My Neighbour, My Lover, My Man

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My new neighbour had really caught my eye. He was in his 50s, tall with a slim build, and grey hair. He had only been my neighbour for about a month, I had hardly seen him, but when I did I felt my cock get hard. I really fancied him and knew I wanted him to fuck me, the thought of feeling him inside me turned me in so much.

A few more weeks went by, it was a nice hot day so I went into my garden to catch some of the hot sun. I was lying on my sun bed thinking of my new neighbour when I started to feel my cock get hard. I pulled my shorts down to my knees and started to wank myself, thinking of my new older neighbour. I thought about him fucking me with his hot hard cock, using my body for his pleasure. I couldn’t hold on any more, my body tightened as I shot a hot stream of cum over my chest. Hot sticky cum covering my body, I, started to rub it into my chest, once rubbed in I licked my fingers clean.

“Nice show, you certainly enjoyed yourself there, didn’t you.”

I looked over at the fence and saw my neighbour smiling at me, I had been caught wanking and it turned me on so much. Standing, I pulled up my shorts and walked over to him.

“Hi, I’m Mike, I glad you liked what you saw.” I said.

“Hello Mike, I’m John, I did enjoy what I saw and I’m going to see a lot more, come over here and we can have some fun.” He replied.

I climbed over the fence and he grabbed me by my hand, holding me tightly he took me into his house and into the lounge. He told me to take my shorts off and stand in the middle of the room. John stood there looking at my naked body, I was feeling a little nervous, standing there naked with this man küçükçekmece escort looking at me. Walking around my naked body still looking at me he started to take off his shirt and shorts. Now naked he stood in front of me, his cock was semi hard, it must have been about 8inches.

John stepped towards my naked body and he took me in his arms. Pulling me towards him, our bodies touched as he kissed me, his tongue finding its way into my eager mouth. Our bodies got closer, our cocks rubbing together I could feel his hands groping my bum pulling my cheeks apart, stretching them as wide as he could. Our kiss was passionate, our bodies so close in a tight embrace.

I started to feel John’s cock getting hard against me dropping to my knees I took him into my mouth. Licking his cock head, teasing and gently sucking his now 10inch cock. I took him into my mouth and started to ease his cock down my throat. John took hold of the my head and pushed his cock in further. I gagged which seemed to turn John on as he started to fuck my face. His cock throbbed in my mouth and throat as he fucked my face, his balls banging against my chin. Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore John erupted, his hot cum shooting down my throat. There was so much of his hot tasty cum. As he slowly pulled out, I licked and sucked his cock clean, not wanting to miss a drop. He tasted so good, so creamy and salty.

Still on my knees John dragged me to his sofa and bent me over it spreading my legs wide. I felt John’s finger enter my tight bum hole followed by another. Two of his fingers were in my tight hole fucking küçükyalı escort my ass. John then started to push two fingers from his other hand into me. Pushing all four fingers in me as far as he could, he then started to pull my bum hole apart, stretching me. John bent down and flicked his tongue over my bum hole. He was rimming me, his saliva going all over my hole. John was getting my hole nice and wet, lubricating me ready for his cock.

John pulled his fingers out of my ass and pulled my ass cheeks apart. John moved and I felt his cock head push against my once tight hole. He easily slid his cock into my lubricated ass, going deeper into me with every thrust. His 10inches were soon deep inside me, he felt so big. Holding onto my hips he pulled his cock nearly all the way out and rammed it back into me. Fucking me hard and fast, I started to push back onto John’s cock wanting him deeper in me. John’s hips started to buck as he made one last thrust into me and pumped his cum deep into my fuck hole. His cock pulsating as his hot cum filled my eager and wanting hole.

John pulled out of me and pulled me to my feet. I turned around to face him and saw another man in his fifties standing in the room, naked and wanking his cock. I was in shock and John could tell this by the look on my face. He smiled at me and gave my ass a playful slap.

“This is my mate Peter, and you are going to let him fuck you.” John informed me.

Peter got onto the floor and lay on his back, still wanking his cock. I knew what was expected of me and walked over to him. I straddled his hips and squatted so my maltepe escort ass was just above his very hard cock. Peter put his cock against my hole and I lowered my ass onto his cock. I had Peter’s cock deep in my fuck hole. I leant back placing my hands on the floor behind me and started to fuck Peter’s cock. I was getting so turned on having his cock in me. I was riding his cock hard and fast, making sure I took his full length, riding him hard cock. I could feel every inch of him, deep inside me, filling my fuck hole, I rode his cock gripping him with my ass. I thrust down onto his hard cock one last time as I felt him shoot his hot cum deep into my ass. I gyrated my ass on his cock, feeling his cock deep in me, his cum covering the inside of my ass.

I slide off Peter’s cock, lowering myself down his body, taking his cock into my mouth. I sucked his cock clean. Tasting his cum on his cock, as he run his hands through my hair. Looking up his body I could see him looking down at me, smiling as I had his cock in my mouth.

‘Your such a good boy,’ Peter said.

‘He’s my boy,’ John said smiling ‘My good boy’.

Hearing this made me smile as I lifted my head up looking at John.

‘I am your boy John, I have wanted to be your boy for weeks,’ I said.

I stood up and hugged John tightly as our lips touched, kissing each other passionately. Our hands roaming each others bodies. I didn’t want it to end, I was so happy and knew I now had myself the boyfriend of my dreams.

Pulling my head back I looked into John’s eyes, he smiled at me and squeezed me tighter, kissing me again, our tongues touching as our kiss became ever so passionate.

Pulling away from me, John looked at me, smiling.

‘You better get home, come over tomorrow, I want to make love to you next time.’ John said.

Grabbing my shorts I pulled them on and left his house, walking back to mine I could feel John and Peter’s cum leaking out of my ass. I smiled to myself, happy and content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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