My Naughty Neighbour Ch. 14

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Disclaimer: All people depicted engaging in sexual activity are at least 18 years of age. Constructive feedback and critiques are welcome, illiterate flames will be snickered at and deleted. Enjoy!

Chapter 14- Who Can We Tell?

The two days before we had agreed to meet again moved by torturously slowly for me, and they no doubt were for Lynn as well. We sent one another nude pics and teasing flashes, but true to our word, did not masturbate, allowing ourselves to get all pent up in the meantime. While I wasn’t walking around work with a stiffy, I’m pretty sure some of the more observant girls in my workplace noticed the swollen bulge I carried with me constantly.

Cold showers? More than a few. Lynn once sent me a pic of her wearing a skirt, lifting it to show she was not wearing panties while driving around, and pressing her gooey pussylips against the knob of her gearshift, teasing herself. She promised me she hadn’t finished the job, but also assured me this meant she was going to be on me like a starving cannibal when we finally saw one another.

She also hadn’t told Xiong we were holding back, so our new plaything was likely to get ravaged beyond all belief. I hoped she’d be up to it.

I shuddered as the cold water of the shower inundated me, wishing my swollen cock would just take a damn rest. I’d stopped playing games online that afternoon, because I couldn’t readily concentrate and n00bs kept killing me with headshots. There’s a certain irritation one feels when getting mocked by some thirteen year-old punk kid after he puts a hole in your chest the size of an airport runway with a .50 cal bullet.

Little bastards. I will fuck your mom and make you my step-kid!

Well, okay, maybe not. Not while I had Lynn. But still. Grrr.

The day we’d chosen was a day off work for me, and I was on pins and needles as soon as I got up. I didn’t want to wear clothes, but I was determined to not greet the girls at my door naked. I settled for keeping my red and gold silk robe with the dragons on it in the kitchen, hanging on a wall peg, so I could put it on when they arrived. I am nothing if not willing to compromise.

I played some old-school PC games offline to occupy myself while waiting for the girls. We wanted to make a whole day of it, so Lynn was meeting Xiong at 11, after her husband and kids had left for their concert on the other side of the state. Then they’d come over to my place and the fun would begin.

“Are you really worked up, my love?” asked a text message from Lynn as she waited for her family to leave. She’d told me the night before that her husband had asked her a few dull questions about her trip, fucked her poorly once, and that things were back to normal. It was as if she hadn’t been gone for a week. I really felt bad for her, and angry as well. It was strange to think she was trying to put her marriage back together, given that we’d admitted we were in love, but I respected her decision on the matter.

“Mild understatement,” had been my reply. “Been walking around mostly erect for two days now.”

“Oh, God, I know,” she said in a follow-up text. “I’ve been so fucking creamy all the time, my wetness has literally been running down my leg on occasion. I try to not wear panties, just to torture myself, but I gotta have them on whenever my son is home. His hormones are no doubt off the chart as is, without me walking around smelling like hot, rutting female.”

“Poor Xiong, she has no idea what she’s in for, does she?” I mused.

“She’ll love it,” Lynn answered. “We’ve been teasing one another with naughty texts and pictures, so she’ll be as horny as we are, I’m pretty sure.”

“Hope my house can survive the carnal hurricane that’s about to descend upon it. Okay, I’m gonna prep some things. Let me know when it’s time. I think you two should just come in, rather than wait for me. Sound good?”

“Absolutely. I love you.”

“I’m in love with you.”

“Mmmmmm, Michael…”


“You probably want to be looking out your kitchen or bedroom window.”

I happened to be in my bedroom when that text arrived, sitting up my desktop, so leaned over and looked out my window subtly from between my curtains. I had a direct view behind our twin garages, at the grass area where Lynn and I had first met and probably fallen in love. I saw her standing there, wearing a short and breezy denim skirt and a tight t-shirt that showed off her magnificent bust. She seemed to be waiting patiently. Seconds later, the lithe figure of her friend Xiong walked by my house and across the side lawns to meet her.

Xiong had her back to me, but once again I marvelled at her figure- tight and toned, because she was an aerobics instructor. She was short, but her body has perfect proportions, so she didn’t necessarily look it. Her black hair was long and glossy, reaching down to her amazing ass, which sat fethiye escort pertly atop her tapered bronze legs. She was wearing yoga pants that clutched her ass and legs like they were painted on and a tight workout top. She had a bag slung over her shoulder and she waved to Lynn, who waited with barely-concealed impatience. She was biting her lip.

The Thai girl reached my beloved and stood in front of her, the two of them behind the garage where they weren’t seen from the street. I could see they were talking, but they were standing very close to one another, looking into each other’s eyes. There was a pause in the conversation as they stared, followed by subtly moving closer still, until their bodies were gently touching. Then their heads leaned in and they pressed their lips together, sharing a kiss.

Lynn’s arms slowly moved up to wrap around Xiong’s back while Xiong dropped her backpack and her hands made their way to Lynn’s ass beneath the short skirt, gripping her cheeks. They kissed harder, now squirming their gorgeous bodies together, hands roving and groping. I could see their mouths moving as their tongues explored and tangled between them.

The kiss got so heated, I thought they might just drop to the ground and start fucking right there, but somehow Lynn pulled back from Xiong and took a deep breath. They were looking at one another with glazed eyes and Lynn said something that Xiong nodded her assent to. She picked up her bag and Lynn took her hand and began walking her toward my place. I powered off my computer and headed down to the kitchen and the side door, slipping on my robe. I had just tied the knot when the door pushed open and in stepped my blonde goddess, followed by Xiong.

Lynn came up the two short steps into the kitchen and walked into my embrace, kissing me deeply and lovingly as her body melted into mine. She sighed in relief, clearly happy to be with me again. We kissed for several seconds while Xiong watched intently, smiling. Lynn finally broke the kiss and turned to her friend, exhaling and grinning.

“So, now that we’re all in the same room,” Lynn said, her arm around my waist. “I thought I could tell you- while we were in Chicago, Michael and I confessed to one another that we were in love.”

Xiong’s eyes widened and she clapped in delight. “That’s amazing!” she exclaimed. “It was so obvious! So, you’re dumping that dud husband of yours? When’s the big day?!”

Lynn blushed but kept her composure. “Well, no, I’m still trying to put my marriage back together, Xiong, and Michael stands by me about it, but we had to make our feelings known, we couldn’t take it any more.”

Xiong closed her eyes for a moment, trying to process what Lynn was saying, but when she opened them, she smiled again. “Well, okay. I’m not here to judge, after all, I’m here to fuck, right?”

Lynn giggled and reached out to take her friend by the hand and pulled her to us. They kissed one another again, before my beloved gently pushed Xiong in against me, letting me tower over her while she pressed into my body. Xiong shivered as she felt me against her.

“Goddamn, you’re big,” she breathed as she looked up at me. Then her hand slipped inside my robe and found my cock, which she touched for a split second before pulling it back. “Yup, I wasn’t hallucinating that first time. Damn, you’re big all over. What am I supposed to do with that?”

“I’m sure you’ll work it out just fine,” Lynn purred, her arms around us both. “Let’s get out of his kitchen and to a better room, hm?”

“Lead on.” I said easily. “You belong here as much as I do, so pick wherever you like.”

Lynn’s eyes shone at my words about her belonging her and she took us both by the hand and led us into the living room. There was a beaded Moroccan curtain that concealed it from the rest of the main floor, giving it a feel of separation and distinction from everything else. Xiong whistled quietly as she looked around at the room.

“Pra?am,” she breathed as Lynn led us in. “This place is the shit. You like hookah, I’m guessing.”

“Moroccan lounge theme works for me,” Lynn said, smiling as Xiong took in her environs. “Would you like to start in here or maybe in the bedroom?”

“I’ve fucked in bedrooms before,” the Thai girl replied, slipping her backpack off her shoulder and dropping it onto a small settee. “Never fucked in a hookah lounge. I’m good with starting here, for sure.”

“Mmmm, I was hoping you’d say that,” Lynn lilted as she stood in front of Xiong, smiling at her. “Michael?”

I stepped behind Xiong and took firm hold of her, pinning her in place. Xiong shivered and gasped, not expecting this, but she didn’t move. Lynn was still smiling wickedly at her while she began running her slender fingers around our plaything’s skin. The Thai girl trembled as Lynn’s nails grazed over her clothing and exposed skin. Finally, Lynn took the bottom of Xiong’s sports top and escort fethiye started to slowly pull it over her head. Xiong’s surprisingly large bust bounced free from its confines and I smiled, remembering how luscious they’d looked the first time. Xiong’s skin was considerably darker than Lynn’s, a creamy bronze, although she was hardly what one would call swarthy. Her breasts were pert and well-formed, with dark brown nipples crowning them, begging to be bitten and kissed.

And that’s what Lynn started to do while I held her friend in place by her upper arms. She leaned in and began gently kissing and swirling her tongue around the nipples while giving Xiong’s breasts a gentle squeeze. Xiong drew in a sharp breath and shivered again, squirming in my grasp. Lynn gave one of her nipples the gentlest of bites and a tiny tug, making Xiong whimper. Xiong had told Lynn previously that she’s never been with a girl before, aside from maybe some silly, amateur makeout sessions in high school, and Lynn didn’t want to rush her- she wanted Xiong crazy with desire. I pulled back slightly on Xiong’s arms as I pinned them, pushing her breasts forward to Lynn.

The Thai girl moaned in need, shivering under my lover’s deft touch. While Lynn swirled her tongue around one nipple, her hand playing with the other, pushing on it or pulling it gently, sending shudders through Xiong. She began muttering under her breath in Thai, her skin growing warm and beginning to shine.

Lynn kissed her way down Xiong’s lithe frame, her lips touching the flat, tan belly, her tongue tracing circles around the navel. She nipped at the sensitive skin while she gently hiked down Xiong’s yoga pants and slipping off her sneakers, leaving her clad only in the tiniest of black thongs, a scrap of clothing that barely contained her pussylips and terminated barely above her clit.

“You came prepared, you naughty little whore.” Lynn purred, smiling wickedly at the sight of Xiong’s underwear while she knelt down. She used the side of her index finger to tease our new plaything, sliding it along her pronounced lips, which were soaking her thong. The teasing made her whimper and squirm, but she wasn’t going anywhere. Lynn leaned in and kissed her pussy through the sticky fabric, even sliding her tongue up and down, before taking the thong in her teeth and pulling backward, exposing her netherlips.

Xiong swore under her breath, wriggling in my grip. Lynn hooked her fingers into the thong and pulled them down slowly, totally exposing her plaything. Tossing the thong aside, she kissed her way back up Xiong’s legs, nipping at the skin before arriving back at her slick, warm mound. She smiled up at us wickedly and then pressed her mouth against Xiong’s pussylips, kissing it softly.

No word of a lie, Xiong shuddered and groaned loudly, cumming. She writhed in my grip and Lynn pressed her mouth against Xiong harder, sighing as the taste of cum slathered her tongue. She surged to her feet, cupping Xiong’s cheeks in her hand, their faces scant inches apart as Lynn gazed into her eyes with a ferocious lust, her teeth visible as she breathed heavily. She jammed her mouth against Xiong’s kissing her savagely and the Thai girl melted into it. Their tongues tangled and dueled wetly, even while Lynn began deftly removing her own clothing. Within seconds, she was naked, her breasts squashed to Xiong’s while they kissed feverishly.

Lynn pulled Xiong down to her knees, and they continued to kiss in front of me, my cock swelling at the sight of the two beauties making out. Hands roamed and groped, exploring without hesitation. Soon, though, one of Lynn’s hands snaked up my leg and found my cock. She began stroking it while still kissing Xiong. The raven-haired girl joined her in pumping my cock with her tiny fist. The two hands felt wonderful on my shaft, and my own hands moved to the back of their heads, caressing and kneading, tugging at their hair.

Xiong moaned in pleasure as I pulled at her dark locks. She broke the kiss and turned her head to slide her lips over the throbbing head of my manhood, humming and then starting to bob back and forth, taking more of my length into her mouth with each movement. Lynn watched in delight as her friend sucked my cock, her free hand caressing the Thai girl’s luscious breasts.

Lynn move her face close to Xiong’s and the two of them kissed sensually around my cockhead, slithering their tongues before Lynn took over and push my prick inside her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my shaft as she moved along its length and Xiong kissed and bit at her neck. Her hands fondled Lynn’s breasts, which became a barely-restrained groping. Lynn whimpered and squirmed under her touch. Finally, she pulled her mouth off me and looked up, her eyes fairly flashing with lust.

“Michael, you need to fuck Xiong,” she breathed. “Fuck her while I lick her pussy, lover. I want to taste her on you…”

I nodded fethiye escort bayan and gripped the back of Xiong’s head firmly, and she shuddered and moaned while I pulled her to her feet. She looked up at me sideways, her eyes glassy, wondering what I had planned. Without a word, I turned her to face out from me, then reached down and scooped her up by her thighs, lifting her off the ground. Xiong couldn’t have weighed much more than a hundred pounds, most of which was in those magnificent tits and her shapely ass. I leaned her back to my chest as I supported her, pulling her legs wide. She trembled and put her arms back around my neck for support.

Lynn eagerly knelt between my legs, her hand reaching for my raging hard cock, stroking it while she brought her face close to Xiong’s smooth pussy. She smiled as she blew on the Thai girl’s clit, making her shiver, then planted a gentle kiss before sliding her tongue up and down the glistening pussylips. Xiong whimpered and I could feel her fingers gripping my traps.

My beloved Lynn now teased my engorged cockhead up and down Xiong’s slit, a wicked smile on her beautiful face. Seconds later, she pushed the knob up inside her friend, penetrating. Xiong shuddered and drew in a breath. Then Lynn put her hands under mine and helped me control my motions, lowering Xiong so that she sank slowly onto my cock. Her tongue slid along the underside of my shaft and over Xiong’s netherlips while she took me inside.

“Gnnnnnnn, fuck!” Xiong rasped as I bottomed out inside her, her nails digging into my skin. “You’re ripping me apart! Ai shia!”

“Just enjoy it, Xiong, my love.” Lynn purred as she slithered her tongue over her friend’s clit. Her hands still held mine and she used them to control my movements up and down, slowly beginning to slide my cock into Xiong. Fuck, she was tight!

Xiong was almost wheezing, and her head leaned back against my chest and shoulder. Her eyes were rolled up in her head. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought she was having a type of seizure. She shook as she fought to control herself, biting her lip and closing her eyes.

“Fffffffffuuuuuuuuck…” she groaned as Lynn tongued her clit and my cock as it slid in and out of her. Smiling evilly, Lynn also trailed her fingers along the split lips, thrilling at how gooey and pliant they were under her touch.

“Mmmm, just wait until you feel all his cum in you, darling,” Lynn purred, swirling her tongue around that throbbing clit, occasionally sucking on it. “You’ll think you’ve gone to Heaven.”

“You’re trying to kill me,” Xiong panted, her body already glistening with sweat as she churned on my pulsing rod. “You’re fucking gonna kill me!”

“Try to squeeze in time with his thrusts,” cooed Lynn, enjoying our new lover’s erotic torture. She was groping Xiong’s breasts again with one hand, pinching and pulling on the nipples while she caressed my cock. “You know what to do, baby.”

Xiong clenched her teeth and was squeezing now as I pushed inside her, determined to give as good as she got. Her molten pussy rippled around me as I fucked her. God, she had strong muscles, and she was incredibly wet, so the ride was still slippery smooth, but tight. Lynn made her groan loudly by using her hands to spread her thighs wider apart, snaking her tongue around Xiong’s throbbing button again. We squirmed and churned against one another, Xiong panting and her fingernails gripping me more tightly with each passing moment.

“Mmmmm, I can’t wait to suck his cum out of you,” Lynn breathed, no longer able to deny herself, her right hand snaking down to massage her own pussy while she lashed Xiong’s with her tongue. “I’ll make you scream, baby.” Xiong was gasping in response, clearly beyond words.

My fingers gripped the bottom of her thighs while I thrust up inside her. That wonderful, singular tingling was building inside me, deep in my loins, drawn closer with each squeeze of her wanton pussy. I could feel myself throbbing within those slick confines, the rings of muscle working their magic on me. Xiong’s stomach muscles were tightening and her whole body trembled. Lynn lashed her clit mercilessly, driving her to the very brink of endurance.

Then she wailed and was wracked with unreal pleasure, her body contorting on me as she came. I dropped my grip, spiking her even further down on my cock and I snarled in her ear as I began pumping my pearly cum deep in her greedy pussy. Lynn sighed in delight as she ground on her hand, still sucking on Xiong’s nub as she joined us in orgasm. Xiong turned her head and jammed her lips against mine, kissing me hungrily. Our tongues tangled as she milked every last drop of cum from my cock.

Then she sagged in my arms, breathing heavily. Lynn hummed as she continued to slowly kiss and caress her friend’s pussy now, whispering things against her netherlips. Once she was certain I was done cumming, she took hold of the base of my cock and slowly pulled me out of Xiong. She smiled lovingly at my glistening member, taking it into her mouth and sliding up and down its length, moaning in pleasure as she tasted Xiong’s cum and mine mingled on me.

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