morning, cool but nice, as we set of at a quick pace set by her, and we walked quite a bit for over two hours.

Back at the house Patricia had a shower and I then ran a tub for myself, I always preferred a bath to a shower as I liked to relax in the hot water. I lay there soaking when Patricia came in to shampoo her hair at the wash basin; she was naked as she often was with just the two of us at home. Now that I had been intimate with Sheila for the last few weeks, I admit at looking at her and admiring her looks and body. She had an hour glass figure, perfectly formed breasts and a nicely rounded bum. As she bent down to get my hair dryer from under the sink, I had a lovely view of her derriere, with her vulva looking out between her thighs.

It triggered some naughty thoughts in my head, I wondered what man enjoyed her body, or was she still a virgin? I recalled the four years she spent here when she went to university and lived with me then. She went on dates with some men but nobody for any length of time, was she an easy lay like her mother was at that age, or still a virgin and wouldn’t give in? It did seem she concentrated on her studies often with another girl friend of hers, the only constant companion she had in those days.

Now she was working and living in Ottawa, she shared an apartment with another lady; I wondered if she had a man, she never talked about it. Now she was what, 23 and in perfect health and shape. I admit that between my thoughts and looking at her naked body stirred some warm thoughts inside me. Finally she went back into the bedroom to dress, leaving me with my thoughts and feelings, my hand seeking the source to comfort it.

In the afternoon I did a pile of laundry for her and we chatted some more, then after supper she gave me a goodbye hug and kiss and left to go back to Ottawa. As soon as her car was out of the driveway I was on the phone to Sheila who was expecting me and invited me over, I grabbed a change of clothes and jumped in my car and drove to her apartment.

She was just in a negligee and her knickers, greeting me with a smile and passionate kiss; after all it was the first weekend we hadn’t spent together since we’d met.

Later after we had made love to one another I lay in her arms and we chatted, she told me she liked my Patricia, thought she was pretty and very intelligent and they got on very well having as she said, “lots of common interests.” Suddenly she stopped and looked at me for a minute, as if suddenly realizing something and said, “She knows we’re having an affair.” I was stunned for a minute not knowing what to say, “but how” was all I managed as she went on, “She asked me and I admitted it, Patricia said she’d suspected it from your behaviour, and how you were so cheerful anytime you talked on the phone.

I lay there not knowing what to think when Sheila also said, “you do know she’s gay too don’t you?” That floored me I didn’t know what to say or think for that matter. My mind was numb; I was a long time falling asleep that night.

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